Duel against Fusion Angemon


In the end Nova had no choice but to agree taking Angemon (a.ka Tempus Angemon the Digital Angelf of time when he´s on duty) back as her partner.
They had a deal: they will travel across time and space, through several realities until her elder brother Magnus was found safe and sane and returned to her side.
Once done that Angemon would be free to go back to reality 01, his native one, and reclaim his position as Takeru Takaishi´s original Angemon and his replacement would had to pick a new human partner.

But once Nova got back her digivice another reality befell on them: first, they needed to build a new bond and unify their powers.
The second issue, Nova had not been active as a digidestined for two years and needed to reawaken the powers she used to have back in the digiworld when she was  the so called King and lead the Royal Knights against the madman of Piedmon. Most of the Royals passed away in battle leaving her with nothing else but their codes.

Their codes were still inside her dna but he heart was so filled with uncertainty and disappointment that there was no way she could access her powers as an hybrid.

So Kabuki Sakuyamon came up with a plan.

Her magic opened a gate to another reality and Nova and Ange were suddenly thrown to the so called Reality 06 (the X-ros. fusion series)…

They were actually teleported to a territory known as Silicalia in the Sand Zone, right in the entrance of the Order of Warriors of the Light.

Nova frowned “What the heck is this?” she asked, a bit suspicious.

“Boot camp”

“I don´t think I like the term”

“You´d better get used to it. When compared to your 14 year old self you are a weakling. If you want to meet your brother again you have no choice but  train” Ange was now wearing civilian clothes. He chose to because he did not want to be confused with the other Angemon that lived in that strange place in the midst of the desert.

“…” she simply limited to shrug her arms and followed Ange.

It didn´t take them too long before they were stopped at the entrance by a Sylphilmon who was wearing some kind of priest robes.

“We want to meet your leader, shall we pass?” asked Ange in a tranquil voice.

Sylphilmon initially hesitated but a quick look at the man informed him that he was another Angemon albeit oddly dressed. Besides, where were his wings…?

“I live in the human world from reality 012 and I got used to this disguise. It prevents humans from making too much questions” declared Ange.

“Yup, he just got used to be freeloading in my dorm in Juilliard” added Nova, sarcastic.


“My damned place”

The guardian looked at the girl and got a shiver when he focused on her sapphire eyes. He shrieked for a moment. Inside her eyes ihe could read   “do not mess with me because I´m in a foul mood” and sighing, he let them in.

An Angemon was the leader of the order and greeted the newcomers with a smile.

“Pleased to meet two new candidates to our Order” he said “I don´t need to read minds to realize that you own a huge amount of   courage and justice in your hearts hearts…” the leader couldn´t be happier, they could always make use of people like them. The Queen would certainly approve these new candidates….

Ange and Nova exchanged a glare but said nothing.

“I can sense the same codes as mine despite your odd outfit” Angemon  said to Ange “What´s your rank as a fellow digital Angel?”

“A guardian of Time” replied Ange “But I am not here as a candidate. But Nova is”

Nova who had been squinting her surroundings was surprised.


“Of course we can´t be sure a mere human is really suitable for the job” Angemon never expected a girl like her applying for the job. Enough he had training a young Reapmon who wanted more than anything to  be chosen as a Warrior of the Light, but their Queen constantly rejected the candidate. Despite being disheartened,Reapmon wasn´t willing to give up. Angemon was fairy sure that someday he would make it..

“I´m an hybrid” contradicted Nova , cold “I doubt I´ll ever be normal again”

Well in fairness, she was never a normal person to begin with…

Ange chuckled.

“She´s a digidestined that went through a gruesome war and survived. She used to be a King”

Angemon and his disciples, who were gathered around the main hall where it was erected a statue of their Queen , became speechless. Did they hear wrong?

“Impossible. She´s a girl!” yelled a Karatenmon.

“So?” Nova smirked. Even in another reality she would still hear the same song “I can be wahtever I want, you group of smucks!”

The majority of the warriors dedicated a cold glare at the badmothed girl. How dare she speak like that?! The only digimon who laughed with her comments was none other than the wishful Reapmon.

“I think I like her” he said to himself

“If she was someone that important. Then why´s here instead of ruling her territory?” the leader of the Order opted to not question if her claim was true or not. He could sense the remaining codes from the Royal Knights residing in the girl´s body and THAT was AMAZING enough.

Ange was going to reply but Nova took the word instead:

“I´m here to challenge you to a duel , Angemon-sama” she wasn´t into sugary things. If she wanted to find Magnus she needed to prepare herself ASAP. And if that meant fighting against a winged brother of the jerky Ange, then she was in!


Of course she lost the first fight. And the next ones.

Two weeks passed and she still couldn´t find a way to defeat Angemon. What the hell happened to her?! When she was back at her digiworld she trained with the Knights. They taught her to fight like one of them. Her digivice barely shown any progression.

“DAMMIT!” she punched her pillow, unable to sleep that night “If I don´t defeat that asshole I will never be able to leave this cursed place!”

Ange, who was laying on a nearby bed smiled.

