Meet Makoto Tachikawa by Ayhelenk

Born in Odaiba, Tokyo, in 1981 Makoto is the Digidestined of Sincerity .

Handsome, arrogant and always wearing his cowboy hat he´s nicknamed “The Cowboy” due to his sincere admiration for Clint Eastwood´s movies.

He has a Prima Donna attitude and has no qualms on showing how much he loves himself and would often say “Ain´t I prefection or what?”

He wasn´t that over confident though, he used to be bullied in his primary school by his peers due to what they call “a girlie fella´s face”. Makoto had a unique beauty which caused the jealousy of his classmates and would often get beaten during lunch break. After realizing that no matter how much he pleaded to be left alone , by the time he was 11 he got tired of being everybody´s laughing doll and joined a karate dojo.

There he met Sora Takenouchi and after a couple of missteps, Sora ´s brashness clashing with Makoto´s resentment with the entire world, and a fight the lads ended becoming best friends. Together they trained like there was no tomorrow and when they horned their skills well enough, Sora helped Makoto take revenge on his tormentors. Together the beat the other guys so badly that the bullies ended begging for forgiveness and promised never to bully anybody again.

Since then Makoto gained a new self confidence, let his hair grow and donning his hat he started fresh in middle school. Right in the first day in middle school Makoto and Sora became popular among the girls and feared by the guys after challenging the current school´s gang (composed by third years) into a fight and beating them with little effort. Sora took over the leader´s title and Makoto became the number 2, later inviting Tia , Inori and Magnus into the group. Tia, delighted with the perspective of forming the coolest group, chose to become the consigliere. They would later be joined by Ryo Akiyama and Yori Kido.

For most of his middle and high-school years he turned down several love confessions. His answer would always be the same: “I´m sorry, it´s so difficult to fall for someone other than myself!”
In the exterior it was simple narcissism but in fact he had a huge deal dealing with painful memories from his past. For instance his parents divorced when he was 11 and before that he grew up watching them fight most of the time, which made him seriously consider if love was actually a real thing. Besides the bitterness from his own family, he still wasn´t comfortable being with girls since many of them tormented him in primary school as well. Yet he dated Inori Izumi during middle school and hooked up with he Yori Kido during his second year at high-school. After that his confidence among girls would get a boost and was ready to live the rest of his life as a Bachelor until he became a digidestined…


The power of Makoto Tachikawa by Ayhelenk

When Sakuyamon summoned her own set of digidestineds to protect the Digiworld, Makoto became one of them and was granted a Palmon and  the crest of Sincerity.

“You are the one who can distinguish the difference between truth and lies, even the ones lying deep in your heart” was the priestess´s declaration “When you learn to overcome your inferiority complex, then you will be able to embrace Sincerity in its core…”

The day arrived sooner than later and when Makoto, during a gruesome battle was forced to face the roots of his apparent narcissism, he yelled “Screw up! I am who I am and I´m not sorry anymore for that!” his digivice unlocked its full potential, its blade became golden  allowing Palmon to reach a unique Mega form : Joou Rosemon.

“Makoto is the king and I am the queen” declared the digimon.

Palmon was the most thrilled from her group when being introduced to her new comrade. Makoto was the dreamiest, yummiest from the fellas which instantly gained her a sincere crush towards him. Palmon never minded his ego since he , from the very first moment, practically dotted on her. She secretly wished , someday, have a full control of her codes and being able to turn into a human girl and make him fall in love with her.

But when Makoto turned 20, a war between the Olympus XII Gods changed Makoto´s destiny for good. The wars were at war between each other and it was so grave that threatened the stability of the other realms, including the human world.

In order to have at least one of the deities on their sides, Kabuki Sakuyamon suggested the digidestineds to go to Venusmon´s territory and plead for her help. Being the Goddess of Love and apparently the most compassionate deity from the pantheon, the odds may turn into their favor.

