The Angel and the child

It was the first week of  October in dear St Petersburg, 1984; the summer festivals and White Nights were over , autumn was in the air and forbid anyone to forget about it when the golden leaves falling from the trees were silent yet unquestionable reminders of it.  Winter wasn´t far away, though, somebody once claimed “I swear I saw Morozko, the King Frost, taking a nap on the top of the Chess board Hill Cascade!


If that   was true neither Dmitry nor Marya Nikitich  couldn´t tell; for  all they knew such thing  never happened the times they visited Peterhof but nevertheless,  it was a place filled with magic and  they loved going there whenever the opportunity came.

“Do you like it so far, Magnus?” this time the  couple were joined by a third party: the most adorable child from Mother Russia or so they said 😉

“Yes!” the toddler replied with  enthusiasm “play with magic waters!!”

The young parents exchanged a smile, the child was still in an awe with the Peterhof fountains and their dancing waters. Marya ´s Nikon  ran out of rolls just by  taking shots of her child playing  by  the fountains (and his tireless efforts to climb the wall because he wanted to jump into the water!), playing hide-and-seek in whatever spot he found challenging and endlessly chasing after the pigeons. Dmitry, meanwhile spent most of his time sketching (he was an artist and an awesome one or so he says!)

“Oh yes, they are magic indeed” the man laughed ” I remember throwing a coin at them and got a wife that same day!”

“uh?” Magnus, who was only one year and a half, opened wide his mouth

“глупый!” the wife ´s cheeks turned carmine ” Don´t put strange things in the baby´s head!”

The husband responded by kissing his beautiful´s wife lips. The toddler frowned and possessively hugged Marya´s neck.

“No! ” protested the little boy “mama´s mine!”

And he was deadly serious! Marya and Dmitry burst in a laughter.

“Of course , my little cavalier ” and kissed her son´s forehead “See, Dmitry? You ought to better yourself otherwise I´ll be stolen by him!” and she winked an eye. Dmitry laughed louder than before.

“Should I , then, replace the palette and brushes with a sword and become a bogatyr like Dobrynya?” he teased as well.

Dmitry never grew tired of telling tales about Dobrynya Nikitich and his pride on being one of his descendants (something that his father, grandfather and great-grandfather firmly believed and never failed to brag about). Marya had her doubts as it was HIGHLY unlikely that Dmitry had any blood relation with the either the legendary warrior nor the real Dobrynya (who was  Vladimir the Great’s maternal uncle) but hey! She had no heart to spoil her hubby´s fantastical cloud as he could pretty much pass as a true bogatyr. He possessed a considerable height,  2 metres so far ! And despite being what he used to refer himself as a “poor, starving artist” his body could compete against The Terminator´s in both building and strength (and let´s not speak how much in an awe she was every time she peeked at him in the shower and the Happy Hour , when the kid´s finally in Slumberland and the parents were free to have fun)

“And depriving the world of a genius´s creations?” she smiled sweetly “Magnus could become a warrior in your stead, right?”

“Yup!” the one and a half year old toddler rose his little fist to the sky, defiant “Me a warrior! me a warrior!”

The parents ended hugging their precious child.

“This is where I met your daddy for the first time” said Maria after a while while pointing  at the Chess board Hill Cascade “He was fooling with the dragons!”


“Not true, dear! I was just sketching them”

“And who was the fella who  was jollily riding the dragon on the right?” she pinched her husband´s cheeks “The guards weren´ THRILLED when they found out…”

” Papa rides dragons?” the toddler opened his eyes wide “me wanna ride too! wanna ride dragon!”

The parents shared a smile full of complicity. That happened 4 years ago but it felt as if was yesterday when she was only 20 and he 24 when they met. He, a passionate Fine Arts student was desperate to find a subject for the  oil he was supposed to hand up for his next examination and the canvas was still blank; Marya was an economics student and wanted to take a little break because the impending mid-term exams were driving her nuts. It took just one sight and Cupid´s arrow made its way. When a furious guard yelled at the guy, demanding to leave the dragons alone Marya couldn´t help but laugh. Then he approached the laughing girl and ended declaring: “I finally found it!!! Please, be my model!

