The Old Times

A continuation from “A beginning…

Since THAT dream,  Magnus  spent most of his time locked in the basement.

“I am working on a new project for the science fair and I wish to not to be disturbed ” announced  to the family the following day, during  dinner . The parents exchanged a surprised look. He wasn´t even asking for permission!

” But I was looking forward to the floating board!” exclaimed  his younger sister “What happened?”

“The project sucked ” replied Magnus “So I´m going to be consecrating my precious time to the new project… unless the house is burning, please, nobody enters the basement” and if Mr Takumi and Mrs Reika Takariyama were puzzled by the teen´s words, Nova was by far the most shocked when Magnus looked at her and added” Not even you, sis!”

“What?!” she almost choked with her sushi “NOT FAIR!! I WANNA SEE!”

“Nope. You are the cutest distraction and I need to FOCUS if I want to kick Akiyama´s ugly ass ”

“Bummer!” Nova still begged to be in the secret but this time Magnus stood firm. He was working in something considered an impossibility and didn´t want anybody butting the nose into a potential danger.

“When I win, I promise to take you to Yomiuri Land”

“Get out! REALLY?!”

“And we are riding the Bandit!” he winked an eye, provoking a heartthrob in her little chest. She´d been begging for ages to go to that amusement park , especially the roller coaster; Nova was a roller coaster maniac and have been  dying to ride that one.  So do we have a deal?”

And that was when she finally gave in.

“You´d better win the fair, brother. I don´t want to see Akiyama´s flamboyant smile plastered in the net, flaunting his non-existent superiority!”

“Promise! “and the siblings sealed the promise with the typical pinky promise.

Weeks passed and Magnus barely showed up his face to the rest of the civilization. As soon classes were over, he rushed back home (he never got an okay from his folks to skip school so he begrudgingly assisted to classes) save for the Tuesdays and Thursdays when he had to assist to the music academy. (Since he was very young he proved to be a child prodigy and much to his parents´s insistence, he was signed to piano classes) He would gladly had skipped the music classes had not being already engaged in an upcoming concert as well. Ok, he needen´t go to the cursed academy but his arranged partner would kill him if he dared to skip the rehearsals.

Meanwhile everybody at school wondered what was the new project, especially his friends. Despite her best intentions Nova couldn´t help but spilling her guts. Tia Yagami , for instance, kept pestering Magnus almost non-stop demanding to know! And his lifelong rival, Ryo Akiyama couldn´t ignore it either.

“I don´t care if you are more secretive than the CIA. I am winning anyways!” warned

“You keep dreaming, Akiyama!” laughed Magnus each time “Just wait and see!”

“Bring it on, Takariyama!”

If they weren´t actually very good friends they would had ended several times in detention room due to fighting…

The Takariyama Siblings by Elizabeth2003

“Sis” he said a week prior to the competition. As usual, he was  riding the bike on the way to school “Don´t you think it´s time you start paying attention to other boys? “
“Why should I?” replied her a bit surprised.
“´s not possible you want to be glued to your older brother forever, right?”
“So…is there someone that caught your attention?”

Nova laughed as if told the funniest joke from her life!

“Oh yeah, there are plenty of them!” a sober glare from Magnus appeased the laughs “Neah, all what I see are frogs . So no, not interested at the moment”

Magnus giggled.

“Really?! There´s nobody from the entire middle school that attracts your attention?!”

“Well, my class recently changed seats and I´ve to sit next to Motomiya. The most hateful guy from this universe next to  Akiyama!”

Daisuke Motomiya was a real pain in the ass, since he began picking on her the entire class followed and it didn´t pass a day since not dreading going to school. Of course she wasn´t going to tell her brother about the bullying , the issue embarrassed her too much.Beside, she wasn´t really interested on making friends or getting a boyfriend among her classmates anyways. Compared to Magnus and his circle of friends, they were dreadfully mediocre!

As if reading her thoughts, Magnus asked:

“How high are your parameters, sis?”
“You know it pretty well, onii-chan! I won´t date a guy unless he ´s a great as you!” and the little girl was firm in that “But rest assured, I am going to stick by your side until I go to high-school!”
“So you are going to scare away my potential girlfriends until graduation day?!”
“What happened to Hibino-san?”

The boy shook his head.

“I knew it!” the sister pinched his back “See? I am sticking around until you find the DESTINED one!…and, bro, you ought to look less disheveled in the mornings. You look like a beggar!”

