Meet the Supremes

The Supremes is a group of Digidestineds whose main mission is to look after the holy equilibrium of  the Multiverse. It´s composed by a rotating rooster of digidestineds from several realities, from the 01  , tamer, frontier, DATS up to OC of my own.


Digivice - Design by Elizabeth2003
+ The chosen gets the ability to travel through different universes!

+ limitless capacity of scanning and assimilating information from nearly every event.

+The user is able to make several digimons evolve at the same time (depending on the user´s mental capacity and vitality. The more digimons the Supreme gets involved with, the more physical and mental draining the digivice gets)

+ The user, temporarily, gets digimon code infused in the dna. (thus gaining a couple of abilities…but only for a certain time)


Regardless of time, reality or if the chosen one is already a digidestined… the circular digivice finds its recipient.
Even if the chosen one ends up following the dark side…




Originally Tempus Angemon and Nova Takariyama used to work on their own until a disastrous event ( which lead to the temporal paradox known as Reality 01 Ω) made them realize that they needed help.

So they began recruiting digidestineds from several realities and turned them into Supremes. In order not to exhaust the members, (both physically and mentally) Nova and Tempus constantly rotate the turns; only 3 of their subordinates have permanent posts due to their above-average skills and strength.



Timeline Origin: Reality 012

Age: 25 years old

Status: Married

Nickname:  The Boss

Homeplace: Saint Peterburg, Russia -Tokyo, Japan

Family: Daughter of the deceased Dmitry and Marya Nikitich.

Adopted by Takumi and Reika Takariyama.

Younger sister of Yuu (Magnus) Takariyama.






Digivice: She inherited  a silver and Blue digivice from the MIA Magnus Takariyama.

Her official partner is Angemon and actual husband “Ange” Tempone.

Special Note: Nova is also an Hybrid (she´s a human with digital codes embedded in her Dna)



Timeline Origin: Reality 01

Age: Undisclosed

Homeplace: reality 01 ´s Digiworld -reality 012

Status: Married.



Nickname: Ange

Special Note: Hybrid (He´s half human , half Digital Angel )

Power set:

He´s an Angemon but after quite

different from the average Angemen. Since his resurrection his codes suffered a drastic alteration and he´s unable to dedigivolve into a rookie form or if badly wounded, revert into a digiegg. He´s able , though, to digivolve into Magna Angemon and Seraphimon and reach a unique form known as Tempus Angemon. As the latter, he´s a Digital Angel of Time although his time in this form is limited.



Timeline Origin: Reality 01

Age: 23 years old

Status: Single

Homeplace: Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan (reality 01)- Fukoka, Tokyo, Japan (reality03) -Tokyo, Japan (reality 012)

Although when escorting Nova and Ange, they rarely stay in the same place for long. As inter dimensional travelers they constantly jump from one universe to another..

Family: Unknown in reality 01

Never revealed his adoptive´s parents names in reality 03.

He sort of considers Nova and Ange his elder siblings. RYOAKIYAMA

Digidestined status: He´s both a Tamer and a Supreme.


Nickname:  The Idiot (according to Elizabeth)

His partner is a Cyberdramon



Timeline Origin: Reality 01 Ω

Age: 23 years old

Homeplace: Guilford, Surrey, England(Reality 01 Ω)- London (Reality 01)

Although when escorting Nova and Ange, they rarely stay in the same place for long. As inter dimensional travelers they constantly jump from one universe to another..

Family: Son of Sir Richard and Anne-Marie Worthington

He jokingly addresses Nova and Ange as his second Mommy and Daddy.


Status: Single.

Digidestined status: He´s an Hybrid like Ange . When his original reality collapsed he sacrificed himself to save both Nova and Mirei Mikagura´s lives by pushing them from a rampaging digimon´s way and ended being mortally wounded. Tempus Angemon , touched by his unconditional gentleness transferred part of his powers into the lad ´s body. Steve´s life was saved but his DNA was altered for good, now he´s half human and half digital angel. When assuming his other identity, he usually turns into Piddomon.


