Ivanova Nikitich / Nova Takariyama


Born in St Petersburg, Russia in 1985.

 Magnus was 2 years old when Dmitry and Maria Nikitich welcomed a baby girl into the family, making Magnus the elder brother.Unbeknownst to them she´s actually  the reincarnation of an Angewomon from Reality 04.

The angel, completely weakened after a cruel battle against a Millenniunmon and believing she lost her beloved partner Magna Angemon for good,  was on the verge of death  when she , by chance, made her way to reality 12´s Earth. A brief encounter with toddler Magnus revived her will and she became so smitten with him that she chose to forgo her form  and was  reborn as his sister.

Although she has no recollection of her past self, Nova always stuck out like a sore thumb. Since she could remember she had the feeling of being quite different from other girls  and always had trouble socializing with her peers.  She would often cling to her elder brother and insist on chasing after him when he would go out with his friends. After their parents´s death her attachment towards Magnus grew up in a considerable way; Magnus was 9 and she was 7 when they became orphans. During their time in the orphanage (nobody from their remaining relatives offered a home to the siblings) and unsure about the future, their bond grew tighter than ever. Magnus swore by their parents´s grave that he would look after his sister and ended  adopting the Prince role, he kept acting that way even after being adopted into the Takariyama clan.


Unlike Magnus she  was just the average kid and had a hard time trying to adjust to their new life in Japan. From the very beginning she struggled to adapt to the Japanese culture, beginning with the language. She wasn´t the most studious child back in her hometown and  learning how to write in Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana at the same time proved to be a real nightmare for her!  Despite her adopted parents´s efforts Nova mostly rebelled against the norms and  was homeschooled for one year and a half. Only Magnus managed to persuade her to put an effort on her studies after declaring how much he missed going to school together; her brother complex popped and she was 9 by the time she was enrolled to school.

Her awkward nature was still there, though. Despite having assimilated the basics she did not get along with her classmates , it was rejection at first sight from both sides. Her peers weren´t quite comfortable having a full fleshed foreigner among them; the girls had no qualm on ignoring her, jealous of her blonde hair and blue eyes while the boys were too timid and immature to speak to her.  Nova didn´t try to win anybody´s affection anyways to the point of not even bothering to remember any of her classmates´s names; when the bell rang announcing the lunch break she would normally rush to her brother´s class and eat with him.

Despite not getting along with her classmates Nova eventually learned to relax thanks to Tia Yagami who gleefully took her under her wing like she did with Magnus. Tia´s friendly nature won over Nova´s initial fears and Sora Takenouchi, Tia´s best friend at that time, ended declaring that it was a norm for every group having a pet so Nova , as the youngest member of the group, adopted the role. She was like a cat, given different nicknames by Tia and her friends. Tia Yagami and Inori Izumi used to call her Nova-chan, Ryo addressed her as “little princess”, Sora Takenouchi and his best buddy Makoto Tachikawa nicknamed her “Kitten” while Yori Kido “petite”.

Years passed and when Nova was in her second year in middle school, Magnus and his friends were already in high school; she still skipped her classmates ´s company to hang around with the highschoolers which worsened her relationship with her peers even more. Most of the girls were jealous of her beginning with her looks,   calling her “outsider” and declaring she would never be a Japanese girl despite her adopted surname and wondering when she would go back to Russia; the other reason of their jealousy was the fact she was a pampered by Tia Yagami and her friends and being the only middle schooler allowed into her group. Most of the guys dared not to talk to Nova due to shyness but a fella known as Daisuke Motomiya did his best to tease her  whenever the chance showed up; the lad just wanted to get her attention (although he could had just thought a better way of doing so) because of a non-admitted crush only to gain a sincere hatred from her part,  worsening in the process  her lack of interest on interacting with people of her own age.


Her brother complex tendencies became an usual joke among Tia´s circle, especially by Ryo who teased the siblings the most . Nova would often pester any girl who dared to get too close to Magnus and became especially jealous of Miyako Ishida, who just happened to assist to Magnus´s same music lessons after classes. Nova would call Miyako a random fox and accuse her of hitting on him and Miyako, who was far from being a meek lady, would reply back at the “brat” threatening to cause World War III!


One afternoon, Nova followed the pair after school after hearing rumors about them actually dating in secret which annoyed her as hell. Akiyama tagged along (despite Nova´s insistence that his presence was not necessary) and prevented her from causing a scene when they followed them to a café. Unbeknownst to the jealous sister Magnus pretended to be dating Miyako in order to chase away  Junichi Motomiya, who despite being firmly rejected by her he kept following her everywhere like a puppy. Miyako, who was a pretty unsocial gal, hated the unwanted attention from Daisuke´s elder brother and requested Magnus to be her fake boyfriend for a couple of days .

Because they were appointed to compete in a concert, Miyako feared Junichi´s constant attentions were interfering with her concentration so Magnus obligued. Nova ended truly believing they became an item and became so heartbroken that Ryo consoled her by stealing her first kiss!

