Lucemon was defeated and killed 3 times and of course, that would piss off!

He wants to make everybody pay for his suffering beginning with Takuya Kanbara, his friends and the Digispirits and capture the goddamned blonde digidestined that dared to humiliate him the last time with Omegamon-X.

After being in a slumber for uncountable years, weakened; his path crossed with another divine being: SATURN ANGEMON.

Saturn offered his service and loyalty to Lucemon in exchange for getting back what it was taken away from him…his own reality. Lucemon agreed to the deal as long as Saturn Angemon agreed to turn his universe into the new EDEN.



When referring to Saturn Angemon, we are speaking about a fallen Digital angel of Time.

He wasn´t supposed to exist in first place.

He´s the product of a Time Paradox created by a series of reckless actions by Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon!

When Nova was 14, her genius brother Magnus came up with a project for the upcoming Science Fair at his school: OUTWORLDS.

Magnus developed a techno bracelet which he called DIGIVICE and was 100% positive that with its programming he could open windows to other universe, just like in Stargate. Being him also a musical prodigy, he also fused an old organ with a computer and with his digivice ´s powers, he programed the Frankestein apparatus to open inter dimensional doors while playing certain tunes.

“If sound causes alteration to the matter, like Pythagoras said, then the correct musical frequencies can lead to countless of worlds!”

But in his first stint, Magnus vanished and never came back. The only thing that returned was his digivice and Nova herself , because the portal was still opened, ended being sucked into the Other Side. Unlike Magnus she showed up in the neighboring Digiworld, from reality 012 (which was both her and Magnus´s original reality. Magnus was slated to be in that digiworld but he was teleported to Digimon Next Manga´s one) . She would spend an entire year stuck in that world, as an unwitting digidestined and helping everybody to defeat Piedmon (who by the way was the Piedmon from Adventures 01 who appeared in that world after being defeated by Magna Angemon´s Gate of Destiny)

Eventually she would go back home and when aged 16, she would be partnered once more with an Angemon. This Angemon ´s most powerful form is Tempus Angemon and girl and digital angel signed a deal: he helps her track and bring back Magnus Takariyama and then he was free to go back to Takeru Takaishi’s side in reality 01.

She had to train hard during 1 years before actually venturing into the Multiverse and start the search; beside it was a must  strengthening their  bond so Angemon could reach once again the Tempus Angemon Supreme form. (And that wasn´t a piece of cake at all since Nova had a grudge against Angemon for ditching her years prior and him being an unapologetic asshole when imposing himself into her life in USA)

Their relationship was great yet sometimes volatile and while none of them didn´t want to openly admit it,  a lingering sexual tension between them began to take form. Nova many times manifested that sit would be way easier if  he was like the other digital creatures,  able to revert into a cutie rookie form and not being a 100% guy!

Nova was also dating Ryo Akiyama and the angel´s presence didn´t help very much on  Ryo ´s insecurities towards his girl.  Who could feel tranquil knowing that your girlfriend is living with a winged Adonis 24/7 ?! Besides Tia Yagami and her friends were constantly joking (and created a bet as well )  about the day Nova would dump him for Ange.

Ange (Angemon´s civilian ID) also felt conflicted about his partner´s relationship although he never dared to openly complain about it (Tia Yagami and the rest of the digidestineds gave him several lectures about that foreign concept about love, relationships and how never to get between a couple) Although he respected Akiyama and being good pals with his Patamon and Gatomon as well the other digimons and digidestineds, his heart couldn´t dismiss the jealousy thing. It also didn’t help that Tia Yagami , during Nova’s 17th birthday,  challenged the taboos and suceed on seducing   Kabuki Sakuyamon. After  spending the night together Sakuyamon declared that Tia would be her consort and,  two months later, they got married… This fact contributed to  increase Ryo’s uneasiness and strengthen the lingering attraction between Nova and Ange  althought the latter did their best to ignore it.

By her 18th birthday the sexual tension between them was so strong that Nova and Ange  would find themselves arguing a lot  for silly reasons. Tia Yagami and her troupe increased their bets because Ange ‘s jealousy towards Ryo became too evident while   Nova hardly could contain her own  tsundere reactions when somebody else was being too friendly  towards her angel regardless of the gender.   At one point, Kabuki Sakuyamon stated that Ange and Nova’s lingering feelings were too intense and could not be supressed for much longer ; they were ready to mate and it could happen at any time unless Magnus Takariyama ‘s whereabouts were finally uncovered…


And it was during Nova’s 18 birthday party that everybody’s assumptions finally turned into a reality. When  Ryo gifted his girlfriend  with a ring – from Tiffany’s , by the way-  and put it on her right hand, stating it sapphire suited her the most Ange’s body tensed up.

“while it is still not an engagement ring, I’m   looking forward to a future together…”


This act bothered Ange  so much that  when it was finally his turn  to give Nova his present, much to everybody’s shock, he kissed the birthday girl on the lips!


“I looked everywhere but couldn’t  find anything that deemed suitable for you in this special day…except this” was his firm declaration.


