The illusion (part 1)

“It’s all God’s will: you can die in your sleep, and God can spare you in battle.”
― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace


When it comes to the Beyond limits are nothing. The Great Clock of Life and Death from Reality 12  kept tickling; be it clockwise, be it anti-clockwise but never stopping its course. At least that´s what one of its appointed guardian, Anubismon, made it sure it never happen  in all his thousands of years at duty. That was expected from him and wholeheartedly believed he could do it without a stain in his book..

If only Fate wasn´t so unpredictable! Nothing´s more capricious than a twist of Fate.

” I wonder what would happen” manifested Anubismon once a couple of Millennias ago ” when the hands  stop”

” A wonderful mess ” was his superior´s cheeky response “Nothing that couldn´t be fixed but it shall represent a real pain in the ass for you, that´s for sure.”


“How come?”  Anubismon was a newbie at that time, having being delivered to that bizarre, inhospitable plane by his superiors as a replacement. The previous Anubismon  requested to be relieved from his duty because he wished to be reborn as a new digimon; the current Anubismon still wondered how anybody could grow tired of one self´s form when being a deity was everything an average digimon could aspire to be. He could never muster the question to his ancestor because as soon as the new Anubismon entered the stage the other immediately vanished into a shiny dust of codes and headed back to the Digiworld.   A being known as Shukumeimon  volunteered to teach the replacement the ropes.  At first he was impressed, having heard that that was one of the Digital Angels in charge of a holy place known as Nexus which was beyond most of the deities reach, even Yggdrasil and Homeostasis.

“Oh no, I wouldn´t want to spoil the fun” Shukumeimon smirked at that time. Anubismon, usually a composed, sober deity dreaded Shukumeimon´s shiny smile.” It´s inevitable, someday you will screw up and the clock will go naughty” Of course the newbie God of death refused to believe such thing and swore he would do his job without fail and make Shukumeimon eat his words.


During the time he was under his guidance Shukumeimon did nothing but tease the apprentice,  testing the latter´s temper with an endless set of jokes. How Anubismon managed to go through his training without murdering his master…well, he did try several times  but Shukumeimon would simply outsmart him and laugh his socks off.

When the training was finally over Shukumeimon announced he was  going back to Nexus and wished Anubismon the best of luck with his duties; before departing, though, he left his disciple a pristine yet cryptic message:

“No matter how dedicated you are, there will be times that the Clock will mess up. You may think you can control the Destiny of souls. But that´s your mistake. Each soul is magnificently different, most prone to screw up your perfect world…

And much to the Digital version of Anubis´annoyance his words proved to be true!

The Clock, from time to time, would not act as configured forcing Anubismon  take action more than once; the briefest dissonance  among the gears could ignite a catastrophe and more than once Anubismon met trouble.

According to his log, the real trouble began the very moment  a mere human boy managed to activate an interdimensional portal from a place called Tokyo,  causing a mess inside the gears that sustained the Clock´s invisible threads. The deity learned that the human was being summoned from the neighboring Digiworld but  before he could reach the other side the Clock´s hands suddenly got forth and back like crazy! Anubismon almost went bonkers while trying to regain control of the machine which unable to decide going clockwise or anti-clockwise, diverted the lad´s original course; when Anubismon finally managed to put an end to the madness he learned  that the human ended landing in the Digiworld from reality 09 and  two other events took place at the same time.

Anubismon initially tried to fix the wrongdoing by locating the human and make him resume his original path only to be intercepted by Clavis Angemon, Yggdrasil from reality 09´s closest angel at that time



“Sorry” apologized Clavis Angemon  “I cannot let you take him away. His presence is IMPERATIVE. No local digidestined managed to defeat Quartzmon so I need a rescuer….”

 “Why choosing this insignificant human from MY reality  when there are more than  enough candidates in YOUR neighboring Earth?”


“Because of Shukumeimon-sama´s suggestion” was the Digital Angel of Time´s response” Initially I found it strange but that lad proved to be quite efficient.  Akarimon and him make a wonderful team and I´m pretty confident they´ll rescue the digidestineds and defeat Quartzmon in no time…”

“HUMPH!” the doggy deity would never get  Digital Angels. He was aiming to be the most mysterious deity from the mythological era but mysticism could simply go fuck itself when an angelic fella would but the nose into his business. Anubismon never liked angels very much and probably never will.

No much time passed since then when the Clock began acting weird again and Anubismon was surprised when the device showed him Magnus Takariyama´s unexpected death while fighting a menace called Lucemon.


His powers showed an inconsolable Akarimon holding the dying Magnus tightly against her chest and the latter whispering the sweetest words he could think, trying to comfort the angel he came to love more than life itself.

“I regret nothing…I fought until the very end and I won…” Magnus said while his codes were dissolving in the air ” Please, don´t cry Akari-chan…because I will be okay. I am so happy I was given a digivice..because it made it possible the miracle of meeting my first and true Love. No matter what, I promise that you and I will meet again and when that happens we..we..will fall in love again and …we´ll build a family together….I promise we´ll have our happy ending…I promise…”

Anubismon would had felt pity for the shortage of such young life and made sure his soul would reach the special place he usually had reserved for the ones he considered above the standard in heroism (no matter if the deceased was human or digimon) but an unexpected twist of destiny prevented Anubismon from reclaiming the lad´s soul. Anubismon got the shock of his life when Magnus Takariyama´s soul not only did not respond to his call back to his universe but ended uncovering his true self: Magnus  was one of  Shukumeimon´s multiple incarnations!

reencounter copy

“Damned winged trickster!” grumbled Anubismon from his post “And I felt bad for the poor lad!”


Shukumeimon at that moment was having an argument with the Host Computer from the Digiworld from reality 09, Yggdrasil , because the latter not only did not show any type of gratefulness for the help but was adamant about not allowing Akarimon join Shukumeimon´s side. Clavis Angemon used to be Yggdrasil´s closest angel and because he was gone Akarimon had to be his replacement; so leaving with Shukumeimon was an impossible unless she found someone else worthy of serving the god. Unfortunately there wasn´t and Akarimon had no choice but  stay. They promised they would meet again sometime in the future and sealed the promise with a kiss. Anubismon would never be the romantic type but felt sad for both sides. Before leaving for good Shukumeimon left a cosmic key and a warning to Yggdrasil itself .

The scene left Anubismon baffled. Those keys were a rarity and Shukumeimon randomly gave  one away! He could smell a plot miles away.

“You bastard”  the doggie digideity gritted his teeth “You are already cooking another plan, aren´t you?!”

As if responding to Anubismon aura of happiness Shukumeimon joyfully winked an eye (and Anubismon swore it was for him!) before taking off to be reincarnated in another reality.

“I KNEW IT!” yelled Anubismon and he got a  laugh, resounding in the fabrics of time and space, as a response  which annoyed Anubismon even more.


Apparently the annoying angel took his word and did not show up again but that didn´t mean Anubismon got it easier in the course of time. Time proved that Shukumeimon wasn´t the only one that threatened to get the best of him. Annoying people weren´t a species on the verge of extinction, sadly for the canine deity.



The present Anubismon looked up at the Clock and then at the door below. Behind the door  there was someone who could rival Shukkumeimon in terms of annoyance and he already had too much in his hands to deal with the matter himself. Besides there was someone much better fitted for that kind of job  so he´ll let the matter to the expert. Sooner or later that person would show up in his realm , Anubismon did not mind waiting as long as he was spared of dealing with the annoying visitor.

Besides he had the duty of guarding the Clock  that lately had been behaving in unexpected ways. And the word unexpected was an unwanted one in Anubismon´s book. Was it a coincidence that the clock began to malfunction since  Magnus Takariyama ´s derailment from his original destiny?

It´s just that  Anubismon never believed in coincidences ;  he ´s too used to the caprices of Destiny  to tag anything with that name. He was taught to read between invisible threads that each action had a cause and a consequence and coincidences were nothing but an invention to justify what´s yet to be unveil…or  it could be one of Shukkumeimon´s games.  After witnessing Magnus´s death and respective revelation as the angel´s host Anubismon concluded that it was definitely Shukkumeimon´s fault.

Three events took place that day .

The first one showed Magnus Takariyama being dragged to another reality; the Clock tickled  like a madman with that sudden teleportation. The Clock announced the second few moments later when a golden light suddenly broke through the fabric of the multiverse causing  a considerable rift between his realm and the digiworld he was guarding. The passage of that light was so rushed and violent that one of the Clock´s gears suddenly came off   and hit the ground.


Worried about such sign Anubismon tried to intercept the  light but unfortunately it proved to be too fast for him and went crossed through  his realm in a flash. The Clock then showed deity  a golden portal (and a sacred one that could only be summoned by a Digital Angel) showing up in the heart of the Digiworld  and  a very confused outsider   emerging from it.


The gate vanished as soon as it emerged leaving the local digimons in an awe since it was the first time they witnessed such phenomenon. Uneasy by the vision, Anubismon looked through the stranger´s codes and while being a handful he was able to read them. He learned two things about that clownish digimon: his name ´s Piedmon and was trapped by something called Gate of Destiny and forcibly transported from the distant Digiworld from Reality 01 to Reality 012´s. Why he was given that punishment Anubismon didn´t know but regardless of the circumstances Piedmon did not land in Anubismon´s jurisdiction but the 4 Great Gods.


The consequences of that unexpected arrival were nefarious. The newcomer  Piedmon proved to be a master of deception: he first flattered the Gods almost non-stop, constantly begging them  to allow him to be their servant. Once they let their guard down he finally showed his true colors.   For everybody´s shock the clown threw 4 magical blankets at them and much for everybody´s dismay  the deities were turned into plushies!

comic1 The Gods´s most powerful soldiers, the Royal Knights,  could do nothing but submit to the new ruler. According to an ancient decree by Yggdrasil,  the Royal Knights were bound to swear loyalty to whoever gets the throne if all of the 4 Great Gods ´re unable to fulfill the conditions. No matter if the new ruler was a creature of light or darkness, for Yggdrasil´s eyes the victorious party will always hold the Truth.

