The brotherly bond

The brotherly bond by Elizabeth2003

“And how did things go ?”

“Could had gone better” sighed Takeru, again meeting the people who called his bros in Slumberland. Takeru, now 12, leaned on the grass and wished he was old enough to drink away his sorrows.

“Was the party at the Yagami´s so boring?” giggled Magnus

“Not at least for Patamon” replied Angemon instead “ate, danced and sang all night and he´s still singing a bit while asleep”

“Patamon will always be a cutie” smiled Magnus, then he turned to the youngest of the group “SO?”

“Hikari-chan and I sang several duets and things were going great but…”


“I kinda tried to tell her my feelings via singing” Tk´s face turned sour “subtly, as you suggested. Not being too obvious..just testing the waters, as you said”

Magnus actually had a good idea what happened, he´s been showing up in his actual self´s dreams but of course, Takeru only thought he was a product of his imagination. The other guy chose to leave it that way, it was easier and Takeru was learning to open himself a bit more..which was a must!

“Rejected , in the end?”

“I DON´T KNOW!!” Tk yelled , irritated more with himself than the girl in question “What the heck does it mean  Our relationship is too cute to be called Love?”

The other party chose to reply by singing something called Reflection , which only left the poor guy scratching his head.

Magnus couldn´t keep it any longer and began to laugh!

“DAMMIT! SHÉ´S PRETTY MUCH LIKE TIA!”  in his original timeline, Magnus Takariyama remembered having confessed to Tia Yagami (Taichi´s reality 12 counterpart) only to be told the same thing. “Yep, she´s a Yagami!”

Angemon , whose spirit also knew about Magnus´s true story, laughed too. Takeru dedicated a deathly gaze at the other two.

“HEY! HEY! ”

“Sorry!” apologized Magnus only to laugh a bit more “Kid, how can expect getting a yes from a girl who´s exactly like you: CLUELESS?”

Takeru was about to get up, annoyed but Angemon passed an arm on his shoulders and calmed the boy.

“No need to become so agitated, just listen to him”

Tk sighed again and tried to ease his mood. It was a dream after all!

“Ok” the elder guy sobered a bit “I can tell you this: she truly  doesn´t have a clue about her own feelings. First, is the brother complex issue (which, by the way, BOTH OF YOU MUST OVERCOME) , second ..for lord´s sake! You ARE A PAIR OF 12 YEAR OLD BRATS! Who the hell is thinking in that kind of things at that freaking age?!”

Now that he put it that way, Tk began to feel a tad better.


“So, Takaishi. I say to postpone these cute feelings of yours…put them on hold for a couple of years, at least! Instead, begin to cherish yourself a bit more…more than that, before falling for someone else you need to learn to actually fall in love with YOURSELF”

That declaration certainly took the kid by surprise. Wasn´t that a bit narcissistic?

“I don´t mean like Narcissus” pointed Magnus, firm ” When I mean loving yourself, I mean it about improving your self-esteem. Yours currently is so low that it´s not coincidental that you fell for a girl who also lacks the same thing, you never really bonded with the current group of digidestineds and you keep restraining your digimon´s power…”

“I don´r restrain my digimon!”

Angemon begged to differ.

“I actually DO it?” Takeru ´s mouth opened so big that he could swallow the entire sky! “No way!”

“It´s ok, you´ll forget most of our conversation when you wake up” replied Angemon in a very sweet way”But I am confident that someday you´ll truly get it”

Magnus checked up his clock, Tk hadn´t too much leftover dream time before the sun rises.

“You´ve been trying very hard and yet, that isn´t enough. Face it…in the end you are a snotty brat” Magnus ´s words pierced poor Takeru´s ego so much that he was beginning to feel depresed again but Magnus kept talking “But it´s ok  because you are only 12”

Takeru paid attention again, now really interested

“This is the age in which it´s still okay to be a brat. And for Hikari-chan, who still wants to remain a kid…what she said to you it´s perfectly valid. Now, let´s talk about you. What do you think is love?”