For a brief moment Nova’s digivice reacted to the kiss although she (like the rest of the public)  was too astonished at that time to notice it.


The fumming Ryo would had gladly killed the angel had not Tia Yagami and the others interceded and kept them separated until the end. Although the birthday event ended in a peaceful way, an ominous feeling remained on the air.

For a long time Nova  struggled to ignore her growing feelings towards Ange, the passionate dreams that left her covered in sweat and guilt because the one who appeared in her dreams and seduced her every night wasn´t her boyfriend ; to overcome her struggles Nova would constantly  remind herself that they only shared a temporal  partnership  and that she must stay loyal to Ryo. Until that kiss changed everything.


No attempt to convince herself  that there was no special meaning behind that kiss  worked and  for the following days Nova became much more self – conscious of her partner than before. The  sexual tension between  Ange and her worsened to the point of avoiding each other’s gaze. They worked together as usual yet none could stop thinking in the kiss.

In the end Nova was forced to admit  that a sole kiss from Ange ignited a  wave of burning passion inside her heart that never felt from any from Ryo’s kisses and realized that she  could no longer keep telling herself that she was in love with her boyfriend.  Soon afterwards Nova broke up with  Ryo.


Ange couldn’t ignore the sparks either and while not being able to put a name to the strong emotions that were surging inside his system (he was a quite naive guy) he couldn’t say he was sorry when  Nova announced that she was no longer in a romantic relationship with Ryo.


One day, during a mission,  their  instincts finally kicked in and took over their rationatiliy; without thinking about it  Nova and Ange shared a second french kiss;  being this time a longer, more assertive battle of lips that second kiss ignited such a heated passion   inside their hearts that threatened to melt the entire Digiworld. A series of kisses followed through and they were about to reach the matingstage when the digivice , again, shone. This time, though, it kept shining like a morning star because of its response  to their feelings and much to their surprise it suddenly projected a holographic film on the air. Nova was livid when she recognized her brother ‘s figure in the film, the very day he opened the gate he planned to show at the science fair and never made it back…they somehow managed to unblock the hiddden files from the digivice because those were  Magnus Takariyama’s sealed memories!

The digivice finally revealed the truth about Magnus Takariyama and an overly emotional Nova begged Ange to follow the traces and save his life. Ange , still overwhelmed by his own emotions, agreed and they traveled through time and space to Clavis Angemon from reality 09’s palace and arrived during the battle between Zeed Omegamon  (product of a fusion between Magnus Takariyama with agumon and gabumon ) and Tempus Angemon killed Lucemon thus preventing Magnus Takariyama and his digimons’ death.

Magnus and Nova happily reunited and he even presented Akarimon as his wife. They were about  to return to reality 012, bringing Akarimon along when  the group was suddenly transported to Nexus.



The server, which would seldom intervene in local affairs,  informed the group that due to this particular action an series of paradoxes   had just taken  place through several realities starting with reality 01.

Because Magnus Takariyama was supposed to die and be reborn as Takeru Takaishi in reality 01 and Akarimon, due to grievance, should had followed him and being reborn as Hikari Yagami brought a chain of paradoxes across several realities and the destiny of many digiworlds and digidestineds met with a catastrophic phenomenon : The Omega Effect.

A butterfly effect had taken place in simultaneous realities and literally screwed up the timelines.

Nexus revealed that Reality 09 Yggdrasil and Homeostasis succumbed to an a cosmic afterwave that was released from the corrupted reality 01  and the Taisho digidestineds and their digimons perished on the spot.  Tsurugi Tatsuno was never born because his grandfather never made it back home, for example. Hikaru Kamiya was fated to be reborn as Hikari Yagami’s future Angewomon and Kiyo Zenko as Ruki Makino’s Renamon but  never came to fruition . Yggdrasil never split its conscience so there was no Norun and Gabriel Mikihara in the future.

Taichi Yagami and Yamatto Ishida, when selected as digidestineds from reality 01, never had siblings. Neither Patamon and Gatomon met their destined ones and neither did  the crests of light and hope…

Meanwhile even the realities 07,08, 11 and others were suffering devastating effects.

Clavis Angemon from reality 09 died and was reborn as Steve Worthington and Mirei Mikagura, yes, and became two of the leading digidestineds . Mirei was supposed to guide a set of digidestineds, like Aiba and help them undo another underlying paradox that was taking place in the digiworld yet she never made it to that future….


Realizing the gravity of the situation, Nova agreed to fix their mistake even if that meant killing her heart. Because of the extent of the Omega Effect they only had one chance to fix their mess.


Following Nexus’ instructions and going through a loophole that the server kindly opened for them, they  arrived to the very  moment in which Malomyotismon was defeated by the 01 digidestineds ( season 02): that reality was about to disappear in a moment or other and without giving a second thought Nova lured Takeru away from his friends  while everybody was celebrating their victory. They meant to bring Hikari as well but unfortunately time ran off and   Reality 01 was immediately replaced by its Omega counterpoint. Tempus Angemon had to erect a protective barrier with his Key in order to not be touched by the paradox waves .


