The illusion (part 2)

Anubismon looked once more at the Clock. It was still far from regaining normality but wasn´t as stuck as before either.

All what the King-sama needed was to do was help the other girl overcome her fears and regain her self confidence. Otherwise the Crest of Sincerity would keep interfering with the Clock´s functions and trap everybody in an endless whirl of time. Either she pulls it all together or drag everybody into a cosmic sinking boat.

Humans and their emotions, SO bothersome!

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“It´S August 3rd” began to speak the little girl assuming that Nova and Gallantmon knew everything about her Digiadventures. Mimi couldn´t suspect that she was actually having an out-of-body experience instead of a dream” We managed to return to the the real world…”

“We?” asked Nova.

“Taichi-san and the others!” exclaimed Mimi a bit impatient. Nova and Gallantmon limited to nod ” We knew this day would arrive but not like this. It wasn´t because we defeated the bad guys and we were finally allowed back home…”

The others assented again. The girl who dressed like a princess finally began to spill out her beans and did not want to upset her anymore than she already was. Opening one self´s heart was a handful, it was easy to acknowledge the strong points but hard to acknowledge the weak ones. And for someone that manifested herself as a wishy-wishy,  capricious Disney-like princess that was a  merit.

“After Angemon´s death we believed that our adventures with the digimons were done. He took the big baddie by himself and sacrificed his life so we could go back home” Mimi´s eyes darkened while revisiting that tragic event


“We couldn´t be more mistaken! ” She took a breath before resuming her tale “I SO hate Mr Gennai!  That old man turned to be a liar! Instead of sending us back home at that time he made us go  through another journey and look for these cursed things ” she pointed her crest ” Why, you ask? Because they were needed to defeat some more bad guys!”


Mimi still had a hard time swallowing the deception. Just like Nova said, they were just a bunch of kids and they ´d been forced into tough, adult-like missions! They had to go through good and bad moments, learning about the significance of life and death at a tender age and through the most heartbreaking ways. Angemon´s death and resurrection as an egg, then as a Tokomon did not really alleviate the sadness of Angemon´s loss. The guilt of being unable to do more never faded and Mimi could recall clearly Yamatto´s concern about Takeru´s welfare since then. Adding the likes of Etemon into the equation did not ease up their struggles and many times the kids would end questioning their own belief and strength.

“And guess what? Instead of 7 there are 8 digidestineds! ” she tried to laugh it off but failed miserably “We were sent back home to find the damned 8 Digidestined before Myotismon and his minions…!.” her face paled as soon as she mentioned his name. “…I think I´m..going to puke”

Nova remained expressionless while the other girl relieved her gastric system.

“How many cakes did you eat before I arrived?” asked the blonde puzzled. Never in her life she saw such amount of vomit! “You´re better suited as a  Cossack than a Princess, dear!”

“What?!” Mimi frowned. Nova spoke her comment in her native Russian instead of her adopted Japanese. “What kind of language is that?”


“ aren´t Japanese. Your accent is  weird and your use of hiragana and katana mostly sucks..yet , what was the last part you said?”

Nova´s ego withered a bit. She´d been living in the nation of the red sun since she was 8 and still struggled with the cursed language! Hiragana, Kana, Kanji…unlike her brother Magnus she was never be able to assimilate those in flying colors. Those were partially the responsible of her awful notes in school. She tried her best studying but the alphabets were way too different from her russian. The Takariyama and Magnus did everything they could to help her improve her rusty Japanese…if only she didn´t dread it so much!

“Not..funny…” protested Mimi before vomiting  again “Ughhh…Myotismon…uuufffghhh!”

“Who´s Myotismon?” asked Gallantmon. He never recalled hearing such name before.

“Don´t joke with me! He´s one of the Dark Masters and he´s..!” His face showed up uncalled into her mind and Mimi´s sickness increased considerably.


“Come on, keep talking” Nova rubbed the child´s back hoping she would feel better “Otherwise we can´t help”

“I…I…CAN´T!” Mimi cried, trying to outrun the memories.

“COME ON! IT´S USELESS TO KEEP IT BOTTLED INSIDE YOURSELF!” Nova cried, impatient” SPILL IT !!” and couldn´t hold it anymore and slapped the child.

