For my readers:
I, the author, can´t begin this chapter without strongly suggesting listening to André Rieu and his orchestra´s rendition of Ravel´s Bolero. Because the Bolero is one of the essentials from the whole series… Digimon wouldn´t be the same without this beautiful music.
Through me the way that runs among the Lost. Justice urged on my exalted Creator: Divine Power made me, The Supreme Wisdom and the Primal Love.Nothing was made before me but eternal things And I endure eternally. Abandon all Hope – You who enter here…

That´s what Dante prays in his Canto III

But I, the one who´s setting the new challenge I give the following statement:

Never give up Hope. It´s one of the essentials if you are about to play My Game.
My wish is simple, respond to my challenge and I promise the most exciting adventure from all…The Angel of Destiny and Justice.________________________________
I am the bearer of Hope but sometimes I feel I am someone else…and the feeling grows stronger each passing day.
Will someone be able to unlock my secrets…before it´s too late?
Tk Takaishi

Malomyotismon was finally defeated, thanks to the light of hope from the kids´will from the whole world. Even those children who were once manipulated by the agents of Darkness did their very best to defeat evil once for all.

Because even if their spirits were almost consumed by sadness, fear and a surrounding darkness that threatened to destroy their very own souls..the light of hope managed to open a door through them, reminding the black sheep  of all the good that was  asleep in the bottom of their hearts. So they managed to reclaim their hopes and dreams. And the holy guardians of the Digital World paid back their awakening by granting each kid their very own digimon.

But the Guardians also decided to recognize another individual´s change of heart, the very own responsible of reawakening Malomyotismon and thus causing so many disasters in both the Digital and Human realities. Mr Oikawa.
He was forgiven despite everything because the Gods finally understood why he did it in the first place. He was just an adult still chasing a kids´dream, always dreaming of digimons even before discovering the first proofs of their existence…he yearned to visit the Digiworld despite not being a kid anymore because that was what both his heart and Iori Hida´s father, his deceased best friend, dreamed to do.

So once freed from Malomyotismon´s influence, not being a pathetic puppet anymore, Oikawa could finally face all the damage he brought to his dreamed Wonderland…his heart broke. So many damage done, not only to the dreamed land but to innocent kids…how could he ever make it for his sins?

He literally cried his eyes out when Iori walked to him without any sign of resent in his eyes. The child, so alike to his death friend, showing the same compassion toward him…forgiving him…He literally broke down.
His heart also got a bigger shock when suddenly, a tiny green digimon showed up in front of him and said: “why did you took so much time to come here? I ´ve been waiting for you!”
So you really needn´t to be a kid to become a digidestined…his dream came true after all!

But it was too late.

His source of light was extinguishing and there was nothing he could do to stop the imminent end. If only I could go back in time and prevent my past self screwing everything…! he thought, but it´s ok. I now can leave in peace...

“Don´t cry for me, kids” managed to whisper “I ´m going to be ok…”

The kids were horrified to see Mr Oikawa´s dissappearing, dying the same way as a digimon.

But before giving completely to his fate, he looked at the digidestineds for the last time. Suddenly his eyes ´s attention was caught by one of them. This was the kid whom he was supposed to capture a couple of years ago and his mission was foiled by…he shook his head. Had he succeed in his original mission, Ken Ichichouji would had been spared and never turned into the Digimon Kaiser…

He looked at the young boy and when he reached his blue eyes he, for a second, felt a warmness going down his chest. Oikawa could swear he could see a golden aura emanating through his body. What was that?! It was unnatural…so out of this world! He immediately realized that this digidestined was far from being an ordinary person..could that be that Oikawa, while being embraced by Death, could finally see what mortal eyes are unable to?

He could swear seeing golden wings behind the digidestined´s back.
His presence was nothing short of being ethereal…magnificent…filled of miracles—

“If you love this world so much, just become one with it” a soft voice spoke to his heart.
“I´ll be honored ” replied Oikwa´s mind, completely touched. So he became light and within the following minutes, his light restored the Digiworld into its former glory.
And then he rested in peace.

Once the digiworld was restored, kids and digimon began to cheer and celebrate the new era of peace. It became a party, everybody began to laugh , dance and singing. The original digidestineds began to mix with kids from other worlds, exchanging greetings and anecdotes and new friendships were formed.
The celebration was so beautiful and filled with so much excitement that the crowd did not notice how an individual chose to walk, silently, away from the celebration.

The one who left the party was the very same digidestined Oikawa´s laid his eyes on before joining the Other Side.

But it´s not because he was fed up with the party…no…he felt that someone was calling for him.
He looked around until  his eyes caught sight of a female silhoutte standing over a hill. She was a grown up. Tall and Blonde, beautiful. A dame of mystery….
His eyes met hers and he couldn´t help but feeling the urge to meet the girl.
It was like the time Hikari Yagami was called to other world by a mysterious force…but in his case, a luminous aura was surrounding the anonymus  girl.
And behind her, he could swear he could see another silhouette…a Seraphimon-like digimon, perhaps?

So he left everybody behind and nobody, even his beloved Patamon noticed his absence.

As soon as he reached the top of the hill he couldn´t contain an awe. She was really beautiful! And she seemed quite strong-willed. But when he looked at  the angel behind her, he almost fainted by the shock. More imposing than Seraphimon, emanating unknown, cosmic powers…and when the girl extended her hands…he absentminded accepted it.
And then, the trio disappeared in the air.

When the others finally noticed one of their kin wasn´t around, they began to look for him. They searched everywhere but there was no trace left! Fear, despair threatened to pull down their hopes. “Something horrible happened! And we didn´t notice!” shouted the eldest brother, angry at himself for not being more attentive ” Where the hell is my brother?”
His friends´thoughts were as grim as Yamatto´s.

But when their feelings were turning into the worst, Mr Gennai showed up and tried to calm the group fears.

“No need to worry about him. He will come back”
“How do you know?” sobbed a desperate Hikari Yagami “And why did he leave like that?”
“It´s unlike him! Someone must have kidnapped him and I shall have him back!”

Mr Gennai shook his head, unfazed.
“I swear that he will be back in no time. I cannot tell anything else. When he returns, you can grill him with questions…although I doubt you will gat any satisfactory answer…”

After that enygmatic statement, Mr Gennai himself chose to disappear in the air.

Three days later, Takeru Takaishi finally returned….


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