Meet Miyako Ishida by Ayhelenk

Born in Odaiba, Tokyo, in 1982 Miyako is the Digidestined of Friendship . She´s the same age as Tia but didn´t get into her circle until she was summoned as a digidestined by Kabuki Sakuyamon.

She shares some similarities and differences with her male counterpart.

Unlike Yamatto she´s the only child of Natsuko and Hiroaki Ishida; they divorced when she was 8 and  their bitterness affected Miyako´s self esteem  quite a lot. Until then she used to be a very sweet girl but her world was shattered when she found out that her parents not only wanted to separate,  neither of them wanted her custody! They were so busy with their jobs, focused on climbing the hierarchy ladder, that they barely had any time to raise  Miyako. The girl barely could hold it together, feeling completely unwanted by her egoistical parents, having only her cello to rely on.  She was on the verge of desperation until one day Natsuko´s father, who used to be a famous conductor in an orchestra from Paris, traveled to Tokyo and during his stay he offered to raise Miyako . Miyako was born as a gifted musician and her skills with the cello were good enough to enter a conservatory. After convincing her hesitatn parents,  Miyako ended transferring to Pairs . She lived in that city until she was 16.

The Ishida confession by Ayhelenk

While she blossomed in Europe fate wanted her back once again in Japan. A heart attack in the midst of a concert took grandfather´s Michel life and Miyako was forced to go back to Japan. Completely heartbroken Miyako  went to live with her father and transferred  to Tia´s same high-school ; grieving her grandfather´s death and dissappointed by her family´s indifference, Miyako opted to not open herself to the rest of the world despite  Tia´s attempts of inviting her to  join her group. Like Yamatto, it was easier turning into a lone wolf than wasting her time with people;  especially the likes of Junichi Motomiya, Daisuke´s elder brother, whose open  admiration turned to be a nightmare. Despite her constant refusals to his love confessions the lad had nothing but perseverance and tried to woo her anytime, which only angered her even more!

It didn´t help either Nova Takariyama´s open hostility towards her since  she happened to go to Magnus ´s same music academy in the afternoons. He was the first guy to mark an impression on her since her ex-boyfriend and his gentle nature and skills ended winning her friendship. But Nova didnt see her as nothing but a fox who wanted to steal away her brother; Miyako , instead of denying the non existent love relationship, as a true Ishida fueled Nova´s jealousy with puns.

When it was announced a musical contest , she insisted on signing in with Magnus as her piano accompanist. Magnus initially tried to talk her off but Miyako insisted he was the best fitted to be her partner. Besides, she begged him to act as her boyfriend during those days in order to chase away Junichi for good. Junichi bought the lie and so did Nova.

She remained a moody lonely diva until the day she was chosen as a digidestined by Kabuki Sakuyamon…


The power of Miyako Ishida by Ayhelenk

She became the chosen partner for Gabumon, Omegamon´s split soul´s incarnation.

Miyako, at the beginning, refused to be part of what she called “a wacky insanity” and insisted to be brought back to her world. But Kabuki Sakuyamon felt that Miyako´s best feature was the spirit of Friendship, despite it being dormant due to her bad experiences with people. Sakuyamon insisted that her disappointment  with her family and fear of strangers did not wither her nobility and once her heart tasted the warmth of a circle of friendly people it would shine the most.

Gabumon himself had doubts towards his designated digidestined. He still had the memories from his past as Omegamon and declared that his reason for being reincarnated was the former King. He missed Nova very much and wanted to fight by her side once again, instead he was partnered with someone else. Besides, Miyako wasn´t a sweet girl and was the type of speaking frankly her mind…too frankly! Just in the first day Miyako was already lecturing him! :giggle:

Of course time´s a healer and digimon and digidestined would soon grow a fondness toward each other and become great friends and thanks to Gabumon´s eagerness to let go his past and her eagerness on looking forward to the future with a more optimistic perspective, they managed to unlock her digivice´s potential: A sword-style device!

And whenever the digivice´s light blade changed colours , Gabuumon went through different forms. When the blade finally became golden, the digimon reached an alternate Mega form that wasn´t known before: Kaisergarurumon!

And so, the power of Friendship can manifest in different, wonderful forms such is the limitless power of a couple of noble hearts…



Miyako is 27 and happily married to Sora Takenouchi for the last 5 years. Sora asked her out during their second year in high school only to be refused on the spot, her parents´s divorce left her quite skeptical and afraid of relationships but the digidestined of Love did not give up. Slowly but steadily he pursued her, helping Miyako to move on from her pain; Miyako finally agreed to become his girlfriend if he managed to eat an entire bowl of Nakamoto’s North Pole Ramen. The lad, who wasn´t precisely a spicy food lover, accepted the challenge but took him almost 8 months to finally gulp the entire dish!

Since then they became inseparable and Sora propsed to her during Tia´s wedding. He vehemently jumped after the bouquet and much to the single ladies´s annoyance, he managed to capture it and offered it to Miyako.

Nowadays a famous cellist, the digidestined of Friendship would often hire Tia as her private pilot and have her take her from one destiny to another while on tour.