Magnus began to laugh hard

“I pulled an all-nighter working on Outworlds”

“That super secret project of yours that I am still not allowed to see?” she pinched his back again “When the hell are you going to finish it?! I am dying of curiosity!!”

“I´m almost done! And if everything turns to be ok, then I shall show you the best adventure of our lives…”

“I can´t wait…”


“Oi Takariyama!!”Ryo Akiyama greeted the siblings as soon as Magnus finished tying the bike “No matter what you are working on, I AM GOING TO WIN THE FAIR THIS YEAR”
“AS IF!” laughed Magnus heading to the main door


“BUT I AM A MILLION YEARS AHEAD OF YOU!” rebuffed the blonde, sarcastic

“I AM 10 MILLION YEARS AHEAD!” Ryo loved engaging into verbal wars against the Takariyama fella, since meeting that odd guy Akiyama never felt bored anymore. It was refreshing not being the only genius at school and constantly competed to get first place in the exam rankings.

“In your dreams!” retorted Magnus once more before looking down “Hey sis! Isn´t it time to get going?!”

Little Nova shook her head and kept hugging her brother.

The Old Times by Elizabeth2003

“Brats aren´t allowed in the high-school grounds” added Akiyama “When are you going to understand the blessed rules?”

Nova pointed at Tia Yagami and Inori Izumi who were already at the entrance, waving at them.

“When THEY obey the dress codes, then I am obeying!”

Tia Yagami began to laugh.

“I look so fabulous with grandpa´s jacket, don´t I?”
“Where´s the uniform?” asked Magnus , puzzled by the looks “The rules committee are SO going to chase after you! ”

“Oh! They WISH!” Tia wasn´t worried in the least !

“Tia, you are really asking for it. Aren´t you?” and Magnus gave a look at her attire “The only thing I barely recognize as the school´s uniform is the skirt!”
“Oh my! you naughty boy! ” Tia pretended to be surprised” Be careful where you are looking, my breasts aren´t for free!”

“No worries, B-cups aren´t my type ” he winked an eye

Tia smirked.

“And yours aren´t my type either ” she caressed his chest, jokingly “Even if you were born in the right gender!”

“Ouch! ” he laughed his socks off “You are wrong on that one, I would be the hottest girl in the entire school. And probably a D-cup!”

“Don´t tempt me, Magnus-kun!” Tia pinched his cheeks “I am still recovering from my latest break-up and picking up the pieces of my poor, broken heart…”

“Not so poor” Inori Izumi, Tia´s usual partner in crime chimed in ” Meiko-chan dumped Tia after surprising our friend french-kissing with Mariko-chan!!”

“Mariko was the one who kissed me!” rebuffed Tia “But heck! She was GOOD!”
“Hey Inori-chan, I like your socks” added Nova “You look so cool!”
“Cool enough to ask your brother out?” Inori  winked while still playing with her laptop.
“NO!” and Nova hugged Magnus tighter.

Meanwhile Sora Takenouchi and Makoto Tachikawa, the most popular second year guys  (and probably from the entire school!) walked past the group.

“And there´s the Baka club!” greeted Makoto  waving his cowboy hat.
“Nice to see your lovely face, Narcissus!” greeted Akiyama back
“What can I say?” replied Makoto nonchalantly “I´M JUST PERFECT!”
“You are not, Cowboy” declared Sora Takenouchi. Makoto´s BFF and the guy a bully doesn´t want to meet at the end of a street. Sora was a helluva of a street fighter and even the crooks knew not to cross this particular fella.

Meanwhile Magnus was still struggling to convince Nova to let him go.

“Please sweetie! You need to go to your own classes. Otherwise the teacher´s going to make you hold a bucket in the halls..again”
“Why can´t I be in high-school already? Middle school sucks!”
“Well, it won´t suck so much if instead of chasing after your bro you´d start paying attention to a cutie boy or something?” suggested Tia “Or maybe a girl?”

Nova shook her head.

“I don´t care, I´m cursed with a class filled with idiots”

It didn´t help that everybody kept calling Nova the “Outsider” due to her golden locks, her blue eyes and the very fact that both Magnus and her were born in Russia. Being adopted by a Japanese family didn´t seem Japanese enough for her peers.Daisuke Motomiya and his friends were the ones who teased her the most with that fact.

Meanwhile Miyako Ishida made her arrival to school and Tia couldn´t help but sigh.

