Night out

Their relationship was still far from being the best buddies and that´s something that Ange realized one night , when a bad move made him fall from the couch , and noticed it was freezing in the room. He stood up and instinctively went to her bedroom. The sigh of the empty bed and an open window made him grit his beautiful teeth.

“Oh crap! not again!”

He checked on the window and looked back and around and sighed in relief. At least she didn´t fall those 5 stories down and made herself a crushed pancake on the ground.

“I HATE IT WHEN SHE DOES THAT!” he grumbled and regained his Angemon persona

So he opened his wings and flied. He looked around and thought about one  hundred ways of nagging that imprudent girl. Who on their right mind goes PARKOURING in the midst of the night?! Yeah, Nova Takariyama was a nutcase, when not assisting to classes or trying to chase away the fella she nicknamed the Winged Nightmare she would often go out to the roofs and emulating Catwoman she would go on parkour rounds! And worse, she never took any security measurements like a rope or something that !

Since finding out her peculiar hobby Ange never could fall asleep soundly again. He was supposed to take care of her, dammit!

“She isn´t a frikking digimon!! his yellings resounded in all the city´s corners ”  I am going to die by a heart attack , I swear!!”

After a good 10 minutes of rantings, the sound of a violin finally reached his angelic ears.

“Oh lord!” he recognized the sound and allowed himself to sigh in relief. That was her violin! He followed the sound and didn´t take too long to find her sitting on a rooftop playing the goddamed instrument. So she really didn´t fall and turned into a tortilla! And why the heck was she still in that light sleeping clothes when it was nearly winter?!

He was ready to yell at her but something prevented on doing so.

A night out by Ayhelenk
Her expression was showing a softness and sweetness that he never recall seeing before. Her eyes and lips were as enchanting as the melody and his heart suffered a little quirk.

Nova was playing a solo version of the Méditation from Thaïs and the angel almost broke down in tears. How could not respond to the deep feelings that came from that piece?
And even without a piano Nova´s skill was enough to cast a magic over all the city.

The notes brought him back several memories from the past, his times a Patamon, his first encounter with Takeru and the Kids…his deadly fight against Devimon…his death and resurrection…and the contradictory feelings of being partnered with a girl who reminded him awfully of Takeru yet she was his opposite at the same time…

But music was truth , you can never lie when playing a tune. And that´s why he wanted to remain as her partner for a bit longer. Their relationship was far from being a bed of roses but he couldn´t say it was boring at all.

A quick peek down the city and found a starbucks-like cafeteria that was still open at these unseasonable hours; faster than the flash he managed to grab a beverage and stood right behind the musician.

“So today you are the Fiddler on the roof?” his greeting almost made her slip from her spot, yet she managed to keep her cool.


“But even that guy knew better, at least he wore warmer clothes than you” wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt in a freezing night was insane!


“And no shoes, either?” she was just wearing socks on her feet and Ange counted up to 20 in order not to succumb to his wish of putting her on his legs and spank her ass. Since day 1 she was a threat to his sanity!

“Changing in the middle of the night is such a hassle!” she giggled “It´s not like I was going to have a public anyways! And why aren´t you in bed dreaming with your winged brothers and sisters?”

“How can I do that when I am partnered with a parkour nuts?” he protested “Are you seeking an early death or what?!”

She sighed.

“I am like you, I already met death once”

He bit his tongue. Of course he knew that! Their own resurrections took place at the same time!

“But if that freaks you so much, then I guess I can invite you going parkouring with me” she added, putting aside her violin “Is that alright with you?”

He nodded.

“Okay,I will make it part of our training” he conceded “Since I am still in charge of your divigivice, I can´t let you go running through the roofs without any kind of protection. How the hell did you get permission from your parents to pursue that dangerous hobby of yours?”

Nova laughed hard.

“Easy! They DON´T KNOW!”

Angemon sighed once more. That girl was a rebel, why should she keep the Takariyamas in the news?  She wasn´t the shy, ladylike person the parents assumed she was.
Oh no. She was closer to insanity than sanity.

“Lovely music you performed” he opted to change the theme of conversation “What were you playing?” he already knew the piece but asked just to open a conversation.

“I thought you knew, it´s Méditation from Thaïs”she finally looked at him “So did you like it?”

He almost broke into a laugh, her expression was an anxious one. She actually wanted to know his opinion!

“Pretty much” he answered “And if the citizens were awake you may be greeted with an ovation”

Nova smiled widely. She was now like a child who had received a candy.

