The Dream

She always knew it.

Since at a very tender age, Hikari Yagami was aware that she   was QUITE different from the rest. Even before receiving the creat of Light Hikari already had a perception of things that almost nobody else possessed;that fact became an indisputable truth when she finally joined her brother  Taichi and the rest of the digidestineds as the Eight Chosen.

tumblr_o3bl58o3y91v99o2co5_1280When she was 11, her perceptions began to expand even more thus attracting the beings from the Darkness ´s attention. The first time they attempted to drag her to their world she was rescued by Takeru, Gatomon and Patamon and managed to summon some light inside that awful world; the second time, Miyako slapped some sense and thus their digimons learned how to DNA digivolve. Although Kari promised Tk never allowing to being dragged back, Hikari in the end wasn´t able to follow through her promise.

The night after Tk and Iori´s DNA digievolution (which summoned a Digimon called Shakkoumon), this time in dreams, Kari once again was dragged to that certain place.

“Oh no!” she was completely terrified “Not again!!!”


Why couldn´t those beings leave her alone?! Why she was dragged again to a lovercraftian tale?!

“Gatomon!!!! Brother!!!!” she yelled while running up and down through the beach “HELP ME!!!!”

But no matter how much she called for their names, none of them came.

“I DON´T WANT TO BE HERE!!! I WANNA GO BACK HOME!!!” she finally fell to her knees and in a last desperate attempt, she called one last name “TAKERU!!!!!!”

And like the first time, her pleas were finally listened when a beautiful light showed up in the middle of nowhere and a masculine silhouette emerged from it.

“Takeru-kun?!” she  rose her head and shed tears of relief.

” I´m afraid he´s unavailable this time, little one” Kari´s eyes opened like never before, a tall, handsome teenager was standing right in front of her. He was at least 16 or 17, and while he kinda reminded her of an older version of  Takeru…his name was Magnus.

The Dream by Elizabeth2003

“Magnus!!” she couldn´t be happier and accepted his hand.

“Hiya Hikari-chan” greeted him and helped her to stand up “I was kinda expecting to find you in the usual spot…and here you are”

She was so happy to see the teen that couldn´t help but hugging him. He sighed but allowed the embrace, he realized how frightened was she and really needed it. For a couple of minutes he stood still and caressed her hair, trying to transmit a bit of his strength to her  fragile heart. Kari, meanwhile, allowed herself to enjoy the feeling of safety. Despite him being a product of her dreams , the so called Magnus irradiated a warm, candid aura and every time she dreamed of him the next day she would wake up feeling more cheerful and ready to face everyday´s challenges.
She had several friends but Magnus was her dream friend. she´d been dreaming about him for at least a couple of years! Of course she wouldn´t dream of telling neither Taichi nor the rest of her friends about her dream guy without risking herself to be laughed for the rest of her life! She wished she could dream about him more often…

“Hikari-chan” spoke him after a while ” why the fascination towards this place?”

His words shocked her.

“Excuse me?!”

He gently broke the embrace

“I don´t get it. You promised Tk you wouldn´t come back here anymore” his smile was replaced by a firm, concerned expression ” Yet you did”

Kari couldn´t believe what she was listening. Wasn´t he going to rescue her from the nightmarish place?! Besides, the fake divermons and the giant monster could show up in a moment or so..why was Magnus standing still?!

“It´s not like that…” she argued “I was dragged here…”

“Nope, dear. You did it again, you WILLINGLY showed up in this place ” he tried not to sound accusatory but even if he was a projection of her psyche, he felt the need to open the girl´s eyes “No creature from the darkness have the power to drag anybody to their land unless the person in question consents. And you GAVE YOUR CONSENT, dear. You did”

“NO!!!” she shook her head “I HATE THIS PLACE! WHY WOULD I DO THAT?!”

Magnus almost succumbed to the wish of petting her head, like a kitten, but he decided against it.

“Probably because you enjoy a bit too much being the so called Digidestined of Light…?”

His words felt like a slap on her face.

“That´s pure nonsense!” she replied in a pained, angry tone “Are you implying that I am flaunting about my digidestined status?!”

