Meeting an old friend

It happened not too long after the Omega Incident.

The universes were still shaking after the terrible event and so were the girl and her Angemon. They never met with the true meaning of the words excruciating  until their foolishness led the pair to a paradox; entering in that timeline  ended showing them what NOT to do when it comes with time traveling and careless ALTERATION of past events. They learned the hard way that being able to go through Time and owning the power to change realities also  meant a titanic responsibility. Playing God brings consequences when done the wrong way and since mistakes were considered the best teachers…well, let´s say that both Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon met a cruel yet effective teacher.

Undoing the Ω paradox happened to be the most heartbreaking experience from all and since that day neither Nova nor Ange were the same; undoing the gross mistake  took a good toll on the couple´s powers and emotions. But they did it anyways otherwise Omega would had poisoned the neighboring universes  as well and that would had been beyond catastrophic! They should had rested after the reset but instead they were moving almost non-stop through the fabric of time and space; they had to make sure the other universes were okay and none of the Omega codes made it away from the cosmic “cleaning up”.  They were exhausted, disheartened and unable to shake away the feeling of guilt. Especially the angel who  blamed himself the most.

If only I hadn´t behaved like a presumptuous jerk then they wouldn´t have suffered…!

Similar thoughts went through the girl´s head as well but dared not to express them.A part of her was heartbroken, the other was in a numb state still unable to process the wholeness of the harsh experience. So they kept traveling.

“Time passed ”   mumbled Nova when they showed up in a park in Tokyo from Reality 011″ and hopefully this reality is untouched. Shall we walk a bit and find out?” proposed Ange after a brief rest on a bench.

Nova nodded but couldn´t stop thinking in the children whose lives altered for good. The Ω ´s legacy children. One of the few people from that extinct timeline who was given a second chance by Destiny and Nova and Tempus Angemon ended rescuing 4 people  from the ashes and placed them – using some tricks under their sleeve- in the original reality 01  so they could lead a new life…

” We screwed up their reality and ” sighed Nova “We are a masterpiece, aren´t we?”

Ange limited to hug his partner and tried to comfort her. Deep inside his heart he knew that the one who suffered the most weren´t any of the legacy kids but Nova herself…

“They agreed that reality 01 is not only the correct one but by thousands of miles much better. Worthington and the others would rather sacrifice their environment than allow omega infect the other universes…” he tried to reassure his partner but also ease his own remorse.

“How can we properly train these people?” Nova responded to his hug, she was feeling pretty much like a little child stuck   in the middle of a road and crying for the parents whom she couldn´t see”When we are such a rookies ourselves?” they could still not decide if going ahead or not about recruiting those people, in the future, as fellow digidestineds.


Before Ange could offer a response, a woman´s yell interrupted the scene.

“Long time no see, my King”

Puzzled, Nova and Ange turned around.

“How do you KNOW?” asked Nova, assuming a defensive pose.

A tall, blonde woman dressed in a skimpy outfit greeted the couple. Nova and Ange exchanged a glare, skimpy was a generous word to describe the mini shorts and the shirt´s disposition leaving her cleavage highly exposed. And it was pretty obvious that she wasn´t wearing a brassiere!  Were they being approached by a prostitute?!

“No matter how much time passes” continued the woman ” there´s no way I wouldn´t recognize you, King-sama”

Nova frowned.

“No offense but I don´t recall meeting you in my life ”  and looked at Ange. The angel shook his head, he was as clueless as the girl.


The woman sat down on a bench and let her hair being caressed by a soft wind.

“Oh, don´t mind this form” the woman´s voice turned more and more grave ” Did you manage to avenge my death and defeat Piedmon for good?”

Nova ´s eyes opened wide and almost fell on her knees.

“Alphamon!!! Is that you?!!”

The other woman replied with a smile, she closed her eyes and concentrated; the following moment a phantasmagorical Alphamon emerged from the woman´s body and greeted the pair.

” Oh Goodness! Tell me I´m not dreaming!” the girl began to cry of happiness. She never expected meeting Alphamon again! The old, faithful Alphamon whom she adored so much was pretty much alive and kicking ass!

” It´s not a dream. I told you that sooner or later I would be back among the living…never expected, though, resurrecting in another universe!”

Angemon smirked.

“Ditto! Been there, done that!”  he certainly remembered his own death and resurrection.

Nova would had cried of happiness and celebrate like crazy for hours but after the first moment  passed, she wondered about Alphamon being in ethereal form and not full fleshed as before.  Ange already was beginning to question the other digimon, his angelic eyes couldn´t ignore that Alphamon was  controlling the blonde´s body.

” Explain this” demanded Ange pointing at the other female “Explain why are you treating this poor woman as a marionette!”