“I´m glad!” she was honestly showing a happier side “I´ve been practicing this particular piece like crazy. Hopefully it will reach…them”

Ange frowned.

“Them who?”

“My dear friends who are no longer by my side” and her smiled turned bittersweet “The Royal Knights”

Ange felt another drop in his heart. He knew the story. While living at Kabuki Sakuyamon´s shrine the priestess told him everything about Nova and how she was chosen to lead an army of digimons to overthrow Piedmon from the throne. A Piedmon who showed up from nowhere, obviously from another universe, and who dared not only to trick the 4 Gods but turning them into puppets and by extension stealing their powers. Piedmon, then, began a campaign of evil by not only devastating every single land he stepped on but his main goal was to take possession of Yggdrasil and turn himself into the most powerful God. Nova , in order to gather an army, first looked for Gallantmon. She insisted to be addressed as a King and when Gallantmon finally said yes, then they looked for the rest of the Knights and formed the rebel faction. The mission turned to be difficult, painful and in the end almost all the Knights fell under Piedmon´s sword save for Kentaurusmon and Magnamon. Nova herself died trying to face Piedmon. But in the end a miracle happened:  Tempus Angemon showed up from the skies holding both Nova and Takeru Takishi on his arms and the trio defeated Piedmon for good.

“You still miss them”

“Always” she sighed “If only I turned to be a better leader…if only I had been wiser, stronger…they wouldn´t had died!!” a solitary tear escaped from her eyes.

” I know” he wished to give her a hug but he had a feeling she would reject him. They were still at the stage of knowing each other and the angel himself was trying to getting used to human customs “The same I keep saying to myself. If only I ´d been stronger and wiser, I would had defeated Devimon without sacrificing my own life! And the kids would had never cried…”

Nova and Ange exchanged a long, emotional glance. There was no need for words to describe their burdens, their regrets and the understanding of each other at that precise moment.

“We suck, do we?” she said in a sad tone.

“No, we don´t” he sat down next to her “We are who we are. We are just people who have a long way to go…”

“But I wish…”

“So do I but all we can do from now on is to keep in our hearts what we learned and make use of their teachings. Your warriors would want it that way”

She leaned on his shoulder.

“I even miss the Grumpy Old Man” she sighed, thinking in Alphamon “He was the one who would had helped me look for Magnus as soon as Piedmon was killed…but he died by that clown´s hands!” she hugged her violin so tight that she almost crushed it ” They were like my big brothers, they taught me how to be a warrior. I wanted to introduce them to Magnus…he would had a hell of a time with them!”

“When you and I gain a true bond, then I´ll be able to become Tempus Angemon and look for your brother. I promise”

She wanted to believe in that so much! She truly wanted it!

“But I am still not sure about you. How can I trust in you? How can I be guaranteed that you won´t fly back to your universe and leave me stranded in mine as soon as you regain that form?”

Angemon felt a huge sadness , that was one of his greatest regrets! He actually tried to pull that trick years ago and only god knows how a big jerk was at that time.

“Because I like you” he spoke ” And you intrigue me as well. And I found out more pros than cons during these months living in the Big Apple”

Nova began to laugh, despite her tears.

“Yeah, yeah! you turned to be a cosmopolitan angel!” and she then noticed the hot, delicious beverage that was on the angel´s hand “Is that CHOCOLATE?”


“Hot chocolate from the Royal King  Coffehouse?”

“With extra cream and a generous amount of chocolate crisps” he added, ready to take a sip of it

“Did you buy it for me?” she again showed the kitty eyes, chocolate was her perdition.

“Who says?” he also discovered he was a chocolate addict “I only got enough for one !”

“Meanie!” she pouted

Ange chuckled and then placed the vase on her hands.

“Drink. I can´t stand seeing a freezing brat at these hours”

Nova began to drink happily.


“Of course not. We are heading back to the dorm before the sun shows up. You need to sleep missy, and so do I”

“Aww…but I was finally getting some inspiration!”

“And a potential flu as well” he didn´t wait anymore and his arms surrounded the girl, princess carrying all the way ” And yeah, that drink is delicious as hell”

And they began to fly back to Juilliard. During the way back Nova kept savouring her beverage until something came into her mind.

“Ange. Di you, by chance, drink from this same cup before handing it to me?”

And the angel showed the most radiant smile.

“Oh yeah” and his smiled turned malicious” INDIRECT KISS, wasn´t it? ”

Nova´s cheeks turned redder and hotter than the havanero chillis.


But the angel laughs showed up that he wasn´t lying at all….


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