The Beginning of the Race

A Millennia before the Fusion events, Bagramon from reality 06 pays a visit to his long time friend Shukumeimon and the latter decides to bring up his own game…


The Angel and the child

A wandering , heartbroken Angewomon from reality 04 lands in the human world from reality 012 and a meeting with toddler Magnus Takariyama will push her to take an extraordinary decision.

Meeting new friends.

Orphaned Nova and Magnus Nikitich are about to begin a new life in Japan…

The Challenge

Magnus Takariyama in dreams is challenged by a mysterious angel…

The Old Times

Frenemies Magnus Takariyama and Ryo Akiyama bring on a bet….

The First Kiss

Nova follows her brother and Miyako Ishida everywhere because she suspects they are dating. An amused (and also uninvited) Ryo joins the stalking party…

The First Royal Knight

Nova agreed to join the resistance against the tyrant that is destroying the digiworld and is set on the quest of the scattered Royal Knights.  Gallantmon is the first on the list to be scouted to the cause…

Lordknightmon and the King

A tender moment between Nova and Lordknightmon

Meeting Magnamon

Another Royal Knight that´s been scouted into the cause, he ends getting an odd nickname.

Alphamon´s Challenge

Alphamon was beaten by the combined forces of the King´s Royal Knights yet he refuses to join the troupe. Nova is willing to risk her life to prove her worthiness so Alphamon brings on a terrible challenge…

The illusion

Part 1 / Part 2

By Anubismon´s orders Nova and Gallantmon must help a confused digidestined, who accidentally made it to Anubismon´s realm of the Dead, go back to her reality. But dealing with the digidestined of Sincerity won´t be an easy task!


An Act of Compassion

The reason why Merukimon joined the King´s side…


The Katyusha

The night before one of the final fights against Piedmon, Nova, tries to cheer up her people by showing them the Katyusha…

The Quarrel

Piedmon was defeated for good and peace returned to the Digiworld. Tempus Angemon was given the task to help Nova search for her missing brother…but is he really okay with it?

Life in the Shrine

An exiled Angemon begins a new life at Kabuki Sakuyamon´s temple.


The First Love-Hate Duel

Kabuki Sakuyamon sent Angemon back to the human world, specifically to New York city.  Nova, now 16, is currently studying at Juilliard. But how will she react once they meet again…?

An Angel in Juilliard

Nova was 14 when she fell out of love with Angemon and exiled him to the Digiworld.

Now, two years later, he´s back!

Night Out

Few weeks living together and the angel is stressed out!

Partying at the Disco

The Digidestineds from reality XII know how to have fun. And Tia Yagami ended having too much fun in the end…


Duel against Fusion Angemon

Nova and Ange pay a visit to Angemon from reality 06

Meeting an old friend

After the the Ω paradox was taken care, Nova and Ange come across a reborn Grumpy Old Man. She´s shocked to learn he´s taken possession of a human girl!

The New Home


A visit from Angewomon

Ange and Nova became lovers at last  and while she´s sleeping, the spirit of her past self emerges before Ange´s eyes…