The First Kiss

After following her brother´s steps for almost an entire afternoon, being escorted by Akiyama (who would certainly was willing to join the fun of stalking his best frenemy) Nova Takariyama was certain about one thing: Magnus had a  girlfriend and according to the rumors, the cursed girlfriend was no one but the dreadful Miyako Ishida!
So when Magnus told her to go back home first because he had a rehearsal session, the little girl pretended to agree only to play the stalker role…

“I´ll never forgive that fox if she breaks his heart!” mumbled the overprotective sister
“No worries” answered Ryo “He´s too clueless for something like that”
“WHY THE HECK ARE YOU STILL FOLLOWING ME?!” she didn´t appreciate having a non-required escort. Akiyama invited himself to the stalking session despite his presence not being needed, she ´d rather stalk her brother alone. But Akiyama insisted on joining the fun since he had nothing better to do.
“Because you are a cute brat and this city is filled with sharks” replied the teenager whistling a song

His voice sounded as soft as a melting butter but irritated the girl anyways.

“I know how to take care of myself, thank you very much”
“And of course I won´t leave alone my future fiancé ”
“My brother is going to kick your ass in the science project, you will see!”

He let escape a little laugh.

“You really sound confident, I like that. But I am wining the fair anyways”

She limited to ignore him and kept tailing her older brother´s steps. He was walking down the street with the mentioned Miyako. And Miyako, as a true Ishida, made him carry her cello all the way. Then they finally entered into a café and Nova sighed in annoyance. SO THEY WEREN´T HEADING TO THE MUSIC ACADEMY AT ALL!

“WE ARE GOING INSIDE!!!” Nova ended dragging Ryo to a nearby table.

Ryo smirked.

” Tia says that the pastries are totally delish.. how about we order some cake?”
Nova, who had been hiding her face behind the menu assented.

“Only if you pay” was her response “Chocolate for me, thank you”

“As you wish, princess”

“Don´t call me like that, you know how much I hate it…DON´T…YOU…DARE…!” her face turned purple when her eyes caught Miyako and Magnus holding hands on the table.

“Why not? They look great together” Ryo calmly sipped his coffee “mhh…dear, you should try the cake. Shouldn´t you?”

Nova gulped her slice in a whim, her eyes were still glued to the hateful scene.


Ryo almost lost it in a laugher.


Miyako and Magnus looked at each other and smiled. She caressed one of his cheeks in such tender way that a passerby waitress sighed in jealousy and said:

“So lucky! I wish I am dating a guy like him…”

“Are you sure that fella is áround here?” whispered Magnus at his girl´s ear which everybody else thought it was a delicious flirting.
“Oh yeah, he is” Miyako now was caressing his golden fringes “Motomiya´s like the pest, ready to follow me anywhere”

Unbeknownst to the jealous sister Magnus pretended to be dating Miyako in order to chase away  Junichi Motomiya, who despite being firmly rejected by her he kept following her everywhere like a puppy. Miyako, who was a pretty unsocial gal, hated the unwanted attention from Daisuke´s elder brother and requested Magnus to be her fake boyfriend for a couple of days . Because they were appointed to compete in a concert, Miyako feared Junichi´s constant attentions were interfering with her concentration so Magnus obligued.

“GRRRRR” Nova´s blood was boiling to a dangerous degree “SHE´D BETTER STOP OR I´LL GO OVER THERE AND…”

She was ready to stand up and follow through her impulsive action but Ryo grabbed her hand and made her remain on her seat.

“You still haven´t touched your tea and it´s getting cold” her jealous face was a delight to watch

“BUT…!” the last thing she wanted was to drink anything.
“I´m not paying for something that will be left untouched” declared Akiyama “I am against wasting food, you know!”

Nova wasn´t carrying any money this time and begrudgingly began to drink her beverage. She almost choked with her tea when she caught a glimpse of Miyako leaning over Magnus, ready to steal a kiss from him.

“THAT BITCH!” Nova had enough and stood up abruptly “OKAY, SHE ASKED FOR IT…!!!” but before she could do anything,  the doors opened violently; a tall, sobbing brunette fella , in the most dramatic way, made  his appearance and rushed to Magnus´s table.

