Magnus Nikitich / Yuu Takariyama

Born in St Petersburg, Russia in 1982.

Son of Dmitry and Maria Nikitich he was destined to Greatness since the very first moment he came into this world.


He was an adorable kid with some feisty naughtiness running through his system, being hyperkinetic most of the time. As soon as he learned how to crawl he became almost unstoppable driving his parents (especially the mom) into a borderline insanity.


Magnus was one year and a half when he met a wandering Angewomon on top of the Chess board Hill Cascade and unbeknownst to him, the angel took such a fancy to the toddler that she took the decision to be reborn as a human. Her soul entered inside Marya Nikitich´s womb (who was almost 2 months pregnant at that time) and would eventually be welcomed as Magnus´s future sister Ivanova.


He was 5 years old when he attempted his first flight by jumping from a tree only to crash onto the ground, obtaining  a concussion on the head and a broken arm; when he regained his conscience he stunned both his parents and the doctors when he started reciting math formulas. He was officially declared a genius since then.


Both Magnus and Nova had their first encounter with Tragedy when a train accident took away their parents´s lives. At that Magnus was 9 and Nova 7 when they became orphans. Their situation took a turn for worse when none of their surviving relatives willed to offer a home to the siblings. All refused to look after them alluding  that they had their hands full with their own kids  and could not afford to feed two more mouths. Magnus and Nova were unceremoniously sent to an orphanage after the funeral.


They stayed in the orphanage for several weeks until they were finally adopted   by a Japanese couple, Takumi and Reika Takariyama. The Takariyama happened to be friends of the deceased parents;  Takumi worked as an translator in the  Japanese embassy in Russia and met the Nikitich by chance, years ago,  during an art event that took place in the embassy. Feeling pity towards the orphan children and learning they had no other living relatives willing to take them, the Takariyamas pulled several strings in order to gain the green light to adopt the children. The process took a while but thanks to the ambassador´s influence they were finally able to achieve their goal. Once the papers were signed the Takariyamas took their new children back to Japan.


Magnus passed to be renamed Yuu (although he kept insisting to be addressed by his original name) and easily adapted to the Japanese culture.He assimilated the language at an incredible speed stunning everybody. Only half a year after being brought to Tokyo he was enrolled to Odaiba´s elementary school.

Not only he was able to follow through the complicated study system , Magnus proved to be a true genius. Like a storm, he ended surpassing everybody when it ´s about the exam rankings and much to Ryo Akiyama´s annoyance, who until then ranked 1st , he got on the Top. His popularity grew faster and wilder than a bush fire because the Russian also shone in sports and arts as well, Magnus ´s popularity rocketed when it was found out he taught himself how to play the piano and the Takariyamas believed he was fated to be Rubinstein and enrolled the kid into music lessons.

Magnus, though, was never quite sure what he was going to become in the future and sometimes felt a bit overwhelmed by his own abilities. When he´s not doting on his little sister he usually hanged around Tia Yagami´s circle. Tia was the first girl to welcome him in class and became the best friends since then.


Ryo Akiyama , who was still annoyed about his stolen spot, ended becoming his frenemy. Ryo considered him his rival and at the same time a close friend and would often compete against each other toward everything.

He´s also a Dreamer and a Visionary.

He would often dream about visiting strange places and being frequented by a mysterious angel. And every time he woke up from those dreams, he would write down everything he saw in a notebook, leading him to uncover theories about time and space. It was at that time, a month before a science fair at school, that Magnus would have the strangest and liveliest dream of all:


The mysterious angel  showed him the Multiverse and presented a challenge which Magnus , without giving a though, accepted. When he woke up he would find a strange bracelet attached to his right wrist!

During the following weeks he would learn it was a digivice, it held countless of data that when unlocked could grant its user  the ability to open portals to different universes. Feeling energized, Magnus worked hard to discover its secrets. Yet, feeling it would be cheating, insisted on developing another device for the school fair.

Based on the bracelet´s data  and applying the Pythagorean concept of the music of the spheres   Magnus developed Outworlds, a Frankestein device of an organ and a computer that could (like the bracelet) open portals to another dimensions in a Stargate-style.


But during the first trail, much to his younger sister´s horror, while a gate was effectively summoned Magnus disappeared and never made it back…