The slap proved to be what was needed to crush the wall of self denial and bring on the painful events  that she´d been eluding during her “tea princess party”.

“NOOOOOOO!!!” screamed Mimi but couldn´t fight against that part of her memories anymore. Like in a movie she could see it all happening again: how Myotismon  sent his Bakemon all over Odaiba, capturing everybody including her own parents.flpower0037 Dragged to Tokyo Big Site convention center, Mimi and Sora were able to join forces, and  helped by Taichi Yagami  and her  parents, the girls managed to escape…only for a while. They never expected the DarkTyrannomon showing up at the exit.

tumblr_mmgtzmoidd1s1y6bko3_1280His brutality forced Mimi digivolve Palmon into Togemon into what she feared would be a hopeless fight. The crest, though, lent its powers and Togemon became Lillymon and with beauty and grace managed to turn the odds into her favor. digimonadventureepisode35-xviddvdrip_mxr__1__0004

But before she could claim victory and the girls escape for good, HE showed up


” LILYMON!!! WATCH OUT…!!!!!! LILLYMON!!!!!!!” Mimi screams resounded through the sands, the girl was watching again how Myotismon effortlessly took down the beautiful fairy by launching a surprise a freezing attack. Lillymon ould not avoid the attack and heavily fell from the sky, Mimi barely catching her fall in time. “LILLYMON!!! LILLYMON!!!” shouted in desperation. Her digimon was the cutest thing and it was unbearable for Mimi watching her suffer.

” Mimi-chan…run” whispered the fairy still smiling “run and save yourself”

“LILLYMON!!!” Mimi hugged the air , desperate. Gallantmon and Nova exchanged a look filled with concern. The poor girl was suffering terribly.

“Lillymon you say?” Nova bit her lip, she was familiarized with the name. She recalled meeting  a troupe of Lillymons who gleefully joined her ranks…but there none anymore. The poor fairies were among the earliest casualties, if the so called Mimi grew an attachment with one of them she could understand her sadness. The lillymons she met had the sweetest personality and Nova still missed them a lot “Is she your comrade?”

Mimi did not reply. All she could do was relieve the tragedy, watch her digimon fall prey to Myotismon´s attack and her unable to do a thing to prevent it…The impotence of watching Lillymon losing her colors, turning grey…and  his horrid laughs echoing through her ears celebrating his victory while retaking everybody, save for Sora, back to the convention center. The nightmare falling upon her once more,  unable to escape no matter how much she tried and the fear she felt when he put everybody under a sleeping spell…and then all she could see was mantle of darkness descending upon her…

“MIMI!!!!” Nova shook her by the arms “WHAT HAPPENED?!”

Mimi covered her face , inconsolable.

“I…I…FAILED!!!!  MYOTISMON WILL NEVER LET US GO!!!”  the moment she screamed his name the crest of Sincerity showed a radical reaction,  launching a column of green light towards the sky and threatening to tear it apart.


“OH CRAP!” Gallantmon stood up and prepared himself for an impeding fight. His golden eyes perceived the maelstrom that was taking form before Nova´s eyes did, the shadows that were once left behind responding to the Crest of Sincerity´s powers like flies searching for the light. “King-sama, look after the child!” he wielded his spear and shield, anticipating the dreadful fight that was about to take place.”SPIRAL SAVER!!!” Gallantmon decided that attacking would be the best defense and spinning upwards like a tornado he literally shoot  a fire tornado.


Unfortunately his attack caused no harm on the shadows. They simply let Gallantmon go through them as if they were air, leaving him muttering a curse.

“DAMMIT!” he wasn´t going to give and and tried another technique” SABER SHOT!!!”

That was another impressive display of special effects but useless all the same. The shadows simply absorbed it into their systems and responded by launching a hurricane-style attack towards the Royal Knight.

“UGH!” it wasn´t a simple set of destructive winds that pushed the warrior back to the ground. Gallantmon felt a considerable wave of pain through his system and he, in horror, discovered that he´d been bathed in some kind of corrosive vapor. Part of his armor began to disintegrate on the spot!

