Digidestineds from Reality VII



During many of their interdimensional adventures,  Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon discovered another of the Omega Effect´s consequences:   Reality VII.  An expansive wave created by Omega ended causing disruptions between Realities V and IX,  creating attracting each other to an inevitable point of destruction, Tempus Angemon was forced to intervene and stop them from crashing. While he managed to avert the catastrophe  some leftover codes slipped from his hands and  ended clashing anyways. The clash  formed a new reality and hence duplicate versions of Masaru Daimon and his gang were created in the process, challenging the laws of existence and equilibrium. Things improved greatly when Tempus also realized that there were also  duplicate versions of Tsurugi Tatsuno & co, including Yggdrasil `s human hosts Norun Mikagura and Gabriel. Tempus and Nova at first were horrified with the discovery, because a reality was created due to a paradox that took place in another could present a menace towards other realities.

After consulting with Nexus, a holy Host Computer that regulates the events in different universes, it was decided to let things roll down and Reality VII was left as it was (and by the way it´s known as the Digimon World Dawn and Dusk)

Because of the fusion of the leftover codes from realities V and IXa new type of  Digiworld was formed, new digimons emerged like Coronamon and Lunamon and new storylines took place as well.

History was  inevitably rewritten and although the Digidestineds were mostly the same as their original counterparts from reality V and IX  they were fated to follow different paths. For instance, it was a given that sooner or later the Data Squad would eventually meet and team up with Tsurugi ´s gang…

ange-nova-capsTempus ANgemon and Nova visited several times that reality; the first time was in 2009, 2 years after King Drasil´s defeat and everybody, save for Masaru, had their memories of the Digimons wiped in order to ensure what remained of the Digiworld´s protection.

But Tempus detected anomalies running across the Digiworld and chose to go against the rules and restored everybody´s memories. Masaru and the Digimons briefly were summoned to the human world in order to go after a group of rogue digimons that wanted to take revenge against the humans.

At the same time Nova recruited Tsurugi Tatsuno (half a year later after the Next storyline) and his friends´help after being tipped of Norun´s Mikihara´s apparent abduction from her palace. Norun and Gabriel Mikihara from reality VII ended being infected by an external source and charged against the Human world after learning about Masaru´s victory over the other Yggdrasil, killing the latter in the process. Too hypnotized to realize they were manipulated, the Mikihara siblings made it their mission to expand the Digiworld by replacing the human world and its inhabitants declaring humanity a virus that should had been dealt since the very beginning.

The culprit ended being  the Apocalymon that was defeated in reality 01 by the original 8. It was supposed to be erased for good but part of its codes survived and went across time and space; when Reality VII took its form Apocalymon lurked into the Digiworld´s shadows for years , looking forward to find a way to reality 01 and take revenge on the kids that defeated them until he came across the Mikihara siblings and changed its mind.

The combined forces of the DATS and NEXT teams purified Norun and Gabriel defeated Apocalymon for good and Tempus Angemon made sure that  Apocalymon ´s data was completely erased and unable to revive anymore. Afterwards Masaru and the Digimons returned to the Digiworld in order to fulfill the promise made to King Drasil about looking after the Digiworld until Yggdrasil´s return. Norun  apologized dearly to Tsurugi, Ami, Yuu and Shou about their madness and returned to her section of the Digiworld (which ´s placed in a parallel dimension from King Drasil´s ) while Gabriel, surprisingly unapologetic about the incident, left without saying good-bye.

Tempus was supposed to erase the former DATS members´s memories but ended not doing it after Yoshino Fujieda´s pleadings. She declared that she would terribly miss Lalamon she´d rather keep her memories about their adventures than living with an empty dèja vú feeling. Nova was so moved with Yoshino´s words that joined her pleas and Tempus , despite declaring it was a gross defying of rules, relented in the end and allowed everybody to keep their memories.

In the 2012 Nova and Ange (Tempus Angemon) , now married, paid their second visit to reality VII. Masaru was still the Digital version of Robsinson Crusoe and policing the Digiworld, Yoshino was a cop, Tohma received the Nobel Prize in Medicine (he supposedly discovered a cure for Relena´s illeness)  while Ikuto was in his first year in high school with Masaru´s younger sister Chika. Ange discovered that King Drasil was alive again…sort of. Instead of reviving as a digimon , Yggdrasil´s remaining codes searched for a human host and chose Relena Norstein as its vessel. Relena voluntarily accepted Yggdrasil as part of her in exchange for her health and because she felt it was partly her fault that Akihiro Kurata ´s evil deeds almost destroyed the Digiworld.She kept this fact a secret from her brother and lacked the courage to confess that Tohma´s medicine did not cure her at all.

