Lucemon´s Resurrection


When 6 kids fused their hearts with the digispirits, in order to save both human and Digital worlds from Lucemon´s madness, a being called Susanoomon was summoned. Susanoomon managed to defeat Lucemon and being done with him for good…the kids watched an egg being separated from the ultimate corrupted form of Lucemon and realized that it´s been cleansed up. The egg, until now hadn´t been found but it´s predicted that a new Lucemon would be reborn in the future as a gentle angel…


But the corrupted part, the Lucemon they fought was sent directly to the  Death Realm and he certainly didn´t forget about his latest humiliating defeat.

Wanting to get his revenge, he managed to trick one of the Lords of the Death, Anubismon, to give him a second chance.

Anubismon ruled over the digispirits, deciding if they are allowed to reborn as digieggs or not. Unfortunately for the Lord, Lucemon not only managed to outsmart him but ended absorbing Anubismon into his system!

When he left the death realm, for his astonishment he didn´t end back in his original Digiworld…he found himself in a the Reality 09 Digiworld! In fact, he found himself stranded a Millennia before the summoning of digidestineds Tsurugi Tatsuno, Yuu Inui and Ami Kitamina to stop Barbarmon´s attempts to control the Digiworld !

Still confused, Lucemon followed the current events in the shadows. An outsider entity , Quartzmon, had corrupted Yggdrasil and taken possession of it´s body and will forcing Yggdrasil´s closest guardian, Clavis Angemon, to summon an external force as well in order to exterminate the invader.quartzmon_true Unable to leave his holy post, the Zenith Gate (which is sealed with 360 doors and holds also a direct connection the the mythical NEXUS) , the angel looked through the fabrics of time and space hoping to discover a fighter strong-willed enough to take up the challenge. Clavis wasn´t allowed to abandon the post and fight the invader himself due to an ancient oath so he had no choice but seek his own champion to stop the menace and save Yggdrasil before it unwittingly destroyed both the Digiworld and the Human realm as well!

Magnus Takariyama was having his first inter dimensional travel with his brand new digivice . Realizing that the lad´s device was of divine origin, Clavis summoned Magnus to his digiworld and after a brief explanation, granted him an Agumon and Gabumon as partners thus the X-Antibody; Magnus and his digimons had the mission to release Yggdrasil from Quartzmon influence by infusing the so mentioned antibody into the God´s body.

Lucemon arrived to Clavis Angemon´s realm, during Magnus Takariyama and his digimons´s final fight against Quartzmon. The lad fused himself with his partners and as Omegamon-X they defeated Quartzmon and released Yggdrasil. Clavis Angemon was so concentrated following the fight that he didn´t notice Lucemon´s sudden appearance and his treacherous attack from behind!

Clavis Angemon, despite being weakened, fought against the evil angel for a good while. Yggdrasil, though, after thanking the human for his assistance warned Magnus about Clavis Angemon´s situation and teleported both him and his digimons to the Zenith.

Magnus Takariyama arrived in the nick of time, finding Clavis Angmon lying on the ground and Lucemon beginning the process of absorbing the holy angel´s codes. The teenager and his digimons were so irked that they transformed once again into Omegamon and challenged Lucemon to a fight, interrupting the process and saving Clavis Angemon´s life.

Lucemon found himself overwhelmed by the fight , both rivals were on almost equal conditions and after a final deadly blow from both directions the evil angel vanished in the air. Magnus and his friends believed they got rid of him for good.

Despite being extremely worn out due to their wounds and lack of stamina, Magnus, Agumon and Gabumon were able to return to their original forms and join the dying Clavis Angemon´s side once more. Clavis announced that Lucemon , despite his defeat, was still alive (although in a pretty weakeaned state) and predicted that someday he would endanger several realities. He also announced that somebody else would continue Magnus´s mission and would suceed on defeating Lucemon for good before passing away.

Magnus and his digimons didn´t survive either and their souls took the decision of reincarnating once more, in another reality and forms, and made the promise to prepare themselves for Lucemon´s eventual return.

Meanwhile Lucemon , with what remained of his forces, thanks to the codes he stole from Clavis Angemon, managed to jump to another universe. But he was so weakened that he couldn´t avoid dedigivolving into a Cupimon and hibernated for thousands of years in order to recover from his injuries. When he finally woke up, the evil angel realized that it wasn´t enough to  take revenge against the kids and digimons from reality 05 (Digimon Frotntiers) but he wants to take down every single reality and create his own EDEN.

But at the same time, he still fears that someone like Magnus Takariyama would show up again and take him down once again.  So he´s been gathering an army of both digidestineds and digimons, kidnapping several chosens and  stealing  codes from many worlds in order to not only recreate his Paradise but to prevent that person  from emerging once more…



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