The Quarrel

The Digital World was saved and so the 4 Gods; the first thing they did was sending little Tk back to his reality and hence erasing part of his memories so he´d believe everything was a dream. It was better that way, Takeru was too young, too sensible and his innocent mind wouldn´t had been able to make any sense about how he ended being teleported to an alternate universe.

Angemon, now Tempus Angemon, clenched his fists.

“Thank you for saving our world” said Azulongomon to Nova “We´ll be always be indebted to you…”

“I´m glad that things are now on the right path” smiled the girl “But there´s still an unresolved matter…do you happen to know about my brother´s whereabouts…?”

After several minutes of conference between them, the Gods shook their heads.

“He´s not in this reality” replied the Dragon God ” And as we never met him beforehand, we are unable to track down his soul”

Nova sighed, sad. Taomon, her mentor hugged her. The girl had no idea what else to say, her hopes were fading so low…!

“But” continued Baihumon”That doesn´t mean you still cannot track him” and glanced at the Angel “This angel of Time shall become your new partner, he´ll help you fulfill your mission..”

“WHAT?!” Tempus Angemon yelled, not quite pleased with the announcement.

“You were summoned from the realm of death due to this girl´s wish” talked Azulongmon “So it´s your duty to guard her from now on, Tempus Angemon”

The angel , who was still getting used to his new form and powers, could only assent.

“Then go” smiled the giant turtle god “And Good luck”

Nova hugged her friends for the last time and prepared her heart for the new journey. Everybody, tearfully, wished her the best of luck on finding Magnus.

“Gate of Destiny!” summoned Tempus Angemon and the follo9wing instant the gate teleported angel and girl to their next destination….


“Hey!” exclaimed Nova once they reached the other side “We are in Tokyo!”

Tempus nodded.

“So Magnus is missing in Tokyo?!” the girl was astonished, she thought he was wandering in the fabric of times alla Bishop from the X-Men.

“I don´t know. I just brought you back to your homeland” the angel, indifferent,  shrugged his arms.

An electric wave went through Nova´s spine.

“…you …brought me …home?”

“Yes, and I shall go back to my own universe as well ”


Those words felt like a slap on the face.

scene3“Wait a minute!” she yelled “That isn´t part of the deal!”

”    Deal? What deal?”

The girl ´s stomach fell to her knees. She hoped that the initial coldness the angel showed towards her was gone…but no. EVen after Piedmon´s defeat, he showed little sympathy towards Nova Takariyama…she clenched her hands.

“We are partners, now. With your powers and my digivice, we have a chance to follow Magnus´s traces and save him….”

Tempus Angemon shook energetically his head.


“My partner´s name is Takeru Takaishi” he answered, laconic “And I once gave up my life in order to protect him…do you think I am going to follow another person´s orders? You wish!”

Each word was a slap on the face.

“You mean the little boy from before..?” she didn´t know what to say, she was so astonished that she could barely follow the lines.


He somehow helped bring both of them back from the death and she had the feeling the little one´s presence also upgraded her digivice. And yeah, he was cute! She smiled.

“Why are you smiling?” continued the angel “You reckless girl, you should be reflecting on your actions!”

The girl´s smile faded. Why the heck was that guy lecturing her?

“I don´t know how you managed to get a digivice but people like you are the least that should be called digidestineds! ” Tempus Angemon was irked to the core “You interfered in my fight against Piedmon and put Takeru in danger! ”

He couldn´t understand how that girl dared to stand between him and Piedmon when he was about to finish him with the Gate of Destiny..and worse, she even managed to convince Takeru to stand besides her and take her side! That hurt Tempus´s pride . And yet she dared to preach him that time, calling him a rookie warrior.


“I couldn´t allow you yo use that technique if you didn´t know where that gate would lead Piedmon to! Sending the garbage to another universe wouldn´t had solved a thing…you would had doomed another digiworld!” she screamed this time “So screw your almighty ego!”

She stared at him, crying. He was the most beautiful being she ever saw but …it was painful to realize that her dream warrior wanted nothing to do with her. He was about to fly away and he wouldn´t come back..

“Ok” she sobbed “I get it. You WON´T HELP ME”

Her digivice began to shine


“I don´t need a partner who hates my guts this much …FINE! I HOPE YOU LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK!!!!!!!”

Her yells activated the digivice´s newest powers and suddenly, a Gate of Destiny opened right behind Tempus Angemon´s back

“What…?!” the angel had no time to realize what´s going on, the gate began to play it´s trick “WAIT A MINUTE! WHAT´S GOING ON?!”

Nova said nothing, she was crying an ocean of tears.


First, the Angel lost his Mega Form AND REVERTED TO ANGEMON. The reversal was because of both Nova´s digivice´s command and the monstrous strength  of the golden door.


“Sayonara, angel…sayonara…”

And the angel was sucked by the portal and ended being transported back to the Digiworld…not Tk´s digiworld. The one where Piedmon finally met his fate…

Once there, he was greeted by an astonished Taomon.

“What the hell happened?!”

Angemon would eventually discover that he was banished to that foreign Digital World of reality 12, he wouldn´t be able to digivolve back to his Tempus Angemon form and…Nova´s broken heart would seal all the gates between human and digiworld!


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