Lordknightmon and the King

Once upon the time, in a far far place known as the Digiworld, Lordknightmon danced a waltz with the King….

Defeating Lordknightmon was one of the toughest challenges that the King (aka Nova Takariyama) and the Royal Knights faced but in the end, the pink warrior gave in and hence Piedmon lost an invaluable soldier in his ranks.

Lordknightmon was the type of warrior who´ll only follow the strongest and while never expected ending following a little girl , something about her caught the digimon´s attention.
Whenever Lordknightmon looked at her eyes would amaze herself finding ,every time, something different. Something unique. Those blue, sapphire eyes were nothing less but tiny windows to another universe…a vast, intriguing universe…

And when Nova, one night  instead of sleeping decided to keep Lordknightmon company the latter ended asking the girl about her insistence about being addressed as the King instead of Queen or Princess.

“I could ask you the same about your title, Lordknightmon. You fancy a masculine name but you are a female” smiled Nova “so my digivice says!”
The pink warrior sighed.
“Us, digimons aren´t defined by genders”
“And neither am I” the girl stood up from the rock she´d been sitting until that moment ” Besides, if I want to defeat Piedmonthe first thing I had to do  was throwing away all sort of conventionality… I never liked the princesses roles to begin with; I could had gone the Utena way and fancied being a prince but…it wouldn´t make a difference. Not here. No against a monster who robbed the 4 Gods´s lifeforce. No. This is like a huge Chess game and in order to win the game I ought to become the most important piece. You will never find a prince or a princess in this game since the true power lies within the King.
“But the Queen is the most powerful one!”
“No. She´s the strongest but if she dies, a pawn could always reach the end of the line and turn into a Queen. But if the King dies, the game is over”

And every single piece had the task of taking down the other side´s king while protecting their own…

“Piedmon is the black King. I am the white one. Only one of us is allowed to stand in the end and I am going to win the game”

Lordknightmon nodded several times, slightly impressed.

“What do you have that Piedmon doesn´t that makes you speak with such impious confidence?”

Nova began to laugh

“A loving heart” she replied in the end “I´m in the mood for a dance. Fancy a waltz, Lordknightmon-san?”

And whiele she was speaking  her digivice shone and the warrior found himself startled when strange noises manifested in the air.

“For the Gods´s mercy! what´s THAT?!”

” A Waltz” Nova extended her hand “One of my favorites and it kinda remind me a bit of you… dance with me Strauss´s Rosen aus dem Süden…please?”

A very doubtful Lordknightmon found herself standing up and performing one of the most bizarre scenes from her life! It was strange, embarrassing as hell and it was a good thing that the rest of the warriors were in Slumberland already so none would laugh at them.

“Relax! Let the music guide your feet” Nova found it very hard to maintain a composed expression while leading her partner into the improvised dance floor ” 1,2,3,4…and let´s go…”

The Royal Warrior eventually relaxed and learned the moves

“Do you still believe that Piedmon is the destined ruler of this world?” asked Nova almost in the end

“I don´t know. I am used to make the strongest one´s Truth my truth”

The girl shook her head.

“So your self confidence must be pretty low if you live everyday under that  pillar ” sentenced Nova “But I am not going to force you to accept my Truth either”

Had not the helmet being there, Lordknightmon wouldn´t had been able to hide her astonished expression.


“I just say that you should seek for your own Truth and stand by it instead of depending on the changing winds” said Nova in a sweet yet firm tone

“Easier said than done” replied Lordknightmon, uncomfortable ” And what´s the deal with the Loving heart?”

Nova passed to explain that she was learning to love this world and its inhabitants and by embracing love, it would turn everybody besides herself much more powerful than before.

“There are all sort of loves, the paternal one, the fraternal, friendship…the one you find with a lover…” she kept enumerating ” I know the love that I got from my parents, from my brother and the friends I already made around here…”

“What about the lover?” Lord was dying of curiousity

“That, there´s a long way to go before I meet that particular kind of love. I am only 13!” she giggled “But when the right time comes, among the lovers …I´ll aim for the most cherished one: True love with my soulmate”

The other frowned

“What ´s that supposed to mean?!”

“I can´t explain what I haven´t met yet” apologized Nova “Instead, I´ll tell you about the type of love I offer to your people and I believe is the key to defeat Piedmon”

“What is it?”

Nova asked her partner to lean over and the pink warrior , silently, obeyed.

“Kibou no Hikari” whispered the girl “That´s it….”


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