That event left her in a turmoil of emotions, for the first time Nova kept a secret from Magnus by not telling him about the kiss. She ended surprising herself by admitting how much she liked it and feared that if Magnus knew he would go after him and start a fight which may lead to the end of their friendship. Meanwhile, two days before the Science Fair, Magnus finally let her see the project he´d been working on…

The Portal by AyhelenkThe Portal - II by Ayhelenk

Magnus, all this time, had been working on a project which he called “Outworlds”. Supposedly inspired by the Stargate movie, he declared that he discovered a way to open a gate to different worlds. “I borrowed granfather´s organ and ,with miss Izumi´s courtesy, I frankesteined it with some techno junk and voilá! Here´s my musical portal opener!”

Then he proceeded to show up his bracelet to a very skeptic Nova.

“This is my compass, a mini-sized computer “ which impressed the little girl even less. Yet Magnus kept to himself how he really got the device  and how he was only able to gasp only a part of its functions. “Sound can cause alterations on the matter, even Pythagoras could heal people while playing music. So if I try certain frequencies, playing the right notes while wearing the bracelet I could go further than Doc Emmet Brown and his Delorean!”

And when he began to play his notes, the screen began to transmit a shower of codes and the bracelet shone at the spot, manifesting 3D images from several realities at once!

Nova had no choice but  concede that Magnus managed to break the limits of science. Contradictory feelings emerged while witnessing that miracle, while admired of her brother´s genius she also felt an instant fear and a part of her wished he failed. The images were extraordinary but Nova couldn´t help but had an instantaneous bad feeling. Magnus declared he was going to test it before presenting it in the fair and refused to take his sister with him.

“Please take me with you! Don´t go without me! “she pleaded ” what…what…if you don´t make it back?”
” I will make it back in one piece, I promise “he said in a firm tone “My digivice is my compass, I won´t get lost. I know!”
“But it´s dangerous! “
” Probably, but I will be back in less than a minute”
“Why are you doing this?  Why´s this such a deal? Is beating Akiyama THAT IMPORTANT?”

The boy could see his sister´s anxiousness, his heart was racing too. But he felt an urgency…he´s been dreaming about this moment for so long…it was as if destiny was calling for him. He needed to do it.

“No, I am doing this for my heart…something´s calling for me and I want to figure it out…”

He made a pause.

” I am not sure you will understand this, sis. I want to make this journey and meet whatever I shall meet, then come back and tell you everything about it. And if everything´s ok, I shall take you the next time”

She finally let him go.

I am not quite sure I understand, but if you are about to become the Stargate guy…please, make sure you get a gun in case you meet some baddies. Ok?”

He laughed.

“Of course. I shall be back in less than 5 minute anyways, ok? You won´t have to wait an eternity.
Nova laughed.
“You betcha! ” she pinched his cheeks – I just hate waiting!

The next minute Magnus jumped and disappeared in the screen..the experiment was a success!But the minutes kept passing, one minute turned into ten minutes. Ten minutes turned into an hour .Nova was almost hysteric when the screen began to shine again and was ready to scold her brother .
Except that only his digivice made it back home…before she could do or say anything, the device immediately took possession of her wrist and Nova ended sucked by the re-opened portal!

“It was like being sucked by the Wizard of Oz´s tornado only that I could see the stars dancing around me like madmen!” she would recall, years later.

She lost her consciousness in the midst of the unrequited travel and when she finally opened her eyes Nova found herself inside a an antiquate room; the place was unfamiliar to her and still a bit dizzy she ventured outside only to find out, after reaching the patio, that she was in a Shinto temple.


Before she could ask how she arrived there Nova was suddenly surrounded  by a bunch of strange creatures (which she would later find out it was a group of koromons) who wanted nothing but cuddles. Soon after that a Taomon  emerged from the shadows, ignoring the girl´s astonishment the fox deity declared that their prayers were finally heard.

“Welcome to the Digiworld,  chosen savior…”

A truly shocked Nova would find out that she was summoned by the spirits of a foreign world known as Digiworld to save it from someone called Piedmon. A clownesque creature who, like her, suddenly showed up from the sky ; Taomon recalled seeing a golden portal opening from nowhere in the sky and the unknown digimon  setting a foot on their land.


“At first he, like you, seemed completely disorientated and yelled that this wasn´t his world and wanted to go back” Taomon revealed to the girl “But it didn´t take him a long time to settle in our world and starting his own campaign..a conquest campaign!”

The Digiworld was, at that time, ruled by 4 Great Gods which were designated for such role by the Intelligence host known as Yggdrasil. For everybody´s horror, Piedmon dared to challenge the deities and as soon as they responded, he managed to trick them and ended turned into puppets!

“Since then, months passed and the world is on the verge of destruction. It´s written in the antique scrolls that when a huge evil threatens our world´s safety, a Champion from other land  would show up and would free the world from the tyrant..You are that champion, miss Takariyama….”


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