The Tale of two Angemons

Takeru´s current Angemon is slightly different from the Angemon that fought against Devimon and the lad, somehow, always knew it. (Not consciously at first)
There´s a twist about Angemon´s death and resurrection that plays  a KEY ROLE in the plot…what really happened to Angemon?


When Takeru and Patamon were captured by Devimon ´s hands and where in real danger of being killed, Patamon finally digivolved into Angemon. But due to his inexperience and fears, Angemon wasn´t confident enough in his newly acquired powers and chose to summon the rest of the digimons powers to erase Devimon from the living realm…and sacrificing himself in the process. Before vanishing , Angemon promised Takeru that he would rejoin his side…if Takeru wanted it.

The evil was defeated, Angemon vanished but some of his resting feathers created a digieggg. Angemon was ready to be reborn, as he promised but something unexpected happened. The angel was unable to break down the barriers from the Limbo and no matter how hard he tried to go through, the walls turned to be impenetrable; worse, Angemon witnessed how another soul entered inside the egg …which could only mean that he´s been replaced by another, future Angemon!

Meanwhile, in the Digiworld from Reality 012, Nova Takariyama and her army of Digimons failed to defeat Piedmon (the same Piedmon who was defeated by Tk´s Magna Angemon in 01 by being sucked by the Gate of Destiny), who was in full God Mode since he turned the 4 Digimon Gods into plushies and their powers became his while they were attached to his belt.

Piedmon had no compassion at all and ended impaling the Digidestined with his sword!


Nova, now dead, was literally thrown from a cliff. Angemon still kept fighting against the walls, not giving up the idea of going back to Takeru´s side and chase away his replacement.


Then something incredible happened.

Due to an unexplained miracle, the strong feelings from Angemon, Takeru and Nova broke the Rules between the Living and the Dead…Angemon was suddenly dragged to Nova´s astral plane and found her grabbing Takeru Takaishi´s hands (who he was as confused as the other two. He was supposed to be on a vacation at his grandparents house and suddenly he was transported to an unknown place. He thought he was dreaming about him and Hikari chased once again by Piedmon only for him meeting Nova mid-air) Angemon digivolved into Magna Angemon and as soon as he caught the kids, they were automatically teleported back into Nova´s Digiworld.


Still a bit shocked by his dead and sudden resurrection, Magna Angemon immediately took up to his duty and attacked Piedmon and naturally he was going to apply his most powerful technique: The Gate of Destiny.

But another unexpected thing happened, again.



Nova Takariyama stood up between Piedmon and Magna Angemon!

And for everybody´s shock, she´s protecting the monster from Magna Angemon´s Gate which still stood in the sky.


Magna Angemon , obviously pissed, asked her to step away and let him finish his job. Nova , instead of obeying, critiqued the angel´s action. They began to argue but no matter how loud Magna Angemon shouted, she still refused to move.


Takeru in the end became upset, and after a failed attempt of Piedmon to attack the kid (attempt foiled by a Taomon´s quick response) Nova hugged him and explained that she didn´t want Magna Angemon use his technique because she was positive that it wouldn´t kill Piedmon and would only exile him to another Digiworld. She didn´t want any other world being doomed by the monster and again, criticized Magna Angemon´s lack of good judgement (which of course irked the Angel pretty much)

Takeru and Nova ended bonding and much to Magna Angemon´s annoyance, Takeru too stood up in front of the fallen clown. He agreed with Nova about not using the technique; in the end Nova and Tk´s hearts activated their digivices and Magna Angemon warped directly into a unique form: Tempus Angemon.

And THEN the Supreme Angel finally got rid of Piedmon for good!

The 4 Gods were restored to their original forms and after thanking everybody for their corageous actions, they concluded that Takeru was too young and sensible to fully grasp what really happened. They partially erased his memories and then sent him back to his reality , the kid for years thought he dreamed the whole adventure.