So because of the protocol no Royal Knight was allowed to go against the new ruler´s Will;  when Piedmon launched a bloodthirsty campaign of evil across the Digiworld, spreading death and destruction everywhere he set a foot the Royal Knights, for the first time, split. Disgusted by the clown´s actions Gallantmon, Omnimon and at least half of the Royal Knights chose to the exile themselves.


Anubismon ´s realm would soon be flooded with deceased digimons´codes , keeping the deity´s hands full. The deity never found himself so worked out,  for every digisoul  he would send back to be reborn as an egg into the Land of Beginning, 10 more would immediately made their way into his realm! Piedmon wasn´t contented on having a crown. He wanted to swipe the entire world and remake it according to his twisted vision of a perfect world.


With each passing day Piedmon´s campaign grew more and more savage, taking especial pleasure on wiping entire villages just for fun. Countless of desperate digimons fled the farther they could, many taking refuge in  the Temple of the foxes which was run by a Taomon. scene8

Taomon was the main priestess and hundreds of Renamons were her apprentices. Always following the temple´s motto, anybody who came to the temple was granted protection no matter if the supplicant was a vaccine or virus, human-type or beast-type. In her temple differences did not matter. Everybody was welcome.


Initially few dozens made it to the temple but not too much time passed until hundreds of desperate digimons reached the doors, begging for protection. Taomon and the Renamons realized that the situation was beyond control and besides the increasing number of refugees Taomon was warned by a Gomamon that Piedmon learned about the temple and was on his way.

Taomon was the first Digimon to challenge Yggdrasil´s ancient protocol and openly declared that she was going to put a stop to Piedmon´s madness.

It was Taomon, assisted by her foxes, that ended  bringing on the third event by summoning the reality 12 Digiworld´s first digidestined: Nova Takariyama!


Anubismon, who was still sorting what to do with the daily influx of fallen data, would have a lot more in his hands than ever. As soon as the 14 year old Nova stepped on the Digiworld the Clock ´s hands reacted.Taomon saved her from being ambushed by  some of Piedmon´s minions and took her to the safety of her temple. The guardian of the dead could not ignore the girl´s presence and a quick reading to her codes reveled that she  owned a an unusual pattern.  Born human yet laying inside her DNA there was something else that he could not decipher; whatever it was made her COMPATIBLE with the Digital World and its inhabitants and that certainly caught both Taomon and Anubismon´s attention.


Taomon told the girl about the a millennial  prophecy that predicted the current war and the salvation of the Digiworld would fall under a human´s hands. The chosen one would go after  Yggdrasil´s crown and lead the restoration of Order in the Digiworld. She was the first human being that stepped in the Digiworld so she was the “chosen one”.

But Nova´s answer wasn´t what everybody expected. She said “No”

Despite feeling grateful  for being rescued from certain death Nova refused the call. Still a child and shivering in shock after what happened to  her brother ( she saw him crossing to an unknown dimension only to have his digivice back and stuck in her wrist)  all what she wanted was find him and go back home. Period.

Her bluntness wasn´t fated to last forever though, a  few days later since her arrival to  that strange world, one night the girl ended witnessing an entire village of Snowmons being whipped by Piedmon´s hands. Such tragedy ended changing the girl´s opinion.

“I still don´t like digimons” she finally said to Taomon with her face bathed in tears “But while I´m stuck in this world, I can´t keep pretending I´m a mere spectator anymore. That lunatic must be taken down, please tell me what I must do”

“Become this world´s champion” answered Taomon “And when Piedmon´s tyranny is over, then the Gods will help you find your sibling”

“Then, I must gather an army” reflected Nova “Where shall I start?”

“I´ll show you…” and Renamon took her to the first of the scattered Royal Knights: Gallantmon.

Convincing him to join the cause proved to be rather difficult because of his holy stubbornness. Tired and disheartened from being unable to put a stop to Piedmon´s lunacy due to an ancient oath imposed by Yggdrasil the Royal Knight , like most of his scattered comrades, intended to spend the rest of his days as a hermit  by the time he was approached by Taomon and the human; he laughed at their faces when Nova declared she was going to lead an army against Piedmon and rebuffed her several times even if he wasn´t tied to the Oath of Yggdrasil.  Despite the mockery Nova didn´t flinch, she was so used to be teased mercilessly in her school that she couldn´t care less about a grumpy warrior´s opinion of her. She was adamant on finding her missing brother and would walk barefooted over a river of lava if needed!

“That´s insane” declared the girl “So because of a silly oath, you are playing the coward ´s role?!”

“…Then what about replacing that cursed oath with another one?” suggested the girl ” In that case, it would allow you to move on without any remorse”

Her words finally got Gallantmon ´s attention.

meeting_the_first_royal_knight_by_elizabeth2003-d9ylwkf ” Which oath do you have in mind?”
“Honour,  Honesty, Valour and Loyalty” she recited after learning about the Royal Knigh“This is the  Code of Chivarly…”

“Not bad, little princess. Not bad”

Nova then shook her head with contempt. She actually wasn´t the princess-type.

” I am not a princess” if she was going to fight for the world, she needed to set things straight “I am the new KING”

Anubismon and all the beings from the Digital afterworld were left speechless with that declaration. She was the first human  allowed in the Digiworld and brought on  a revolution, putting the entire Digiworld´s system upside down and ready forgo any type of conventionalism.  Until that day no female dared to aim for Yggdrasil´s crown not even the deceased Kabuki Sakuyamon (the temple´s original priestess and  Taomon´s  and the renamons´master until she died by Piedmon´s sword while trying to protect a bunch of runaway palmons from him) or the likes of Junomon and Minervamon from a neighboring territory ruled by the so called Olympus XII.

Outrageous. Arrogant. Crazy. Those were some of the terms given to her but Nova did not give a shit about them and with Gallantmon and Taomon by her side she set on the quest. Traveling from North to South, East to West facing innumerable threats she was lead to the rest of the Royal Knights and recruit them what she called “the White King´s side of the Chessboard”. Some eagerly joined the new King while others were harder to convince, especially the likes of Alphamon and Lordknightmon who bound by the antique oath they were blindly following Piedmon´s orders. The latter, still irked by the desertion of the majority of the Royal Knights, had no qualms on sending the remaining knights after the deserters and had them captured and/or executed.

Eventually all the Knights joined the girl´s side.

meeting_magnamon_by_ayhelenk-da85awk nova_meets_omegamon_by_ayhelenk-da8s4si lordknightmon_and_the_king_by_ayhelenk-da6jaxz

kentaurosmon_and_the_king_by_ayhelenk-db2xug3Alphamon proved to be the most problematic to convince though and it was thanks to HIM that Anubismon would gain more complications in his job.  Anubismon used to amuse himself by following the strange girl´s adventures from the coziness of his realm until the Royal Knight decided to test the human´s will by forcing an out-of-body experience and sent her soul to the realm of the Dead subsequently having her stuck there until she figured out the way back. Or meet  die for good.


“No interventions from your part” were Alphamon´s threatening words to the canine lord of the dead who did not expect nor want  uncalled visitors. He was ready to pull the plug and send them back to the living realm but Alphamon ´s hand pointed at him, with a glowing sphere waiting to explode ” Otherwise I´ll finish you “

” I don´t want living souls in my realm ” protested Anubismon neverthelessThey are messy, unpredictable and I have enough with all the digisouls that you, Royal Asshole, sent to my realm before their destined time  in that clown´s name…”

” Do I look like I care? “ Alphamon sat over one of the clock´s arms “I acted according to Yggdrasil´s Oath. Piedmon deserves the worst of punishments but neither is my intention to follow an impudent girl´s orders. Nobody dared to call me Othello before!”


For the first time on duty Anubismon snorted.


“Othello? What does that mean?”

“Beats me but I hate it” he was so used to be treated with reverence and fear that he found insulting the wannabe king´s manners. How dared she treat him like a rookie digimon? “I will make her pay for her arrogance!” He may hate Piedmon with all his might but being given a pet name was a serious offense. He would never subject himself, as the others did, to respond to any other name than his glorious title. If he did it would spoil the others and nobody would treat him with the consideration he expected as the leader of the Royal Knights. He needed to put an end to this madness once at all.

“And why bringing her here? “ asked the other digimon “It doesn´t make any sense and a living soul´s presence cause alterations to my clock”

Alphamon took his time to reply.

“Taomon took her as disciple and knowing that fox I´m quite certain that girl learned some tricks from her. I still remember the old times  when I , as a simple dorugamon, lived in the temple and we trained together under the Great Priestess´s guidance” Alphamon could not hide a saddened sigh , he actually cherished Kabuki Sakuyamon very much and her death still haunted him. Taomon since then became the temple´s holy keeper.

Anubismon sighed as well. He also missed the Priestess very much and made sure her codes were sent to a very special place. In the old times the Priestess, during the meditation sessions,  would frequently visit him as she considered Anubismon one of her dearest acquaintances; she would often  bring Taomon with her as part of the training. It wouldn´t be a surprise that the successor had been teaching the human how to move across the living and dead realms as well…

“I see, you are going to test her soul´s strength. Here, rookie or Mega types don´t matter.  Everybody is equal in front of Destiny´s eyes “


“Yet it escapes my comprehension your decision of bringing her here. Why not test her in your homeland?”

