Meet Ryo Akiyama by Ayhelenk

Born in Odaiba, Tokyo, in 1982 Ryo Akiyama is the nº2 in terms of leadership of the reality 12 digidestineds.
He shares most of the reality 01 (and also tamer from reality 03) Ryo Akiyama´s traits  especially his playful personality but in terms of skills he´s leaps ahead from  his tamer counterpart. Reality 012 Ryo´s IQ is genius level to begin with!

Annoying, that´s how Magnus and Nova Takariyama used to refer to him. Handsome asshole used to be Tia´s opinion , the baka with Einstein´s brain were Makoto and Sora´s appreciation of him among several nicknames.

He used to be on the top , the honor student that everybody looked up to, popular with the girls because of his good looks and  his innate ability in everything  until he was 11. One day his class welcomed a new student and much to his annoyance  Magnus Takariyama stole his spotlight in a whim. Firstly, he was the exotic type. A foreigner from Russia,  with pristine blonde hair, fair skin  and blue eyes immediately caught the girls´attention followed by a set of genius and sport skills above the average sportsman that made everybody fall in an awe with him. The last straw was the day his number 1 spot in the exam rankings was taken by Takariyama instead of him.

For a good while Ryo treated the newcomer as his number 1 enemy, taunting the kid  whenever the chance came and  as the rotten spoiled brat he used to be one day, during lunch break, he finally pushed Magnus´s limits. Akiyama wasn´t in his brightest moment when he declared that foreigners weren´t liked in Japan and that Magnus-san should fly back to Mother Russia.

Magnus responded with a punch which broke Ryo´s nose. The following minute both 5th graders erupted in a testosterone fight and the teachers ended sending  both  boys to detention.  Their punishment did not ease their animosity though and the kids would keep engaging in brawls until Tia Yagami, who adored each of them, decided to put an end to it.

She initially tried the sweet talk but it didn´t work, it was easy talking to them separately but when it came to sign a truce they were adamant in their obstinacy.

“As hell I´ll be friends with this idiot!” grumbled Magnus

“Likewise!” replied Ryo, still holding on his pride.

Even if the other party was willing to take the first step, they simply hated each other. After a week of unsuccessful attempts of making the rebel guys see the light she brought on her most powerful arsenal: Sora Takenouchi.

“Sora-kun, will you bring that pair of bakas to my desk…?

Sora Takenouchi was currently the most feared kid from primary school, he was 12 and already had a large list of “accomplishments”. Rumors insisted he was part of a yakuza family when the kid was actually attending karate lessons. He was just born with a moody temper and a strong sense of justice. So when Tia Yagami, his adored childhood friend, needed something he ´d never argue or ask the reson. He would do it.

“Sure, Tia-chan”

Like Kraven the Hunter the future digidestined of Love combed the entire school until he found his preys.  Never Magnus and Ryo felt so humiliated in their lives until they were dragged by the ear by Takenouchi and forced to follow him as  his pets. The public was so amused by the scene that Magnus and Ryo would be mercilessly teased for the subsequent weeks…

“OKAY. You aren´t signing to be best friends” Tia Yagami had no more  patience towards their macho bravado.”Are you going to put an end to your idiosyncrasy or what?”

Despite the Sora Takenouchi treatment the guys were still holding onto their egos.

“You are going to drive me insane!” Tia sighed ” I think I came up with something that will suit you the best and saving your silly pride as well! Let´s bring on the Geneva Convention…”

 “You are going to sign a truce and swear not to start anymore nonsensical brawls anymore” she actually had a paper laying on her desk! “You are going to sign this  Armistice Treaty;  not as friends, not as enemies either” 

” HUH?!”

“Just sign the bloody papers, okay?” it took a nasty glare from Sora Takenouchi to persuade them to sign. They didn´t want to cross that fella…

“I now pronounce you frenemy and frenemy a triumphal Tia grabbed their hands and made them shake them ”  May the Lord in his goodness strengthen your consent and fill you both with his blessings. What God has joined, men must not divide. Amen!

Magnus and Ryo almost died of embarrassment when the entire class applauded, congratulating the “newly weds”. The moment Tia said: “you are free now!” they exited the room faster than the Flash…!