“Balls! that looks nasty!” exclaimed Nova, horrified.”LANCELOT!!


“I´M OKAY!” answered the warrior “JUST PROTECT THE GIRL!” he wasn´t going to let something like that defeat him “I AM NOT DONE WITH YOU, SCUMBAGS!” with true spirit of heroism and he attacked them all over again. Unfortunately for him the shadows were familiarized with his techniques and had no trouble repelling him. Each time he attacked, they would respond with a much nastier technique.

“OH NO!” the colors raced away from Nova´s face “LANCELOT!”

“LEAVE!” he shouted “Take that child and leave!”

“But what about you?!” protested Nova

“I´ll be fine!”


The shadows meanwhile danced around the column of light  trying to absorb it into their systems. But soon they realized it was too shiny, too powerful for them so they turned their heads towards the main source of the power: Mimi.


“OHHHHH!” they sang in unison “That weeping child is the responsible of such magnificence!”

“OH RATS!” Nova grabbed Mimi´s hand and forced her to run along “MOVE…NOW!!”


close up mimi

“TO WHERE?!”  yelled Mimi  already submerged in an ocean of hopelessness “HE´LL FIND US ANYWAYS!”

“DON´T SAY THAT!” Nova gritted her teeth and kept dragging the weeping princess “OR THEY´LL BECOME STRONGER!”

“THEY WHO?!” Mimi was blinded by her own desperation. She was so distressed by Myotismon´s terrifying powers that she wasn´t really paying attention to her surroundings. “THERE´S NO POINT IN RUNNING, HE´LL GET US IN NO TIME….!”

“COULD YOU STOP BLABBERING THAT BULLSHIT AND KEEP RUNNING?!”  Nova was trying to think , cook up a plan but Mimi´s screams were driving her crazy! Besides it was terribly difficult to run on the sand, especially with those boots. Those ouji-sama type boots were awfully uncomfortable! She may be in an astral form but Nova ould swear she had developed some blisters in her feet!

“…TO WHERE?!” Mimi cleared her tears and looked around more disheartened than before “WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SAHARA DESERT! WE CANNOT EVEN HIDE! MYOTISMON IS EVERYWHERE, I KNOW!! ”



“OHHHHHH…SO THAT´S IT….” the shadows took notice of the name and sensing it was the source of the girl´s distress they came up with an idea to exploit that weakness.

A violent gust of wind hit Nova and Mimi´s backs and the pair fell to the ground. “Craptsaticbulous!” moaned Nova when she turned her head just in time to witness the shadows fusing together and adopting a single yet fearsome form.


“OH MY GOD! THAT´S HIM! ” Mimi almost lost it when she recognized Myotismon´s figure floating in the sky “I KNEW IT!!!!!!”


At first Nova could not believe what her eyes were seeing. Was that Count Dracula with pink mask and showing the grossest case of Botox in his lips? And unlike Piedmon he went through  the frilly pink lipstick route which, visually speaking, clashed with the colors of his outfit.

“LOVELY! Another lipstick asshole that I´ll never be able to digest!” visually speaking he was a nightmare. “No wonder you puked the way you did, kid. I thought Piedmon was the king of bad taste..I was wrong!” At least clowns had the right to wear horrid outfits, Dracula was supposed to be an elegant  maniac.  A bloodthirsty maniac but a stylish one.



“OMG! HE´S HUGE!!!! ” Mimi´s screams reached an octave worthy of an opera soprano . She just needed to reach a higher pitch and could go breaking glasses! “WE ARE SO DOOMED!” Mimi wasn´t the best in maths but her hazel eyes  calculated he was at least  3 metres in height, prompting her to go hysteric. Mimi  may had fainted  had not Nova kept her on check.

“DON´T YOU DARE ! ” Nova wasn´t the most amiable partneR especially with the likes of Mimi. They were like an extra dose of syrup over a mix of peanut, chocolate and vanilla ice-cream decorated with a rain of chocolate flakes plus candy…in short, Nova usually wanted to have nothing to do with girls like Mimi in fear of developing an early diabetes. And thanks to Piedmon she had less patience than ever! “I AM NOT GOING TO DEAL WITH THAT CREEP ALL BY MYSELF, HEARD ME?!”