“IT´S NOT TRUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!” he yelled “YOU CAN´T HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!”

Miyako showed a loving smile.

“Yes I can” and Magnus passed an arm over her shoulders, making her lean over his chest “We´d been going out for a while ”

“Miyako wanted to keep our relationship a secret but thanks to your meddling we had no choice but to make it public ” added Magnus in a tranquil voice “Junichi-san, I bet you are a great guy. Thanks for liking my Miyako but as you can see, she´s not available”

Junichi Motomiya was ready to break into hundred of pieces. So no matter how much he pursued Ishida-chan it was, in the end, a hopeless cause?!

“Since when…?”

“At least for a couple of  months” declared the pair in a honeyed tone. And to add more wood to the fireplace, Magnus ended kissing Miyako´s lips.

“NOOO WAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!” Junichi fell to his knees, completely defeated.

Nova´s jaw froze, completely baffled by the scene. Why didn´t her brother admit it in the first place?! So he´d been lying all this time! Her heart was shattered in several pieces, unsure what bothered her more : the kiss or the lie. Finally, unable to keep watching any longer, the little girl left her seat and ran off to the streets. Ryo did not waste any time and ran after her.


“So did you have enough espionage for a day?” Ryo finally caught up to her on a nearby park. She was still furious, so annoyed that he could swear there was  fire emanating from her pores


“Come on! You knew this day would come!”

Nova almost incinerated Akiyama with her gaze.

“My, my. You are really Happiness incarnated”  he joked

“I´m going back home” she declared, gelid “And the minute he crosses the door I´LL BE WAITING”

Her brother owed her a good explanation. There were a couple of rules the siblings established for themselves, long time ago, since the day they stepped on the nippon nation,  and one of them involved honesty. They were supposed to be completely honest with each other, no matter how ugly it may be. Without their true parents by their side anymore and the Takariyamas usually busy, the siblings relied heavily on each other. But if Magnus began to keep things from her…Nova´s body shrieked. She wasn´t sure she would be able to take it, until now they shared everything and that was one of the few things that made her felt safe.

She was more than willing to interrogate him and make him confess everything. She disliked LIES even more than Miyako ishida!

Ryo decided to escort her back home, whistling all the way.

“Could you please stop it? It´s hurting my ears” she was so cranky that day and was trying her very best not to slap the hateful Akiyama´s face. His mere presence made right now was so irritating that she imagined herself grabbing  a bat and hitting him all over his face  until it wasn´trecognizable anymore…

“Okay” instead, he pinched her nose “My, my, your eyes are still sparkling! There are enough sparks to  set a bush fire!” he teased the girl once again, he couldn´t resist it.
“humph! Why don´t you get lost or something?!”

“I can´t when I´m escorting the princess back to her castle. I wouldn´t want you being kidnapped by a dragon or something”

Again the word princess, she hated being called like that.

“Wanna hear the good news?” he effortlessly joined her side
“As if anything you could say could be considered good news!!!” she yelled

“Even if I say that what you saw in the café was nothing but a fake?”

“WHAT?!” she suddenly stopped and faced AKIYAMA “EXPLAIN YOURSELF!”

Ryo placed a hand over one of her shoulders and considering she suffered enough he decided to spill his beans.

“This was supposed to be a secret but what you witnessed was nothing but a staged scene ” and Ryo explained how he overheard the other day a conversation between Magnus and Miyako and the latter asking him to act as her boyfriend so Junichi Motomiya would finally leave her alone. Magnus initially didn´t want to do it but ended agreeing in the end.

Nova´s eyes opened wide and then she almost fell to her knees, unable to hide her relief.

“So..they aren´t…dating?”

“Nope. But if you bought it, then his acting skills may not suck so much” was the laconic response of Ryo “I am MUCH BETTER in the acting department than him!”

Again the competition issue! It didn´t take a lot of time for Nova regaining her cool and treat him like the rival he was.

“WHATEVER” she sighed “He´s still kicking your ass next Saturday!”
“Says who?” he winked an eye.

