Meet Tia Yagami by Ayhelenk

Born in Odaiba, Tokyo, in 1982 Tia Yagami is the leader of the reality 12 digidestineds.
Tia  owns a true spirit of adventure  like her male counterpart and also wears a pair of googles since she was a toddler.   Given to her by her favorite grandfather, a naval aviator and flying ace(“Gekitsui-O”, 撃墜王) of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II, she´d been wearing them hoping to become a pilot in the future.  She also shares his fondness towards football (or soccer ) and used to be the captain of her team during primary school.

She´s the same age as Magnus and 2  years older than Nova. Tia became the first person to greet Magnus when he entered her class and soon afterwards welcomed him into her circle of friends. He became one of her best male friends besides Sora Takenouchi and her sparkly personality ended winning his admiration.

When Magnus was 11 he gathered his courage and confessed to her only for Tia gently turning him down by revealing that she was actually into girls. Despite being heartbroken by her not returning his feelings Magnus thanked her sincerity and courage.

“I am this brave thanks to dear Sora-kun!” she would declare. Sora was the first person to find out about her romantic preferences and promised to stand by her side the day she decided to open up to her family. If things turned  bad, the Takenouchi would always support her no matter what even to the point of offering a place to stay. “Luckily my folks , after the initial fainting, were pretty chilled out and assured me that I was their Tia and would always be proud of me. They asked me, though, not to jump into the dating pool until I was 16!”

But Tia, like Taichi from reality 01, turned to be quite impatient; as soon as she entered middle school she began her love quest. With a solid self esteem and unafraid of challenges she irradiated a lot of charm and ended dating more girls in her very first year of middle school than her male friends!

By the time she became a digidestined, at her 17, Tia´s popularity was huge and was known  as miss Casanovas due to her large list of conquests! Poor Inori Izumi, her best friend besides Sora, received a lot of threatening letters from jealous fans because they believed that Inori was one of her girlfriends!

Tia also proved to have a huge heart when it comes to people in distress. After  Magnus went  missing and a mysterious spell made everybody (save for Nova) forget about his very existence, Tia was the first to console the heart broken Nova. Without Magnus´s background Nova ´s link with Tia ´s friendship was altered, having never hanged around with them according to the curse no matter how much Nova tried to remind them of Magnus. Despite having her memories altered Tia sensed something familiar within Nova and welcomed the girl into her group.

“I can´t say if you are speaking the truth or not but you are welcomed to be our friend, little sister” and her words brought some peace to Nova´s distress. When Nova was 15, Tia and the rest skipped school in order to bid her a candid good-bye and wished her the best of luck in New York.

One day, a mysterious Shinto temple appeared  in her neighborhood; because it was located in an empty lot and was inexplicably built in one night, instead of attracting visitors created fear. Nobody dared to approach the temple because it was for sure a cursed place.

But Tia ignored the rumors the very day she she happened to meet, by chance,  a beautiful priestess while heading back from school. Unusually tall and wearing a fox helmet, those items did not prevent an enamored Tia from following the priestess all the way to the temple!
What she could never had guessed is that the priestess was none other than Sakuyamon and would take Tia to the digiworld…


The power of Tia Yagami by Ayhelenk

Years ago  the Digiworld was in grave danger of being destroyed by a stranger´s evilness: Piedmon. He , a stranger from another reality, did not hesitate to steal the 4 Gods´s powers and merge with them in order to rebuild this Digiworld to his image and madness. At the same time a human was summoned by the Gods´s last will before being dragged inside the clown´s system. Taomon guided Nova Takariyama towards the search of the Royal Knights and together, defeat the evil once at all.
In order to gather an army she insisted to go by the Chess rules but instead of being a Queen she became a King and slowly but steady fulfilled the task.

One of her most loyal followers was Omegamon and he gladly fought until the very end.
Nova meets Omegamon by Ayhelenk

So when he met his final Hour he whispered the following wish:

“I wish to be reborn  so I can meet the King again…I want to know if she finally managed to reach her dream…I want to see her smile once more…”

And his wish was granted although not the way he expected. First, his consciousness was split into 2 newborn digimons : Agumon and Gabumon.

When  Kabuki Sakuyamon  summoned a new batch of digidestineds Agumon would be partnered with  Tia Yagami, according to Kabuki Sakuyamon Tia´s best feature was her courageous spirit  and was the perfect match for Agumon.

At first he didn´t like her very much, she wasn´t Nova and Tia´s motives were less pure than Nova´s: she accepted to become a digidestined because she´d been infatuated by Sakuyamon´s beauty and wouldn´t miss a chance to hit on the priestess!

The day Tia Yagami became a digidestined by Ayhelenk

And Tia also didn´t appreciate very much being constantly nagged by the digimon and constantly compared to the former King…

But they eventually reached an understanding and bonded as true brother and sister in arms and Tia managed to unlock her digivice´s potential: A sword-style device!

And whenever the digivice´s light blade changes colours , Agumon goes through different forms. When the blade finally became golden, Agumon reached an alternate Mega form that wasn´t known before: MagnaGreymon!

And so, the power of Courage can manifest in different, wonderful forms such is the limitless power of a couple of loving hearts…yet Tia kept pursuing the Goddess for a good while,pulling all sort of tricks (many of them lacked all sense of shame) to catch Sakuyamon´s attentions.

She was 19 when her efforts finally paid off, during Nova Takariyama´s 17th birthday.



“Mhh…it´s a bit hot around here” Tia let go of her leather jacket ” Do you like my shirt?”

Kabuki Sakuyamon´s cheeks blushed but she still maintained her cool.