“That´s the guy that scared you, right?” Nova pressed Mimi´s hand once again “Yes or No?”


“You said he´s huge. Was he like that the last time you met him?”  the blonde kept asking.

“…no” replied the child and her face totally paled when Myotismon, laughing, began to increase his size” OH NO! HE´S BECOMING BIGGER AND BIGGER!!!”

“Give up the crest” ordered the monster ” And you´ll meet a merciful death”

“AS IF!” Nova shook her head, firm “You aren´t elegant enough to wear my friend´s necklace. Right Mimi?”

The latter was virtually frozen in stupor. The more she stared at him the bigger he became?!

“QUIT IT WITH THAT SHRIEKING, COULD YOU?!” the teenager grabbed Mimi´s face and forced her to look at her blue eyes “This is a fucking DREAM! The more you dwell in fear  the more he´ll increase his size. Do you get it?!”

Having learned from previous experiences Nova was more than aware about the rules of physics and probabilities in Anubismon´s realm. And what she learned that it was practically the same like in the dreams. The usual patterns of fighting were mostly useless; physical strength meant little and so status. Everybody was subjected by the same rule:  emotions and imagination were the top weapons. And it was mandatory, as a meant of survival, to learn to think outside the box.

“Huh…but..I already lost to him..and Palmon isn´t here either…” mumbled Mimi “Without Palmon what can I do?!”


” I don´t know!” Nova wielded her bracelet  and made it shine”Perhaps making use of the tools that are available, at this precise moment, to you?!”


“GIVE IT…GIVE IT TO ME…” Myotismon pointed at Mimi´s  necklace “OR DIE…”

“NOOO!!!!!!!” Mimi instinctively held tightly to her crest

“IN YOUR DREAMS!” Gallantmon resurfaced again, this time riding a red robotic dragon-type creature ” YUGGOTH BLASTER!!!” and delivered a surprise attack to the madman. Myotismon, due to his large height, fell heavily to the ground.


“JUST IN TIME LANCELOT!” exclaimed Nova now feeling much better “I KNEW YOU WOULDN´T FAIL US!”

“Of course I won´t! And neither will Grani! ” Gallantmon hurriedly picked up the girls and soon afterwards were again in the sky.

“Grani?” Mimi blinked, astonished.

“The digifriend we are riding” pointed Gallantmon “King-sama, you summoned him. Right?”


Nova frowned. “…I am not sure. I was trying to cook a plan and this fella suddenly popped out” Sometime ago she came across this peculiar digimon in a previous battle, he was one of Piedmon´s minions but when he came across the King ´s path instead of attacking he  became a sea of codes and entered inside her digivice; that strange cyber-dragon did not show up his face again until today “How did you know his name?”



” He may not move his lips but he can still  talk ” smiled Gallantmon. Grani went to his rescue and the moment Gallantmon put a step over his wings they kinda developed a psychic bond. But he wasn´t going to dwell in explanations, there were other priorities. He then spoke at Mimi “Little princess, this is all about YOU. Fear not anymore because we´ll gladly be of your assistance …”

“H…How…are…we supposed to defeat him?” stuttered the digidestined of Sincerity “He´s doing the same as Devimon!” she clenched her fists “There were 6 digimons fighting against him and could do nothing to stop him until Angemon showed up…and he sacrificed himself to defeat him! ” how devastating was that event that she still had nightmares about that infamous day. She always believed that angels were invincible , when Angemon manifested that time he was sparkling so beautifuly that for the first time she felt safe just like Ralph  from “Lord of the flies” – who was trying to escape from his peers who intended to kill him – until he came across a naval officer who coincidentally landed on the island and bursted in tears. (Mimi never cried so much watching a movie since Bambi , by the way) “He´s unstoppable like Devimon, if only Angemon was here…”

Nova and Gallantmon exchanged a confused look. They had no idea who she was referring to since they weren´t part of her subconscious like Mimi believed they were. They were just playing along the  charade because it was way more plausible to Mimi believe that she was trapped in a bad dream than acknowledging her soul was trapped in an astral realm and in danger for real.



