Life in the Shrine

Note: This is a sequel to “The Quarrel” tie-in story.


“Sayonara, angel…sayonara…”

And the angel was sucked by the portal and ended being transported back to the Digiworld…not Tk´s digiworld. The one where Piedmon finally met his fate…

When Angemon finally opened his eyes he was lying on the ground.


“Uh….where…where am …I?” his head still felt like a roller coaster “…never felt so much..pain…”

“What in the holy creation happened?!”

The angel slowly turned his head around and much to his surprise Taomon was standing next to him. The divine fox was as shocked as him, when ready to go back to the shrine a golden Gate suddenly opened right in front of her eyes and violently ejected the angel…the KOed Angemon ´s fall was so tempestuous that a crater was formed due to the impact!

Angemon shook his head, confused as well.

Taomon jumped to the crater and helped the winged fella to stand up.

“Are you OK?” despite her incredulity she was concerned about his welfare. He wasn´t in the best shape, in fact  the poor guy looked was as if he´d been through a fight  !

“Yes, thank you”

“Are you sure?” insisted the divine fox after helping him out of the hole “From what I can appreciate, you received a hell of a beating! WHO DID IT?”

Angemon looked down, feeling to ashamed to  reply.



There was something odd in the angel´s behavior and Taomon wasn´t going to allow being mislead by it. When it comes to uncover hidden truths and erase well crafted lies, Taomon was the Digimon in charge! She placed one of her hands on his chin and made him look at her eyes. The fox deity  was a respected clairvoyant and no helmet in the world proved to be effective against her psychic powers, in no time she was able to look through his mask and find his sapphire eyes. She dove into his eyes and in a flash obtained the information …and ended slapping his face!

“You were supposed to be guiding my disciple through the universes!” yelled Taomon incensed  “YOU HAD A DEAL! WHY DIDN´T YOU FOLLOW THROUGH?!”

Angemon looked down obviously ashamed of his latest actions.

“I WISH I DID!!” he shouted in the end “I WISH!!!”

Taomon realized he was clearly remorseful and decided to let go of any resentment and petted his shoulder.

“Please, tell me what happened”

The other digimon´s gentleness moved the angel´s heart and humble, ended confessing everything.

The divine fox listened carefully  to his story , from the beginning to the very end without interruptions. Once he finished talking, Taomon took one of his hands and pressed it in a friendly way letting him know that she wasn´t going to judge him

“I get it and believe me, if I were in your shoes, I too would had been desperate to go back to my partner´s side ” she made a little pause “Can you turn back into Tempus Angemon?”

Angemon barely could remember the sensation , everything happened so fast that without a digivice in hand it would be quite difficult to evolve by himself. He still gave it a shot but as he feared, he couln´t do it.

“I am so exhausted that I think it´d be better if I go back into my Patamon form ”

“Please do” she said it more by curiosity than real concern, having never heard of a Patamon in her life she was ready to learn about the foreign species of Angemon and all his evolution lines.  There was a book in the shrine in which  the Priestess wrote down all the   specimen´s names and digimons   from all the continents were carefully listed, classified and  mapped their lines of evolution . But neither Angemon or Patamon´s names were in the list. It was pretty obvious that digimon didn´t belong to this Digiworld!

But Angemon was unable to dedigivolve as well!

“WHAT´S GOING ON?!” he was suddenly awestruck “WHY CAN´T I CHANGE FORMS?!”

He died fighting Devimon only to be resurrected in a foreign land and his codes felt so different …! Angemon dreaded the sensation, he was so used to be a Patamon that he couldn´t bear the fact about not having even that! It was as if he´d been robbed of everything he knew and cherished!

Taomon realized that Angemon was about to succumb to an anxiety attack. She´d better do something before he looses it and her world already had too much with Piedmon´s insanity.

“We´ll figure it out ” and to Angemon´s astonishment, Taomon stepped backwards and summoned her own powers “HOLY EVOLUTION TO…!”

And very beautiful Priestess replaced Taomon´s place.

