The Angel of Destiny


His name is Shukumeimon and is known as the Digital Angel of Destiny .

Surrounded with an aura of mystery this Virtue Angel is one of the main and most powerful guardians of Nexus, a multiversal  Host Computer which rules over Time and the connection between realities.


In term of rankings, he´s beyond the Mega Level and is above the Seraphimon and other Mega angels.Shukumeimon easily outranks the types of Seraphimon and Clavis Angemon; the latter is also one of the guardians of Nexus besides Tempus Angemon and Clavis Angemon´s Zenith Gate” (which is composed by  360 holy doors)   connects the Digital World with the Outside World but it is also leads to Nexus. His Key can open a direct path to Nexus (which by the way only Clavis Angemon can handle, so one can say that Clavis Angemon itself is a part of the key) but Clavis Angemon would rarely do it unless he´s  summoned by Shukumeimon.

He rarely allows visitors inside Nexus but Bagramon from Reality 06 used to frequent the place before he fell out of Homeostais´s grace and was degraded as a Fallen Angel.


Like Neo (from Next Manga) and Chronomon  Shukumeimon, as the closest digital angel to Nexus, was configured to be above  Yggdrasil and Homeostasis.

As the Digital Angel of Destiny he´s tasked on protecting Nexus from any external interference. Neither Homeostasis nor Yggdrasil are allowed to take possession of Nexus and Nexus shall not interfere in local events unless required to.

If any of the Yggdrasil´s from any reality becomes corrupted and threatens to break the barriers to other realities then Shukumeimon will  take action. Like Clavis Angemon and Tempus Angemon he´s subjected to certain protocols yet he´s allowed to use more extreme measures if he considers the threat too revolting…to the point of  vanishing an entire timeline if he wants to.

He owns two forms:

meet_shukumeimon_by_ayhelenk-db13r6m .The Angel of Destiny and Justice by Elizabeth2003

The left one is his usual form, the Holy Priest Mode and that´s how is usually seen. He seldom would go by the other form, the Burst Mode unless he´s forced to take special measures. Under this form he ´ll decide if a timeline´s worthy of being saved , rebooted or simply erased.


Shukumeimon   owns a mysterious , unpredictable nature. He is a guardian of destiny but at the same time he seeks to push its limits. He ´s also in constant search for adventures  hence he´d often split his conscience into either human or digimon identities and just for fun he´d make them join  events of his interest. Usually  none of his hosts  know the truth and are dragged into several adventures…

In the fic he´s assumed at least two human identities.


As Magnus Nikitich/ Yuu Takariyama (he goes as Magnus Takariyama because he doesn´t like being called Yuu) his homeland reality is Reality 012. He was 16 when he got a digivice and was summoned to the Digiworld.

But instead of showing up in the neighboring Digiworld as originally slated, Magnus found himself in the Digiworld from reality 06 a Millennia before the Next Manga´s events. A Quartzmon from another reality was causing serious damage to the Digiworld and the local Digidestineds were unable to stop him being absorbed into the villain´s system in the process. Unable to leave his spot as the Guardian of the Zenith, Clavis Angemon nevertheless chose to bend the rules  by looking for Shukumeimon´s current self´s assistance. His Key pointed at the traveling Magnus and without hesitation the angel  interfered with Magnus´s original path and dragged the teenager to his world.


In order to rescue the fallen digidestineds and Yggdrasil, Clavis introduced him to Agumon and Gabumon and they would be guided through the entire quest by Clavis Angemon´s personal assistant Akarimon (a digital angel from Homeostasis and chosen successor of the Zenith).


What Clavis Angemon did not predict was the attraction that Magnus and Akarimon would develop toward each other and how deep and passionate that love would be…

The Digidestineds were rescued and everybody joined their forces together and defeated Quartzmon for good. Unfortunately the victory couldn´t be achieved without tragedy. In the midst of the battle, a wandering Lucemon from reality 04 showed up unexpectedly in Clavis Angemon´s realm and taking advantage of Clavis ´s momentarily inattention towards his surroundings (he was so focused following the digidestineds´s battle and also used to the fact his realm was hard to find) that Lucemon , in an attempt to steal his Key, mortally stabbed the angel from the back while using Anubismon codes (which Lucemon tricked and  absorbed the deity sometime before ) . Clavis Angemon, despite the pain, refused to let go of his Key and summoned the digidestineds in assistance. Only Magnus, Akarimon and his digimons were able to make it to Clavis Angemon´s realm and just in time to catch Lucemon.

