The First Royal Knight

Meeting the first Royal Knight by Elizabeth2003

During the first weeks in that strange, inhospitable land Nova wanted nothing to do with the creatures called Digimon. No matter how much Taomon tried to talk to her, the 13 year old Nova only had one thing in mind: find her brother and go back home.

But her bluntness suffered a great deal when one night, she witnessed Piedmon annihilating an entire  town without shedding a sweat. The girl, impotent, cried for days.

“I still don´t like digimons” she finally said to Taomon “But while I´m stuck in this world, I can´t keep pretending I´m a mere spectator anymore. That lunatic must be taken down, please tell me what I must do”

“Become this world´s champion” answered Taomon “And when Piedmon´s tyranny is over, then the Gods will help you find your sibling”

“Then, I must gather an army” reflected Nova “Where shall I start?”

“I´ll show you…”

And Taomon lead the girl to the mountains, it was said that a warrior had been lately wandering around. Rumors said he once served the four great Gods among others, but when Piedmon took over , instead of following the ancestral code which mandated the Royal Knights to serve the new King, he self-exiled to the mountains.

And his mood didn´t improve when Taomon and the human dared to enter to his territory and also didn´t want to hear a thing about organizing a resistance force to overthrow the clown. He was already tired and without any will to fight , in the past he tried and failed and wasn´t willing to do it again.

“You are kidding”  Nova was puzzled “Everyday that sicko amuses himself by exterminating dozens of innocent lives and you, a mighty warrior, hide in the mountains?!”
” I can´t rise my sword against the current King, the Oath of Yggdrasil dictates that” was Gallantmon´s answer “We, the Royal Knights had sworn loyalty to the ruler of this world. Until that clown´s appearance, we happily served the 4 Gods…but when he took over the throne, we had no choice but  comply to the new ruler”

Taomon sighed.

“That´s insane” declared the girl “So because of a silly oath, you are playing the coward ´s role?!”

Nova tried to think in something, despite his stubborn nature, that fellow seemed to be awfully strong. It was such a waste someone like him gave up due to a bizarre belief system. He kinda reminded him of the nobles from Great Britain, all scattered and fearful, unable to move on until the true King showed up and was able to wield Excalibur…

“Then what about replacing that cursed oath with another one?” suggested the girl ” In that case, it would allow you to move on without any remorse”

Gallantmon was ready to rebuff her words but suddenly, he found himself wanting to know more.

” Which oath do you have in mind?”

The girl exchanged a glance with Taomon and the fox deity , as if reading her thoughts, assented.

Nova , who at that time had been carrying a couple of swords in case things would had gone bad, let go of her weapons; she extended her hand, hoping to touch his heart instead.

“Honour,  Honesty, Valour and Loyalty” she recited “This is the  Code of Chivarly”

Gallantmon didn´t dislike the concept.

“Not bad, little princess. Not bad”

Nova shook her head repeatedly.

” I am not a princess” if she was going to fight for the world, she needed to set things straight “I am the new KING”

The Royal Knight thought he heard wrong.


That was the most nonsensical thing he ever thought. She couldn´t be serious!

But the girl kept looking at him , deadly serious.

” Until Arthur drew the sword known as Excalibur from the stone, Great Britain was nothing but a land filled with despair and chaos. Men fight against themselves because there wasn´t a solid figure that would set them straight but once the magic sword was pulled from the rock, those distressed knights had no choice to but submit themselves to the man who proved to have merits to be their King…” she pointed her chest ” I shall name my heart Excalibur and offer it to all the good souls that are tired of being oppressed by Piedmon´s insanity…I shall fight as a king and restore Peace to this land…”

Gallantmon said nothing for several minutes. He seemed to be considering her words.

“Very well” and for Nova´s astonishment, he knelt! “I shall follow you, my King”

The girl, touched by the gesture, walked towards Gallantmon and kissed his metallic forehead.

“Thank you”

And not too long after this, the group left the mountains. They had to gather the rest of the knights…


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