“I…I…” She held tight to her crest, despite her trauma she didn´t want to let go of it “If…if only Plamon´s here…palmon, I´m so sorry ! If I wasn´t so weak…!” she lamented.

Her pessimism only helped Myotismon grow bigger right  now surpaSsing the 6 metres of height!

“OH NO! NO!” Mimi was so horrified with the vision that she tripped. “EEEKKK!!!!” the red dragon´s back was slippery and Mimi would had fell had not Nova caught her hand in time and pulled her back.


“AS I SAID, I AM NOT LETTING YOU GO” declared the blonde quite pissed ” Look, that asshole is your fucking responsibility and you are going to defeat him RIGHT NOW”

Mimi, with her heart still beating like crazy, opened her mouth to contradict Nova but the latter showed such a pissed off expression that made her shut up.

“You need to understand this” insisted Nova in a softer tone , realizing that she was scaring the child ” You are stuck in a bad dream. The giant asshole that is laughing at us…is NOT the Real one. I bet a million yens that the real Myotismon is way more pathethic than this one” her words stunned Mimi “And you,  Tachikawa-san, are a pretty brave child”

“You…. think so?”

“Just take a look at yourself, are you really this afraid in real life waiting to be rescued like the princesses in fairy tales?”

Mimi shook her head. When recalling her daily life Mimi Tachikawa was a bright, cheerful 4th grader; spoiled rotten by her folks, adored by her friends and delighted on being a digidestined. Sometimes she was afraid, but never being THIS afraid. She usually was a person who sought to take the initiative, never backing off…and why was she behaving like a helpless kitten?!  SHE WASN´T LIKE THAT! Her blood began to boil.

“Sometimes, in dreams, is easy to lose the grip on our emotions. And we may end behaving quite UNLIKE ourselves”  added Nova thinking in Taomon. The fox deity was the one who taught her that ” Just because you were left petrified by that jackass´s actions doesn´t mean you lack the strength to PAY HIM BACK. If him being the size of King Kong is what´s frightening you, remember the rules of nightmares: the more fear you show the bigger the bad guys become. You are just empowering your fears, don´t you think?”

“Are you saying that Myotismon is a fake…?” Mimi opened her eyes wide, now paying attention to every single word.

Nova assented

“Your fears just simply took his figure out of proportion, milady” added Gallantmon ” You shouldn´t allow your fears dominate you anymore because they freeze your own time ” and unwittingly theirs “and when you finally want to walk again, you may had lost several precious moments because you were too afraid to look beyond your weaknesses…”

His words sounded like a pile of bricks, each thrown at her face!

“Your friends are waiting for your return, I guess?” added Nova “If you go back, there´s no need for you to fight against Myotismon all by yourself…”

The images of Taichi Yagami and the other digidestineds broke through her mind and that place of her heart that was initially frozen in fear, began to warm up.

“You..are right” Mimi stood up , firm  “I am not alone. I have Palmon. I made a bunch of friends and they want to defeat Myotismon as badly as I” she could picture Taichi Yagami, the interprid google boy and Yamatto Ishida yelling in unison : let´s kick Myotismon´s balls! , Jyou Kido would pet her head and say: It´s okay, everybody is scare but we can still win! , Sora grabbing her hand and encourage her friend as the cool girl she was: Mimi-chan, don´t give up! Sooner or later we are going to defeat Myotismon!. She could even picture  little Takeru cheering her up as the adorable yet most courageous child she ever met: My digimon came back and this time I´ll make sure he won´t die again. Please, believe in Palmon…!” His words reminded her that Lillymon was still alive, she could still help her digimon! If the crest of Sincerity made Palmon digivolve into Lillymon…perhaps it could also heal…?

“I. AM. SO.SICK.OF.YOU!!!!!!” Mimi finally allowed to look at Myotismon with another emotion ” I´LL NEVER HAND OVER MY CREST, YOU BAKA!!!” and her determination caused a new reaction in the crest . Almost immediately the crest emanated an enormous light, projecting the symbol of Sincerity on the sky and it shone with such intensity that it looked like a green sun.

“NO! NO!” Myotismon could not bear that sight and tried to shield his eyes with his hands “DAMNED BE YOU, DIGIDESTINED!!”