“Oh no” was his quick reply “It´s not about owning a simple digivice and a cute digimon. Been there, done that…being a digidestined isn´t that rare”

Kari wondered what part of her psyche was talking at her, her dreamy guy was acting unlike a prince! He dared to  lecture her!!!

“You may be a bit blindsided by your own crest´s powers ” yep, he was lecturing her and wasn´t sorry for that ” And sometimes you may tend to feel too different from the others. Too special. And because of that, the rest of the world must protect the special digidestined. Sorry to break your heart but  THAT´S A TRAP”

The girl was ready to argue but when she was about to give another angry response, she closed her mouth. His words echoed through her mind and for her surprise, Hikari found herself nodding. Besides, she recalled Tk saying something similar not too long before…

“A part of you, when feeling with no self-confidence, immediately has the urge of attracting Taichi or the current group of digidestineds ´s attention..and what´s the best way of doing than allow yourself being threatened by the dark forces? Instead of standing by yourself , you simply wait to be rescued. Ok, you also tried to help the divermons that time by attempting to fulfill a role you aren´t qualified yet: a goddess.”

And she finally slapped him.

“I hit a nerve, right?” he smiled in the end

“I am not a goddess and don´t want to be one!!!” she shouted “Why are you saying these things?!!!”

“Because I am concerned about the current you” he admitted ” Because like Tk, I´m sick of watching your self- pity crap!”

Magnus expression was pretty much like Tk, sober yet firm. But truly concerned.

“So what can I do?!” she demanded, passionately “It´s not like I am doing this on PURPOSE!!!” tears began to roll through her cheeks.

He finally put a hand on her shoulder.

“I know. And so does him” the teen ´s voice softened a bit ” You are a nice girl, Hikari. And I´d gone through time and space only to meet you…because there´s no soul who possess such beauty , save for my little sister whom I sadly left behind…” Hikari ´s tears slowed down a bit

“Oh yeah, the one you call Nova, right?” she was amazed about the power of her imagination, Magnus usually spoke about his family and life in another earth and also about what he called his adventures as a digidestined; but his favorite subject  was  his younger sister, never failing to give a tale or two about her. Hikari smiled, she never expected having such a creative imagination…!

“First, you need to outgrow your brother complex”

That declaration hit the girl like a pile of bricks.

“When you are a little child, it´s cute. But as I kept saying to Nova, sooner or later you have to learn to let go of that kind of attachments” he was plain serious ” Because of that you are in such a vulnerable state that no wonder you are summoned to this place ! I tried warning Nova about the dangers of focusing her hear towards one person…me, this case. Because of this, both Nova and you are lacking something very important…”

Again, he was kinda repeating Tk´s words.

“What do we lack?” it didn´t matter she was in the middle of a dream, she was dying of curiosity!!!

“Love and true sense of friendship”

“What?! How could I be lacking something like that…?” she refused to believe such thing. Didn´t she bond with Miyako the other day and thus their digimons bonded? Didn´t she felt pity towards the divermons despite their ruse? Didn´t she risk her safety by allowing a brainwashed Andromon holding her by her arms and nearly killed her? Weren´t those acts of love?!

He seemed to be reading her mind because his smile grew wider and shook his head.

” You followed the duty, you wanted to help…you felt sympathy…but they are not enough” he projected both crests in the air “Look Hikari, you can hate me as much as you want after this…but the current you, is a shadow of your 8 year old self. You seemed to forget about the true meaning of those elements…and the same goes for your circle of digidestineds. And I´m afraid that this fact is going to haunt them in the upcoming years….” he made a pause, he wasn´t going to focus in the events from the future. He only wanted to have a sincere talk with the present Hikari ” Do you think your group will be able to defeat Blackwargreymon?”

“Of course we have to!”

Magnus shook his head.

“Forget the sense of duty. Please, take a peek at your group´s latest actions” and he projected the latest events, from the first time Blackwargreymon was summoned up to Shakkoumon´s appearance. Kari´s heart fell down, until now nobody had been able to stop the dark version of Wargreymon´s fury. Only Magna ANgemon was able to put a good fight, almost succeeding on defeating the beast for good. Pity that Blackie figured how to escape from it! “So?”