Weeks passed  and their animosity softened considerably. A random encounter at a Macross stall in one of those anime conventions  finally allowed them to loosen up .  After coming to the conclusion that  the The Super Dimension Fortress Macross was not only the first but the best season of all (and their subsequent dread of the Robotech adaptation)  they signed the true armistice. After that they  began to hang around a lot, often frequenting each other´s house and even join sleepovers like brothers in arms. Of course they still had their egos and would deny being friends even at high-school. They kept competing against each other but in friendly terms and as a way to test their skills Ryo and Magnus would often bring on bets much to Tia and the others´s delight. Whenever they competed it was a feast to their friends´s eyes, the frenemies rarely gambled on money. They preferred the most embarassing, colourful dares and the loser had no choice but to accomplish them no matter what. Magnus once lost to Ryo because he scored 2 points lower in a japanese exam and as a punishment he had to wear a pink  wig and sing karaoke songs in the cafeteria, during lunch break, for an entire week.

When Ryo Akiyama lost to  Magnus during a PE session , Ryo ´s punishment was cheer up the school´s soccer team  donning a girl´s cheerleading outfit which of course Tia made sure to immortalize the happy event with her cellphone´s camera.

Because of his pride Magnus would always warn his younger sister Nova about not getting too close to Ryo whenever he came to the house which amused  Ryo. Having noticed that the little girl would follow her brother everywhere like a duckling he found it irresistible igniting her inner TNT. Every time they met he would tease Nova , annoying the heck out of her and she would always yell at him calling him the King of Bakas and such.

He did not expect that in the upcoming years he would develop a crush on her. He was 16 and  she´s in her second year in middle when one day he realized the extent of his feelings towards Nova.

It began with a science fair. Both Magnus and Ryo signed in and feeling 100% confident about their own projects, they placed a bet. Ryo suggested that if he happened to lose he would don a Sailor Moon suit and pull a cosplay stunt in Shinjuku for a month which Magnus and the others laughed. If he won, he would make Nova his future fiancé.

“My little sister ENGAGED to you, Akiyama? NO WAY IN HELL”

Magnus was initially displeased with the bet but Nova persuaded her brother to accept anyways.

“You are going to win, so there´s nothing to worry about “ the possibility of him losing the bet never came across her mind “Girls, you´d better prepare the cameras and take lots of photos because brother is going to kick Akiyama´s cutesy ass!! ”

The challenge fueled the amicable rivalry even more and Ryo worked hard on his project. Yet he managed to find some free time to taunt his rival´s sister and would enjoy seeing her distressed expression every time he mentioned their imminent marriage. It was especially amusing for Ryo seeing her consternation because of her notorious brocon status. The girl practically worshipped her brother and would often scare away any girl that he considered a potential girlfriend; Nova´s possessiveness  towards Magnus was a recurrent laughing topic and even Inori Izumi would jokingly say that she would date Magnus-san just to watch Nova´s annoyed reaction.

Lately though Nova´s concerns were towards a Miyako Ishida, a returnee from France and who happened to go to Magnus´s same music academy after classes. Miyako persuaded Magnus to be her accompanist in a concert that would take place at school the same day as the science fair. To worsen things they began to spend more time together which inevitably led to some rumors they were an actual item. Jealous to the core, Nova began to follow them after classes and Ryo tagged along just for the fun. They ended following the couple to a cafeteria and much to a Junichi Motomiya´s heartache, they kissed and declared that they were indeed dating.

Nova, heartbroken as well, fled the place. Ryo followed her to a nearby park and moved by her tears he finally let her in the news that Magnus and Miyako´s stuff was a ruse to chase away Motomiya and his unwanted attentions from Miyako. Nova ´s relief ended bothering Ryo and couldn´t contain his criticisms about her possessiveness towards Magnus.

” you should try not to be so glued to him…shouldn´t you?”

She remained silent.

“While you are a child, it´s cute. But…”

She frowned and felt tempted to cover her ears with her hands but Ryo caught them in the act and kept talking.

“Like it or not,  it´s not possible to keep holding onto that brother complex for much longer”

Nova gulped..

” I can´t help it, Akiyama-san”

“Someday he´s going to get a girlfriend for real, you know” he kept holding her hands. Somebody needed to have that talk with her and if Magnus was so chickeney to do it, then he would take the bait “What about his dreams and projects? If you really care about your brother´s happiness…just let him be! And what about your own dreams and projects? You must have a goal that isn´t orbiting towards that foolish brother of yours…!”