“Ohhh!” neither Nova nor Gallkantmon  couldn´t say anything else before everything was engulfed by the light. When they opened their eyes, Nova and Mimi found themselves riding over a giant Gallantmon in Crimson Mode!


“Lancelot…?” asked Nova, astonished by her friend´s form “YOU DIGIVOLVED!”

Gallantmon replied with a delighted laugh.

“Of course! Miss Mimi´s crest made Grani fused its codes within mine and now I´m Gallantmon in Crimson Mode!”

“Your wings…are like Angemon´s” Mimi gasped impressed by the Royal Knight´s majestic form “That´s so cool!” With her fears gone Mimi yelled in excitement, she was having the most amazing dream ever!

“Thank you miss” chuckled the warrior “oh, your original clothes are back King-sama”

Nova sighed in relief when she realized she was wearing the yellow and green long sleeved shirt and white shorts. She was only missing her boots and socks but that wasn´t a surprise because every time she was in Anubismon´s realm, she would always appear barefooted…something about being closer to death than life during those intervals, perhaps? She didn´t care as long as she didn´t have to wear those cheesy prince outfits anymore…!


” The dress is gone. Rats!” whined Mimi when she realized that the princess dress was replaced by a set of pink pajamas.

“Those pajamas suit you much better, princess” Nova couldn´t resist teasing the girl which of course was given a nasty look as response.


“Don´t look me like that, you brought it upon yourself!” the delusion was slowly vanishing and those outfits were part of it. “It cannot be helped since your imagination is taking another route and…WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE A WHINING POODLE?!”

Mimi passed from lamenting the loss of her dress to mourn for the change of image in Nova. She DREADED the yellow and green long sleeved shirt and the shorts, she  liked the prince outfit so much, despite the foul mouth, Nova  looked like the prince of her dreams.

“I´m so disappointed!” she moaned as if being dumped by a boyfriend “I want the ouji-sama back!”

Nova turned her eyes blank. The more she dealt with miss Tachikawa the more she was convinced  that the little girl was  weird. “Come on! You really don´t think I´m  a prince material, do you?” and crossed her arms ” I am NOT even likeable to begin with!”

Mimi frowned , not really listening to Nova´s words. All she could do was staring at her companion with the word “disapproval” imprinted in her forehead; suddenly Mimi approached Nova and the latter´s face turned carmine; WHERE was that brat touching?! “Dammit!… you are really a girl!” Mimi  did the unthinkable by slipping her hands  across a certain zone that Nova considered sacrosanct!. Unaware (or probably not caring at all) of the boldness of her actions and the murderous expression in Nova´s face, let escape a heartfelt sigh  “You liar! Why did you make me believe you were a prince?!”


“You are asking for a nice beating, aren´t you?” Nova was trembling with such a rage that was about to erupt like the mount Vesubio in a minute or two “Keep touching and I´ll KILL YOU!!!”


The threat only caused Mimi to laugh her heart out  “YOU FLAT CHESTED LIAR, YOU CERTAINLY FOOLED ME! ” feigning indignation she let go of Nova and  crossed her arms.”I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT YOU WERE A BISHOUNEN!”

“WHO ARE YOU CALLING FLAT CHESTED?!” Nova ´s eyes flamed even more, ready to commit murder.


Nova was on the verge of murdering a 10 year old child. How could a little girl be so insufferable?! She was a snotty, feisty brat with a princess complex and no sense of shame. She SO would kick Mimi beyond oblivion if she could…!


“Aren´t we supposed to get rid of that guy?” coughed Gallantmon, not wishing to see those two bickering anymore.

“YEAH!!” screamed Mimi and Nova in unison. Mimi got a hold of her crest while Nova lifted her digivice-bracelet and together, they summoned their powers and joined Gallantmon´s “LET´S BEAT HIM FOR GOOD…!!!”


The giant Myotismon could do nothing against Gallantmon and the girl´s will , he launched his attaks only to be rejected by the trio´s determination. The more he tried to attack, the stronger Gallantmon became. Nothing could touch Galalntmon this time because there was no fear that sustained the fake Myotismon´s powers. Nova found herself wielding a similar sword to the Royal Knight and following his moves with her own weapon, she shouted” Creature of Darkness, go to the light!!!” and empowered by Mimi´s crest, Nova and Gallantmon launched in unison a a gruesome attack “FINAL ELYSION…!!!!”