He can also digivolve into Magna Angemon, Seraphimon and Justimon . But he also turned to be the human incarnation of Clavis Angemon (which he rarely transforms into due to physical and mental restrictions)

Nickname: Casanovas (everybody agreed on this)



Timeline Origin: Reality 01 Ω

Age: 23 years old

Homeplace: Edinburgh, Scotland (Reality 01 Ω)- London (Reality 01)

Although when escorting Nova and Ange, they rarely stay in the same place for long. As inter dimensional travelers they constantly jump from one universe to another..

Family: Daughter  of Sir Albert Fergus and Margaret Montgomery

She has a twin brothelizier, Logan.

Nickname:  Blair Witch (according to Taichi Yagami and Yamatto Ishida)


Everybody call her Lizzie.

Status: Proudly single.

Her partner is a Gabumon.



Timeline Origin: Reality 01 Ω

Age: 23 years old

Homeplace: Edinburgh, Scotland (Reality 01 Ω)- London (Reality 01)

Although when escorting Nova and Ange, they rarely stay in the same place for long. As inter dimensional travelers they constantly jump from one universe to another..

Family: Son of Sir Albert Fergus and Margaret Montgomery and Elizabeth´s twin brother.


Nickname: He vehemently hates any sort of nicknames ! (yet Lizie calls him Mr Sunshine)

Status: regrettable single (still couldn´t find a girlfriend that is not afraid of being next to his digimon)

His partner is a Deva, Mihiramon.






Timeline Origin: Reality 01 Ω

Age: 23 years old

Homeplace: Tokyo, Japan(Reality 01 Ω)- Nakano, east Shinjuku, Tokyo (Reality 011 α,β,  γ andδ )

Although she´s an expert inter dimensional traveler is rarely summoned by Nova and Tempus Angemon. Her Tarot Shop (which is actually a facade to her Laboratory) is an enclave that links at least the 4 alternate parallel timelines from Reality 011. So Mirei´s able to jump easily from one timeline to another from her laboratory.

Family: Unknown from her original timeline, although it´s been hinted she was an orphan. The closest she has as a family are her two digital partners Angewomon and Ladydevimon which, in turn, are extremely possessive towards her.

Digidestined status: She´s an Hybrid but currently resides 24/7 in the Digiworld as an entity. She´s presumably not a living being anymore but nobody knows where´s her real body…

Background story: She was once best friends with Steve Worthington, Elizabeth and Logan Montgomery until the collapse of their original reality. She, like her friends, was caught in the line of fire between the digidestineds and a an army of digimons lead by the dark masters. Steve tried to save both Mirei and Nova and almost got killed. Mirei was harmed too and Tempus Angemon also infused Mirei some of his codes in order to save her life.

Tempus Angemon, since then gave her the mission of taking care of Reality 011´s affairs and it´s 4 variables at the same time. Mirei gladly obliged but she ended resenting a bit the fact about not being contacted more often by her superiors and expand her mission towards other universes. Nova has two reasons about not calling this particular digidestined more often: the collapse of Reality 01 Ω caused a huge damage to Mirei´s psyche and the girl since then developed a borderline personality (which many suspects is bipolarity) and thus, is really concerned about her emotional instability ; the second reason involve Angewomon and Ladydevimon who made no secret their mutual hatred towards Nova Takariyama, even to the point of sending the blonde digidestined death threats. Nova would much later learn that the digital angels had the misconception about Nova´s being Mirei possible girlfriend (hinted by Mirei herself!) and absolutely dreading that fact!

Nickname: She loves tagging everybody with nicknames but she doesn´t appreciate having one. Steve jokingly addresses her as the Madame Pompadour of Data and Nova and the rest address Ladydevimon and Angewomon as her ladies-in-waiting.


Her partners , when not trying to kill themselves, can DNA evolution into Mastemon. Which Nova dreads even more and once dared to call her the Digital Angel of Mastitis. Mastemon still holds Nova in her Black list.