Her face paled so much that for a brief moment he regretted his words. But as an Akiyama he still had a temper and a fast tongue.

“You actually don´t have any goal in your life, do you?” her blushing cheeks told him everything he needed to know.

Trembling like a leaf, the girl struggled to maintain her serenity. Her eyes betrayed though when they let escape a solitary tear that rolled to the floor.

What you say may be true” she ended admitting ” but I am not ready to let him go. Not yet” she made a pause ” Goals…you know nothing… You may not understand but all I know is that  I came to this world to PROTECT HIM

Until that moment he just took the betting challenge as nothing but an amusement. He wasn´t really going to follow through the engagement thing , he just wanted to annoy the hell out the Takariyama siblings. But then he ended realizing , after hearing her honest words and the bravery she put on admitting her complex that she was indeed a remarkable girl.

When she wasn´t in a defensive posture, she was really cute.
He could see the precious woman she would turn one day and he wouldn´t mind asking her out when that day arrives.

No, he could see something more than her future self. He was a guy who was born with a quite sharp sixth sense and there were moments that he could see beyond the superficial things…like the ghostly silhouette of an angel floating above Nova!

Suddenly he was able to view the angel in all her glory and Ryo opened wide his mouth. That wasn´t her guardian angel…he instantly realized that he was witnessing Nova Takariyama´s true essence…from the past, from the future…and then he realized how much he wanted that person in his life!

“Nova” he found himself leaning towards the girl “Someday you will understand that you are an extraordinary girl and when you let go of your complex and open your heart towards other men…then…”

“Then what?” asked her, intrigued.

Ryo ended stealing her first kiss….


After that Nova avoided him which piqued her brother´s suspicions but when asked she would deny anything related to them. Ryo felt bad about the kiss and  the morning before the contest day he headed to the Takariyama´s house in order to apologize. He was willing to tell the truth to Magnus and take any sort of punishment for his actions.

“If you are looking for the kids, they are downstairs” mrs Takariyama said “I don´t know what Yuu´s going to present at the fair but he´s still working on it.  Will you be a dear and remind them to at least not forget their bentos when they leave…?” and she placed the lunches on Ryo´s hands“Thank you, dear!”


But he never saw Magnus.

Ryo  got on the basement just in time to see a light coming from nowhere. A portal opened in front of Nova and took her away before he could do anything.

Before it was completely gone though  he jumped into the portal in an attempt to rescue her. He ended being dragged to the Digiworld as well!

But laws of physics are nothing inside an interdimensional gate and by the time he reached the other side, he arrived at the exact moment an armored Nova was fighting against Piedmon!

Absolutely frozen in shock, all he could do was witness the battle. ..

What happened afterwards , Ryo kept it as a secret for a long time.At that time everything felt like a bad dream and when he was returned to his world, he was in a such a confused state that his mind remained iddle for a good while. He actually believed he dreamed the whole thing until he went to school and much to his surprise he would be told that noboby by the Takariyama´s surname was signed into the science fair! When he looked for Miyako Ishida Ryo was left speechless when Miyako had a girl as her accompanist.

He then would come across Nova who was hysterically running through the entire school looking for her brother, but nobody recalled ever meeting Magnus before…

Ryo had no courage at that time to go after her and tell that he witnessed her own vanishing actf. He was still shaken about the events he witnessed in the strange world and her subsequent death and resurrection proved to be the hardest thing to digest. She was back, safe and sane but couldn´t join her when his own sanity was left hanging in a thread…

Time passed and much to Nova´s desperation nobody , even her own family, believed she had a brother. For a strange reason anything related to Magnus Takariyama was erased from the collective memories save for Nova and Ryo´s and their background stories were inevitably altered. Nova was adopted when she was 8 by the Takariyamas after her russian parents passed away in a traffic accident. Ryo never had a frenemy and was still the number 1 on the rankings while closely followed by Hideko Ichijouji who in turn considered him her sworn rival.

He should had consoled Nova and admit he also remembered Magnus but again, the shock from that time in the Digiworld prevented him from saying anything. The one who ended consoling Nova was Tia Yagami.


Ryo could not bring up his own experience to the light until, one year later, the day he was summoned as a Digidestined with Tia Yagami, Sora Takenouchi, Inori Izumi, Miyako Ishida and Yori Kido by Kabuki Sakuyamon….