An irked Magnus fused himself with Agumon and Gabumon and fought against Lucemon .


Magnus and his Digimons defeated Lucemon but also ended passing away.



“Ma…Magnus?!” she couldn´t believe what´s going in front of her eyes “HOW…?! You…you are alive?!”

” Life and Death are just two sides of the same coin my beloved Akarimon” spoke the angel in a very sweet tone “This is my true form”

“Your true form?” she was so astonished that she could barely speak

“Magnus Takariyama ´s only one of my multiple incarnations. My name is Shukumeimon,I am a digital Angel of Destiny and a keeper of Nexus…”

Akarimon gulped. So many emotions were racing inside her heart that initially she couldn´t grasp the meaning of his words. The she remembered what Homesostasis once told about the existence of other entities like him and Yggdrasil, one of them was Nexus and was far, far away from the average digimon reach. Normally no keeper from Nexus would openly interact with the inhabitants of the digiworld due to different jurisdictionbeen transiting through the digiworld without being noticed by Clavisangemon? Unless….Akarimon shook her head. That didn´t matter.

“ are still Magnus, right? Right?!” her heart beat faster than anything from her world.

“Yes” his smile grew wider “His feelings, his essence are within me. How could I leave without you…?”

That was enough for her and tears of happiness rolled on her face. She jumped to his arms and the couple shared the most amorous embrace….


Meanwhile, the recently rescued digidestineds from reality 09  , while not sure they completely understood what´s going on, they  were touched by the  scene. It was the first time Akarimon showed her tears and she looked so happy that the team was teary as well.

“Oh goodness, fairy tales exist in the end..” digidestined Josephine tried to smile but ended sobbing without control.
“They exist indeed” the silver haired Kiyo caressed her friend´s hair barely managing to contain her own tears. After so many battles, death and destruction witnessing something like this felt SO rewarding…!

“OH MY GOD! THAT´S A MIRACLE! A MIRACLE!” yelled google boy Taiki “This is so beautiful that I…I……!” and crying like a baby he rushed towards digidestined Hikaru and seek comfort. The brown haired, usually composed guy barely could breath when Taiki gave him the strongest hug of his life “Hikaru senpaiiiiii!!!!” and cried like a Magdalena.

“…okay. Just let it all go, leader-san” Hikaru thought he was used to Taiki´s sensitive persona but finally had to admit that Taiki Tatsuno would be the most emotional kid from the entire digiworld.

“Oh come on! REALLY?!” The only digidestined that wasn´t amused with neither the angelical scene nor his comrades´display of emotion was the blonde Haruki “You cry louder than the girls themlseves! Don´t you have any pride as a man?!”

Haruki received a wack from Hikaru´s digimon, Leomon.


“Whoever isn´t moved by Akarimon-sama ´s happiness is an asshole” declared Leo with a couple of tears rolling down his face “Watch out what you are saying next  time, Okay?!”

Haruki limited to cross his arms.


But not everybody was happy with this turn of events. Yggdrasil, who was also saved from Quartzmon´s influence, should had felt grateful. But he did not.

reencounter copy

Shukumeimon explained briefly his part of the story to the digidestineds with Akarimon  by his side  and when he declared he was taking Akarimon with him Yggdrasil suddenly emerged and launched a surprise attack against  Shukumeimon. Sensing some of Quartzmon´s leftover codes inside Yggdrasil Shukumeimon changed into his Burst Mode and counterattacked, submitting the deity. He then proceeded to purify it.

destiny copy

Surprisingly, instead of showing gratitude Yggdrasil  immediately demanded both Shukumeimon and the digidestineds  immediately leave the Digiworld . Akarimon and her friends were shocked by this unexpected turn of events and begged the Host Computer to reconsider. But Yggdrasil , corrupted or not, did not want Shukumeimon near Akarimon; Shukumeimon then chastised the deity ´s harshness and declared it wasn´t be a proper deity.