“Because I´ve been defeated the first time by the combined efforts of Omegamon and her damned bracelet. And the Rules of the Royal Knights will not allow us bring another battle in the open field after that. Yet I can´t allow myself to forgive her for insolence so this time she will have to face me ALL BY HERSELF” he did not take it well when she spared his life when he was dutifully awaiting for a honorable death by Omegamon´s sword. He was looking forward to be executed by his best friend after his defeat. He sort of lived by the samurai code of honor but the girl disrespected his moral values. ” In this realm I am not breaking the rules  and if she´s truly  Taomon´s alumni then she must prove it! If she´s fated to be the true  King then she should be able to defeat me”

Anubismon shook his head. For all he knew the poor human stood no chance against someone like Alphamon, it was like an ant challenging a lion! Of course time would prove that this peculiar human should not be underestimated…



Wherever she looked it was an interminable desert and she would had thought she was in Gobi except there were swords scattered all the way, firmly nailed on the sand. The number of swords was almost infinite and Nova couldn´t help but tremble a bit…she couldn´t decide what was more unnerving, the sands or the swords.

“Lovely thing you did Alphamon! “ Anubismon shook his head in complete disapproval “Taking her to the Desert of the Fallen Warriors. You couldn´t you be nastier, could you?”

“That´s  the place where I send all my enemies” Alphamon kept resting over the Clock “It´s my personal garden. Isn´t it beautiful?” he had an itchy sense of humor “Nobody had been able to escape from here”

“It´s NOT your duty deciding who´ll be reborn and who won´t. That´s MY duty” remarked the deity quite incensed “Keep behaving like this, Alphamon-sama, and one day Fate will catch up to you and…!”

Alphamon ignored  Anubismon protests and kept leaning on the clock. He just wanted to make  sure the blonde eyesore was suffering . There were several floating gears around the Clock and each served them as a screen, he could see what was happening at several palces at the same time whenever it was in his digiworld or digiworlds from other realities. One of the gears was projecting what was going on with Nova and she certainly was suffering a great deal.  Nova was so distressed that Alphamon smirked under his helmet.

“I hope you like them” Alphamon spoke at the Clock and his voice floated among the wind, reaching her ears  “Each sword is a memento from the enemies that fell under my blades”

“OH SHUT UP!”  she cried angrily.

“But King-sama, this is just the beginning of the adventure. I hoped you would appreciate the effort I made to build an interesting challenge” teased the black Royal Knight.“Have fun!”

And for the following half hour the Knight pulled all sort of traps upon her ;  when she stopped by a lake to drink a distorted version of a Metalseadramon emerged from the waters and almost ate her! Curiosity almost killed the cat when she found the entrance of an inverted pyramid and thinking it was the exit door Nova ventured inside only to get out, fearing for her life because the pyramid turned to be a nest of phantomons.  Then  she found a poor granny walking all by herself, falling every few steps despite her cane and when the girl tried to help her out…she ended running for her dear life when the dear granny turned into Skullgreymon!

“You are nasty, Alphamon-sama” Anubismon felt pity towards the human, too watching through the floating gears.

” I am not, that eyesore is still running” smirked the other clearly enjoying with the spectacle “I must admit that she ´s  a good runner”

“AARRRRGH!!!” the girl once again vented her frustrations by kicking one of the cursed swords out of her way “DAMMNED BE YOU, OTHELLO!!  WHY DON´T YOU SHOW YOUR UGLY FACE ONCE AT ALL AND DEFINE THIS IN A CURSED DUEL?!”

But Alphamon remained invisible. Yet he laughed his lungs off, teasing that pretender was way too fun! Pity he had to get rid of her!

” YOUR LAUGH SUCKS!” added the girl more than annoyed “HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED TAKING SOME CANTO LESSONS SO YOUR NOTES WILL RING IN A BIT LESS STINKY TONE?!” The girl couldn´t see him but fairly sure he was watching her moves from wherever he was she did what a proper lady would do: show the finger.

Anubismon laughed for the first time, amused by the scene.

“The King candidate is a feisty one, indeed!”

Alphamon´s face turned livid with the gesture. He certainly KNEW the meaning of THAT.

“THAT´S IT! SHE´D DEAD!!!” he shouted at the Clock with such fury that its gears trembled a bit.

“Wait! Don´t take it against the Clock !” begged Anubismon when he saw Alphamon rising his fists  “It´s quite delicate and your yells already are causing disruptions in its system..”

But Alphamon ignored the pleas and his fist delivered a good punch against the giant clock. ” I´VE BEEN EASY WITH YOU BUT NOT ANYMORE…!”

The gears shook violently and a couple of them fell to the floor, releasing a beam of light . Anubismon, horrified, could do little to prevent  the light from shooting to space and causing a serious disruption between the planes. More gears fell after that.

“OH CRAP!” yelled Anubismon “Do you know what you did?!”

Alphamon simply ignored the other digimon´s protests and took off.  Anubisgoing_through_alphamon_s_challenge_by_ayhelenk-dabd0w2mon rushed to the Clock and frantically collected the fallen gears. He´d better fix the damned Clock otherwise disaster could befall over any random reality besides his..!

While putting the gears back into their respective places one of the gears suddenly began to project (pretty much like a Tv) what was happening in the Digiworld from reality 09 and  that was the exact moment that Anubismon learned about Magnus Takariyama´s whereabouts. He momentarily forgot about Alphamon´s naughtiness and finally putting the pieces of the puzzle together, he figured out his suspicions: Magnus was originally slated to be the predicted Savior of the Digiworld from Reality XII only to be snatched by another force…ClavisAngemon!

With the Clock´s godly powers he immediately set a communication with Clavis Angemon who was guarding his own interdimentional Door “Why did you do it?” demanded to know “He was supposed to be in MY Digiworld!”

“Sorry” apologized Clavis Angemon  “I ´ve been forced to take extraordinary measures and was told that HE is the One best suited for the job.  No local digidestined managed to defeat Quartzmon so I need a rescuer that is above the average….”

 “Why choosing this insignificant human from MY reality  when there are more than  enough candidates in YOUR neighboring Earth?”


“Because of Shukumeimon-sama´s suggestion” was the Digital Angel of Time´s response” Initially I found it strange but that lad proved to be quite efficient.  Akarimon and him make a wonderful team and I´m pretty confident they´ll rescue the digidestineds and defeat Quartzmon in no time…”


So Anubismon took his time to follow that distant digiworld´s events , and like in the VCR the deity pushed the “fast forward” button until he reached the final battle against a being called Lucemon. Clavis Angemon´s death puzzled Anubismon considerably but when Magnus revealed himself as Shukkumeinon´s human host the guardian muttered his good bad words.

“I KNEW IT!” yelled Anubismon and he got a  laugh, resounding in the fabrics of time and space, as a response  which annoyed Anubismon even more.

“YOU DON´T NEED TO COME BACK! YOU HEARD ME?!” yelled before resuming on the fixing of his clock. Moments later  a sudden thought exploded inside his mind, making Anubismon tremble like a leaf. “Wait a minute! That guy shares the girl´s same last name…their human codes share an undeniable resemblance…He´s the person she´s been looking during all this time?!”

His yells echoed through the desert. How could he miss something SO OBVIOUS?!


You are not allowed to say anything, suddenly warned a voice from the sky, your duty is to guide souls and nothing else.

“Damned be you!” shouted Anubismon “What are you plotting Shukkumeimon?!”

It´s up to her to find out the truth but shall not happen  until sometime in the future. Not before. That´s an order that must be obeyed. Insisted the invincible voice.

“I can´t outrank you so it shall be as you wish. But damned be you, she´s desperate. You know?”


The voice did not condescend to offer anymore explanations and vanished as soon as it emerged. Anubismon cursed Shukkumeimon once again before resuming the fixings. A minute didn´t pass when another gear made Anubismon forget about Shukkumeimon´s conspiracy  when it revealed the full extent of Alphamon´s burst of anger; the explosion of energy inside the Clock ended causing  a disruption towards the links between his realm and reality 01, dragging   another living soul to his realm. The gears then showed Nova casually meeting the other visitor, a girl,  in the desert and ended fighting for both their survivals. Anubismon would never forget that episode; in matter of minutes the girls , who never met before and were from different realities, teamed up against Alphamon and the skittish short brown haired human lent the King her powers and the blonde transformed into Omegamon!

All ill feelings towards Shukkumeimon were soon forgotten, the way Nova handled Aphamon proved to be extremely interesting!

“No wonder Alphamon was so uneasy towards the so called King” reflected Anubismon while following the battle , secretly cheering for the girls “Humans are amazing, indeed”

He grew up more impressed after witnessing how Nova and Hikari´s power combination  made Omegamon evolve into an unknown type: ZeedOmegamon; the girls dared to break down the laws of digievolution and that was truly a huge accomplishment.


” I recognize Nova Takariyama as the King” declared the canine lord of the dead once the battle was finished and made Alphamon go back to the Digiworld  ; he then opened the Door and configured it to lead the remaining visitors to the land of the living.  Hikari Yagami was back safe and sound into her original body and reality although with  part of her memories erased in the process. Anubismon sensed that Hikari Yagami was a special human but believed it would pose a hindrance  if she was allowed to know too much about a reality that she didn´t belong to. In conclusion:   the girl woke up believing it was a dream. Hikari  would later go to school and teased her best friend by telling him how beautiful he looked as a girl ( somehow she was convinced during all the adventure that Nova was Takeru Takaishi disguised as a female).

Nova meanwhile was guided back to her own body as well and Anubismon chuckled while following the battle´s aftermath.

“AND I SWEAR MY LOYALTY TO THE KING…”Alphamon had no choice but kneel in front of the girl . His pride was on the lowest by that time, savoring the yummy taste of humiliation because he could not forgo his own oath and  he would serve a human until the end of his days!

“And I accept your word” Nova smiled “So, I shall declare you as the Commander Grumpy Old Man, the Royal Knight of mischief and assholyness!”

“Hey! What about the Othello name?!”

“It´s too elegant for the likes of you” declared Nova ” So following Rocherfort´s suggestion, we came up with a much more fitting name!”

Magnamon and the others exchanged a malefic smile. Did he think everybody would forgive his naughtiness?! As if!