The new set of digidestineds found themselves in a shinto-type temple and were greeted by Kabuki Sakuyamon, several renamons and an Angemon standing by her side. The chosen digimons for the chosen digidestineds were there as well.

“Long time, no see Akiyama-san…” the deity chose to address him before anybody else, even Tia Yagami who was already infatuated by her “As you can see, this place changed considerably since the last time… Gatomon, Patamon. Here´s your designated partner…”

Such familiarity baffled Tia and her friends and demanded to know what´s going on. Ryo was forced to confess he´d been in that strange world before like Nova. Because for some strange reason Nova´s digivice wasn´t responding to the calls from the Digiworld Sakuyamon had no other option but summon other people. The rules of compatibility lead to Tia Yagami & co due to their closeness with the former King.


That pill proved to be hard to swallow and neither Tia nor the rest of the group were able to forgive his cowardice. Had he opened his mouth earlier and support Nova´s pleas she may not had found her stay in Japan that unbearable. The girl could not stand being in a place filled with her brother´s memories and transferred to the USA. Because she turned to be a genius in the music field, Miyako Ishida ´s connections granted Nova a special invitation to study in Juilliard with all her living expenses paid. The group missed Nova dearly and always felt guilty about not being able to support her claims but after learning about Nova´s stint as a digidestined and how much she searched for her brother in that world pretty shocked everybody. Tia ´s heart felt it for the little girl who went through so much and could rely on nobody.

“YOU DON´T HAVE GUTS, DO YOU?” that was Tia´s somber remark towards Ryo

“Coward” were Sora and Makoto´s sentence.

Ryo  started his career as digidestined being at odds with the group and it would take several adventures until Ryo would finally regain his friends´ trust.

After some adventures the digidestineds gained the ability of navigating between the human and Digital Worlds and during one missing, Ryo finally gathered the enough courage to pay Nova a visit in the Sates and profusedly apologized to her.

“I´m sorry for keeping quiet for so long..I have no excuse”

Her eyes became filled with tears.

“So..you…you remember my brother…?”

“He´s the best frenemy I ever had…”

“Akiyama-kun..!” she rushed to his arms and cried like Saint Magdalene. Nova cried in relief. After so long she finally found somebody who remembered Magnus and forgave Ryo on the spot. Why he lacked the courage to speak before did not matter to her. The important thing was the fact that Ryo REMEMBERED. Because that meant she wasn´t crazy and could actually share stuff about Magnus that she longed for so long…! “Thank you…”

From that moment they developed a special bond. Feeling relieved about his guilt, Ryo would often travel to the States and invite Nova to hang around. They would talk about the past for hours and console each other; he would talk to her about the Digiworld and the events taking place , introducing his Patamon and Gatomon to Nova in the process. But while she fell heels in love with his partners she found herself unable to go to the Digiworld with him.


“I don´t understand!  I still cannot do it!” she would later tell how she  tried to open gates to the other world only for her digivice do nothing. It seemed that it either  lost its power after she got rid of Tempus Angemon or changed its configuration and she was unable to decipher it.

Ryo then promised to help her unlock her device so she would eventually join the group but kept to himself about Angemon living in Sakuyamon´s temple. He had the feeling the angel would cause trouble and wanted him quite far away from Nova.

So he became her closest friend and slowly and steady watched Nova blossom into a very beautiful girl.  Her beauty increased and so his feelings. Having never forgotten the day he  stole her first kiss when Nova reached her 16th birthday he decided to fulfill his word and go after her. He took her to her favorite restaurant, gave her a beautiful necklace from Tiffany´s and followed the cliché  by confessing to her during a ride through Central Park.


“I wish to be more than your brother´s replacement…every time I look into your eyes I can´t help but being captivated by them… “


Nova initially was surprised and did not know how to react.

“Are you, by chance, confessing…?”


“It´s a joke!”

“It is not. I like you very much and I would love to make you my girlfriend”

She was so astonished at that time that she almost spilled her coffee.

“But I am not the lovable type! “ although she was asked out several times by some of her peers in Juilliard Nova never had a boyfriend And I  miss my brother very much..!”

“I know. ” he wasn´t willing to give any other guy the chance of pursuing her “ Why don´t we start dating and see where it leads? ” he was confident that she would fall in love with him over the time.