Should had been the most  epic  scene of the story: the total annihilation of the bad guy with a rain of light beams, erasing each inch of his evilness. Like in a Hollywood movie, displaying the most badass special effects that would justify the monstrous budget even if the plot sucked by miles. A total victory of the good side that deserved to be immortalized in poems and songs ;that should be the norm..except that took place in the Realm of the Dead!

The climax of the story became the anticlimax. Mimi was left unable to savor the fake Myotismon´s final defeat;  the moment  the swords shoot the enormous beam against the monster a wind suddenly came from nowhere and pushed her away from her comrades´s side!

“WAIT…!” she tried to scream but could not open her mouth. The wind grew stronger, wilder pushing Mimi farther and farther from the others. And worse, neither Nova nor Gallantmon seemed to notice her absence! “WHAT´S GOING OOOOONNNN…?!” no matter how much she struggled to free herself, the wind was unbeatable. It also itched, so she was forced to close her eyes. When she opened them again….all what she could see was the convention!

“Uh..?!” she blinked several times, confused. Then reality befell on her. She was lying on the ground, still wearing her pajamas and surrounded by a sea of unconscious people…Her eyes opened wide in shock. She was BACK! Then she noticed Myotismon´s minions and clenched her first. That bastard was still around but  this time she wasn´t afraid of him. HE WAS GOING TO LOSE ! And with her newfounded resolution the Digidestined of Sincerity would find the way to revitalize her fairy and join the other kids in the final battle against Myotismon…




Like in a fairy tale the villain was defeated in a spectacular way and the lefotver codes were sent , effectively, to the light. The crest of Sincerity was still shinning in the sky albeit becoming smaller and smaller with the passing minutes.

” It´s my transport,  must cross through it before it fades for good ” said Gallantmon after savoring their victory for a little while. Neither of them questioned Mimi´s sudden disappearance, it was a bit disappointing not being able to say good-bye to her but the rules of the realm were clear: the moment the subjected soul fulfilled it´s pending mission there was nothing in that realm that could get a hold of it hence the immediate return to the respective reality. Nova more than once saw it happening, unable to say good-bye to the souls she helped. The realm of the death was as frustrating as the realm of the dreams when it comes to satisfying endings “I´m glad we were given the chance to fight together one last time…”


“Please, be reborn as soon as you can so we can be together again” she still didn´t want to let him go.

Gallantmon sighed. How could he make her understand that another destiny was waiting for him? He would never be allowed into the same digiworld anymore..he had to move on….

“We´ll meet again. But I´m afraid it will be in a pretty distant future” he wasn´t lying, in fact he could already visualize the reality he was going to be reborn; it was quite different from everything he knew…the Digiworld that was calling for him couldn´t be so odd yet felt so right. There was a little boy´s voice calling for him! His face escaped his gaze but the Royal Knight  felt a strange fondness towards that mysterious human, he wanted to meet him and become his digimon partner as soon as it was possible…! “Be brave, King-sama. I´ll always believe in you…!”

“…so this is really a farewell” she sobbed like a baby “I am not confident I´ll be able to win without you!” she clinged to his cape for the last time “Can´t…can´t you come back…?”

Gallantmon´s eyes teared as well. Hell! He was going to miss her so much!

“Someday I will” he promised “As a new digimon and we´ll certainly be friends again. But rejoice, King-sama, there´s a present for you.”

“A present?” she cleaned up her tears with the ´border of her digimon´s cape.

“By Alphamon´s insistence, everybody gathered a bit of our leftover codes and powers” explained Gallantmon and touched her bracelet ” I  placed them  inside  your device while we were finishing Myotismon…”


Nova looked at her digivice and felt a warmness emanating from it that never experienced before!


“Make good use of them, King-sama, and defeat the clown in our stead” and as soon as he pronounced those words he lost his form and became a cloud of codes.