Alphamon stared at the angel and did not offer an explanation.


“Digivice, scan” ordered Ange annoyed by the other digimon´s attitude.
The digivice shone and followed through. A golden light emerged from the device and scanned the subject.

“Subject brainwashed” decreed the device “Possession on course” Nova and Ange were horrified when the digivice informed about Kyoko Kuremi´s tragic state. Her mind was gone ! She was a living corpse with no will at all!

“Alphamon, please explain what´s going on” begged Nova. She didn´t want to believe that her former soldier went rogue and actually possessed an innocent ´s body!

Alphamon finally gave an explanation. His voice sounded mechanical when he briefly explained how she fell victim to an entity known as the Eater and absorbed her mental data. In order to save her life and at the same time moving swiftly among the humans, Alphamon ended taking over her body.

” I see” said Ange in the end “She´ll live as long as you are within her until you figure out the way of restoring her stolen data”

Alphamon nodded.

” Poor thing ” Nova sighed , feeling compassion towards Kyoko  who was staring absently  at the air. Alphamon could pretty much communicate with the couple via astral projection, the body was a nuisance so he let it rest while he spoke”  Please, Alphamon, you must give your everything to ensure her safety!”

Alphamon said nothing.

“You are going to help her, right?!” insisted Nova.

“I am going to do my best to ensure the Digiworld´s survival ” declared Alphamon in the end “whenever she makes it or not, I don´t really care”

Nova´s eyes opened wider than a pair of plates.

“I beg your pardon?”

She was exhausted and ready to fall unconscious on a bed, after so much traveling so she must have heard wrong. The Alphamon she met in the past was the bravest hothead from the Royal Knights´s ranks. He used to be a cranky old man but deep inside his armor he hid a very noble heart.

“Humans aren´t my priority. I live for my world and that´s it”

Angemon ´s body tensed but kept his cool. Nova almost lost it had not Ange put a hand over her shoulder ; Nova forced herself to count up to 10.

“You aren´t serious!” she didn´t know what to say. She was dumbfounded at best, furious at worst ” How can you not care about her?! You once said that life was precious no matter its form! ”

Alphamon remained silent.


“The Alphamon you knew died” sentenced the digimon ” The current one holds no attachments to either the previous life nor the King”

His words ended breaking her heart.

“YOU…YOU…” she bit hard her lips ” YOU CAN SCREW YOURSELF!! ASSHOLE!!!” and she fled the scene. Alphamon´s coldness  was the last straw and Nova couldn´t take it anymore..again she wished to find a light at the end of the tunnel and turned to be another deceptive illusion!

Angemon was as irked as well. But before going after his partner, he stared at both Kyoko and Alphamon.

” Unlike her, I don´t hold any attachments towards you” spoke the angel “So I can clearly see through your BS”

Alphamon ´s astral body tensed a bit.

” I can tell that you are going to help this innocent soul no matter what” and smiled a bit despite wanting to kick his cantankerous ass ” And you cannot hide those warm feelings towards  Nova and miss Kyoko. You care and much more than you dare to admit to yourself!”

The other digimon sighed yet remained silent.

” Your fondness towards miss Kyoko is because she reminds you an awful lot of Nova, right?”

“This lady has a loving hear that rivals the King´s ” conceded Alphamon in the end ” They are fine  warriors and I respect that”

“You are crazy about them” insisted the Angel “They are like your daughters!”

But the other digital being remained in the obtuse position. As hell he was going to admit such an impudent thing!

“Whatever” added Ange “The King, as you said, became my partner and you just thrown away the chance of reigniting a past friendship. Such a fool!”

The angel turned his back  and was about to leave when Alphamon finally decided to give his own share of wisdom.

” Tempus Angemon” he said in a solemn tone ” I can´t reignite something that belongs to the past. As I said, the Alphamon she once knew died and shouldn´t be brought back” he made a long pause , letting go of Nova turned to be heartbreaking for the Royal Knight as well. But he had a new life and letting himself  longing for a distant past would only bring bitterness “I am not risking a chance of awakening another OMEGA EFFECT like OTHERS did”


His words pierced Ange´s ears. HOW DID HE KNOW?!

“I can also sense the subtle changes in the multiverse´s fabric. You pair of fools” Alphamon couldn´t help but tease the other party “But since you did your best to clean up the mess I am ENTRUSTING her into your care.  Fail in protecting the former King  and there´s NO UNIVERSE BIG ENOUGH WHERE YOU CAN HIDE FROM MY RAGE…”

Ange smiled. So spoke the cranky old man!

“I bet there isn´t…take care Alphamon”

And the angel left.

Alphamon entered back inside Kyoko´s body and left as well.

” Glad to know she turned into a fine woman….I´m glad…”


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