At first Nova didn´t know what to do or say. She swore that she wouldn´t give anybody her heart until she learned what happened to Magnus but at the same time she was being haunted by loneliness and Ryo not only remembered Magnus but was  being so thoughtful and caring that she kinda felt  attracted to Ry.

“I won´t have sex until I´m at least 18 or engaged ” was her response “Are you okay with it?”

Ryo could barely believed his luck when he realized she agreed to become his girlfriend.

And he could barely believe his bad luck when, few weeks later, a certain digital Angel was sent back to Nova Takariyama and would reclaim her as his partner. Unlike the other digidestineds he still remembered him as Tempus Angemon and how he defeated Piedmon; he always wondered why the angel did not help Nova looking for Magnus until Kabuki Sakuyamon revealed Angemon´s part of the story. Tia and her friends listened to the whole story and despite their initial disappointment they still agreed to be lead by him during the first missions and ended befriending him. Ryo never fully acknowledged him as neither an ally nor his friend because of Nova. He dared to trick a 14 year old desperate child so why should Ryo accept him as one of his peers like Tia?

So when the digital angel made himself home in the Juilliard dorm Ryo was far from being delighted. And Ryo almost bulldozed the entire building after learning about Angemon´s actions and how he held hostage Nova´s digivice  but was prevented on doing such thing by his own digimons. Kabuki Sakuyamon also intervened and forbid him from taking any action despite Nova´s own unhappiness with the situation.


“I hate him!” Nova would whine in desperation“He´s taken my device as a hostage and won´t get it back unless I agree to work together! Ryo-kun, can´t you do anything to get rid of the pest….?”


Yet Kabuki Sakuyamon remarked her orders.

“This is THEIR issue to be solved. Not yours. No interference from any third party is allowed in this case. PERIOD”

His digimons also agreed with the deity about not interfering.

“We aren´t taking any action against our master” declared Gatomon

“All of us were trained by Angemon-sama” added Patamon “We could never go against him”

“But he´s pestering my girlfriend!”

“It´s their problem, not yours” the digital cat adored Ryo but Angemon was like their father. And she was right, only Nova could solve the issue and should do it without relying on her boyfriend. She wasn´t a child anymore and Ryo knew it.

So Ryo could only support his girl so far and let her deal with what she called her winged nightmare. Eventually he would make peace with the situation and learn to respect Ange (that´s how Angemon would insist to be addressed) as a full pledged guardian and mentor and also put aside his jealousy when his girlfriend would frequently leave to another realities in order to train as a Supreme. Ryo wished he could travel with them but due to their digivices owning different configurations and Kabuki already stated that as a Cavalier his duty was to protect his own timeline and local Digiworld. Despite his pleas Kabuki Sakuyamon did not budge and Ryo resigned to his fate as  a local Digidestined stuck to the rules of his own universe.


Ryo and Nova for 2 years and were apparently very happy. Patamon and Gatomon literally considered her as their future mommy and Nova would often say she was lucky on having an Akiyama in her life.Yet Ange´s presence still bothered Ryo a huge deal. Nova not only learned to accept the angel as a comrade but a true bond was formed between them and much to his annoyance they would often act  like a married couple.


“It´for sure that someday Ange-kun will snatch her away” declared Yori Kido  more than once “He´s a winged bishounen” added Makoto Tachikawa in his own fashion ” Imagine this, living under the same roof everyday, sharing chores when not dealing with digital business…”

“studying, working, eating meals together…” Yori added with a suspicious sweetness “The daily routines…”

“If I wasn´t really into girls” declared Tia Yagami as well “I would had taken my opportunity”

“DON´T . SAY. ANYTHING” Ryo did not want to have this conversation but his friends were more than willing to tease him.

“Besides  he´s a sweetheart ” continued Tia “No helmet in the world can hide how smitten he is with Nova-chan…”

“Smitten? Ha!” Yori ´s glasses shone with malice “I can see the sparkles! And I can smell the sexual tension between those pair of airheads…”

“KIDO!!!” that chat took place during one of their  current missions from that time, when Nagisa Ichijouji became the new Kaiser and was causing mischief in both worlds. Nagisa was a heck of a villainness but the chat proved to be more worrisome than Nagisa´s actions.

“It´s a miracle Nova-chan is still a virgin…or is not?” Ryo never felt so tempted to murder his blue haired senpai . He clenched his fists so hard that they hurt.

“OH! SHUT UP!” Ryo´s yells were so loud that could be compared to a Skullgreymon´s.