“What does this message mean?” asked the priestess ” Wake me up before you Go-Go…?”

tia-saku“It´s the title of a song” answered Tia displaying one of her trademarked smiles “George Michael-sama certainly knew what he wanted!”

“Who´s George Michael?” the priestess knew nothing about pop music.

“If you promise to keep me company all night and share breakfast with me, I´ll tell…”

“Don´t be fooled !” intervened Inori Izumi who was dancing next to them ” Tia is displaying her Yagami magic, everybody falls for that!”

“Lovely friend you are, Inori-chan!” Tia showed her the tongue “Why don´t you spoil somebody´s else fun?”

Inori shrugged her arms and kept dancing. She wanted to spoil the prima donna a.k.a Makoto Tachikawa´s fun but he was already doing an excellent job by making the ridicule when he decided to dance over a table, dragging lillymon with him (palmon did not trust in any of the girls and became Lillymon in order to keep an eye on him and hopefully dance together all the night…)

“Miss Yagami, remember what I said?” Sakuyamon crossed her arms “I agreed to come here because tonight´s the former King´s birthday, we are not in a date. Okay?”


Tia showed another sparkly smile, feigning surprise.


“But my Saku-chan, it´s not my intention on making assumptions. I swear!” and made a cross signal all over her chest “Besides, since you are clearly not interested perhaps you can offer me some insight?”

” You mean, you are asking for advice?” the deity frowned under her helmet.

“I struggled for a good while until I could decide on an outfit. When the rest of the customers are allowed in…do you think I look well enough to attract any girl´s attention?”


“…I think so”

“Really?!” Tia´s eyes sparkled with enthusiasm “I didn´t overdo it, right? “

The shirt was a bit strange otherwise Tia looked fine. And Sakuyamon said so.

“Yash!” Tia was really happy with the compliment ” I wonder how many girls will I be able to kiss tonight before deciding on the perfect one. Well, no worries Saku-chan because once Nova blows her candles before the time of exlcusivity runs off, you are returning to the temple. Thanks anyways!”


Sakuyamon´s smile raced from her usually composed face. Just picturing the persistent Tia Yagami displaying her attention towards the female population didn´t seem…right? No, it wasn´t right. It was annoying!


“The foxes can handle the temple by themselves” blurted the priestess ” And I want to learn more about human customs”

Inori Izumi ´s eyes blanked with annoyance. She could see what was going to happen in the near future and god forbid her, the probabilities of Tia achieving her goal towards Saku-chan were 95%! Yep, she could clearly picture those two sharing a breakfast….


That night Sakuyamon realized that she couldn´t fathom the idea of Tia  hitting on another girls so she stood by her side during the entire event; by the next morning they woke up together, in a tight embrace, in Tia´s bedroom and effectively sharing a post-love-session morning breakfast together!

“You so great last night!” declared Tia in the happiest tone while gulping some pancakes “So passionate, so magnificent…I´m so floored that I can barely pick up a pencil”

Sakuyamon smiled. The experience certainly had been heaven-like!

“Are you sure you have never done it before?” Tia initially figured out she would have to teach the ropes to a supposedly inexperienced deity only to realize,in matter of minutes, that Sakuyamon seemed to know way more than expected!

“As I said, once I established the temple in the human grounds, I gathered information of this world. All type of information” and the deity kissed Tia on the lips “Very well, my dear digidestined. Now that we went through the mating ceremony, we´re settled”

“Settled?” something in Sakuyamon´s honeyed tone sent a chill through Tia´s system “What do you mean by that?”

“Our wedding , of course” continued the silver haired goddess “mhhh…these pancakes are good!”

“We..we…wedding?!” Tia almost choked with her pancake. WHAT THE HECK WAS GOING ON?!

“Of course, my beloved. I will only mate with the person who´s destined to be my consort” her foxy smile grew wider “Didn´t I tell you before?”

Tia´s mouth opened wider than a Swiss cheese.  She NEVER heard about that!

“This is the 21st century, you know…? The customs changed…“She was in the midst of rebuffing that statement when Sakuyamon placed a finger over her lips. It was a gesture filled with love yet slightly menacing.

“I only mate with my consort, my beloved”

Tia gulped. She already noticed the sparks coming from her lover´s eyes. Sakuyamon was the personification of sweetness yet those sparks, while ignited by happiness, indicated that she would not take a no as an answer.

“Oh lord!” Tia´s plans of becoming the mightiest bachelorette from Japan were cut short in one night.

“No” corrected Sakuyamon ” Goddess”

And Tia Yagami , at the tender age of 19 years old, found herself engaged to the holy Priestess of the Digiworld….



Tia is 27 and happily married to Kabuki Sakuyamon; they are currently  living in the temple (which serves as a gate between the two worlds) surrounded by the foxes. The Renamons are still a bit wary of Tia but the digidestined doesn´t mind at all. Tia owns her own plane, a Cessna,  and works as a freelance transporter. Miyako Ishida, though, would often hire Tia as her private pilot and have her take her from one destiny to another while on tour.


She also , at this stage, thanks to Ryo Akiyama and Alexander Mc Coy´s guidance  was able to uncover more secrets from her digivice… like “upgrading” her plane!


Agumon may turn into several forms but the Cessna ended becoming a “digimon” itself. So when Tia feels like “evolving ” her plane, she directly summons the Omegamon codes that reside inside her digivice and the Cessna becomes the Omegamon Mecha. :giggle:

She´s the only digidestined that can pull that trick, none of her friends (even Nova) can do it. But Tia rarely makes use of this power because it ´s needed lots of stamina from both her and Agumon…