Nexus is a digital lifeform, a Host Computer or Digigod like Yggdrasil and Homeostasis. Unlike the other two who rule on the Digital worlds on a Server of the Network Nexus is above any server;   it is actually a multiversal  Host Computer as it  rules over Time and the connection between realities.

Located in a superior  plane, at the intersection of countless of servers,  Nexus rarely interacts with the rest of the host computers.

When a visitor is occasionally allowed inside Nexus will meet a multicolored  crystal scenario;  the more he or she advances it will turn into a shiny  Escher-esque labyrinth  with an endless set of halls, stairs and doors .  It´s usually given the impression of being an empty building but it is actually inhabited by countless of Digital Angels and deities , from Order and Chaos. They  just rarely allow  to be seen by external parties.

Shukumeimon is among  its main and most powerful keepers.

Clavis Angemon, Mastemon and Tempus Angemon are also part of Nexus although they rarely stay there for long periods of time. Digimons like Alphamon, Bagramon and Chronomon sometimes are invoked by Nexus itself and will carry on special tasks.

If any of the Yggdrasil´s from any reality becomes corrupted and threatens to break the barriers to other realities then Shukumeimon will  take action. Like Clavis Angemon and Tempus Angemon he´s subjected to certain protocols yet he´s allowed to use more extreme measures if he considers the threat too revolting…to the point of  vanishing an entire timeline if he wants to.

The Hall of Mirrors is its most famous feature, a ceiling-less and floor-less room filled with floating mirrors everywhere; each mirror represents a universe and a mere scratch on the surface can cause serious alterations on a reality.  A rebel angel of Time, Saturn Angemon, broke the holy oath by allowing Lucemon inside Nexus and led him straight to that room; Lucemon´s madness ended creating a disaster inside the Hall of Mirrors aftr he on purpose destroyed a couple of them in order to escape from Nova and Tempus Angemon.

After learning about Saturn Angemon and Lucemon´s intention of absorbing Nexus and make use of its powers to recreate the universes from scratch Shukumeimon moved Nexus elsewhere across the realities and challenged both good and bad sides to find it. Whoever manages to find and enter Nexus first Shukumeimon will declare that side the winner regardless of the motives.

But what Shukumeimon did not tell is that Nexus can take any form and alter its size. So it can be as huge as a planet or as tiny as a ring…