How are you supposed to protect both digital and human´s equilibrium when you, a holy computer, actually possess no understanding of their hearts?

Yggdrasil asked the angel why he considered humanity so important and why he pushed his limits as Magnus, to the point of death, instead of dealing with Quartzmon and Lucemon as Shukumeimon.

Yggdrasil I´ve been doing this for an eternity; changing forms, going through different stories and each time   amuses me.I am about to be reborn as a human boy and can´t wait to see how the new story unfold…”

Isn´t being an angel magnificent enough?” asked Yggdrasil, still baffled.


He also added that it wasn´t actually his duty to interfere in other universes´s business save when the local situation is beyond resolvable by any means and threatens the holy Equilibrium of other universes as well. Still he wanted to do it on his own terms, transferring his conscience into a human form without any clue about his true self and see how far his other form could go. Now he was ready to move into his next form  and wanted to take Akarimon with him.

But Yggdrasil refused.  The Host declared he couldn´t part with her because from the beginning Akarimon had been appointed to be Clavis Angemon´s successor.  She had to follow  the rules, period. Despite Akarimon and the digidestineds´ pleas, Yggdrasil did not change its opinion and demanded the oath to be fulfilled. Akarimon had no choice but to accept.

“Only until I find the next successor” she declared “When I find that someone worthy of being Yggdrasil´s side then I´ll leave”

“I´ll be waiting” replied Shukumeimon and then announced he was going to be reborn as another human in another reality . Before bidding his farewells though Shukumeimon  offered Yggdrasil a little key as a token of friendship and foreshadowing about Lucemon returning once more and threatening to endanger the realities for real. Yggdrasil could make   use of the key the day he may find itself trapped in an irredemiable situation and all alternatives exhausted. Yggdrasil took the key but said nothing.

Because nothing amuses me the most than the adventures, and I believe you also need one, Yggdrasil. Allow yourself to live an adventure and see what I mean…” insisted Shukumeimon before leaving for good.

Shukumeimon then traveled through time and space and split its conscience once again, this time it reached Reality 01 and would go as Takeru Takaishi.

Shukumeimon did not reincarnate alone in that reality. Clavis Angemon followed him and was reborn a few years prior as both Steve Worthington and Mirei Mikagura.


Gabumon and Agumon,  his former  digimons, reincarnated as Taichi Yagami and Yamatto´s Ishida´s digimons as well. The 3 actually have no memories at all about their past lives….


Akarimon fulfilled her oath and served her duty as Yggdrasil´s closest guardian for centuries until she chose a Magna Angemon as her successor. Once Magna Angemon deemed prepared enough for the role Akarimon bid her farewells to her native Digiworld and followed Shukumeimon´s traces to Reality 01.


She lost track of Shukumeimon´s signal in Tokyo but ended meeting toddler Taichi Yagami. She became so smitten with him that she chose to be reborn as his sister. Besides she was 100% certain that she would meet her beloved in the future and years later Takeru Takaishi and Hikari Yagami would become the digidestineds of Hope and Light…

Talking about Takeru Takaishi, he had no idea about his past lives as neither Shukumeimon nor Magnus Takariyama. Sometimes he would have strange dreams about people from other realities, being friends with someone who looked awfully like him or being friends with a pink haired angel that ended stealing his first kiss in dreams.

He was 11 when he got in touch, for the first time, with his other selves. Malomyotismon had been defeated for good and Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon showed up during the celebration. Takeru would disappear for the following 3 days and when finally returned to his reality, he would only have a handful of broken memories about his whereabouts.


From Nova Takariyama´s perspective, at that time 18, while returning Tk home after those 3 mysterious days:

“I never thought that our second encounter would end like the first one…like a dream. But in order to protect your secret you have to forget what happened during these days. It´s a secret too important…for everybody´s sake, forget…”

He couldn´t know , at that time, that he´d been summoned to put a stop to the so called Omega Effect. And he couldn´t know what he did to undo such thing…


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