“And we officially welcome the Commander Grumpy Old Man to our ranks!”


Anubismon was still waiting by the door. The person  would  make it to his realm in a moment or other.

Whilst remembering the incident between Alphamon and the candidate to King Anubismon concluded that it would been an interesting one-of-a-time experience; unfortunately it opened the door to more  events of that nature which he hated. Since that episode the Clock ´s configuration was altered for good and was not reversible anymore;  as if amused by the experience the Clock would then sometimes bring in more unexpected human visitors to his realm which for the control freak Anubismon were nothing but hindrances.  Piedmon already provided him with a daily  set of victims so  the canine  deity had more than enough in his hands and did not want to deal with more distractions. So during those occasional times a living human soul ventured by accident into his realm then Anubismon would call for the expert…and today was one of those days.


“CRAP!! WHAT AM I DOING HERE?!” a  yell abruptly put an end to his thoughts. A soft wind began to blow in the sands  and a pink light descended from the skies,  landing right in front of his feet. A feminine silhouette emerged from it and when the light faded it revealed a bad humored Nova!

Anubismon smirked. The expert he´d been waiting for was the King herself.

Nova was back and like other times, she didn´t seem to appreciate it. In fact she was so incensed her head was already fuming.



Anubismon did not flinch,  her reaction was predictable. Of course his timing couldn´t be more inconvenient but he required assistance ASAP.

Nova wasn´t in the mood for visits. How could when the final battle was taking place in the Temple of Light? Originally owned by Azulongmon and guarded by an army of Knightmons it´s  said that Yggdrasil´s crown slept inside the temple and whoever got the hands over it would be officially recognized as the King of the Digiworld.



Piedmon and Nova were in a final race to get the crown and define the destiny of the world; Piedmon got first to the temple and took it hostage yet he was unable to find the crown. Nova and  what was left of her army (Piedmon had the 4 gods powers connected to his body and was virtually unstoppable, almost all the Royal Knights were killed in battle by his sword and only Magnamon and Kentaurosmon were still standing by Nova´s side) were willing to give their all, their best in that final battle although the chance of winning was pretty low.



It was the final stage of a Digital Tragedy , the Digiworld and the Gods´s fates were on stake yet Anubismon dared to momentarily pull off the King from that hazardous momentanum  because his own business couldn´t wait for the resolution. Besides, the King needed to address something herself before resuming the battle…

You passed out” replied Anubismon with indifference “So you are in an interlude from the opera anyways”

“Thanks for stating the obvious, Butch” the girl gritted her teeth “Now could you send me back, please?!”

“Not yet”

“Oh yes! you are going to send me back because I´m in the middle of a fucking battle!”

“I am perfectly aware of that because I never fail to follow up the events that are taking place in the Digiworld. Let´s see. Moments ago Piedmon launched a tremendous power that erased half of your army ” Nova´s face paled considerably “Do you see all these codes flying forth and back over the desert? ” she did not turn her head and watch the glittering codes floating all over the realm. If she stared at them she would not be able to maintain her cool and would succumb to desperation. She could not afford to cry. Not yet. Anubismon continued with his explanation “Your body sustained a tremendous shock after being hit by the expansive waves of such attack. You would had perished had not Taomon, Leomon and Chirinmon shielded you with their bodies…”

Nova bit her lips. She remembered that scene pretty well.

Taomon , Chirinmon, Magnamon and Merukimon did their best to protect the King after the rest of the Royal Knights perished in the last battle. Alphamon , Omegamon and Gallantmon fought bravely against Piedmon and managed to at  weaken him a good deal before passing away in battle. Despite having the 4 Gods powers still running in his system Piedmon realized that he wasn´t invincible and yearned to become a mightier god by claiming Yggdrasil´s crown. Merukimon, who actually belonged to the realm of the Olympus XII, joined the King´s army because of Taomon. The fox deity pleaded for the other realm´s help but none of the Olympic gods were interested in the matter save for Merukimon who understood that if Piedmon wasn´t stopped and succeeded on obtaining Yggdrasil´s essence the Olympus XII could be the next target. If only Merukimon offered his help earlier…! The girl fought against her tears, she had no time to swim in speculations.

“Are they…?”

“No. They are still in the Digiworld albeit in a poor shape”


Relief showed up  in her eyes but soon was replaced by impatience.

” Okay, I need to go back. ASAP” she insisted.


Anubismon shook his head.

“While your body recovers from the shock there´s a duty  waiting behind the door”


“YOU ARE KIDDING! ANOTHER ONE?” she let escape an exasperated yell ” This is ridiculous. I am in the midst of a bloody war and you expect me to deal with this crap?!”

“Of course”  was Anubismon ´s composed response “I have tons of digisouls that need to be redirected and that intruder´s been interfering with my job. SHE won´t leave no much how  I ask hence you, King-sama, shall take the proper measures like you did with the others. ..”

The girl crossed her arms and muttered some bad words in her native Russian. She was already sick of being Anubismon´s lapdog.

” No. No. And No.” Nova was already sick of it ” Why don´t you place this crap onto somebody else´s shoulders? Why should it be me?!”

“Blame Destiny, dear” at first Anubismon wondered why the Clock would drag humans to his realm, especially from distant realities, when his job was about deciding the routes that the leftover codes or digisouls must follow for their next incarnations. Most of the time the digisouls were sent back to the City of Beginning and be reborn again with the same code and configuration , so if a Greymon passed away it would be reborn as a botamon and eventually, after gaining the enough maturity, would evolve once again into his Greymon persona. Other times the digisoul would request a change in its codes hence incarnate into a different type. And sometimes Anubismon would open the door that connected his realm to other realities and send a batch of digisouls to other Digiworlds while receiving foreign digiwouls as well. After the Alphamon and Hikari incident Anubismon initially blamed himself for his clumsiness and when the second non expected human, a young man called Yuuya Kuga made it to his realm an invisible voice spoke at Anubismon and ordered him not to touch him. “Whenever a human shows up, bring the King and let her guide them back. It´s all predeterminedAs far as I know  an interesting future is waiting for you and those people may have something to do with it…Besides, the sooner you solve this inconvenience the sooner you´ll be able to go back with your army…if there´s any left ”

“YOU ARE TRULY A PIECE OF ART, BUTCH” moaned the girl giving up. Once involved with digimons  sense and normality were non exist anymore.  Since the Alphamon´s challenge Nova unwittingly gained a new acquaintance in Anubismon. An UNWANTED acquaintance because he´d frequently invade her dreams and drag her to his realm in order to get rid of what he called unwanted business . The girl did not appreciate being bossed around by a deity of death and ended nicknaming him Butch Taomon and the Royal Knights managed to convince her than rather avoiding going to sleep in order not to be called by Anubismon she should comply and treat it as more another way of training. Yet she disliked being bossed around and would moan every time “Othello may be insufferable but you are truly a pain in the ass, Anubismon-sama

“So says the King” Anubismon showed her the door “Shall we proceed?”

“Humph!” that was Nova´s disgruntled assent “Let´s get over this”


Anubismon ´s fingers made a swift click and the holy door automatically opened, inviting the pair to walk in. Nova wasn´t surprised when as soon as she walked to the other side of the door the desert was suddenly replaced by a beautiful garden filled with roses. The rules of the Realm of the Death were quite similar to Slumberland, expect the unexpected and nothing was the same after a turn of the kaleidoscope. The limits between the land of the dreams and the land of the dead sometimes were blurry except that the latter was a dangerous place. Nova had at least met a dozen of people who arrived to Anubismon´s place and each posed a pain in the ass…save for the Yuuya fella, at least he was the most polite from the bunch. Sadly he was tied to the heaviest issues and she wished she could do something better to help him…hopefully someday he would reach his happy ending. Hopefully.


“WHERE ARE THE SWEETS? I DEMAND A HUGE TABLE FILLED WITH SWEETS!”a girl´s voice echoed through the roses”I WANT IT NOW!”

“Yes,  miss”


Nova´s eyes almost fell from her orbits when she came across the most bizarre scene from her life.Right in front of her eyes she could see a 9 or 10 year old girl, wearing a frilly pink and white dress and a cheesy crown  and acting as an all mighty princess in front of Gallantmon. The Royal Knight was just standing there, almost like a statue, and taking note of every word.

“PRINCESS MIMI, YOU PLEB!” chastised the child “Can´t you see the crown, can you?” and she pointed the mentioned object.

“I beg your forgiveness, Princess Mimi” Gallantmon knelt in front of the child

“Much better” giggled the brown haired girl “So where are the sweets? Candies, popsicles, cupcakes…and of course you can´t miss the chocolate!”

“Yes, miss…princess” Gallantmon had the patience of a Saint listening to the girl´s unending list of demands as soon as she set a foot on the place. His tone was compliant and gentlemanly, no matter what she blurted he would make sure her demands were fulfilled. He was sensible enough to notice that little girl was in an unusual position and for her sake it was better not to say anything that could upset her. In the realm of the Dead it was quite dangerous lose the grip of one self´s emotions. Feelings like sadness or fear could easily turn against oneself . Inside the realm existed forces beyond an average digimon ´s comprehension and they could sense from miles away any display of emotion. And they would FEAST on emotions leaving the mentioned souls in dire danger of being consumed and vanish for good from any sort of existence…That´s why Anubismon dreaded dealing with living souls, the dead were already in peace and wouldn´t ask questions nor come up with any ill-fated struggle so neither would attract unwanted attention hence Anubismon would simply do his job in peace. He hated dealing with external forces, they were too much of a hassle and Gallantmon wasn´t willing to meet them either.

The Royal Knight sighed and a swift move of his fingers made the desired sweets magically show up much  much to the princess´s delight.

“YAY!! Gallant-kun, you are the best servant I ever had!”


“GALLANT-KUN?!” Nova´s mouth opened as big as a plate. “YOU´VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!”


