The Challenge


Like many times he dreamed he was flying like a bird in the blue sky. The lad , as always, looked down at the landscape and smiled; he could see the entire nation of the Rising Sun under his feet. That island had been his home for most of his life but lately he found himself  yearning for something more…and it wasn´t in Japan. He kept flying and went across Asia, then Europe . The feeling persisted, no matter how many countries he´d been through his dissatisfaction only grew stronger.

Suddenly the bright blue sky was replaced by a an endless, dark mantle filled with an endless selection of stars, galaxies and all sort of celestial elements.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.

That was one of the memorable phrases that dear Jacques said in the seventh scene, Act II  from “As You Like It”by the immortal William Shakespeare. But what happens when the stage is applied to several realities? 

Magnus Takariyama turned around and found a winged, masked long-haired fella standing behind him. The teenager sighed, that fella once again dared to intrude in his dreams!


“Nice to see you again, Doctor Spock” smiled Takariyama “Wouldn´t it be better if you call first before visiting? Dreams are part of my privacy!” the teenager joked.

The angel remained expressionless.

“You SO would be the soul of a party” he was already used to the visits of the  angelical being whose constant  solemnity only made him want to crack up a laugh “Ok…answering to your question, I guess that I would be facing an Endless stage composed by Infinite scenarios?

The angel slowly assented.

“If I were to show you a glimpse , how many of them would you be able to grasp?” and with a swift movement of one of his hands, the entire  Cosmos was put on motion.


Magnus thought he would lose it when he suddenly saw flocking in front of his mortal eyes several Earths! And what were those parallel worlds standing beside each Earth?!

“Each one represents a universe, a reality” added the angel “and within that globe you call Earth, there are several dimensions as well. Like the Digital World, for instance”

“The…Digital World?”

The Challenge by Ayhelenk

But the angel didn´t bother to give any explanations, he automatically assumed that Magnus knew what he was talking about which at the times could be pretty frustrating!

“What´s the Digital World?” insisted Magnus.  It´s not like he wasn´t familiarized at all with technology…no, actually, he was a genius. His skills in the world of technology were on vie with his music; Magnus Takariyama actually was known as the “Waltz prince of computers” when not playing the piano. Still, he learned that an innocuous word may hold a significant, different meaning in the Slumber world…

“Earth´s digital counterpart, inhabited by beings made of data called Digimons. Many believe that Earth comes first and the other world is just a consequence of it´s actions while others believe that the Digiworld precedes the human world by at least a thousand of years …”

“And which theory is the right one?”

The angel remained silent.

“Come on! Now I´m dying of intrigue!”

“And why not trying to find out by YOURSELF?”

Magnus Takariyama opened his mouth to laugh it off  but instead looked at the worlds once more.

“Hum…watching this whole thing is a bit dizzying but I see at least 12 Earths” he opened his eyes wide as plates “But I bet there are MANY MORE!”

map copy

“The number  is infinite ” said  the angel  after a long pause  “But I must commend you, for a human being you have an acceptable level of perceptions. You are certainly a true dreamer

“You always refer to me like that” Magnus scratched his head, intrigued “Are dreams such a great deal to the likes of you?”

The angel assented.

“Dreams are vital for both worlds, no matter which reality the belong to” admitted the feathered being “They are much more than mere barriers between the material and immaterial worlds. They are much more than sources of relief from everyday´s duties…they are more than reminders of your psyche. Dreams  can be used as portals to other universes as well!”

The sixteen year old guy couldn´t help but smile.

“Get out! That´s freaking awesome!”  despite floating in the middle of nowhere he felt like dancing alla Barýshnikov “Shoot! I should had thought on that instead of the current garbage I´ve been working on for the science fair!” 

It was half July and  the  science fair was scheduled for the second week of August. So that meant he only had a month left to finish his project…or just a month to work on a new one! He looked again at the multiple earths and sighed. That vision was SO ALLURING!

“Hey! I could be the Stargate fella! ” he suddenly began to feel so enthusiastic that he really looked like he was dancing ballet “I would LOVE to open a portal in the fair… Balls! screw up the floating board! I am going to be the first guy to successfully open an interdimensional portal , go through it and return with irrefutable evidence from other worlds…And of course, seeing Akiyama´s tears when he loses is also worth the effort”

The angel finally showed something that resembled a smile.

“So you are WILLING to break the boundaries of time and space?”

“SURE!” replied Magnus without giving a thought ” That would be a heck of an ADVENTURE!”

And because it was only a dream of course he had no qualms on replying by impulse. Magnus couldn´t actually fathom the possibility that even as a dream, he was dealing with the REAL DEAL.

“Very well” the angel reached Magnus´s side and touched his right wrist. The teenager felt a sudden warmth flocking through his entire system…but it wasn´t unpleasant at all. In fact, he never felt so good in his 16 years of life ” Go ahead and break those boundaries…and when time comes, you´ll have to RESPOND to MY CHALLENGE”


“I am looking forward to your progress…and if anything should happen to you, your following incarnation will take over. Good luck!”

And Magnus Takariyama opened his eyes the following second.

He woke up abruptly , gasping and sweating like a pig. His heart was beating faster than a set of drums . The teenager rolled over and  absently looked at the alarm clock, it was just 5:38 a.m.

“Nice ” he yawned and rubbed his eyes “It´s the first time I´m able to wake up before the clock”

He used to be a chronic sleeper and his younger sister Nova was the one who had to wake him up every morning! She would be shocked !

“Uahh…don´t think I´ll be able to fall asleep again” he yawned again “Guess today I´ll pick the yummiest worm…”

I´m looking forward to your progress….

Magnus suddenly felt a chill going down through his spine. Then, without thinking, he touched his right wrist and he almost had a heart attack when he felt a metallic texture instead of flesh!


The walls trembled , the crystals nearly broke down and  at least 2 of the neighbors cars´s alarms began to wail  frightening in turn  the   birds from the entire block which  fled  from the trees, fearing for their dear lives.

“OH SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!” Magnus freaked out when he discovered the strange, metallic bracelet he was wearing on his right arm…



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