“I admit it was the first time I heard that line ” Marya looked lovingly at her husband” How could I say no?”

And they ended dating straight right away and much to their families´s shock they married four months later. And in the present day they were pretty much in love and strangers, when crossing their paths with theirs, often said that “they look so beautiful together! I wish I was in their shoes!”

The toddler frowned, indifferent to his parents´s loving gazes all what he wanted was to go down!

“Mama, want play!” he moved his little legs, impatient “play!”

The woman laughed, even his impatience was so Nikitich!

“Okay” she conceded and put her child on the ground “But don´t go where we can´t see you!”

The toddler nodded but  as soon as his feet touched the grass he ventured onto the stairs as a gazelle!

“Magnus!!” yelled the mother ” No running on the stairs!!”

The kid groaned in frustration and slowed down. What´s the fun  if he couldn´t run?

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Meanwhile, invisible to human eyes, a portal opened in the sky. As white as the finest snow a shower of feathers  emerged from it; a set of wings followed and opened up like petals, uncovering their beautiful owner´s silhouette.


“Where am I?” whispered Angewomon , astonished   “This is not…my world!”

It was so different from her Digiworld! The air, the nature…the palace below was so unlikely to the holy Palaces she frequented…and more, the vibrations of this place were lower, not as vibrant as the world she knew hence the obvious, there was no digimon on sight at all! But before she could turn back  and reenter the  gate the latter closed its door and vanished in the act.

“NO!!” she moaned, frustrated ” IT´S WRONG!! COME BACK!!”

Tears began to fall. If the gate was gone then that meant that what remained of Magna Angemon …the realization ended crushing her heart and the angel cried inconsolably thinking in her beloved partner. The holy Angel of undying Hope was no longer flying among the mortals…

“It´s not fair!” she choked “Why didn´t you allow me to stay by your side until the very end?!” she couldn´t bear the thought of going ahead without her companion. If only she´d been more powerful…! Then…! Her head began to spin and her body was already showing the aftereffects of the gruesome battle she´d been part of, she wasn´t bleeding or covered in bruises but the battle took a huge toll on her system anyways. Her life energy was in the lowest and hadn´t even the strength to scream!

Angewomon had no choice but to land in that foreign land, her wings felt like concrete and wouldn´t able to hold much longer. She needed to rest, ASAP.

She looked down and saw  what it seemed a huge yet strange chess board on the ground, (kinda reminded her of the Chessmons´s tribe) and made her decision to make it her landing spot. But then she caught a glimpse of three individuals walking around and while  none of them seemed to possess a threat she didn´t want to be seen by either of them.  Faster than the human´s eyes, she slyly made her landing and hid behind the rocky wall at the top of the hill.

Once on the ground and embraced by the wall´s shadow, the angel gave into the grievance. She cried and cried, mourning for Magna Angemon´s loss and the world they both sworn to protect. And what about her friends and allies?  She could still see her comrades´s horrified expressions before being wiped by that creature´s powers! Angewomon´s heart ached horribly, each loss felt like a stab and Magna Angemon´s  ultimate sacrifice, by opening the gate and jumping into it while carrying the monster so the enemy´s link with Yggdrasil would be cut clean t…

“Push us inside the gate and I´ll finish him!” was Magna Angemon´s order and Angewomon only accepted because she intended to follow him , no matter what her partner said.

And so she did, pushing both and entering herself. What happened on the other side…her memories were blurry, the being known as Zeedmilleniunmon weakened considerably in that strange limbo, unable to absorb anymore codes from the computer host he had no chance against Magna Angemon´s Excalibur; but Magna Angemon was badly wounded as well and in the end she assisted the male angel for a final, deadly blow.And then all she could remember was the light and him smiling at her for the last time before pushing her into it…womon62

“What´s the use for me, now?” she kept weeping “I´ll never be by your side and I can´t go back either …!”