“Well! I bet your project is still unfinished!” she began to walk again, now in a more playful mood. She actually enjoyed arguing with Ryo, those arguments were quite fun if anybody asked her!
“Completed two days ago, ran successfully the tests so it´s more than ready for Saturday” he fastened his steps as well, amused “I bet your oniichan hadn´t completed his yet”

Nova opted not to reply on that one. The hateful of Akiyama actually nailed it.

“And speaking about Magnus-san  and his messy love life…” Ryo ´s voice lowered one tone, suddenly serious ” you should try not to be so glued to him…shouldn´t you?”

She remained silent.

“While you are a child, it´s cute. But…”

She frowned and felt tempted to cover her ears with her hands but Ryo caught them in the act and kept talking.

“Like it or not,  it´s not possible to keep holding onto that brother complex for much longer”

Nova gulped..

” I can´t help it, Akiyama-san”

“Someday he´s going to get a girlfriend for real, you know” he kept holding her hands. Somebody needed to have that talk with her and if Magnus was so chickeney to do it, then he would take the bait “What about his dreams and projects? If you really care about your brother´s happiness…just let him be!”

His words sounded like blades. Truth never sounded so hurtful, didn´t it?!

“And what about your own dreams and projects? You must have a goal that isn´t orbiting towards that foolish brother of yours…!”

And there goes the deadliest  blade of all. Piercing the very core of her self esteem!

“You actually don´t have any goal in your life, do you?” her blushing cheeks told him everything he needed to know.

Trembling like a leaf, the girl struggled to maintain her serenity. Her eyes betrayed though when they let escape a solitary tear that rolled to the floor.

“What you say may be true” she ended admitting ” but I am not ready to let him go. Not yet” she made a pause ” Goals…you know nothing… You may not understand but all I know is that  I came to this world to PROTECT HIM”

“WHAT?” Ryo couldn´t help it and  succumbed to a good laughter “YOU, PROTECT HIM?”

She clenched her fists at first but  let him laugh; of course he wouldn´t understand. There was something deep inside her was that made her feel compelled to look after  Magnus since always;  he may be bigger, stronger and far smarter than her but… she had the feeling that something was lurking in the shadows, ready to take him away. The dreaded feeling of threat, like a premonition. She dreaded premonitions because  that kind of things usually ended with something not so good. So like an attentive eagle, she´d been keeping an extra careful eye towards Magnus.

“The princess wishes to protect her prince?” Ryo bit his lips in order to stop laughing.

“No, I view myself more like a King than a princess” she released herself and began to walk off..

“Get out! A girl cannot be a King!”

“Yes I can” she gave him a decisive glare  “Princes hold no true power and princesses are a pain in the ass”

“Wow! Don´t tell me that you plan to go like Utena, revolutionize the world?”
“Neah, that´s too much of a hassle” Nova smiled despite her annoyance “I was just speaking about chess”

Ryo declared himself defeated.

“Okay, then shall we begin playing chess next week? I am a helluva of a player and would gladly challenge you, King-sama, to a duel”

“…why not?”
The First Kiss by Ayhelenk

They kept walking through the park,  now in complete silence.

Ryo , from time to time, squinted at his companion and admitted to himself how much he was enjoying her company. When she wasn´t in a defensive posture, she was really cute.
He could see the precious woman she would turn one day and he wouldn´t mind asking her out when that day arrives.

No, he could see something more than her future self. He was a guy who was born with a quite sharp sixth sense and there were moments that he could see beyond the superficial things…like the ghostly silhouette of an angel floating above Nova!

Suddenly he was able to view the angel in all her glory and Ryo opened wide his mouth. That wasn´t her guardian angel…he instantly realized that he was witnessing Nova Takariyama´s true essence…from the past, from the future…and then he realized how much he wanted that person in his life!

“Nova” he found himself leaning towards the girl “Someday you will understand that you are an extraordinary girl and when you let go of your complex and open your heart towards other men…then…”

“Then what?” asked her, intrigued.

Ryo kept looking at her eyes and couldn´t hold his feelings anymore and suddenly he took her in his arms and his lips touched hers!

“Oh Goodness!!” her heart almost exploded , that was her first kiss!

“..then I will definitely go after you…”