Lucemon from reality 04 (Frontiers)  , who died and was revived twice ended meeting another digital angel. His name ´s Saturn Angemon ; the latter once was an Angemon from an alternate reality 01 caused by paradox.



Yet some  traces of that AU reality survived the reboot, Omega Angemon among them thanks to another holy Server’s actions: Hetereostasis.

Hetereostasis collected the Omega Angemon’s leftover codes before Shukumeimon fully restored the original realities and made him reborn as Saturn Angemon.


Now appointed as Hetereostasis’ Prime angel he echoed his master’s lamentations  about the rupture of the Holy Equilibrium.  Unable to admit the fact that the reality he´s known all his life was a paradox that shouldn´t had taken place in the first place, Saturn Angemon  swore to punish the responsibles. Instigued by Hetereostasis , this Angemon swore he  would never forgive neither Nova Takariyama nor Tempus Angemon for their irresponsibilities and  that he would have Shukumeimon kneel and beg for mercy as well.

So from the shadows,  he carefully orchestrated a plan to get his revenge and restore  his Reality 01 Omega and more…



Following Hetereostasis’ orders, Saturn Angemon  pulled the  cosmic threads and looked  for the perfect individual with a big ego and thirst of vengeance: the scythed digital angel  combed several realities and through the Afterworld as well until he  came across the Frontier Lucemon´s codes at the Realm of the Dead, ruled by Anubismon. After a brief lecture of Lucemon’s story Saturn decided he was the One.

Saturn showed up before the captive angel and told him how to break free from his prison, if he suceed on doing so they would  talk again. After that, Saturn Angemon vanished in the air. Lucemon, already thirsty of revenge , eventually managed to break free from his chains  and, following instructions,  killed Anubismon as it was the only way to escape the Realm of the Death. Lucemon not only killed the deity but assimilated his codes as well thus gaining the power to prevent any digisoul from reincarnating again (which , according to the Holy Laws, is a taboo).


Now free, he looked for the way back to his native reality and take revenge on the people who defeated him : The Frontiers. But much to his frustration, while he had some of Clavis Angemon and Anubismon’s codes in his system he was unable to make proper use of them. He could open a portal to other dimensions but had no control about its destination, each time resulting in a random reality instead of reality 04. He would try to take over every world he stepped on, of course.

His actions did not pass unnoticed for too long and was confronted by another Digital Angel of Time:  Tempus Angemon. Despite his powers Lucemon was unable to overpower Tempus Angemon and found himself jumping through different portals, trying to escape from Tempus  and his human partner Nova Takariyama.


It was during his most desperate hour that Saturn Angemon showed up before Lucemon again, this time with a deal.  In exchange for  getting his so desired revenge   Lucemon would have to help him seize control over a cosmic  server called Nexus. With some hesitation, Lucemon accepted.

As a Digital Angel of Time  Saturn Angemon’s subjected to certain rules, he can access Nexus but there were protocols that prevented him from doing anything against the server. Lucemon, though, was originally an angel that served Homeostasis thus exempt from those limitations. But as only angels of time are allowed inside Nexus Saturn Angemon  provided him with a holy Key that would grant him a limited time inside the server.  Lucemon would head to the Hall of Mirrors and try to break as many as he could in order to destabilize the system.

Lucemon agreed and was teleported to Nexus: just as Saturn Angemon predicted, he was allowed inside thanks to the Key and despite its labyrinthian structure he found the mentioned Hall of Mirrors. He realized that each mirror represented a reality and despite having a limited time to spare, he almost lost track of time because of the radishing beauty of the place , contemplating it in an awe without helping it.  Yet he regained his sense s and was about to smash the one that belonged to Reality 04 when  Tempus Angemon and Nova showed up inside Nexus. Feared of being defeated for good by the other angel and already exhausted for running across so many dimensions by trying to elude them that he made use of the remaining power of his key and  smashed  two mirrors (which corresponded to realities 06 and 08) at the same time. That action resulted in the immediate manifestation of two black holes which threatened to devour the other mirrors. Tempus Angemon was forced to summon his own Key and make use of most of his powers to contain the disaster which allowed Lucemon to summon another Gate and escape once again.

Saturn Angemon  was already waiting for Lucemon when the gate lead him to Reality 01. Lucemon stated that he still haven ‘t reached his revenge but after being inside Nexus he realized that he wanted to reboot the other realities as well.

They shook hands and formed an alliance….