Such was her grief that it began to consume her remaining life force. Without him, without her friends she had nothing to stand by…for whom she would live for?

How long she´d been crying, Angewomon didn´t know but she was in what many call the darkest hour  when a tiny set of hands touched her face.

Completely off guard  she almost responded with a slap but fortunately contained the impulse; and she opened her mouth , astonished to find a tiny creature standing in front of her.

“ангел?” he sorta reminded her of Lucemon but was way tinier and his hair was a couple of tones darker. His eyes, though, had a deeper blue and at the same time shone brighter than the former´s. His attire was funny but the blue and white clothes sorta comforted her, those were exactly Angemon´s (his partner´s champion form) colors.

“…” she couldn´t mutter a word as her throat ached so much after so much crying.

“Что у тебя болит??” Magnus managed to sneak away from his parent´s gaze while they were in the midst of a kissing session. Annoyed by the scene, he was ready to pull a hide-and-seek prank by hiding behind the wall when the toddler found the feathered woman. Despite his tender age he noticed the tears and asked if she was hurting.

Angewomon was baffled. She didn´t understand a single thing.    She touched her helmet and pulled a tiny button that was attached right under the left wing, the helmet was like a mini-computer  and it was configured to process and adapt all sort of data including languages.

“Sorry, dear. I´m afraid I don´t speak your language…”she kept trying on and  her grief was momentarily forgotten “but wait…”

The toddler opened his mouth wider than a Swiss cheese. He couldn´t understand her words either!

“что? ”

A few moments later the helmet did the trick.

“Angel, cry?”  the toddler caressed her cheeks just the way his mommy used to when he wasn´t feeling well.

Angewomon bit her lips, that little stranger´s concern actually touched her heart.

“I guess so” her helmet not only translated the foreign language but actually allowed her to speak it now “can you keep it a secret? We, digital angels aren´t supposed to cry”

“Why?” he was only a year and a half and he was at the tender age in which he hasn´t learned yet that he was talking to a legendary being. He was at the age in which there were no frontiers between the so called real  and the fantastic worlds…and he was at the age which he could see what others could not.

“We are supposed to be strong, above ordinary feelings…”

“Not understand” the toddler frowned

Angewomon opened her mouth but then realized she was talking with the equivalent of a baby in training digimon.

“I cry, mommy comes” Magnus shook his head ” Your mommy not come?” and looked around, for him it was a given that everybody had a mommy and a daddy. And if that angel was so sad then she needed them!

“I´m afraid I don´t have one” all what she remember was being born from an egg in the Village of Beginnings as a Nyaromon and being raised by a  Swanmon. She recalled being comforted by the kind caretaker when being sad, so perhaps she was the equivalent of a “mommy”?

“why cry?” for being a toddler he was surprisingly precocious, his blue eyes were as deep as the ocean and were  engulfing the angel into his own magic. Angewomon wondered how would he be when he achieved the Champion form…she stared at his eyes and an electrical wave passed through her system. That little creature had something special, precious…while still raw, he certainly possessed a POWER.  If he was a digimon, he was the type who could surpass  the Mega form !  “why?”

She was such in an awe that she missed the thread but his energetic question forced her to give an answer.

“I…lost my way ” she didn´t dare to say she was crying for the loss of everything she knew

“ahhhh” how many times did he cry because he got lost? But in the end mommy and daddy would find him! And he did what he usually do when found by his folks, jumping to her neck and giving a tender hug “not worry! all is okay!”

Angewomon´s heart began to beat like never before, that little one was pure sweetness !  Until that moment all what she could see was a mantle of darkness but now there was a ray of light , ready to torn the mantle. She could hear his little heart, beating like a Patamon´s yet more tender; her arms wrapped the boy and wondered how to call this marvelous feeling. Never visited the human world before and knowing nothing about its customs, Angewomon couldn´t know that she was feeling, for the first time, like a mother.

