Born in Odaiba, Tokyo, in 1982 Inori is the Digidestined of Knowledge . She´s Tia´s best friend among the girls and usually her partner in crime.

Computers are her life and never fails to carry her pet..I mean, her laptop (which by the way was baptized as SDF-1, being The Super Dimension Fortress Macross her favorite anime from all the times!) she´s an adorkable hacker.

Her path would cross Tia Yagami´s   in her second year of middle school… in the DETENTION ROOM. Despite her skills Inori , one afternoon, was  caught in act while hacking  the school´s system and narrowly avoided the expulsion since it was her first fault. She was forced to spend an entire month in detention, after class, and it was during that time that destiny put her in touch with Tia Yagami, Sora Takenouchi and Makoto Tachikawa. Tia was caught red handed making out  with a girlfriend in a prohibited area, the guys were punished for picking up a fight with a neighboring school´s gang.

Since then she was invited to join Tia´s group and Inori, who didn´t really get along with her own classmates,  gladly obliged.

From the guys, Makoto fell in an awe with Makoto (who everybody nicknamed the Cowboy because he always wore a western hat) and even asked him out when she was 15. Makoto seemed like a prince , with his ikemen features and long hair, and also fun to hang  around since he also showed up a sparkly personality.

The E-mail by Ayhelenk

Inori was thrilled when he said yes and dated for six months; eventually, though,  she grew up tired of his enormous ego and Inori decided it was better having him as a buddy instead as a lover. Makoto agreed and since then he would constantly hang around her like an older brother, making her his confidant and often asking her for advice.


She also enjoyed hanging around with Magnus Takariyama and would often tease Nova by implying that sooner or later would ask Magnus out, annoying the hell out of the lad´s sister. But after his disappearance and subsequent memory spell that erased Magnus Takariyama from the collective memories, Inori felt that something was missing from her heart. Despite finding hard believing that Magnus actually existed, Nova´s vehemency touched her heart and promised to investigate the supernatural incident.

“I read enough theories about alterations in the matter and time, so if something like this actually happened it´s my duty to find out. If proven true, then we´ll be facing one of the most terrifying things ever..!”


When Sakuyamon summoned her own set of digidestineds to protect the Digiworld, Inori was granted a Tentomon and  the crest of Knowledge.

Discovering a parallel world composed of data proved to be heaven for the likes of Inori, who always had the theory about digital data actually coming to life. Ready to absorb all the available knowledge, Inori took seriously her digidestined role.

The power of Inori Izumi by Ayhelenk

When she finally understood that digimons really owned a heart and weren´t mere programed elements, the digivice´s light blade became golden making Tentomon evolve unique Mega form : KHEPRIMON.


Now 27, she´s currently single and still living with her parents. She´s more interested hacking into governmental sites than going out on dates, worrying her mother quite a bit.

She´s long gone moved on from Makoto and actually was the one who ratted him to Venusmon when the goddess came to the human world, looking for him.