Nova didn´t mean to yell but couldn´t contain her astonishment. That was by FAR the most BIZARRE and CHEESY scene she´d seen so far. A bad mix of a surrealism with shoujo , more difficult to stomach than a Buñuel movie.

Gallantmon turned his head around and his eyes shone in happiness when they met Nova´s.

“King-sama?! Is that you?! ” he stood up immediately.

“LANCELOT?!!!” Nova´s body trembled with emotion. Was that Gallantmon, HER Gallantmon?! She cried almost non-stop since he fell under Piedmon´s sword “IS THAT YOU?!”


The irked, heartbroken expressed abandoned Nova´s face and unable to contain her momentary happiness she rushed to Gallantmon´s side. Gallantmon ´s happiness was as big as her and opened his arms, Nova literally jumped to him and gave the Knight the most heartwarming embrace. Mimi frowned. Who was THAT?

“Damned be you, Lancelot!” bawled Nova “I thought you were assimilated by Piedmon!”

“For a moment, he almost got away with it. But Anubismon managed to take us away from his reach in the last minute” replied Gallantmon with pride “I´ll be always be grateful to you, Anubismon-sama. I could meet with the King once more…”


“No need to thank me. I am the only one who´s allowed to manipulate digisouls!”  While he had no jurisdiction over the living Digiworld hence no allowed to pull a direct intervention ,  Piedmon´s actions angered him anyways. There was a rule in all the planes that while d fights were allowed and so wars,  (it was part of the configuration, digimons sometimes needed occasional wars as a mean of evolution whenever Nova understood it or not) it was considered a taboo taking possession of a fallen digimon´s codes. No one save for a high ranked deity had the right to assimilate and interfere with the cycle of life, death and resurrection of a digimon. And Piedmon broke the rules more than once, hundreds of digisouls never made it to ANUBISMON´S REALM which left the deity heartbroken. Those souls were denied of the chance of being reborn again!

Nova´s eyes sparkled.



Anubismon didn´t reply.


“Come on! Taomon told me that when a digimon passes away the soul comes here  to be purified before being sent back to the City of Beginnings and reborn in an egg. But each resurrection could take a while” she was speaking so fast that was hard to follow her hype “Is Anubismon going to resurrect you and the others, Lancelot? That´s why I was brought here?! And where is the rest?”

Gallantmon and Anubismon exchanged a glare. Nova wouldn´t like  the answer…

“WAIT A MINUTE!” Mimi did not appreciate having her spotlight stolen by another person “WHO DARES TO INTRUDE IN MY GARDEN?!” and in a fit of jealousy she approached the couple and  hit Gallantmon´s back with her fan “YOU ARE MY SERVANT, REMEMBER?!”


Gallantmon sighed. How could he forget…?


“HEY, YOU!”  Nova instantly felt incensed by the other girl´s attitude. “COULD YOU STOP WITH THAT CRAP?!” she hated that. During the months she lived in the Digiworld she learned that they were living, sentient creatures with sensitive hearts. NOBODY should treat them as if they were things.

“I SHALL NOT !” Mimi  couldn´t see who was the other person, Gallantmon was still hugging the intruder and his body covered almost everything, but hated been left behind. “FIRST, REVEAL YOURSELF!”

“FINE!” Nova and Gallantmon undid the hug and the blonde, still fuming, revealed herself. Gallantmon was Royal Knight and not a toy so she was more than willing to put the selfish princess in her place. When Gallantmon moved aside  Mimi ´s eyes suddenly sparkled  and took everybody by surprise when she joyfully exclaimed:


“OH MY GOD!  OUJI-SAMAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”  the demanding princess became  a sweet maiden in a matter of seconds “I KNEW YOU WOULD COME!!!!”


“WHAT?!” Neither Nova nor Anubismon nor Gallantmon could figure what made the princess´s mood change so fast.

“OUJI-SAMA! ” Mimi, with hearts emanating from her eyes, ran to where Nova was standing an surprised her with a passionate hug” YOU ARE SO HANDSOME! !!!”


Nova ´s face paled. She was a WHAT?!

“GET OFF!” she tried to push the princess away but to no avail. Princess Mimi was way too overjoyed and her enthusiasm proved to be a formidable strength so Nova found herself unable to break down the embrace “ARE YOU NUTS?!”

She never expected to meet someone prone to fall in love at first sight and with another girl! Okay, Tia Yagami senpai was one of them but still…!

“My dear prince, I´ve been waiting for you for so long…” continued Mimi “Why didn´t you come while I was sleeping? I was so looking forward to be awaken with the First Kiss…!”  continued the princess, sparkling little hearts everywhere. The prince she always dreamed about finally showed up and this time wasn´t going to let him escape..!

“NO WAY IN HELL!”  the last thing Nova was interested was kissing anybody. Hey! She still owed Akiyama a good slap for stealing her first kiss! “GO DRIVE INSANE SOMEONE OF YOUR SAME AGE, KID!”

“But you promised to marry me…!”

Gallantmon repressed a snort, the King was struggling to keep the princess on check.


“I DID NOT! AND I AM NOT A PRINCE!” and looked desperately at both Anubismon and Gallantmon. She didn´t know how to handle the princess, ranking 1 to 10 in terms of weirdness the princess ranked 11!

Anubismon put a blank expression. He had to deal with that person for a good while and threatened his own sanity, all he could think was getting away from her as sooner as possible.”Look at yourself” he said “Remember that everything is subjected to changes , especially when there are strong emotions involved…”

“That outfit  suit you quite well, King-sama” Gallantmon turned around his shield and like Perseus used it as a mirror.

Nova felt a chill in her bones and hesitated for a moment before taking a look at her reflection at Gallantmon´s shield. She almost succumbed to a Karakatoa effect when she realized she wasn´t wearing her usual clothes. The very moment she crossed the door her clothes changed into a pristine, prince type.


” CANNOT IT BE CHEESIER?!” her face turned redder than a pack of apples “I AM A FREAKING OSCAR!!”  the Rose of Versailles was one of the first animes she watched when she and Magnus were adopted by the Takariyama family. She did not understand the Japanese language very well at that time and Magnus had to translate every episode. She initially thought that Oscar was a long haired fella until told otherwise. “OH LORD, CAN SOMEONE SHOOT ME?!
“No” Anubismon shook his head “Since that petty human showed up in my realm she´d been interfering with my job. And I can´t do anything against her while she wears the crest of Sincerity” sighed Anubismon “so as a fellow living human that´s messing around in my realm, will you please take her away from here?!”


Nova then looked at Gallantmon, as if pleading for his help.


“Tried to talk some sense to her and failed as well”


Nova moaned. She´d already met dozens of people thanks to Anubismon-sama´s laziness and believed that after dealing with all of them she was an expert. After just a look at the wannabe princess and Nova realized she´s tougher than the pack of Renamons that lived at the temple and they were the queens of bitchiness.


” So your name is Oscar?” added Mimi tenderly grabbing Nova by the arm”It ´s a beautiful name….” she was completely engulfed by the clouds of romance.

“NO! MY NAME IS NOVA!” just 5 minutes listening to the shoujoesque princess proved to be more than she could handle “AND I AM NOT A PRINCE!”

“Certainly not. You are the King” added Anubismon on purpose.



“AS IF!” Nova attempted to release her arm “I am just a regular middle school girl with awful grades and that gets a miser allowance . I can´t even buy a decent Nintendo let alone  owning a kingdom, okay?!”

But Mimi kept listening to the things she wanted to listen: her own fantasies.


“Oscar-sama…I can´t wait to meet your kingdom and rule it together…” the little hearts turned into huge hearts. Nova was desperate. That person was incredibly shameless!


“I leave that soul under your care, hopefully she´ll listen to you more than she did with any of us…” began to say Anubismon


Anubismon shrugged his arms and left anyways.

“YOU COME BACK! HEARD ME?!” but ANubismon already trespassed the door and left “ASSHOLE!!!”


“Don´t worry. I´ll give you my assistance, my King” declared Gallantmon “It´s also my duty. All we need to do is convince her to go back to her world , that´s it!”


“She´s DELUSIONAL. How are we supposed to do it?”


“Beats me. I hoped you, King-sama, could come with an idea. I literally tried everything” the Royal Knight never imagined humans could be so problematic. Mis Mimi proved to be a tougher cookie than Nova (which is saying quite a lot , Nova was a self confessed egoist and could be quite insufferable )


“You also own a white horse. Right? Because I won´t ride anything that isn´t a white horse…” the princess was already planning the Happily Ever ending´s detailes.

Nova offered a smirk.

“You know, Lancelot? I could get a .45 and a shovel” she said  “I doubt anybody´s going to miss her…”

Gallantmon replied with a horrified expression.


“It´s a joke, dammit!”  Nova shook her head “You people have no sense of humor at all..!”




Once back to his spot Anubismon looked at the Clock once more time. He muttered a curse, the hands were still frozen! The moment the Princess made it to his realm the hands immediately stopped moving so literally Time was frozen; just like Shukkumeimon warned centuries ago, that proved to be a huge mess. When a cosmic clock stops functioning then it would cause a domino effect in other realms.

For instance, the Digiworld´s timeline was on pause. Piedmon and his enemies were momentarily caught in that gap and if his calculations weren´t wrong, the princess´s original reality may be stuck as well! That was the REAL reason he did not send Nova back to the battlefield as she requested because she wouldn´t be able to do a thing anyways.

The culprit was the foreign girl´s crest. He remembered that when he approached the little girl for the first time and tried to send her back to her original universe, the girl went hysterics and the crest responded to her burst of emotions by altering the Clock´s functions. Gallantmon, who had perished not too long, was supposed to move on to another plane of existence and ended being trapped by the crest´s power.

And without the clock´s functions Anubismon was unable to redirect the souls to their new destinies. Nova was indeed needed. She was a human girl as well so she should be able to convince the stubborn princess to leave.