Tempus Angemon was ready to follow his partner but the Gods, instead decreated that he was Nova Takariyama´s new partner and he would her her find her missing elder brother Magnus. They were unable to figure out where Magnus Takariyama was but assured the girl that Tempus Angemon, as an angel of Time and an inter dimensional traveler would be able to locate him.

The angel begrudgingly agreed to the deal but as soon as he summoned his new cosmic powers, instead of taking her through the promised adventure he took her to her homeland Tokyo.



He was still furious with her and he refused to acknowledge the deal. He was bringing her back home and then he would fly back to Takeru´s reality and reclaim his original place.


After a heated argument, Nova realized that he really wasn´t going to be of any help and the girl literally broke down in desperation and activated her digivice.


She ended telling him to get lost and that she wished never to see him again!


The result was that Tempus Angemon was stripped off his Celestial form, dedigivolved into Angemon and banished for good to the neighboring Digiworld. And Nova´s broken heart made sure to seal all the gates between the two worlds for a long time…

Nova, completely heartbroken went back home.

But her nightmare wasn´t over yet, it didn´t take her too long to realize that Magnus´s room and all his belongings disappeared. When going down to the basement, his invention was also gone. The worst part was when asking her family about her brother´s whereabouts, her parents were astonished with the question and reassured her that she was an only child. She never had an elder brother!

When going back to school, she found the same reaction: NOBODY recalled ever meeting Magnus Takariyama in their lives! Nobody! And Nova nearly lost it…

Meanwhile the banished Angemon woke up in the 012 Digiworld and a very surprised Taomon asked him what happened.

Kabuki Sakuyamon and her new guest by Elizabeth2003

Angemon realized that he was trapped in that foreign Digiworld and almost lost it in despair himself had not Kabuki Sakuyamon offered him her protection and a place in her holy shrine.

While living at the Shrine and becoming used with that world´s customs, Sakuyamon from time to time allowed him to see how his rejected partner was going. The first times the angel almost died of guiltiness, the girl was extremely heartbroken about nobody remembering her brother despite her only gone for a day and furious against the whole world. Sakuyamon expressed her concerns about WHO was the responsible for such massive memory whipping…or about causing a paradox in Nova´s timeline which erased Magnus Takariyama´s existence. And wondered how she was the only one able to have memories from the vanished timeline!

Kabuki Sakuyamon and her new guest II by Elizabeth2003

Angemon hoped he could go back, apologize to the girl and make amends but the priestess warned him that the it wasn´t the time and Nova had to learn to stand up by herself first. Besides, she eventually found reassurance by her brother´s former best friends Tia Yagami and the rest of the future digidestineds.

When a very serious crisis happened 3 years later, in which the actual digidestineds´s forces weren´ t enough to deal with the current villain´s menace..Sakuyamon then allowed Angemon to rejoin Nova´s side.

Nova, 16 at that time and living in New York, USA; studying in the Juilliard academy thanks to a scholarship…when the Big Apple was suddenly invaded by hundreds of feisty digimons Angemon and Nova had no choice but to fight together. After the first victory, Nova, still shocked , opted to run away from the angel.

Angemon, tipped by Tia Yagami and Miyako Ishida, didn´t take too long to find the girl and against her wishes he made himself home in her dorm.

In the end she had no choice but to acknowledge him as a temporary partner and the two ended signing a pact:

“Help me fulfill my wish and then you are free to go after yours” declared Nova and the angel accepted.

Since then the pair became the SUPREMES and realized that they were chosen ones  to protect the holy Equilibrium of realities  from the constant menace from Chaos. Tempus Angemon had the duty of protecting the original timelines from paradoxes or letting external forces rewrite history. Only at certain cases, Tempus allowed a slight rewrite in a timeline history if that meant a better future in general and had no adverse butterfly effects. But there were also times that Tempus had to go back and erase some of HIS mistakes concerning tweaking certain events that lead to disastrous events…

And the biggest mistake has a name: OMEGA.


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