“Lancelot!!! ” shouted Nova , crying almost non-stop and attempting to catch the codes. Of course she couldn´t do a thing. The codes fled to the Crest and like stated before, Gallantmon´s soul was automatically redirected to another universe…to be reborn as a new digimon.


He was going to be reborn as Takato Matsuda´s future Guilmon!




Anubismon smiled when the doors opened and greeted back a very solemn Nova.

“Well done, King-sama” congratulated her “Now you are free to go back…”

Nova looked at the floating Clock and noticed the hands were moving like always. The floating gears were functioning with normality, so that meant that the snotty brat  effectively made it back to her homeplace reality and Time was beginning to flow again. So, indeed, she successfully cleared up the challenge. But that doesn´t mean she was alright!

“Yep” she said “I lived up to your expectations”

Anubismon patted the teenager´s head in a rare display of approval. Instead of feeling satisfied , Nova´s eyes flared.

“In this round I ´ve been forced to wear a frilly prince outfit, had to bear with a brat´s set of delusions and ended being groped” spoke the girl “Those were nothing compared  with the fact  that neither Gallantmon nor the others are coming back. That you already sent their digisouls to another realities…”


“It wasn´t really my call, I was just following orders ”

Nova assented. Why wasn´t she surprised?

“So are you ready to resume your battlefield?”

“Not yet” was the blonde´s response before  delivering a tremendous punch at Anubismon´s face!

The deity  never saw the fist and fell flat on the ground.


“You are a jerk” declared Nova “NEXT TIME YOU NEED HELP…JUST LOSE MY NUMBER, OKAY?!” and she vanished as well, leaving Anubismon confused and with a swollen cheek.

Shocked to the core, Anubismon took his time to stand back. He then  touched his cheek and moaned. It hurt! “Damned humans and their impudence ! She´s really calling for an early death, isn´t she?!”


The furious Anubismon then looked at the Clock , ready to  follow the final battle against Piedmon. “I take back everything I said about Shukumeimon-sama” he kept mumbling “she´s far more insufferable than him…!”

Meanwhile Nova Takariyama was back into action. She opened her eyes and noticed a couple of digimons desperately trying to wake her up.

“King-sama! King-sama!”


“Help Gomamon…!”

Anubismon soon passed to history when Nova realized Piedmon was still there, chasing after Gomamon who successfully stole from him the plushies he had on his waist. Those plushies were none other than the digigods and until that moment Piedmon was unbeatable due to him feasting on their powers. Now that Gomamon took them from him he was back to being a simple Mega!


“DON´T YOU DARE!!!! ” yelled the girl “LEAVE COMODORO ALONE, YOU SCUMBAG!!!” and her digivice brought up Gallantmon´s present.

Piedmon was left speechless when a Gallantmon-armored Nova stopped his blades and forced him to back off!


” King-sama Nova?!” gomamon was as puzzled as the rest “how did you…?!
” No time to explain! Run with the gods! I shall fight against Piedmon…”
“But you aren´t a digimon!” added gomamon ” you won´t be able to…!
“Comodoro, Run!!!

Her tone shook Gomamon´s body and the little digimon, hesitant, obeyed her.

“Piedmon! ” she faced the clown” I, Nova Takariyama, the White King shall challenge you to a duel” with the Royal Knights codes flowing through her digivice she was confident. Piedmon lost the godlike status and she gained a brand new set of powers…so the odds were much more favorable!
“You must be kidding me ” replied Piedmon initially shocked
“En garde!”
“Are you so willing to die?” the evil clown shook his head in unbelief ” I may not possess the power of the gods anymore but I am still a Mega level digimon…and you, a simple human…you dare to challenge me into a duel?!
“I do”she replied in a firm voice “Or are you actually that afraid to accept the challenge?”
” Ha! Ha! Ha! ” he showed a sinister laugh ” Oh King-sama! You must be insane ! And I love it! Finally met someone who´s crazier than me…do you really consider youself a digimon ?!

She said nothing. Her days as a normal girl were gone for good….

“Very well, King-sama “he continued ” I can always recover the damn gods…but hey! A fight with swords? How can I say no to that?”

The battle began. And it turned to be one of the most heartbreaking fights in the history of that digiworld…