“I thought you were enjoying your boot camp” he hid a smile when Nova dedicated him a death gaze. Angemon was a really good fighter and made her promise that she would help in the temple and train with the other candidates until she was able to defeat him. Two weeks in that place and she was about to explode.

How could she enjoy spending her days in a nuthouse like this? It was nothing but a hole filled with freaks that every day consecrated their time adoring a cursed statue of a Queen. Whoever was that deity , until now she saw nothing remarkable coming from that statue. Everyday the nutso priesty digimons would raise  their hands to a statue of their Queen to glow with her light.

“I can´t wait to leave this hole. I don´t like it at all”

“So open your heart to your digivice and digimons” suggested Ange “Sakuyamon once told me that you didn´t like digimons at first but then you learned to open up and protected their world. Maybe you need to re-learn that…?”

The only response he got from her was a pillow thrown at his face.

” Smartass” she mumbled and went to sleep.


On the 15th day of her arrival, Nova once again challenged Angemon to a duel.

“Are you sure you still want this?” asked the leader “Can´t say I don´t admire your persistence”

“If I see one more ridiculous ceremony towards the goddamed statue, I am going to yell” and the girl began to attack.

“Don´t insult our Queen!” Angemon did not need a push to give his all. They dueled with swords like always and despite her row of defeats Angemon was actually impressed with the girl because she was fighting with the strength and skills of a digimon. The codes that resided in her dna were the responsible for such miracle and there were times that the angel found himself overwhelmed by his challenger. Nova´s temperature began to increase, she was so sick of being stuck in that place that she gradually was beginning to open her mind to stuff she brushed away years ago.

Her human dna and the digital ones were learning to accept each other hence her movements acquired more speed, her way of handling the sword improved 20 times. The sword felt lighter and lighter every time and her digivice was already shining.

During the fight, several memories from the past came to Nova´s mind. The time she was the King and all the adventures shared with the Knights began to rain inside her heart. Especially the most candid moments. Tears began to roll from her eyes. Those people were more than guardians…they were her friends and she still missed them like crazy!

“Why did you have to die?” she said after avoiding one of Angemon´s thrusts “WE PROMISED WE WOULD DEFEAT THE CLOWN TOGETHER ONLY FOR YOU DYING BEFORE ME!!!”

Those were wonderful warriors that she would never meet again. Save for a couple , all ended dying in different battles…just to save her life. She still felt so guilty…!

“Please..at least…at least lend me your strength!!!!”

Suddenly the digivice shone like a sun and Angemon , unable to bear that sight, momentarily closed his eyes.

When the light vanished everybody in the room let escape an astonished “OH!”, Nova Takariyama was wearing an Omegamon-type armor!

“Omegamon-kun…” she whispered “So you are still with me…”

“Goodness!” exclaimed Angemon, livid “HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!”

“AS IF I´M TELLING!” and in less than 30 seconds she counterattacked with the strength of Omegamon. Angemon, unable to respond accordingly due to her incredible speed , was finally defeated.

“NO WAY!! ANGEMON-SAMA!!!” shouted the disciples in horror.

“No yelling in this holy ground” ordered the fallen angel, slowly standing up. Nova responded with one of Omegamon´s attacks and the impact made Angemon fly violently against a column, breaking it completely  “She won fair and square”

Ange, who had been witnessing the duel couldn´t help but smile. So she finally unlocked part of her powers..!

“You are welcome to join our Order, Nova-san” Angemon shook her hand “Despite you being a human being, you proved to be worthy…”

Nova´s heart was still shaken with her memories. The credit should go to the Royal Knights. They were the people who taught her everything she knew and made her the recipient of their leftover codes in order to prevent Piedmon  from getting them. She wanted to cry again. She met so many wonderful people and they no longer walked in the mortal world…!
And how many more she would meet and eventually lose to the angel  of Death…?

“I am afraid I am not worthy” she spoke softly “I am just a brat with a digivice. The digivice isn´t even mine…I am looking forward to give it back to Magnus…when I find him…”

Ange put an arm over her shoulders and with the other hand caressed her golden locks.

” We can´t be part of your Order, Angemon-sama. We would be going against your timeline´s history…” there was a certain sadness in his eyes. His Tempus Angemon persona that was sleeping inside him could see the future that had yet to arrive. The Order, someday, would be no more. And the young Reapmon would be the one who´ll cause its extinction….”But thank you for your time. Nova learned a huge deal and we´ll never forget your kindness”

Angemon felt a momentarily heartache, as if sensing the yet far future…and it wasn´t as shiny as he wished it was.

“It´s a pleasure” he shook both visitors´s hand “Your stay here was certainly…interesting. Hopefully someday you will pay us another visit”

“Let´s hope so!” Ange said “Take care!”

“Take care, brother!” saluted everybody “Take care Nova-san!”

“Take care!” Nova bid her farewell “And many thanks!!!”

Suddenly a golden light emerged from nowhere and the visitors were no longer in Silicalia. Kabuki Sakuyamon was calling them back home in reality 012…