The girl shook her head. Nope, at their current level, there was no way they could stop Blackwargreymon´s rampage.

“Magna Angemon…” added Magnus in the end ”  Takeru-san almost accomplished the task..hadn´t being so heart-broken, he would had achieved in a whim what the entire group couldn´t. If only he had more self-confidence….”

“But he doesn, doesn´t him?!” Hikari was astonished. Wasn´t Takeru-san the most reliable digidestined from the bunch?

“Oh no, he´s the most sensible one” assured the guy ” It´s a shame you weren´t his friend when he needed you the most”

Again, the pile of bricks!!

“What do you mean with that?! He´s my best friend!”

“Then why didn´t you bother to ask him how he felt about Blackwargreymon´s actions? You saw his reactions, you saw his pain and you did nothing!” Magnus began to walk away “If you are about to say that you let Iori handle this because he was his destined DNA partner, save it”

Hikari wondered why her dream friend seemed so angry with this peculiar situation. He was just a fragment of her imagination!


“And it´s not like the little kid properly handled the situation. He didn´t have the guts to ask directly Takeru about his issues, a half-hearted conversation with Yamatto Ishida isn´t the equivalent of working things together…why do you think Shakkoumon was summoned in the end?” The blonde guy kept walking and Hikari was forced to follow him ” That digimon represents the whole superficiality of the whole gang. A half-hearted DNA evolution…I can tell you this, girl. Tk wasn´t interested in figuring out a cursed digievolution”

“…no?” she asked, in a weak tone “If that´s true…what did he want?”

Magnus projected another scene. This time Takeru was in a park, sitting on a bench. His  face was in tears and Patamon was trying his best to cheer him up.

“Sorry I couldn´t do it. Wish I had been Magna Angemon a bit longer” apologized Patamon

“It´s ok. I could barely focus…I´d rather lose a battle than seeing Angemon dying again…”

“Oh dear!” the little digimon hugged his friend “I promise that won´t happen!  Everything will be ok…I swear!”

” Wish she said that” said Tk in a low voice

“You mean Kari?”

“…well, nobody said a thing anyways” admitted the boy “I expected that from Daisuke, the guy already hates my guts…but…”


“I am in a dark pitch and I was kinda…kinda hoping she would rescue me this time…”

Hikari´s eyes opened like plates. She didn´t know!! Takeru was supposed to be the strongest one, everybody relied on him…

“Takeru…” Patamon could only keep hugging his friend “Why didn´t you ask her?”

“I don´t know”

Magnus ended the projection.

” Because sometimes you wish to be comforted without asking for it” declared Magnus ” Because, Hikari-san, a good friend takes interest in another person´s suffering and tries to do something even at the risk of being rebuffed. You may have restored an Andromon´s heart, yet you failed to the friend who needed you the most”

Those words broke her heart dearly. She felt such an ache in her chest that she barely could take it, she began to weep so hard that the weeps echoed through the waters. Suddenly the scenery began to change, the horrible dimension was being torn into pieces by a beautiful light and began to show a glimpse of  a much more beautiful place.

“My will is opening a path to your dreams. Jump to the other side and  you´ll be safe, Hikari-chan” announced the teen, the blue sky began to overlap the grey one ” I wish my last visit had been more pleasant…”

“What do you mean?!”

“This is going to be the last time I am showing in your dreams, dear Hikari.  I can´t visit you anymore…I must rejoin my actual self and let go of my past…”

“Your actual…self?”

Magnus Takariyama nodded.

” I can´t be by your side anymore, Hikari.  In fact, when you open your eyes I´ll vanish from your memories as well”

The girl was dumbfounded. How could a fragment of her own self affirm such a thing?

“No dear, I am somebody´s else astral projection…in fact, I am rejoining Takeru-san. My current self…”

And without waiting for her response, Magnus gently pushed Kari to the other side and bid farewell to her.

“Sayonara, Hikari-chan. I know you are going to grow into a fine woman…”


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