The floating gears were also frozen in their spots and this time Anubismon was unable to watch through them what´s going on on the other side of the door. Yet he wouldn´t go back, he needn´t to. The King had no choice but to succeed.

anubis copy



Both Nova and Gallantmon were at their  wits end, they lost track of time and the princess did not change her dream-esche ways. The more they tried to talk her out of it the more she held to her fantasies.

“Gallant-kun, may you fill the cup once more?” ordered the princess shoving her empty cup made of the finest crystal. Gallantmon obeyed and Mimi´s cup was refilled with strawberry juice ” King-sama, aren´t you thirsty?”


Nova shook her head. “No thank you” the table was filled with the most delicious pastries and endless set of tea and juices. Everything looked delicious yet Nova had no appetite.

“Come on! why don´t you try some of this cake?” Mimi , still in a flirtatious mode, picked a slice of chocolate cake and offered to Nova. “Just say ahhh…just a bite, yes?”


Nova´s eyes turned blank. The naughty princess was offering the food as if she was her lover and counted up to ten so she wouldn´t bury the princess´s face in the cursed cake.

“I´m allergic to chocolate, so no thanks” that was a shameless lie because chocolate was one of Nova´s weaknesses.


Just like Alice in Wonderland Nova accepted the March Hare and  the Hatter´s invitation and joined the “Mad Tea- Party” ,  of course Princess Mimi showed much better manners than the nutty pair. Gallantmon  stood by the table, ready to following any order but   his boredom didn´t pass unnoticed by Nova and she wondered when he would pull  a Dormouse. But  he wouldn´t. Had he not owned a huge pride the Royal Knight would had fallen asleep with the princess´s endless chit-chat.

Nova couldn´t eat. All that food made her want to puke instead; she could only think in the battle that was taking place in the Digiworld and her heart ached every time she recalled a fallen comrade and ached even more about the ones who were still out there and it was just a matter of time that they would join the fallen´s line.

“Aren´t you afraid of getting a stomachache?” asked Nova in the end, surprised by the other girl´s appetite. It was huge! She could swear that the princess engulfed three slices of chocolate cake, 4 slices of cheesecake, lemon pie and did not dare to count the amount of ice-cream and parfaits that went to her stomach. Her appetite could rival an Agumon´s.   Was she actually human?!


“I own a splendid metabolism” giggled Mimi “Mommy says that I will never get fat no matter what I eat”

Nova´s eyes opened slightly. Then she looked at Gallantmon. His eyes also reacted. Until now they couldn´t make her talk about anything that didn´t involve her fairy tales…it was the first time she mentioned her mother.

“Who is she?” asked Nova

“She who?”

“Your mother. I would love to know more about her”

The slice of cake fell from Mimi´s hand.

“Come one” Nova caressed Mimi´s face in a gentlemanly way, making the other girl blush “What´s her name?”

“…Satoe” her dreamy expression wavered for a moment and the strange collar that was wearing sparkled for a bit. Those details caught  Nova´s attention. “And what´s your father´s name?”

“Ke..Keisuke” there was more hesitance in the girl´s voice “Why do you ask?”

Nova bit her lip. Then she looked around, everything was just a tower of cards and it was a matter of time that it would fall.It was inevitable.

“No princess shall get married without her parents´s blessings, don´t you think?” added Gallantmon, smooth.

“And I, the King, cannot accept a princess who doesn´t reveal her true origins” continued Nova “Even Cinderella got to marry her prince because although she was an orphan, she still knew who she was and where did she come from”

The perennitory tone seemed to mark an impression in Mimi.



“I´m Tachikawa. Tachikawa Mimi. I live in Odaiba and…” the necklace shone  as soon as she muttered those words but then she exclaimed: “AND I´M A PRINCESS! !” , the necklace stopped shinning almost instantly.


Gallantmon frowned. Anubismon told him previously that the girl was holding a very powerful artifact inside that necklace, the Crest of Sincerity. Gallantmon was familiarized with the crests, the 4 Gods ´s powers were mainly composed by Courage, Friendship, Love, Reliability, Sincerity, Knowledge, Light and Hope. The Gods often spoke about the ability of the crests, if any digimon got in touch with one they could ignite their codes and reach amazing levels of digievolution. Omegamon was the product of the fusion of two Mega digimons who were given the crests of Courage and Friendship…Could it be that whenever miss Mimi said something truthful the crest shines and when it was a lie the artifact would shut down…? He had to confirm his theory!

“You are not a princess” he declared, sober “Your jewel says otherwise”

“Liar!” yelled Mimi and  suddenly pushed the entire table and all the pastries fell to the floor “I am a princess! I am!!!”

Nova gulped. That was the most extreme case of self denial she ever witnessed. They spent hours trying to convince her to leave only for her ignoring their demands and hold tightly onto her fairy tales fantasies instead. She recognized the patron. It was similar to hers back then right after losing her biological parents; Nova, 7 at that time, unable to cope with the grief tried to run away into a land of fantasy. Being at the funeral had been horrible and the weeks at the orphanage even worse. But she was saved by he dear brother. Despite his own grievance  Magnus did not allow his little sister lose herself and did everything  he could to cheer themselves up. The first thing he did was insist talking about the old times and  keep fresh the memories of  their beloved parents.

“I know it hurts, sis. But we need to talk about them even if we cry.  If we try to forget and run away to an imaginary land so we aren´t sad anymore then we´ll lose the happy memories as well..!”

His insistence and support was what made their days in the orphanage minimally bearable and held up as well as they could until the Takariyamas showed up one day  to adopt the Nikitich siblings. After that they began a new life in Japan…

Nova looked at Mimi Tachikawa under a different light. All this time they ´ve been  using the wrong strategy. They needed to ask the correct questions instead of attempting to push her away from the party.

“When I was little I also wanted to be a princess” Nova patted Mimi´s shoulder “My brother was my the prince. And believe me, he was the best ouji-sama. He saved me so many times… ” Nova smiled when the memories of Magnus came to her mind.

“You…have a brother?”


“Is he as handsome as you, King-sama? Is his kingdom as big as yours?” despite still being stuck in the fantasy Mimi felt interested. Until now the blonde King-sama barely spoke about herself…

“He´s the most handsome guy from the entire world!” sighed Nova and her eyes shone with both pride and nostalgia.  He was always by her side, both in Russia and Japan and his gentleness and courage certainly made him the best candidate for the prince role. Heck! He actually got the prince part in most of the school plays which of course annoyed the rest of his male classmates because Magnus was blonde, with blue eyes, exceptional in his studies and both the girl population were smitten with him. She would trade everything she had to bring him back home…”And he´s so gentle and brave that…that I swore that I wouldn´t join my heart to anybody´s unless that person is as awesome as him…”

Mimi´s mouth opened wide. The way her King spoke was a bit weird!

“Are you saying that…I…I…should…be HIM?!


Gallantmon let escape a strange cough. He heard the same lines before, several times. Despite her being the only human, a rare and foreign species in the Digiworld, many digimons ended devolping a strange type of illenes and she was the responsible. Something called “falling in love” affected the poor misers (of course he did not catch it but Magnamon did and made a fool of himself) and many did something called “confess” to her. The King,albeit guilty of such virulence, did not reciprocrate and would always give the same answer: “I´m sorry but I can´t return your feelings. All I can think about is my brother….”

“Well…I doubt you can do it. He´s just one in a kind” Nova wasn´t lying. Magnus Takariyama was what she called her ideal man and most of the people she knew, be boys or girls, simply paled when compared to him. She would stick to her brother complex status for a while until somebody else with better standards show up on stage. And of course she wasn´t ashamed of being considered a brocon. In fact she was proud of it!


“I can be as handsome as any man!” Mimi ´s tone got two pitches higher, such was her indignation “And for lord´s sake! I can´t believe that I´m competing against a sibling! It´s like being ignored by Takaishi because he keeps cuddling with Ishida…!” she suddenly shut up. As soon as she mentioned those names her eyes darkened and her cheeks lost some of their colors.

Takaishi and Ishida?” Nova frowned. She never heard the Takaishi surname before but was familiarized with the other. Was Tachikawa taking about Miyako Ishida senpai?! Wait! Mimi Tachikawa?! Was she related to Makoto Tachikawa senpai…?

“…nothing.. I said nothing” uneasy, Mimi avoided Novas eyes and grabbed a fallen cupcake “awww, it fell. Such a pitty, maybe it´s still edible?”

Nova ´s hand slapped Mimi´s and the cupcake fell again to the ground.

Takaishi and Ishida? Who are they?”

“..I…I don´t know!” Mimi laughed hystericallly “Just blurted two random names!”

No. Those were not random SURNAMES” the girl looked an awful lot like Makoto Tachikawa except that the guy was an incorrigible narcissus. Perhaps the girl was his cousin ? If that´s so then she needed to push the accelerator ! “Who are those people?”

Mimi stepped back, trembling only for her back collide with gallantmon´s legs.

You are wearing the crest of Sincerity” he spoke “You shouldn´t lie while wearing that

“You mean this necklace?!” Mimi screamed , suddenly scared ” It´s just an ordinary jewel!”why did it feel like an intervention?!

Nova then grabbed her by the arms. She had enough with that nonsene.


You are lying!” and without being able to contain her impatience she shook her  “I am done playing the Oscar role. WHAT THE HELL SCARED YOU SO MUCH THAT FELT COMPELLED TO RUN AWAY AND COME TO THIS PLACE?!

And Tachikawa´s mirror of illusions began to shatter.

“I… I… don´t know what you are talking about” whispered Mimi and abruptly separated herself from Nova “Please, don´t ask anymore rude questions..!” her tone was now a pitiful one.


Nova finally lost her patience and rose her hand, ready to slap Mimi´s face but before she could do it the crest activated its powers. Few seconds later  Nova was violently thrown to the sky!