“It´s a joke, idiot” Yori never minded his murderous aura. She was the queen of sadism!”Unless you had the courage to go all over the way  with the former King before Ange-san realized he´s got the hots towards her as well…”

“Do you want to live?!” the Kaiser´s threat was momentarily forgotten and the digimons trembled. Ryo, usually cheerful and easy-going, was on the verge of loosing it until another member of the group intervened.

“Save the brawls for the enemies”  Sora Takenouchi finally imposed silence  “When Nagisa-san´s defeated then you can continue with your nonsensical rhetoric , for now I´d rather focus on the mission. Got it?!” And the group did not bring up the topic again, at least not in front of Takenouchi.  Nevertheless the majority shared Yori´s opinion, it was just a matter of time . Ryo would never be able to keep Nova as his girlfriend forever…

Ryo himself found Yori´s words painfully plausible and no matter how much he tried to erase them, he simply could not ignore them. Yet he was decided to fight the war until the very end and remembering the bet he made with Magnus years ago,  when Nova reached her 18 birthday, Ryo  proposed to her for real. After making sure they were alone in the terrace, he knelt and offered the most beautiful engagement ring he could find.

But as predicted by his friends, Nova did not take the ring and apologized instead.


“I wish I could…but I can´t” she erupted in an emotional cry “I tried. I tried to reciprocate but …but…” she couldn´t even talk because of the tears.

“Your love isn´t as deep as mine, I always knew that”  he said “You are in love with HIM, right?”

He tried not to fall apart but it wasn´t easy to maintain his cool when Nova was actually breaking up with him. He wanted to make her his wife and the ring only made her realize that she couldn´t give him any of that…

“I don´t know” at that time she was being sincere and those words slightly made him feel better “It´s not about him. It´s about me. And it´s about my brother… I can´t go on like this, I need to find my brother once at all!” at least she wasn´t dumping him because of Ange despite her obviously having fell hard for the latter a good while ago. Ryo could had pointed that he always knew their relationship was fated to be ephemeral and Ange sooner or later would steal her away but his pride did not let him say it. 

“I still cannot believe your partner still couldn´t find Magnus. He´s a tad useless, isn´t him?”

“HE´S NOT!” yelled Nova with passion. “HE´S DOING HIS BEST TO HELP ME!” despite her denial she certainly was in love with him, that was the proof. 

“Really?” at that time Ryo wasn´t so sure. He had the suspicion that Tempus Angemon may had been postponing the deal because , for all he knew, the moment Nova was reunited with Magnus Ange would had no choice but to leave to his native reality 01 and rejoin his original digidestined´s side hence no more attachments between Nova and him…”I am not so sure. If  he´s really that committed he should had tapped that issue by yesterday. If I were you I would confront that asshole and ask him what are his true intentions. Or I can talk to him right now!” at that time Ryo was too heartbroken and his pride harmed to realize that he wasn´t so wrong in his assumptions. Yet he managed to instill some doubt in Nova´s heart. She stopped crying and the guilt feeling was momentarily replaced by questioning.

“No. I´ll do it” and she left the party afterwards.


What happened between Nova and Ange since that conversation Ryo did not learn about it until much later. All he knew was that Nova and Ange engaged in a new journey and their actions would trigger something called Omega Effect and it would have some lasting consequences until the present days…


Ryo is 28 and still single. He dated a lot of girls but sometimes struggles to move on from his failed relationship with Nova. He is currently a billionaire, when he was in his 18s he successfully developed a software hat made him the next Bill Gates and had been on the Midas Cloud since then. To watch over the Digiworld and Human affairs he founded  Hypnos but unlike the reality 03 counterpart the government had no any kind of involvement. Everybody believes it´s just another software company but Ryo secretly monitors the Digiworld´s activities through it. Only a handful of people in the company knows about its true purpose, including a hopeful Mitsuo Yamaki.

Nova and Ange are officially appointed as members albeit they rarely show up in the offices. Ryo gracefully offered them a spot to both complement their activities as Supremes and at the same time earn a salary . The Takariyama family wouldn´t accept Ange as Nova´s fiancé unless he demonstrated he was able to properly look after Nova and money was a must. After being signed as working members of Hypnos, the Takariyama gave the couple their blessings.

Ryo is also in charge of Reality 012´s Yggdrasil´s current self and only him and his friends know about it…