The First Saver

After the disaster with OMEGA  and both physically and mentally drained while keeping on traveling through several universes, beyond  Time and Space, fighting to keep balance through several timelines in order to keep events unaffected by external forces… both Nova and Tempus Angemon realized that their mission was too big to be fulfilled by themselves alone.

Despite being an angel of Time, when it´s about maintaining the balance in a whole Multiverse one´s will alone isn´t enough.
They needed a team.
At least a rotating team composed by digidestined and digimons from several universes in order to keep an eye in  their timelines but at the same time willing to go to another universe and fight against whatever form Chaos manifests to endanger the holy equilibrium of realities…

There was a certain guy that caught Tempus Angemon´s attention and convinced Nova to travel to what they called the 05 universe . They spent some weeks in that reality´s Tokyo, following the unsuspecting teenager. Studying him. Was he qualified to become a digidestined? Nova followed him as a transfer student, Tempus as a temporary teacher.
After a couple of weeks they reached their decision.

Meeting the first Saver by Elizabeth2003

The subject, as usual, decided to skip History class in order to nap in the school´s terrace. Studying sucked so much, why not enjoy  his youth by smoking a cigar…?
But his peaceful nap ended becoming no so peaceful.

” Typical James Dean” said Nova, standing right behind his back. Her voice startled him so much that his cigar fell and almost burnt his lap
” Who the hell are you?”
” A hopeless rebel, that´s what teachers and parents tagged this fellow” Nova was talking at both Tempus Angemon and a tiny digimon called Kudamon ” Classes Skipper, grade D student,  Streetfighter wannabe…”

The teen stood up, annoyed.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! ” But the minute he saw Tempus Angemon the irascible teen almost fell down to his knees, shocked. “…Am I high?”

” You are about to be in a high place as soon as you are ready to go” replied the angel, smiling.
” I think he´s got some potential. I am not 100 % sure about signing a guy whose frequent visits to the police station might show a future less than stellar” added Nova, still looking at the boy as if studying a complicated subject “Are you sure THIS is the guy, Tempus?”
“Pretty much”
” I dread smokers” added Kudamon looking harshly at the teen” Mister, cigarettes are a no-no for me. Other than that, I´m fine with this specimen”

“What the f* is going on? Again, who are you?!”

Nova smile for the first time and the boy felt a chill on his back. The blonde was pretty…and terrifying. It was the first time he felt intimidated by a girl.

“Rentaro Satusma” Nova spoke at him in a quite firm tone “Welcome to our team. You are the lucky chosen to join us in a spectacular adventure. As soon as you gain a bit of your senses, you are going to learn about the wonders and mysteries of something called Digiworld…”

Many years later, only much later, Commander Satsuma Rentarou would share his tales  about his first adventures as a digidestined…


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