“King-sama!” Gallantmon jumped after her and soon afterwards Nova was safe in his arms.

“THAT BITCH!” Nova´s body was still shaking due to the shock ” No wonder Butch-san didn´t want to deal with her! ”

“He tried to take that necklace off her neck and suffered the same backlash” said Gallantmon “Even I was unable to touch that girl”

“Yes, yes. I see” grumbled Nova “Why didn´t I get a crest like hers? We may had defeated Piedmon way earlier if we had one of THOSE!”

“The crests exist but lie within the 4 Gods´s codes. They are like their hearts ” explained Gllantmon “So I´m afraid that the tyrant´s main source of power come, partly, from them”

“So THAT´s what makes him so hard to beat?!”  they fought against him so many times and when thought he was defeated for good he would later re-emerge, ready to bring on more gruesome battles.

“The crests are the Gods´s main source of power. So yes”


Mimi meanwhile was utterly shocked. The beautiful King of her dreams tried to hit her! That never happened in any Fairy Tale, princes and Kings should be gentle toward the ladies, unable to even mistreat a petal.

“…why? WHY?!” she couldn´t hold her tears anymore, she was literally heartbroken. They should be dancing the waltz, kissing and swearing eternal love…but the King tried to hit her! ” ..BUT I DID NOTHING WROOONGGGG!!!!!!”  and her crest shone once again, echoing Mimi Tachikawa´s grievance. The emotions were so raw, so out of control that the crest unwittingly caused a gap in the sky.


“OH MY GOD! LOOK AT THAT!!” Nova pointed at the gap.

“OH BLOODY HELL!” Gallantmon muttered some bad words when several shadows emerged from the hole in the sky “Those are DEVOURERS! That´s why Anubismon-sama warned us about not losing grip on our emotions..they feast on them!”  attracted by the crest´s light, the shadows  were heading  towards the inconsolable Mimi.


“MIMIII!!!! RUN !!!!” shouted Nova and Gallantmon at the same time.


Mimi lifted her head and the shadows scared so much that she was left petrified.


“SHIT!” moaned Nova “LANCELOT, HURRY!!!!!” why wasn´t the wannabe princess running?!

“ROYAL JOUST!!!” Gallantmon launched a powerful attack and pushed the shadows away from Mimi just in time. Nova then jumped from the Royal Knight´s arms and landed in front of Mimi and grabbed her hand

“What are you doing?! We need to move!” chastised Nova, trying to make Mimi move from her spot. But Mimi was frozen in fear and could only cry “Rats!”

Gallantmon meanwhile assumed a defensive pose, placing the shield in front of him. The shadows charged back at him without any kind of mercy. He actually fought against those before but if it weren´t for Anubismon´s intervention the Knight may had not made it in one piece.

“Those things were attracted by miss Mimi´s eruption of emotions” said the warrior “They are the residual codes of fallen entities that refuse to go to the light or being revived..they lurk in the shadows and will seek to devour any soul that loses its way. Anubismon has to push them back everyday in order to protect the path of the digisouls”

“LOVELY!” yelled Nova with her heart beating in panic ” And HE called me to this place KNOWING THAT?!” if she made it back in one piece she would KICK Anubismon´s ass as well.

“LET ME GO!” Mimi hysterically tried to break away from Nova. “I DON´T LIKE YOU AT ALL!”

Nova facepalmed,  NOW the princess  wanted to have nothing to do with her!

“GREAT! I DON´T LIKE YOU EITHER!” grumbled the blonde “But YOUR capriciousness brought upon us this little Apocalypse  so , for Lord´s sake, stop crying!”


“FINAL ELYSION!!!!” the Royal Knight shoot a huge light beam seeking to purify the shadows. The shadows apparently were burned to their core but the warrior did not relax his posture; he´d been in that realm for a good while and learned the hard way that he shouldn´t take an apparent victory for granted. The dark side of that realm would always seek to attack by assuming another form. “COME ON NOVA! LET´S LEAVE THIS PLACE!”


Without waiting for Mimi´s response Nova pushed the girl to her waist and Gallantmon then proceeded to pick both of them in his arms and took off to the sky.


“EEEEEKKK!!!!!” the Royal Knight was flying at such speed that Mimi felt vertigo “Too fast! too fast!!!”


“Lancelot, you ought to go faster” contradicted Nova “don´t mind the shoujo princess , she´s free to puke if necessary. Betcha she will in any minute”

“YOU ARE SO MEAN!” Mimi felt so incensed by the blonde´s words that managed to cool down her sickness  ” And by the way, I never puked during a flight. Ever!”

Nova´s response was a sardonic laugh.

” If you say so…”

“IT´S TRUE!” and the crest shone once more showing that effectively she said the truth.


Gallantmon turned his head around and checked that nothing was following them. The sky was clear yet the feeling of danger still remained in the air.

“What were those things, Gallant-kun?” asked Mimi at Gallantmon. She was seriously offended with Nova and didn´t want to talk to her anymore.

“Devourers. There are plenty of them in this realm and when you succumbed to an hysteria attack, your crest shone and in turn attracted their attention” explained the digital warrior ” It´s dangerous to lose grip of your emotions in this realm, princess”

“It´s HER fault” Mimi ´s finger accusingly pointed at Nova “She´s a brute!”

“I tried to slap some sense onto you, stupid!” replied Nova “It´s impossible to get anything coherent from you..!”

“YOU ARE  THE STUPID ONE!” screamed the child


“COULD ASK THE SAME QUESTION!” if Mimi experienced love at first sight now was the complete opposite.

“HEY! ” Gallantmon moved his arms a bit , shaking both girls “It´s not time for petty quarrels between us!”


The girls limited to cross their arms.

“Hey!” exclaimed Nova  ” It´s the first time you address me as a girl!”

Mimi frowned “Uh?!”

“Yes! Not as the king or the prince” Nova kept talking  ” That´s a progress!”


Mimi flinched several times, confused. Then she proceeded to give a good stare at her companions and her eyes manifested surprise. Until that moment she was immersed in the princess role but now…now..why did everything feel so odd? So…wrong?

“Wait a minute!” Mimi felt nauseated ” Again, what were your names…?”

Nova and Gallantmon exchanged a look. Was the mantle of illusion that surrounded the child  finally beginning to cede…?



Anubismon lift his head and a little smile popped in his face. Albeit briefly, the Clock´s hands moved!

“Those two are finally making some progress” he said “Finally!”



With a shiver of doubt Mimi Tachikawa began to see her surroundings with another eyes and the more she looked around, the more difficult became carrying on her fantasies. She wanted to shout once again “I´m Princess Mimi!” but her words refused to go past the throat. She unconsciously touched her necklace and whispered to herself “I am a princess, am I not?”  but almost immediately a sense of oddness and uneasiness overcame her.

“So, how are you feeling miss Princess?”  asked Nova with a smile ” Can´t keep on with your perfect world, could you?” she received an incensed look as a response “Don´t look me like that!  Your face is like an open book…”

” How could I be so stupid for falling for someone so HATEFUL?” it was a bit painful look at that blonde figure and realize that wasn´t the bishounen prince she dreamed to marry with. Okay, the girl was ravishing, the golden hair and those jewellery blue eyes…her beauty and pose were  superior than any girl she came across..but that wasn´t the important fact! Mimi felt fooled because instead of being as courteous and noble as Lady Oscar (yep, Mimi LOVED the manga would often say to her peers that boys should at least watch the anime if they wanted to learn how properly treat ladies) or dignified like Utena (even at that tender age Mimi had a special spot for beauties)  the so called Nova simply behaved like a bitch. She was neither prince nor King material for a sensible soul like Mimi´s “YOU LIED TO ME!”

“No more than the lies you´ve been telling yourself” remarked Nova shrugging her shoulders.

“I don´t l…!” Mimi ´s  crest shone once again, abruptly silencing Mimi´s words. The girl suddenly felt compelled to puke.

“Your magical item says otherwise” declared Gallantmon” apparently it wants you to properly face reality”

“…” Mimi covered her mouth, struggling to keep her balance in check.

“I agree” added Nova “We can´t go on flying in circles anymore. Let´s stop. This as good as any other place to DEFINE the business. Don´t you think?”

Gallantmon looked at Nova´s eyes and proceeded to land.


“Hey! where are we?!” asked Mimi moments later , frightened  by the scenery. There was no garden of roses anymore, it was a vast desert filled with fallen swords.

“The Desert of the Fallen Warriors” replied Nova with a smile “How ironic…and nostalgic. It feels like the Grumpy Old Man wanted us here…don´t you think so, Lancelot?”

“Your assumptions are correct, King-sama” Gallantmon smiled as well even if nobody could see it under his helmet ” Before departing he left, as the others did, something for you..”


“Wait! If you are here Alphamon and the rest should be as well…right?!” exclaimed Nova “Anubismon will revive you back just in time to defeat the clown once at all” Nova´s tone exuded fear and hope “That´s why you were waiting for me…and so the rest. The first time I joined a quest to reunite the scattered Royal Knights and I am doing it again…RIGHT?! RIGHT?!”


Much to her shock the Knight shook his head.

“No. Not this time”

“But THIS is Alphamon´s territory!” protested the girl “He´s been waiting for us…otherwise…he´s here!” Nova ran a few metres away from the group and began to call for his name “WE ARE HERE GRUMPY OLD MAN!!! ALPHAMON!!! ALPHAMON !!! CAN YOU HEAR US?!!!!”


She received nothing but silence.

“ALPHAMON! ALPHAMON!!!!!!!!” she kept calling for him.


Mimi momentarily forgot her own uneasiness and grabbed Gallantmon by the cape ” What´s she doing?”

“You are not the only one who must break down an illusion” answered the Royal Knight ” She helped us, Royal Knights, the first time,  get rid of the mantle of illusions that haunted us. But now, if she wants to win the war, must learn the true meaning of owning Yggdrasil´s crown….”