So the Reality VII Yggdrasil´s had now 3 human forms.

In order to make sure  that reality´s  events would unveil in a smooth way Nova suggested forming DATS once again. The Digiworld was fully restored and so most of the Royal Knights, Banchou Leomon and Merukimon. And when she announced that Yggdrasil bonded with a human and was living in the human world as such it was undeniable the need of DATS. The agency would do what was originally slated to do: monitor the activities between the two worlds. And because Yggdrasil was walking between the humans Masaru was freed from his promise of living in the Digiworld and was 19 years old when he returned to his world, this time accompanied by Agumon and the other digimons.

Rentarou Satsuma resumed his post as the commander and so most of his staff. This time, though, Dats would not respond to any government orders. Tempus recreated the site on the condition that it would remain as an independent, secret agency like the MIB. In terms of money it would be funded by the Norstein family because of their past alliance with Kurata (Tempus did not care about Tohma´s father´s reasons of helping Kurata , he still claimed that even if Relena wasn´t sick Franz Norstein would had still followed the wrong path due to his own sake) and seek redemption.

Eventually Nova and Ange would recruit Masaru and the others as part of the Supreme rooster…




When DATS was recreated Masaru was invited to join it. Initially he was indecisive about accepting the offer until Tempus announced that Merukimon and most of the digimons he once knew were revived at last and that even King Drasil was back into life, only then Masaru felt free to go back to the human world and continue with his life.Masaru went back to his world and agumon, falcomon, gaomon and lalamon followed him. The chessmons also returned to the human world, looking forward to assist their humans once again.

Masaru looked forward to join his old team once again but he almost quit on the spot when Rentarou declared he would only be allowed back in DATS if he agreed to resume his studies and earn his diploma. Tohma, Yoshino and Nova were 100% on the commander´s side saying that Masaru had enough slack in the Digiworld and needed to straighten his ways. The entire Daimon family agreed on that stance and while they missed Masaru during his 5 years in the Digiworld they declared he was not welcomed in the house until he went back to school!

So Masaru had no choice but to go to night school and gain his middle and high school degrees (which was pure torture ) while fulfilling his duties as a DATS member during the day.

Tempus once declared that King Drasil was revived albeit in an unusual way. Everybody was shocked when it was revealed that Drasil chose to  his codes fused with a human  instead of reviving as a digimon. But when asked about Yggdrasil´s new identity Tempus ANgemon refused to reveal it saying it was for everybody´s sake.

While neither Nova nor Tempus would reveal about Yggdrasil´s whereabouts  Masaru    discovered it anyways and almost died of shock when he casually found out Relena Norstein was the new Yggdrasil.

Forgoing his usual ruthlessness Masaru swore he would protect her no matter what. That eagerness to protect Relena ended becoming something else and when Relena was 18 Masaru proposed to her!

Relena said yes and not expecting an approval from the Norstein clan the pair eloped to Okinawa and got married before anybody could object…



Masaru Daimon is now a   family man, he and can really call Tohma his bro (which the latter doesn´t appreciate) the day he married (or better say eloped with ) Relena Norstein.
He`s  38 year old and still loves skipping duty in DATS and  having a good brawl whenever is in the streets or having a hand-to hand with a rogue digimon in the Digiworld.
He loves his family dearly and enjoys driving nuts his daughter Minami who, in turn, inherited his fighter spirit and would gladly show up a good hand-to-hand against him.

Masaru glady accepted Nova Takariyama´s offer to form part of the Supremes´rooster and since getting a bracelet he learned to develop new powers. Yet it´s his bond with his wife, Relena the reason he can achieve a very special digievolution that normally would break up the rules: ZeedOmegamon. Because Relena turned to be reality VII´s human host of Yggdrasil Masaru got from her certain codes that none of his friends can achieve.