“Thinking in that other person..wanting to be with her all the time? swearing to protect her and just being happy when seeing her smile..?”

Magnus petted the kid´s hair.

“That´s only a little part. The cute aspect of love…but for now, as she said it´s not all about it. Your actual feelings cannot be called Love when you haven´t witnessed it in all its glory” Tk initially was going to argue fiercely but something in the elder guy´s eyes made him reconsider and his initial frustration began to vanish “But I can tell that unlike me, you weren´t actually rejected. From what I get, she just wants to wait because she isn´t ready for that kind of commitment and you aren´t ready either. So just chill! There´s no need to rush things!”

The digidestined of chose sighed in relief. If she actually didn´t like him she would had said so! Unlike with Daisuke, she never rejected any invitations from him  to go to the beach, the cinema or any place when it only involved the two of them…

With that in mind, Takeru silently thanked the other guy´s presence. It was fun how easy was discussing certain topics with a dream fella than with his circle of friends…how odd was that he was compelled to open himself with Magnus Takariyama (odd name for an odd imaginary character) than with his own elder brother. Besides, Magnus spoke with such a clear perspective of things that Takeru wished to have him as a real friend in the real world. Besides, Magnus seemed to know more about digimons than his group!

“Kiddo, remember that  inside each heart there´s a seed. And it is just  beginning to develop” continued the other guy “While your seed is turning into a tree, as I said, instead of expecting being loved by another heart you are going to learn to cherish your own heart first. Gain true self-confidence “and he ended whispering at Takeru´s ear “What´s the true magic charm, when it´s about attracting the rest of the world? SELF-CONFIDENCE. ”

“That´s it?” asked Angemon, astonished as well “All what it takes is that?”

Magnus assented.

“The person who doesn´t take care of himself, who self-loathes or constantly pities himself…will never, ever, be truly loved by the external parties. He´ll only attract empty reflections of his poor, broken heart”

The boy ´s sadness suddenly was gone.

“I get it. After my folks divorce and all these insanity of digiadventures, I am yearning to be cherished by everybody because I am still lonely. I am so afraid of being left behind, again, that I tried to win her heart as if going in a F1 race. Is that?”


“You are right, there´s no need to rush!” Takeru began to laugh “I think I am going to follow my own tempo and see how things develop from now on!”

“Great” Magnus petted his head “And by the way, don´t feel guilty if in the meantime you feel attraction towards another girls. It´s normal”

“I only love Hikari!” protested the boy.

“Yep. But you haven´t reached the maturity  to fully embrace it. So I just say that if you happen to have another crushes, allow yourself to experience them and assume them as life lessons. When the right time comes, you and Hikari-chan will be ready to embrace your feelings and assent the bases of a wonderful future. Because I can tell that you are soulmates and is worth the wait…”

Takeru was left astonished but then his expression relaxed again.

“I am not sure I really get it” he mumbled “But if I have to wait and focus my mind in my own life instead of chasing after her right away in the end I will have it my way?” once Magnus assented Takeru gleefully added ” Okay! I´ll focus in becoming the best person I can!”

Magnus and Angemon exhanged a smile.

“That´s how I like it” congratulated the angel

“Angemon, that ALSO goes for you TOO” smirked Magnus.


“We are aware how beautiful is Angewomon” continued the lad “But she´s pretty much like Hikari, clueless to the bone. I´m afraid you will have to wait for a good time before she´s ready to embrace that thing called Love”

“Oh great!!” the angel showed the most miserable expression of his life, causing Takeru to laugh for the first time in the dream “How much will I have to wait?”

“Literally, years”

“Oh bloody hell”

Takeru laughed more and more.

“Well, I don´t mind waiting either. So I need to cherish myself, you say?” and looked at Magnus, excited “How come?”

“The first step for that: embracing Sincerity. The person who´s able to be honest with his own self is half on the way of acquiring more self-confidence…”


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