Mimi only understood half of his words but felt moved nevertheless.


“ALPHAMON! DON´T JOKE WITH US! WE ARE HERE TO PICK YOU…!” Nova kept calling for his name several times until she fell down to her knees. “ALPHAMON….!”

Mimi and Gallantmon  joined her side and Mimi´s heart ached even more when she found out that the stoic, bitter Nova was crying!

“He´s not coming, is him?” mumbled Nova.

“Nobody else is coming” Gallantmon knelt as well and cleared her tears with one of his huge fingers “Anubismon had already sent them away and was going to do the same with me but…”

The blonde girl kept crying. Why everytime she dared to hold some little hope she ended being slapped in the face, receiving nothing but deception? Gallantmon wanted to cry too but kept talking, trying to give her something comforting to hold on  “I asked for permission to remain in this realm for a bit longer. I couldn´t leave without delivering a final message to you…”

“I DON´T WANT TO HEAR IT!” screamed Nova , desperate.


“I´m afraid I must” the knight insisted “King-sama, otherwise I won´t be able to move on…please?”

Nova cried for a good while , forcing herself to process his words. In the end she lifted her head and replied: “NO!..NOT YET…!” her heart raced like a wild horse, fearing that Gallantmon would fade leave as soon as he delivered his message… and she wasn´t ready to let him go….

“Don´t worry” the knight caressed her cheeks, so wet with tears “I shall deliver it in the proper moment. There´s still something else we must do together.Okay?” and his head pointed at Mimi.

“…okay” Nova´s throat was like a Gordian knot but forced herself to ignore it. He was right. She chose to walk the King´s route.It would be a disgrace to her knights if she succumbs to sadness and hopelessness! Gallantmon was still there for her and wouldn´t want him to feel bad for her during their last moments together… “Just answer one more question”

“Sure, thing”

“The rules indicate that when a digimon passes away its soul will be immediately sent back to the City of Beginnings. Why did not any of the Royal Knights reappear as an egg yet…?” Taomon was the one who taught her about the mechanisms and customs in the digiworld. Normally life and death were just the two sides of the same coin and before Piedmon´s arrival, nobody worried too much about passing away in  the midst of a fight (most of the digimons liked to hold fights, they were configured that way…just like in a videogame, at least that´s Nova´s impression of that world) because they knew they would soon come back to life as an egg. Piedmon´s malevolence changed everything and for the first time the inhabitants of the digiworld feared death. Dying by his hand meant that there was the possibility of being erased from existence for good…and nowadays most of the digimons were running away from any kind f battle in fear of having their codes assimilated. But the Royal Knights were the bravest, the strongest. They couldn´t be so afraid of being why none of them was already back in the digiworld, even in their rookie forms?

“They wanted to go back to your side as soon as possible. They wished it dearly…as much as I did” the gentlest of the knights , that was him. His eyes shone like a pair of golden orbs and a solitary tear rolled down his face “But Anubismon decreed that due to exceptional actions each of us must lead a new life…in another universe”


“You may not be aware” he looked at both Nova and Mimi “But there are countless of realities, universes. And within a human world lies a Digiworld. The Digiworlds hold a connection, albeit invisible to human eyes; but I can tell you this: the codes, the information constantly flow from one Digiworld to another …all the time. And it´s not a rarity that a digimon that ended its cycle of life in our Digiworld will find suddenly transferred to a parallel Digiworld…that´s what Anubismon told us before sending my comrades away..”

“So I won´t be able to count with any of them after all?!” Nova bit her lips, frustrated “Anubismon, YOU JERK!!!!” and her fist hit the sand all over again until it bleed. Why fate was so cruel towards her?!

“Wait!” Mimi , while not sure if she understood the entire scene, felt bad for Nova. The child grabbed the elder girl´s arm and made her stop “You are bleeding!”

“It doesn´t matter in this realm” sighed Nova

“It does!” Mimi  teared off the ribbon from the back of her dress and used it as a bandage “I don´t care if you are a bitch or not, please stop harming your beautiful hands!”


The crest of sincerity reacted to Mimi´s words, this time surrounding the girl with a green aura filled with warmth.

“I am trying to follow your story but I can´t” added Mimi “Care to explain who you are and what´s going on? ” the child gulped “I don´t like you yet I want to cry with you…” and she sniffed. She couldn´t help it, Mimi was actually a pretty sensitive soul and could not ignore somebody´s tears.

With a sudden awakening of sense Nova realized that she still had a duty to carry on. A child was dragged to Anubismon´s realm and needed to go back to her respective place! So SHE was the top priority and not the Royal Knights´s fate…and in order to do it, the mantle of illusion had to be torn apart!

“It´s okay” after clearing her tears,  bent and laid her lips on the digidestined of Sincerity´s hands. Mimi´s face reddened “You don´t need to understand my story because…nothing of this matters in YOURS”


Gallantmon remained silent. He wanted to hear it.

” You passed out” continued Nova “And your dreams lead you here…mmmh, forget that. Let´s say that you are stuck in a long, bothersome dream…”

“Oh!” for the first time Mimi felt less disorientated “So this is a dream?” she sighed in relief. No wonder everything felt so strange!


Nova nodded. It was better that way. There was no need to let someone so young, a 10ish year old child know that she momentarily left her body and was dragged to a dangerous realm. Now the question : what scared Mimi Tachikawa so much that she unconsciously allowed to be dragged to a land of illusions?

“Then why can´t I wake up?” the girl pinched her hand several times to no avail.

” Because you´ve been running away ” indicated Gallantmon “I can smell the fear lingering in those beautiful eyes. Why don´t…?”

“I am not afraid of anything!” protested Mimi, offended “I feel insulted!”

Nova bit her lips once again, how many times did she mutter the same words? When she began her quest as the King candidate she assumed a stoic, warrior-like posture and  pushed away her own fears and insecurities because Magnus, her dear brother, would had done the same. She thought that  strategy worked fairly well but then she came across the tiny girl version of Makoto Tachikawa …and became another mirror. The bluntness, the obsession of living by a fairy tale role, the desperation…

If she wanted to succeed, it was time to let go of the mask. Still holding the child´s hands Nova kept talking “I ´ve been afraid all this time ” her confession stunned both Mimi and Gallantmon “I am in the middle of a chess game,  aiming to defeat a tyrant by assuming the King´s crown” she gulped “I chose to follow  the Hero path but  I am actually shivering of fear. I made a promise to several people people ,  tasked on bringing hope to an almost impossible cause…w..w.. wanted to save everybody but I lost precious people in the process.!” Nova ´s eyes teared again “I´m scared to the core of my bones that I won´t be able to succeed in my quest! For all I know I have attained more defeats in battle than victories…!”

Mimi was speechless.

“You…lost?” the first time she looked at Nova she saw the image of the perfect, unbeatable prince. And now she was stomping over her own pride…? “But you look so strong, determined! I can´t picture you the other way!”

” Because we all aim to project that image” spoke Gallantmon “In reality, though, it´s impossible not to have a moment of self doubt. Sometimes we win, sometimes we fail. Those are the rules of War and Peace”


The crest of Sincerity kept shining, as if drinking from the words.


“There are times I feel so afraid that I just want to run away” Nova´s eyes opened wider than plates when an idea suddenly came to her mind. Could it possible…could Anubismon be so enthralled with her because of her latent feelings of evasion? The quest against Piedmon and the inability of finding her elder brother were sometimes so heartbreaking, so tiresome that Nova struggled to maintain her objectiveness “No. I did run away several times. And I´m tempted to do it again because there´s a gruesome battle waiting for and I am not sure I´ll be able to make it alive. The enemy is too strong, he already killed several friends and I´m just a childdo you get it?”


Mimi nodded, with her eyes on the verge of tears and her nose already dripping wet. How could she NOT understand those words? She kinda felt the same since the very first time she entered into the Digiworld..!

“Oh my!” she gasped. The memories of Palmon reached her mind, followed by the other six kids. The  adventures in the Digiworld. The excitement of joining a Quest with incredible creatures known as digimons and facing the dark side of the adventure…they learned  true meaning of fear   when Devimon assimilated inside his body the dark gears and became an unbeatable monster; nobody had been able to do a thing until little Patamon , the one who had to yet meet his champion form,  became Angemon and chose to give away his own life as the mean to defeat Devimon! Mimi began to weep. That´d been incredibly sad..!

” Despite knowing that I may killed if I return, I STILL WANT TO DO IT” Nova pressed Mimi´s hand with passion ” I want to give everything I have because I know that I am NOT ALONE!”


“But…but…” Mimi was still hesitating.


“That´s my issue. Now let´s focus on yours. Please, tell us what happened ” begged Nova

Mimi remained silent but the tremors of her body accused awareness  “What´s the last thing you remember before passing out?” insisted Nova ” You must had witnessed something horrible, hadn´t you? What made you wish to run away and fool yourself dressing like a princess?”


Mimi opened her mouth and closed it almost immediately. She, at first, didn´t know what to say! The turmoil of emotions made it hard to properly remember, was she actually THAT afraid to face her memories? But then she looked at Nova and knew that despite she was a product of her imagination she was still brave enough to share her insecurities. The blonde´s humility was quite tangible , she dared to forgo her bitterness and was bowing before Mimi´s feet. She was begging for something relatively simple yet so complicated  in real life: Sincerity.



Anubismon noticed that the Clock´s hands made another movement and nodded in approval.

“Good. Good. Just keep on…”

It would presently be his task to take matter into his hands hadn´t he, a deity of death, so afraid of the power of the Crest of Sincerity.  Or worse, the power of self denial coming from the young wielder. So it was really a matter of affinity towards the situation hence the King was the best suited to the bandage from this child’s eyes, and bid her look forth upon the reality she escaped from.

“Lies are such a nefarious thing, time froze because of them…”