Meet Sora Takenouchi by Ayhelenk

Born in Odaiba, Tokyo, in 1981 Sora is the Digidestined of Love . He´s one of the one year older than Magnus Takariyama and Tia Yagami´s group.

He lived in the same apartment complex as the Yagamis;  Tia and Sora grew up together  as childhood friends and  they were so close that they were more like siblings than friends. Sora would often sleep over the Yagamis´s place and vice versa, playing football most of the time. Sora never minded Tia being the team´s captain and would often say that Tia ´s skills were so good that she could take an entire team by herself. He was also the first person Tia confided when she came out as a yuri when she was 11, which made him proud and sad at the same time because he was planning to ask her out as his girlfriend. Tia , touched by his feelings, gifted him with her First Kiss.

“You are worthy a million beauties, Sora-kun” were her words “Whatever destiny holds for me, I can´t imagine a future without my best friend by my side…”

And they ended exchanging a promise of friendship, swearing to protect each other with a deeper feeling than romance.   And he was there to protect her from anybody´s malicious comments , engaging into fights if someone dared to harm his precious friend in any way. He was so fierce in his resolution that he even dared to pick up fights with fellas much older than him, after taking a bad beating from a group of first years from high-school he joined a karate dojo.

There, he met Makoto Tachikawa who also was determined to become a skilled warrior in order to stand up to the bullies from his own school. That and their mutual love for bikes brought up a solid friendship  between the two of them and Makoto passed to be his second best friend. Makoto would pick up Sora´s school (which had an escalator system) as his first (and only ) choice for middle school and studied like a miserable in order to pass the exams.

Together they formed a gang and constantly got themselves in trouble. They swore they would clean up the school from assholes and more than once the lads were on the verge of expulsion due to their reckless acts.


The power of Sora Takenouchi by Ayhelenk

Sora couldn´t help but held , for years, an unrequited love towards Tia despite fully aware that she could never reciprocate his feelings . So when Sakuyamon summoned her own set of digidestineds to protect the Digiworld, by the time he was 18, much for everybody´s astonishment he´s granted the crest of Love!

“How come I get a girlie crest besides a girlie digimon?” even he was surprised with the designated powers “I don´t get it”

“No, dear” answered Kabuki Sakuyamon “They are the perfect match. The crest chose you as its wielder due to the strength of your heart, filled with unconditional love…”

He would eventually get what the priestess meant and when that moment arrived, Sora  digivice´s light blade finally became golden, making Piyomon evolve into an alternate, unique Mega form : Joou Hououmon.

Even when Sora met the most painful side of falling in love, he still held a huge adoration towards his first unrequited love which certainly earned everybody´s respect. Piyommon was so touched by Sora´s noble feelings that wished nothing but seeing him  achieve his happy ending; so Joou  Hououmon represents the Love that never ends because like the phoenix, it will emerge from its ashes and fly once again, rejuvenated and ready to find its soul mate…


Now 28, he´s happily married with Miyako and is a motorbike racer.