“I WOULD SO GO OUT WITH THAT BEAUTY” and realized that it was a blessing she was single again, free to pursue Ishida-chan!
“But according to my calculations, your possibilities range from 5 to 0%” teased Inori.

Ishida was lost in her world of music, listening to Mozart all the way. But she still was conscious enough of her surroundings when she stopped by Magnus´s side and said:

“I am aware about your little science fair. But remember that you are my accompanist in my concert which is in the SAME DAY”
“No worries, Ishida-chan” replied Magnus “The fair is in the morning and the concert during the afternoon. I will make it in time”
“Very well” smiled Miyako “I am taking your word. You dare to stand me up and YOU´LL END AT THE BOTTOM OF TOKYO BAY” and after a polite greet to the other people, she left.
“Wow!” said Tia “You lucky bastard!! How on earth did you manage to get HER attention?!”

Nova pouted.

“That hateful fox goes to brother´s same music academy” and dedicated a fiery glare at Magnus “DON´T TELL ME YOU ARE GOING OUT WITH HER?!”
“No! No! No!” he rose his hands “We are just music pals!”

Ryo Akiyama put a hand over Magnus´s shoulder.

“YOU are truly a siscon! You didn´t have to justify your actions and THAT FAST ” and the rest of the audience burst in a laugh.
“I´m not! Nova´s the one who keeps following all day!”
“I just wanna make sure he´s not wasting his time with a random fox. If he wants a girlfriend, at least she should be someone extraordinary!” and for Nova´s parameters, that supposed somebody was a bit unreal.

Ryo ended caressing the little girl´s head.

“You know what Takariyama-san? Let´s make a bet!”

“What are you thinking about?” asked the blonde guy, suddenly interested. As true testosterone fellas, they constantly made bets. Sometimes Magnus won , others Ryo was the winner…and the prizes were unpredictable. They could bet on yens or the most ridiculous dare !

“If I lose, I´ll don a Sailor Moon costume for a month  and treat everybody to a photo while walking in Shinjuku!”

Everybody burst in an hysterical laugh.

“GET OUT! I WOULD KILL TO SEE THAT!” cheered Tia and Inori at the same time.

“So do I!” yelled Nova “Brother, SAY YES!!!”

“Wow, that´s an interesting one!” Magnus nodded “So if I lose, which femme fatale should  I  cosplay?”

“Shiryu Chou’un  !” suggested Tia an avid fan from the Ikki Tousen manga which excelled in both ecchi and art martial…

Hoshino Ruri!!” suggested Inori as well , ardent  follower of Kidō Senkan Nadeshiko.

Ryo Akiyama shook his head .

“No cosplaying?” Magnus was surprised “You seriously don´t want me to flaunt a sexy mini-skirt on the streets?”

“Well” Ryo showed a malevolent smile “Despite you having lovely legs and a better ass than many chicks…” Tia opened her mouth, ready to make a joke about it but Ryo put a finger on her lips “No, it´s true! Just watch him carefully the next time we go to the pool!” Magnus forced himself to contain the sudden wish to hit his friend like a pulp

“You are pushing it…”

“Ok!” Ryo decided to spill his guts “If I WIN you´ll have no choice but to give me your blessings…I am seriously considering making your sis my future fiancée”

“WHAT?!” yelled everybody

“WHAT?!!!” Nova yelled as well , dumbfounded

And Magnus´s siscon side finally emerged.

“My little sister ENGAGED to you, Akiyama? NO WAY IN HELL”

“I´d rather kiss a frog!!” protested the little girl as well

“But you accepted the challenge!” laughed Akiyama “Don´t tell me you are already chickening out!!”

Magnus ´s blood was already boiling.


“So there´s no bet?” asked Tia in the end

“Of course there´s a bet!!” announced Nova “Girls, you´d better prepare the cameras and take lots of photos because brother is going to kick Akiyama´s cutesy ass!! ”

Magnus couldn´t help but laugh as well

“Nova, I was going to tell you that you´re  free to remain with your brother complex a bit more if only to be away from this guy´s claws!” and hugged her “But now I am 100% positive that you are never falling for Akiyama” and dedicated a challenging glare at Ryo “SO BRING IT ON, BABE!”

“Ok, future brother-in-law!” and Ryo walked away.

“Ok Nova, the bell is ringing. Are you finally letting me go…?”

“Yup!”and Nova finally released her brother and before heading to her own classes she added “No matter what, you are the one I love the most!”

“So do I, sis!” Magnus waved his hand back “See you later!!”

But two days later, things would change drastically….


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