Timeline Origin: Reality 03

Age: 19 years old

Homeplace: Fukoka, Tokyo, Japan (Reality 01 )

He´s been recently recruited by Nova and Tempus Angemon due to they by chance having landed into a paradox future of reality 03. From Ryuu they learned about Mitsuo Yamaki and Hypnos disastrous experiment known as Project Chronos that ended not screwing up both the human and Digiworld but a butterfly effect affected other realities as well. Ryuu has been recruited as a Supreme to go back in time and thus  preventing that from happening.

Family: Son of Mitsuo Yamaki and Reika Ootori (divorced in his current present)

Nickname: The rock n´roller.


Digivice: Tempus Angemon granted a similar one to Nova

His digital partner is Slash Angemon, the 4 Gods tasked him on keeping the tabs on that particular angel due to its stormy character.



Timeline Origin: Reality 01

Age: 29 years old

Homeplace: Frankfurt, Germany

Family: Biological parents unknown.

He was left in a church when he was a baby but later he´d been adopted by Fritz and Leonor Faust.

He is a peculiar digistined while he owns a digivice he´s also a wielder of magic. True magic. During Taichi Yagami´s first year in high-school, Ludwig decided to challenge all the digidestineds to a Digital Tournament. In the end, he played the villain role and ended haunting almost everybody just to prove how useless were Taichi and the rest. Nova Takariyama sent the digidestineds from the UK to assist the original digidestineds and defeat Ludwig once at all. After recognizing his defeat Ludwig , to make amends for all his messes, accepted joining the Supremes. His girlfriend Émeraud cultivated a loving friendship with everybody but Taichi and his friends, in the present day,  are still wary about Ludwig.ludwig

Unfortunately for the original 8, their fears turned to be true since he´s forced to play, once again, the villain role. Lucemon captured Émeraud and is currently blackmailing Ludwig….

Status: Married.

Digidestined status: He´s an Hybrid.

His digital partner is Sorcerymon.




Timeline Origin: Reality 01

Age: 28 years old

Homeplace: Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands

When she was 5, her family moved to Frankfurt, Germany.

Family: Daughter of Willem and Leonore Vogels.

She is Ludwig Faust´s first love and current wife. Ludwig was forced to switch sides after her being kidnapped by Lucemon´s minions.

Status: Married.

Digidestined status: she´s an assumed Hybrid.

Her partner is a Leomon.



Timeline Origin: Reality 010

Age: 15 years old

Homeplace: Hong Kong, China (at that time a British colony)

Family: Daughter of the deceased Ren and Yin Luo. She´s living at her maternal grandfather´s house.

She ran away from an arranged marriage interview and ended teleported in the Digiworld, 10 thousands years prior to the D-Cyber plot. She owns two digivices, the D-Cyber which contains the X-Antibody and the Supreme bracelet.

Status: Single

Her partner is a Kudamon.



Timeline Origin: Reality 05

Age: 40 years old

Homeplace: Tokyo, Japan

Family: Nobody in the team has any idea about his family and he´d rather not discuss about his personal issues.

Status: Single.

He ended being recruited as a Supreme by Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon during his third year in High school.

At that time he was a rebel student, a yankee and his future was headed to be in juvenile detention until Nova claimed him as a recruit.

Tempus Angemon and Nova delivered a Kudamon (originally on of the surviving  Royal Knights from reality 012) as his partner. He was sworn to secrecy about his Supreme status and never put in use his bracelet when working for DATS.

Now he´s back into service.



Timeline Origin: Reality 03

Age: 42 years old

Homeplace: Fukoka,Tokyo, Japan

Family: Single.

He ended being recruited as a Supreme by Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon quite recently after travelling to Reality 03 20 years in the future only to discover it´s been turned into a paradox. After learning by teenager Ryu Yamaki´s about the impending Chronos Project, Tempus Angemon projected himself in the past and ended giving Shibumi precise instructions and a digivice in order to boycott HYPNOS current project.

He proved to be a good Supreme despite being only recently in the business but his age and lack of physical strength easily drains him up. Yet he is able to temporarily bond with different digimons and make them evolve.