But the odds weren´t so favorable, especially when Venusmon wanted to have nothing to do with either humans nor the war itself; she was rather a capricious deity and threatened to kill the digidestineds if they dared to pester her with more pleadings. The group had no choice but to retreat. Tia and the others considered all the possibilities but couldn´t think of any way of approaching Venusmon without incurring her anger; just when the digidestineds ran out of ideas Makoto finally came up with something. He  offered to pay a last visit at her, alone.

“I can do it, trust me” leaving his friends intrigued with his words. Nobody, even Palmon, knew what he had in mind but since Makoto was firmly convinced on taking the risk Tia and the others had no choice but let him do it his way. The lad then headed to Venusmon´s castle.

The Goddess of Love Beloved by Ayhelenk

Apparently fearless, Makoto showed up to Venusmon´s lair with the following declaration:


Instead of turning him into dust as she initially wanted, Venusmon smiled.


All what Makoto planned was to woo the goddess a bit. He was the king of egoism and knew how to deal with someone whose ego was as twisted as his. It was like playing a symphony, all he had to do was play the correct notes  and he would gain her favor.

“Really! You must had done something to me because I am unable to sleep. All what I can see is your face!” and he sighed as if being in pain.

“Well, well” and the Goddess allowed him in “You shall pass”

Makoto´s flattery  worked  well, so well that he ended spending the night with her!

“Oh…if only I could make you my wife!” said Makoto that night while laying on the bed after a marathonic session of lovemaking “But I, a mere human, am not worthy of you…”

Venusmon giggled, that arrogant yet handsome human certainly knew how to flatter a Goddess.

“It´s ok, darling. ” and she kissed him on the lips ” I can WAIT”

“Sure…what?!” he was ready to fall to Morpheus embrace “What do you mean?”

Makoto was a bachelor and for him, this was nothing but a beautiful yet ephemeral romance.

“About humanity , I´m fine with that” she lovingly leaned on him ” Once this war is settled with the Digidestineds´s victory, you´ll be worthy to be my husband…”

Makoto´s eyes opened wide. Wasn´t she supposed to be as free-spirited as him?!

“Well…I can´t say I will be really worthy of being…beloved. I am a poor, starving college student…I can barely support Palmon and myself. Let alone a wife!” he needed to think fast! He had tons of ladies to meet in the springtime of his youth before considering…that perpetual sentence! “If I cannot succeed  as a man, I can´t be a good husband… understand, my love?”

Venusmon nodded.

“Very well” she replied ” I´ll WAIT ”

For her it was settled, Makoto Tachikawa agreed to become her fiancé. Makoto, gulped. He WASN´T READY for that.

The next day, after an emotinal good-bvye, Makoto rejoined his group. The war was settled and other conflicts came around the digital world. But things, mostly, turned Ok.

Years passed . The Olypmpic XII never went into another brawl and the digidestineds didn´t set a foot in their realm anymore. Makoto went ahead with his life, graduated college and went to live to Los Angeles and eventually forgot about his romantic interlude with Venusmon…


Now 28, he´s currently living in Los Angeles and works as a stuntman in Hollywood. He´s quite satisfied with his lifestyle and isn´t really interested on becoming an actor since learning lines is a hassle and s quite comfortable challenging himself in dangerous stunts.

He´s currently working in a Quentin Tarantino movie and is pursued by one of the main actresses, Michaela Knight ( that´s her profssional nickname since she´s actually Michaela Washington, digidestined Micahel´s realiy 12 counterpart) . Unbeknownst to Makoto, Michaela is actually Venusmon !

The Goddess kept waiting for Makoto for a long time in the Digiworld until her patience finally ran out.

“Ok, I waited enough” said the Goddess one day ” It´s time to reclaim my fiancé”

After asking Kabuki Sakuyamon´s assistance, Tia, Miyako and Inori gladly offered to help and pointed out where Makoto was living. The girls suggested the goddess to disguise herself as a human in order to catch her prey.

And despite  Lucemon and Saturn Angemon´s strike, venusmon is more than ready to claim back her fiancé…

Reigniting the romance by Ayhelenk