Meet Yori Kido by Ayhelenk

Born in Odaiba, Tokyo, in 1981 Yori is the Digidestined of Reliability.

She´s the eldest from the bunch and the most feared as well. Everybody look up to  her and refer to Yori as their “Senpai” ; unlike her reality 01 counterpart miss Kido is quite aloof and the last thing she wants to be associated with is with the word reliability.

She´s a sado queen, ready to boss anybody who dares to cross on her way. When in a bad mood (which happened constantly) all what could be heard from her rosy lips were foul words. A bad day may mean the entire building trembling under her feet. Even the yankee Sora was extra careful about not pissing her off!

Besides being a total botch she´s also the queen of laziness. She was gifted with a wonderful brain yet she dreaded studying, when she´s not asleep on her desk Yori had no qualms on skipping a  classes for the teachers´s despair. Miss Kido also avoided joining a club since she found most of them an eyesore  and declared that if she was the president of the student council, she would ban all of the clubs. Every time  a teacher  tried to “enlist” her help by carrying stuff like boxes or a pile of papers her reply was always the same:

“If you are in such a need of making a student doing your chores…then join a damned gym and make yourself fit!”

She´s a Kido with attitude and attitude is the only thing willing to give for free. Of course even miss Kido isn´t untouchable and ended several times at the headmaster´s office much to her parents´s despair.   Unending lectures about the importance of being a productive member of society, threats of shooting down any recommendation to the best universities, the possibility of being expelled from school…but Yori cared little to nothing about all that stuff.

“So what? Society sucks anyways!” and her answer provoked more than an hysterical cry among the teachers.

Of course the list of complaints made it into her family and her folks, more than once, almost went insane due to the lady´s rebel nature.

“YOU ARE A KIDO!” would yell the father most of the times “DON´T YOU HAVE ANY SENSE OF SHAME?!”

“Nope” would be her answer “I think all of that was passed to my older brothers besides the tendency to kiss feet” Shin and Shuu Kido had no choice but to refrain their impulses of committing sistercide despite her daily badmouthing “I´ll be damned if I follow through your expectations and study medicine like them. There are already too many doctors in this family …BORING!”

yoriSubmission, meekness, pleasing ..those words were non existent in miss Yori´s dictionary. Decided to be anything but the typical sweet tempered japanese girl, she´d make sure she would burn any attempt from her family of deciding her fate such as her career or setting Omiais dates for her (that she boycotted anyways)

Yet she looked up to Ryo Akiyama and Inori Izumi who were the only ones who seemed unafraid of her. Ryo was a charmer and the type of guy who would move furniture if asked to (which she constantly made him do chores for her) while Inori´s hacking abilities were priceless for her and whenever she wanted to blackmail someone, Inori was the girl to call to do the needed research.

She was in her third year of high school when she was summoned, by chance, as a digidestined by Kabuki Sakuyamon. And her life would never be the same …


The Power of  Yori Kido by Ayhelenk

Beautiful and fearsome, she is a girl who you can say she´s got steel running through her veins instead of blood. She takes no shit from anybody and those traits attracted Kabuki Sakuyamon´s attention.

The ultimate sadist (next to Mirei Mikagura), she´s made the bearer of the crest of Reliability among a Gomamon.

At first Comodoro, a Gomamon who used to assist Nova in the past, was left aghast. He wished somebody like the blonde girl who bravely fought against Piedmon and was given, instead, a demon disguised as a female!

It took him a good while until he managed to bond with miss Kido, he would never forget the rituals of passage he had to go through until he “got” his digidestined´s personality. How many times did he plead the priestess to select another human for him to no avail?

Even Tia and the others had a hard time getting used to their senpai, who cared little about Digimons and all digital stuff ; if someone dared to say anything at her Yori had no trouble creating an inferno scenario that could last for an eternity!

But no evil shall last 100 years and eventually Yori would relent, learning to moderate her tempestuous mood and opening her heart a bit wider. And when she embraced  compassion in the end, getting that it was fine to rely in another people as much as herself  the blade finally became golden allowing  Comodoro  reach an alternate, unique Mega form : Thormon!


Now 29, she´s currently working as a journalist  and always seems to be three steps ahead of her competition.  Inori usually provides her friend with saucy info  via her hacking skills suppling Yori with plenty of material for her volcano-type articles. Yori enjoys writing scandals more than anything else !

She currently has no plans of getting married and starting a family of her own. But never say never, in this life anything is possible…