“Thank you…”  the ray of light grew stronger and stronger. That precious being was, unknowingly, giving her what she thought it was lost forever: hope.

“angel better?” Magnus looked at her smiling face “angel better!”

“Yes, I am”

And he began to clap, so his mommy was right and just by coping her realized that the charm actually works!

The angel surprised herself by wishing that time could freeze at that moment. She was growing quickly fond of the kid and wanted to know more about him…

“Magnus! Magnus!!!”  Marya´s voice broke the tender moment “Where are you?!!!”

When the parents realized the child was out of their sight they began to frantically look for him, of course he couldn´t have wandered too far due to his short legs and having only passed a couple of minutes. But still…!

“Mommy calls, must go” sighed the toddler and jumped from Angewomon´s arms “Bye-bye angel!”

“…” she almost yelled “Wait!” but didn´t have to courage to do it. She leaned on the edge of the wall and slyly watched the adorable thing running to a pair of grown up creatures. The male looked very much like the little one and Angewomon´s heart ached a bit because he reminded her a bit of Magna Angemon but when she looked at the female her heart beat louder. Her large, golden hair was pretty much like hers! And her voice was nearly identical! But what was more heartbreaking was seeing her hugging and kissing the little one…ohhh! There was the feeling again, longing to be by that little one´s side!

“Where have you been?!” Marya was on the verge of tears “Don´t do that anymore, got it?!”

“But mamma, I saw an angel!” and pointed at the wall “and is there!”

The parents looked but saw no one,yet they didn´t contradict their child. There was always time to teach him the differences about the real and imaginary things…

“She was sad ” kept talking

“Really?” Dmitry scratched his chin “It cannot be, angels don´t cry!”

“She was like mommy ” Magnus touched Marya´s cheek, still wet by the tears “But now she´s okay”

“Glad to hear that!” Marya smiled “I bet she felt better only by seeing you!”

The woman´s words touched a chord inside Angewomon´s heart. She was right. She was ready to give into oblivion but Magnus, (she liked the name) somehow pulled her away from that.

“It´s time to go back home” added the father “And we´ll have mommy´s super special hot chocolate, what do you say pal?”

“Yay!!” the child yelled in happiness ” I wanna mommy´s chocolate!!”

” Only if you promise to be good and not to wander by yourself anymore” Marya tried to assume a severe expression but failed miserably , Magnus was so sweet that it was nearly impossible to make an ugly face.


Angewomon suddenly felt desperate. They were leaving! Her mind was a mess, what if they never come back? After losing everything she couldn´t bear with the thought of never seeing him again…she wanted to be for Magnus and protect him! But at the same time she was aware she had no right over Magnus since he belonged to those individuals…she extended her hand, silently calling for him.

You can still be by his side, an invisible yet familiar voice whispered at her ear. Angewomon, astonished, looked around but saw nothing. There´s an egg  inside her womb, it´s been there for three months and it´s ready to accept a soul…why don´t you give it a try?

“I can do something like that?” asked the angel, cautiously.

It will be an extraordinary experience for the likes of you. You´ll be radically changing forms and your memories will disappear as well, continued the voice, but you will be by his side and protect him as you wished.

The thought about forgetting Magna Angemon and her friends was heartbreaking but never seeing the child was unbearable as well.

“I´ll do it” she declared in the end “Tell me how…”

The voice whispered what she needed to know and she slowly assented. She closed her eyes and let herself turn into a pink star, then, in a flash, the star flied to Marya and entered into her tummy.

“Woah!” Magnus saw the whole thing “Mama!” and pointed at her belly

“What, dear?”

“the tummy! the tummy!” and kept pointing

Marya and Dmitry exchanged an astonished glance. How did Magnus know?

And five months and a half later Magnus would have a sister….


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