When Tempus finally let down the barrier,  the group was left horrified when they realized how much Tokyo  from reality 01 changed. The sky was dark , with codes floating everywhere…the human world on the verge of destruction…a   bunch of digidestineds (only Sora Takenouchi, from the original 8 reamined a digidestined) lead by an Angemon  were at their wits end fighting against Gaiamon which turned to be  the result of the entire Digital World fused together into one true Digimon . A possesed Ryo Akiyama was wielding the Digimon Kaiser’s persona and piting Gaiamon against the digidestineds. The one who was manipulating Ryo was none other than ZeedMillenniunmon…


Nexus spoke through Tempus Angemon’s Key and stated that to fix the wrongdoing it was mandatory for  Takeru Takaishi and Magnus Takariyama join forces together…






Nova  , in the meantime , consumed by regret attempted  to help the surviving local digidestineds …Mirei Mikagura, Elizabeth and Logan Montgomery and Steve Worthington. The city was in the midst of devastation, buildings collapsed like wall of cards; Steve noticed an impending debris falling over Nova and Mirei and ended pushing them away, taking the damage. Mirei passed out and Nova ´s heart broke in a thousand of pieces. As soon as the lads got in direct contact a light emerged from their digivices, resounding with Nova´s. Magnus and Tk ´s bodies shone and suddenly the two were gone.

A powerful golden light pierced the sky and a winged individual took the lads´place. The deity  presented himself as Shukumeimon, an  Angel of Destiny and keeper of Nexus. Time momentarily froze.

After a brief look at his surroundings Shukumeimon  declared the paradox being a monstrosity in cosmic scales and that it should burn from its roots. Without flinching he assumed his Burst Mode and unleashed the powers all over the Multiversity, beginning with the paradox-ed reality 01. Declaring his actions by the Will of  Nexus he launched his own Apocalypse. There was no way to stop him and Shukumeimon effectively erased the Omega Effect and restored the old realities.

Tempus Angemon and Nova were ordered to leave the realm at once…but Nova pleaded  Tempus to save Mirei and her friends´s  lives.

“They didn´t ask for any of this. pLEASE..SAVE THEM!”

Tempus Angemon accepted and covered Nova and the rest in a protective shield and while leaving to another realm, Tempus still managed to see what was happening in the paradox. The Angel of Justice looked around and considered it was too corrupted to be allowed to exist and launched a huge light that ended impacting in other nearby realities as well. Time was reversed and all hints of Omega were erased. When the angel finished his job, he spoke to Nova and Ange: “Once the light fades, this dystopian mess will have vanished and Magnus Nikitich will have perished as well. This shall not be the first time in which our paths coincide because, in a distant future, it’s likely that we’ll meet again. But let me give you the following warning:  you shall  not   summon Shukumeimon  before the indicated time because a premature summoning will only bring misfortune…” the angel reverted as  Takeru Takaishi and landed on Nova´s arms, completely passed out and reality 01 was completely restored.


Nova and Ange were left shivering and decided to never invoke Shukumeimon again, if possible. Then they decided to relocate the digidestineds, Nova opened a gate of Destiny and took Takeru to the beach and softly put him on the sand. It was close to his home and the rest of his friends’ wereabouts so he would be for sure being found if he didn’t wake up first. As a preventive matter she erased a huge bunch of his memories.


“I never thought that our second encounter would end like the first one…like a dream. But in order to protect your secret you have to forget what happened during these days. It´s a secret too important…for everybody´s sake, forget…”

Nova and Ange healed the other kids and took them to their homes, altering their current families´memories and make things convenient for the kids .  Surprisingly, they refused to have their memories erased especially Steve.

” Despite the reality we knew exists no more and so our digivices and digimons , we are who we are and nobody can take it away from us!”  they were a bunch of 11 year old kids yet their maturity was beyond their tender ages.

“Very well” conceeded Tempus Angemon “If you promise not to interfere with this timeline’s affairs you’ll keep your memories” and invoking his Key, he took the kids back to 1999 (the Omega incident took place around that year) and left them on their respective homes: Steve and the Montgomeries back to the UK and   Mirei  back with her mother in Tokyo.  Before leaving, Tempus granted them their own sets of bracelets and certain instructions that they would follow by heart in order to protect the current timeline without interfering with the original 8’s events and finally left.



But Reality 01 Omega wasn´t completely gone. The Angel of Justice in the end let go some of its elements (on purpose or not, only he knows!) and one of them was none other than  Angemon. An outsider server known as Hetereostasis collected the leftover codes of that Angemon and recreated him as Saturn Angemon!

The angel did not take it well the erasure of his reality and his anger was such that he lost his mind end ended turning into Saturn Angemon.

And he´s willing to do everything to have his reality back, even if it´s a paradox….even if he had to sacrifice half a multiverse. For him, Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon took EVERYTHING AWAY FROM HIM…