“I´m Kabuki Sakuyamon” she greeted the desperate angel “Fear not, my dear. You are under my protection…”



“Do you miss her?” asked Sakuyamon to the new resident in her temple.
“I barely knew her” replied Angemon shrugging his shoulders “And she certainly doesn´t miss me!”

Sakuyamon smiled. Every time Nova´s name was mentioned, he couldn´t hide his anxiousness. Several weeks passed since that day and much to the rest of the residents´s dismay, the foreigner was still living in the temple! He couldn´t say he wasn´t surprised as well, Angemon kinda expected having recovered his Supreme powers at that point and ready to follow his path. But the Priestess declared unable to restore his highest powers because it corresponded to the  human to do so. Or improve  his own  mentality which was proving to be even more challenging! His obstinacy was always in the way, somthing surprising considering he was a celestial being!

“How could she miss the one who refused to be her partner?” she smiled despite the sad reality “My dear angel, you´ve been a fool!”

Kabuki Sakuyamon and her new guest by Elizabeth2003

Angemon said nothing. He needn´t any memorandums , every day he would say that to himself!

“I am aware of your past. I understand why you want to go back to that little boy´s side…” added the holy priestess ” But you  broke my former disciple´s heart ”


“You certainly underestimated her. A year fighting along the Royal Knights taught her one or two tricks that the digidestineds from your reality never achieved…”

At this point, through her clairvoyant powers, she managed to learn about his original universe and already drawn a map to the Multiverse as well. According to her lectures, Angemon was a digital angel from the so called Reality 01 . The little boy called Takeru Takaishi and his friends had been summoned by a being called Mr Gennai in order to free that reality´s digiworld from a group of evil digimons classified as Dark Masters. Devimon, who also existed in this current Digiworld, proved to be the first of many enemies the kids had to fight…
“I am now  aware of that, thank you very much” mumbled the angel “How long will I be trapped in this world?” he learned from Kabuki Sakuyamon that he was currently trapped in the Reality 012´s Digiworld and he had no chance to even going to the Human World due to Nova´s digivice sealing all the portals between the two worlds! After learning about such fact, the angel wondered about the girl´s true potential had he chose to stay by her side.

“I wish I know” answered the Priestess “Even the Gods are disappointed. Don´t expect any help from them in the near future…”

When the Gods sent little Tk back to his reality they erased part of his memories in the process,  making him believe everything was a dream. Then they declared that Tempus Angemon should become Nova´s partner and help her fulfill her task: finding her missing brother Magnus. But as soon as the angel delivered her back home, he ended declaring that his true and only partner was the chosen of Hope and wanted nothing with anybody else. His words hurt Nova so much that she, in a fit of rage, activated her digivice and made Tempus Angemon revert back into Angemon. Not satisfied with that, she instinctively summoned a Gate of Destiny (her digivice had collected hundreds of digicodes) and ended banishing the capricious angel to the Digiworld. And to prevent him from re-entering the human world, Nova also sealed all the gates.

“And knowing my disciple, you are going to be our guest for a good while. Nova´s temper can be as nasty as Alphamon ´s, may the Gods bless his departed soul…”

Angemon was a foreigner in that Digiworld and for him, most of that world´s inhabitant names were strange as well. Everyday he was learning more and more about that Digiworld´s history and customs.

“What happened to those people?”

Sakuyamon didn´t reply.

“They died, right?”

He also learned more about the monster than one day , due to a Gate of Destiny´s sudden appearance in the sky, ended delivering the insane Piedmon who caused so much misery…
“Save for Kentaurosmon, yes. Piedmon , while embedded with the 4 Gods powers, managed to annihilate them.  Nova barely managed to keep it together while watching them fall under his blades, one by one…”

Angemon´s heart fell to his feet. The more he heard about the girl´s adventures , the more he felt guilty. Like Takeru and the rest to the Digiworld , she was summoned to another world and asked to defeat the bad guys…but unlike Takeru she had been by herself. And the experiences proved to be more savage, bloodthirsty than anything Takeru´s group went through!

“Is she…ok?”

Sakuyamon summoned a magic mirror and showed what was happening in the human world.