The main purpose is seizing the control of Nexus. After the initial failure of getting their hands on Nexus, Shukumeimon showed up before both sides.

He made Nexus temporarily converge the remaining realities and hid it somewhere in the converged digiworlds. Then he challenged both Tempus Angemon and Saturn Angemon to a race  and whoever got to Nexus first would have granted their wish. There’s  a catch: none will be allowed inside Nexus unless they have  at least 8 holy Keys in their hands (which Shukumeimon also pointed that were spread across the converged realities and could be anywhere)  and they are also barred from time-traveling.

The enemies will have no choice but gather their own armies and fight in the old fashioned way…






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Saturn Angemon and Lucemon will primarily try to get their hands over Takeru Takaishi because he´s one of Shukumeimon´s human forms and force him to work for them.

In the story his destiny took an unexpected turn and he ended becoming a musician. And his choice of career might have something to do with those 3 days he went missing, right after Malomyotism´s defeat…

Nova Takariyama and her allies had been watching over his shoulders for years, without his knowledge. The Supremes had constantly an eye over him in order to prevent a premature re-awakening of his other self. For years Tk had been completely unaware  about the truth…





Lucemon has a special vendetta against this girl. She´s Koji Minamoto and Koichi Kimura´s cousin; years ago their father unexpectedly took off with toddler Koji, leaving Shizuka´s aunt in tears. Neither her grandfather nor the police were able to find them so the then 9 year old Shizuka made it her task look for her missing cousin despite Tokyo being tremendously huge and her just being a little child. For entire weeks she searched everywhere to no avail yet she refused to give up. During one of her trips by train she was picked up by Yggdrasil´s will and teleported to the Digiworld.

She was first  greeted by a Baromon and, after nearly fainting, Shizuka was informed that a fallen angel Lucemon was ruling the world as a tyrant and would lead everything into an inevitable destruction unless he was stopped. A prophecy insisted that Ten Legendary Warriors will join their forces altogether and defeat Lucemon.

“You were summoned as the one who represents the holy equilibrium between good and evil, light and darkness… The 10th will always need their 11th and despite not being like them, you are needed as well…if you manage to convince them that division is a mistake and unity is the key, then you´ll eventually have your wish granted as well…”



With some reservation, Shizuka   agreed if that meant finding  Koji. With Bokomon and Neemon as her guides, Shizuka set on the quest of those legendary warriors. 5 must represent the Beast-type tribes  and the remaining 5 had to come from the Human-type tribes.

The task proved to be awfully complicated because there was an animosity between the tribes and kept blaming each other. For centuries the´ve been at war and it threatened to destroy the Digiworld; to put an end to their conflicts one day God sent an angel, Lucemon as an intermediary. Lucemon shone with gentleness and the tribes, impressed, agreed to go on a truce. But eventually Lucemon´s temper grew unstable and instead of the gentle ruler everybody wanted him to be he became a tyrant and began persecuting the tribes calling them filthy and unworthy of living in the sacred grounds he called Digiworld.

Shizuka, while not being a digimon and lacking magical powers, swiftly managed to go past their bitterness and one by one joined her cause. Three digimons also joined her quest: Patamon, Lopmon and salamon who´ll eventually would turn into the future Seraphimon, Cherubimon and Ophanimon…


Once Lucemon learned about the girl he sent his army after her, lead by two of his most loyal generals: Angemon and Angewomon.



The angels chased after the girl and the warriors all the way until she finally managed to convince them about the wrongfulness of their actions hence the angels ended switching sides and turned against Lucemon.



The angels protected Shizuka and her heart´s pureness  provided  the Legendary 10 with the strength to defeat Lucemon for good. Shizuka and all the warriors, save for AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon, passed away while fighting the Demon Lord.  Grieving the loos of the girl and their companions, the remaining warriors gave up the rest of their lifeforces to seal Lucemon for good and revive Shizuka. The Digiworld was still on the verge of extinction due to the gruesome battle so when Shizuka was revived patamon, lopmon and salamon digivolved for the first time into their mega forms. Seraphimon, Cherubimon and Ophanimon joined their hearts with Shizuka´s and so did Angemon and Angewomon. Joining their powers and hearts together Shizuka was able to summon Nexus for the first time and  the deity agreed to restore the Digiworld.


Lucemon never forgot about Shizuka and wants her dead. Saturn Angemon wants her alive as he figured out she´s also one of the few people who holds a link with the so desired Nexus…