Nowadays Masaru has two concerns:
His Wife:  Relena was chosen, many years ago, as Yggdrasil new Host since the deity considered her the most suitable for his codes. If anything happens to her, the Digiworld will be in serious danger.
His daughter: Minami is her beloved child but also inherited some of Yggdrasil´s powers. He´s watching closely over her, especially the day she was granted a digivice of her own…fav.me/da1shfw , fav.me/da9dekd








This Reality is quite peculiar because it´s the result of a merge of two  realities: reality 05 β and reality 09 δ , due to inexplicable events, suffered a collision and ended fused into a new one.

AU Masaru Daimon and his DATS comrades ended living slightly different storylines  at the same time Digimon Next´s digidestineds Tsurugi and his friends were also dulicated and went through similar yet different adventures from their original 09 counterparts. Eventually the groups would meet and team together against several threats…

Minami Daimon


16 years old.

Meet Masaru Daimon´s reality 07 counterpart´s daughter Minami !

She  inherited from her legendary father a fierce spirit, an incredible strength  and  a strong sense of justice.
But she´s also as beautiful, sensible and bright as her mommy: Relena Norstein. (Which by the way Tohma NEVER forgave Masaru for snatching his  sister !)

And she also inherited something else from both the Daimon and Norstein trees: the tendency to meet trouble wherever she goes!

Despite promising her dear grandmother (Masaru´s mommy) to act like a proper lady in high school, it didn´t pass a week since the opening ceremony when trouble found miss Daimon!

She was ready to join the ceremony tea club (which for sure would had improved the bad rep  from middle school) but Fate intervened and ended becoming a sukeban! Being the leader of a gang wasn´t in her plans but how could she refuse when the entire school nominated her for the role?

And she was so thrilled the day she learned that the one who nominated her for such honor was none other than her cousin North (Kita Norstein, Tohma´s daughter ) and her best friend Higashi Tsubasa! (Yoshino Fujieda and Kouki Tsubasa´s son)  And by the way, Minami proudly tattooed 3 roses on her left arm as a symbol of her friendship with North and Higashi…

Of course, there´s also the Digimon affair; just like her folks Minami was inevitably dragged to the newest conflicts between the human world and the Digital World. Coronamon chose her as his new partner, wherever she wanted the job or not!

But in the end, they became the best friends and Minami is ready to kick the enemy ass !

Kita “North” Norstein


16 years old.  She´s the miraculous consequence of  a one night stand between Tohma Norstein and  a colleague; he   only learned about the truth when  several years later  the mother insisted on sending the child to live with her father. Tohma is  still scratching his head , his newly found  paternity proved to be QUITE challenging!
Kita insists to be called North and doesn´t bother to use honorifics. She doesn´t get along with the Norstein faimly and spends most of her time at the Daimon´s family house.  She considers Minami more of a  sister than a cousin. Relena is still amazed about the huge resemblance between them, Kita could pass as her past self´s twin!

Her digimon is Lunamon

Higashi Tsubasa


Meet Yoshino Fujieda´s reality 07 counterpart´s son Higashi  !

When DATS was disbanded, Yoshino passed to work as a police officer with Miki, Megumi, and Satsuma. Being a regular cop was pure boredom compared to be a digidestined and she actually welcomed the moments she chased after Kouki Tsubasa who dared to challenge her while  riding his motorcycle without a helmet. For a long time she was unable to catch him and Kouki ended laughing before escaping once more from the law. When she finally managed to arrest the fella, Kouki admitted pulling the whole circus just to attract her attention and ended confessing to her.

Still, she arrested him. Once he spent  a little while on jail and paid the pile of fines , Yoshino finally agreed to go on a date with him. A year later, they married!

Higashi is Minami Daimon and Kita Norstein´s partner in crime, ready to take over their high school and beat the other schools´s gangs.

Minami is the leader, North (kita) the consigliere and Higashi the Brick.

From Yoshino he inherited her beautiful eyes, her strong sense of justice and great admiration towards digimons. From Kouki he inherited his hair, his strength and his bad temper! (So despite being so handsome he never received a love confession or a Valentine chocolate because most of the girls are terrified of him)

Minervamon, one of the Olympus II, became smitten with him that she dedigivolved on purpose to the BlackGatomon form the first time they met so he would choose her as his digital partner. The trick worked and Higashi ( an ardent cat lover) practically dotes on her. (But he still doesn´t know about his cat ´s divine origin)

Shōichi kahara.

14 years old. He´s the  lovechild from Shō kahara and Norun Mikihara  and is surrounded by an aura of mystery.
He is constantly followed by a Puttimon.