Nova was back at school but her sweetness was gone. Both Sakuyamon and Angemon wer left astonished when the camera focused in an edgier Nova, constantly picking fights with the entire school. She didn´t mind if she was exchanging fists with middle schoolers or high schoolers, she was decided to “purge” the entire school from bullies! Besides , her return from the digital world somehow granted her certain powers she didn´t have before thus making the little girl someone pretty scary.

“Oh Lord!” said Sakuyamon “She´s still pissed!”

Angemon gasped.

” Oh dear” he mumbled. That was plainly a holy terror! And worse, he had the feeling he was the main responsible for her behavior.

“Yep, she certainly inherited the good and the worst from the Royal Knights” Sakuyamon smiled despite the terrifying scenes “Sooner or later, you will be rejoining her side. And when that happens, good luck…”


The days passed and Angemon found himself constantly thinking in the girl he rejected so badly. Since learning about her adventures and how she did her best to gather an army and go against Piedmon, despite the odds being against her…and how she swiftly apologized to her friends for not being a better champion before being killed by Piedmon´s blades…Angemon was more than decided to go back and make amends!

But the gates remained sealed and without Gods left to attend such affairs (they decided to join Yggdrasil´s side , which was laying in the deepest part  the world , and in order to accelerate the Digiworld´s healing process they chose to fall in a slumber estate and sleep by the God´s side feeding it with their sacred energies) only the Priestess could lift the barriers, if she wanted.

Kabuki Sakuyamon and her new guest II by Elizabeth2003

“I wish I could go to the Human world and apologize to her…”sighed  Angemon one morning , during a break . The Priestess insisted on keeping the angel as a new resident. Despite missing Tk and the other kids and digimons like a miserable, he gratefully  accepted her offer and slowly the  temple became  a  home. He never protested , even once, when given a large list of duties everyday. And he never dared to express a negative feeling despite receiving the stinky eye from the resident Renamons.

“No need” replied Sakuyamon in a gleeful tone  “She already got support from the future digidestineds, so she´ll be fine without you”

And the mirror showed Nova being cherished by a group of teenagers. Despite the heartbreak Nova managed to keep it together thanks to the high-school Tia Yagami´s caring group. The teens used to be Magnus Takariyama´s best friends but when Nova was sent back to her reality, nobody recalled ever meeting Magnus in their lives. Even Sakuyamon was at a loss, unable to explain how a single person´s name could had been erased from the collective memories! Unless it was magic…but who was THAT POWERFUL to pull such trick? Even her clairvoyant powers were unable to figure out the identity of the responsible party which still worried her…but the most amazing thing turned to be Tia and the rest´s attitude. With memories or not, they still held Nova Takariyama in high esteem and became their best friends and protectors!

Angemon couldn´t help but feeling pretty jealous.

“She´s my partner!”

“Not at the moment” added the priestess “As I said the first time, for now mister you are grounded!”


“Besides, you are about to begin your training, my dear angel” sentenced the priestess. The angel looked at her, puzzled “Did you think I would let you stay in the temple for free?” Her smile was somewhat scary.

“I guess I can´t argue with that” conceded the angel in the end “What sort of training I am going to be given?”

Sakuyamon ´s smile grew wider and a tad naughtier.

“First, I think it´s time you venture outside this temple and  convince the my people  about your intentions”


“You are an outsider from another Digiworld, despite your role in Piedmon´s defeat that doesn´t mean you are popular in this land”

“How´s that?” he was intrigued.

“Well, let´s say that you are quite hated nowadays…everybody knows how you ditched our digidestined and…”


“You are as popular as Devimon. Nope, actually, Devimon´s reputation scores higher than yours”

Angemon couldn´t believe what he was listening! That was the most offensive thing he ever heard!!!

“Wonderful!” he yelled “I´m stuck in this world and I am the public enemy?!” he shook his head , shocked “I am not that bad!”

“I know” Sakuyamon patted his shoulder “But the Renamons think otherwise”

As far as the priestess knew, the Renamons were the ones who spread the news around the whole continent. The foxes certainly didn´t like Angemon very much…

And Nova wouldn´t be thrilled to see his face either, when almost 3 human years later the gates would finally give in….


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