The First Encounter

It is often said that when you are the possessor of a very loving heart, you are bound to  have a Special Encounter; that might be the case  when a girl experiences her first encounter with Love it will  deeply impact in the future ones. Alice Mac Coy didn´t realize how loving was her own heart until the day she was introduced to a wonderful creature: Dobermon. Azulongmon and the others , concerned about her safety in the Digital World, ordered the digital dog to take care of the little girl.

The Gods still were puzzled about this particular human, how did she travel to their realm without the help of a digivice? Unless she…

“Are you really sure you want to do this, Dobermon?” asked the gothic girl once the Gods opened the portal that would lead the digimon to the tamers´s side

“It´s my duty, dear Alice” replied the canine “I wouldn´t want it in any other way”

Alice stared at the Gods and they replied with a sad look. The girl did her best to hold back her tears and gave Dobermon a heartfelt hug; feeling the desperation underlying that gesture, the dog licked her cheeks trying to cheer her up. But Alice KNEW. She could feel the inevitable END surrounding the digimon.


When Dobermon ´s mission was fulfilled, he bid farewell to his human and passed away. But before vanishing for good, the dog  wanted  Alice to own what remained of his codes and dwelt in her. Alice, at that moment wasn´t aware of the consequences of such gift. Her sadness was so deep that she absently kept walking through the streets…she already lost so much already that she still couldn´t accept the fact that Dobermon would never come back to her side.


“What are you doing in this place, child?” a deep, baritone tone finally made her react “This is no place for a living soul!”

The first thing she saw was the golden scythe and for the first time, due to the shock, her legs couldn´t keep it anymore and fell on her knees.

“Are…you…the Angel of…Death?” managed to whisper “Did you finally come for me?”

The silver haired angel shook his head.

“No. I am a digital angel of Time” replied him “Not everyday I meet a living soul in the land of the Dead. You should return to your body or you may end stranded in this plane forever!”

The First encounter by Elizabeth2003

Alice´s eyes opened wide.


She could swear that after the accident, her body was done for good. Hell! She was so sure she died at the moment that never cared to check up on her body…and besides, it was during those times that she , by coincidence, found a path to the Digital World and ended befriending its gods. She would had never gotten back to the human world if the Gods didn´t insist on sending part of their powers to the tamers…but now, that was history.

The angel caressed her hair , he seemed to be in an awe with her.  He didn´t like the black ribbons so he ended taking them off.

“Hey!” yelled Alice, annoyed “Don´t you know  about something called PERSONAL SPACE?!”

“Those ribbons are hideous ” sentenced the angel ignoring her irked expression  “And yes, dear child. You are still alive”

And to prove it, the angel used his powers and the following instant the scythe began to project several images. Alice Maccoy was actually in a hospital bed, immersed in a comatose state.

Do you think the Australian child will ever wake up? asked a nurse to another.

Only God knows! She´s been like that for half a year, at least!

Alice wanted to puke. She never realized…a part of her wanted to go back and prove to the world that she was still alive but at the same time she missed Dobermon too much.  No, she had to go back. Her parents weren´t around anymore but she still had a loving grandfather. And she couldn´t bear the thought of making her grandfather suffer anymore loses.

” You cannot be in the limbo forever. What are you going to do?”

“I´m going back” she replied  in the end “How do I do it?”

He smiled and shook his head.

“Who says I am willing to help you? Your soul, your responsibility!” his smile annoyed Alice very much, that bastard  didn´t seem to care in the slightest about her welfare!

“You are supposed to be an angel! !!” she shouted “Angels help people !!”

“Not this angel, dear” and he began to whistle a song!

Alice´s cheeks turned red, wondering how to convince the winged jerk to lend her a hand. She brushed violently her locks and kept thinking until her ears began to fume. She finally saw no option but to beg.

“Please! ” she was usually a proud, stoic girl and in normal circumstances, she would rather eat an entire plate of Gaeng Phed Gai (she couldn´t handle spicy food at all) than beg to a stranger “I need to go back! I don´t want to make grandpa wait anymore…! ”

Her words finally got his attention and he stopped whistling.

“Are you really sure?”

She nodded, she wanted to go back home so desperately that her chest ached.

“I am not someone who grants a favor for free” he said in the end “Are you willing to pay the price, no matter what?”

She clenched her fists.

“Not if you are a demon”

He placed a hand over his chest and solemnly swore he wasn´t a demon.

“I am an angel, albeit a non-ordinary one” he said, looking firmly at her eyes “Do we have a deal?”

She hesitantly gave her consent. She needed to go back home no matter what..!

The angel took one of her hands and made her touch his golden scythe.

“Close your eyes and count up to three. When you open them again, you´ll be back  with your beloved ones” when she was about to follow his instructions, he gently touched her cheek “Someday I will come back and take you with me. I won´t care about your current lifestyle or any kind of relationship you may be involved at that time..nothing will prevent me from reclaiming my prize. Ok?”

Alice nodded but wasn´t really paying attention. All what she wanted was to go home. She closed her eyes and counted up to 3.

When she opened them back, the first thing she saw was the room´s ceiling. Then the machines…and the astonished shrieking of a passerby nurse.



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