When I envisioned this fanfic, years ago, a crossover of the first 4 seasons -a 5th was virtually a no-no at the moment- that I began writing my own 5th Season.
Now that I am adapting my fic into the english version and after watched Savers and Data Sqaud, I decided to reboot the fic a little more, adding elements of these seasons as well. (I never watched X-ROS and I am holding a bit more before watching Tri)

This fic´s title is “Destiny and Justice” but after re-reading the whole story again while improving some threads…if I had to define this fanfic with a single word would be INFINITY.

Because it´s a fic that involves characters from different timelines, realities and what the main villain of the story, Lucemon, actually seeks is…being one with Infinity. (pretty much like in Frontiers)

If you ´d like to see my fanfic as a non-canon digimon season, I hope my drawings and designs will be able to make you swim into the adventure and have lots of fun!