Taming Ancient Greymon

Taming AncientGreymon by Elizabeth2003

When Lucemon goes against several universes at the same time…secrets once well kept in the dark will  emerge to the light.
Once in the very distant past, Ten Legendary Warriors joined their forces altogether in order to stop Lucemon´s madness.
But in order to succeed, a human intermediary was needed.
A human whose heart was capable of wielding both light and darkness was needed.

When Shizuka Kimura, at that time 9, was dragged into the Digital conflict she had no choice but to accept the challenge.

“Go back , human, otherwise you´ll be consumed by my flames”
“Why should I go back ?” asked her , surprised
“Because you are too young and too naive to qualify as a chosen one. It´s a mistake summoning someone so fragile and defenseless, the 11th should be a warrior!”

The girl stared at the giant creature and shook her head.

“I am not that naive. I already met evil!”
“Oh, you did?” asked the spirit, skeptic and his laughs shoot more fire. The girl miraculously wasn´t touched by the flames, they evaded her for mere centimeters!
“Have you ever met my uncle, mr Minamoto…?” was her reply “That guy is devil incarnate!”

While she loved her little cousins, Shizuka always feared the father. And now, the damned bastard took off with one of the twins and nobody had been able to trace his steps so far; even the police wasn´t able to do anything at all. The guy became literally a ghost. So when Shizuka made it her mission to find her missing cousin, she never expected she would end in a mysterious place called digiworld.

“No, I haven´t. This world already has its own devil: Lucemon” the dragon type being assumed an aggressive posture. He was ready to burn the human to her bones! “You aren´t the warrior we expected. You aren´t strong at all! Go back to your world already!”

The girl sighed and shook her head again.

“Nope, I won´t. I was told that if I help the great warriors against the lunatic, I will be granted a wish” she replied “I´d rather be burned than give up”
“As you wish”

His breath began to increase the temperature.

She didn´t move.

Their eyes met and for a long moment, they were engaged in a silent battle. In the end, her eyes stood straight and his rolled, unable to stand the intensity of her sight. He could read her heart through those opals, unshakeable despite fighting against the odds.

“I am not afraid mister” she said in the end “And neither should you, everything will be ok. I know!” and for his astonishment, she offered him a daisy flower.

“Instead of fighting, shall we become friends …?”

And that way, Shizuka tamed AncientGreymon….


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