Meeting Magnamon

Meeting Magnamon by Ayhelenk


Once upon the time, in a far far place known as the Digiworld,i a girl was tasked with the mission of defeating Piedmon.
Self-proclaimed as a King, Nova, at that time 13, set into a journey to gather the Royal Knights and defeat the villain for once.

“How long do I must carry you, King-sama?” asked Magnamon after a couple of hours piggy carrying the girl.

“Mhhh…I don´t know. Until we reach our destiny, perhaps?” his back was too comfy and she could easily fall asleep!

“We won´t be able to make it before nightfall” the golden armored digimon grumbled. He didn´t appreciate being a digital taxi!

“It´s not my fault that I sprained my ankle!” she added in a casual tone “Had you been nicer towards me and not going through the cliché I hit first, ask questions later and Gallantmon wouldn´t had made you carry me all the way. Next time, count up to 10 before launching a surprise attack towards a poor, defenseless girl.

“How many times do I have to repeat it? I thought  one of Piedmon´s minions entered into my territory!” the digimon´s eyes went blank “And that bastard can assume any sort of appearance, let me tell you! The tinier, the prettier, the higher are the odds of being HIM!”

Nova giggled

“And in the end Lancelot gave you a heck of a beating” she sighed
“Lancelot?” Magnamon frowned again “Who ´s Lancelot?”
“Gallantmon” that´s how she nicknamed the white and red Royal Knight “Note to myself, never make dear Gallantmon lose his wits….”

The mentioned digital cavalier,  who ´d been walking not too far from them, heard the conversation and chuckled.

“Again, he could had been Piedmon!” Magnamon clenched his fists “I´m so sick of being fooled by that bastard!”

“Everybody is sick of him” added Nova “I am the one who hates him the most. Had not been for his interference, I may had found my brother by yesterday…!”

She still had a hard time adjusting to this strange, bizarre yet extraordinary world known as the Digiworld. All what she wanted was to find her missing sibling …

“I still don´t get you, dear. You see a lovely girl, alone in the woods and the first thing you do is to attack me?” she was honestly incredulous “Really?!”

Thankfully Gallantmon was there to protect her and didn´t take too much to defeat his former ally and make him regain some common sense. Unfortunately Nova , while avoiding the first attack, made a bad movement and ended spraining her ankle. Incensed,  Gallantmon held Magnamon responsible for her accident and declared that he must carry the King all the way back to the camp.

“Keep grumbling like this and you are going to steal the Old man´s title on grumpiness!”

“Shall I remind you, King-sama, that Alphamon doesn´t appreciate being called Old man?” Gallantmon tried to maintain a sober expression but even his helmet couldn´t hide the sparks in his eyes. Gallantmon actually was amused with his ally´s nickname since he also thought that Alphamon was the grumpiest character from the group!

“Why should I? It fits him perfectly”

“No way! ” Magnamon was astonished “And he allowed you to live after that?!”

Alphamon was a magnificent, sober and tremendous warrior and everybody in this digiworld knew that he hated any sort of teasing. He was ready to beat the unfortunate soul that dared to make any kind of fun of him…

” Yup!”

“Wow! And I thought I was the digimon fused with the digiegg of Miracles!”

“Huh-huh” Nova shrugged her shoulders, uninterested in the end ” Ok, we are going to settle in the nickname´s matter. How should I address you?”

Magnamon suddenly had a bad feeling and quickly replied:

“No need, thank you”

“Oh yes you need one” insisted the girl , showing a sweet yet malevolent smile “EVERYBODY needs a nickname and hell! I am not keen on the idea of meeting several Magnamons and everybody answering to the same name. I already nearly lost it with the Knightmons, so I ended naming each of them with a number. And since Gallantmon is Lancelot, Alphamon the Grumpy Old Man, Lordknightmon is Madame Recamier and…”


Magnamon had the feeling she was trying to think in the silliest name and his pride would suffer a great deal. It was already an insanity learning that a mere human girl was leading an army of digimons and insisted to be addressed as the King and Gallantmon and the rest were more than willing to follow that nutsy maiden!

” Okay…how shall I nickname you…?” the girl´s eyes shone like jewels ” ….I know! Roquefort shall be!!


“You are just like the cheese. Blue and a bit smelly…yay! perfect!” she was more than delighted with the name “And in french is SO elegant!”

Magnamon couldn´t help but summon a silent prayer. The so called King was nothing but a brat!

“No fucking way!”

But in the end EVERYBODY in the camp ended adoring the nickname and Magnamon ended being known as the holy Knight of blue cheese…



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