Cycle of events marked by Destiny

This is a guideshowing a connection between certain characters.

From top left to right, then going down I´m showing the steps taken by Lucemon, Piedmon, Nova, Ange , magnus Takariyama among others. There´s a huge link between them.
The threads of Destiny are rolling almost non stop.

Cycle of Destiny - lettered by Ayhelenk




A Millennium ago:

In the beginning, the Digital World was  primitive and chaotic. A war between human-type and beast-type digimons threatened to destroy everything.
Chosen as the holiest from the Superior realms, Lucemon descended to the Digital World in order to bring order and harmony. Unfortunately the angel´s soul became corrupted by his own power and became a cruel tyrant. Yggdrasil chose to break one of its most sacred  rules by allowing, for the first time, a human into the Digital land: Shizuka Kimura, 10 years old.

Year 1994.

At that time Shizuka was desperately searching for one of her missing cousins, Koji then 2 years old. The Minamoto family was going through a divorce but instead of reaching an amicable settling, mr Minamoto one day took off with one of the twins and disappeared without leaving a trace. Such act left the twins´s mother in a complete despair which broke Shizuka´s heart and swore to find Koiji no matter what and without knowing where exactly to begin her quest, she ended taking a train…only to find herself in the Digiworld!

Yggdrasil presented Shizuka a deal: gather 10 warriors from both tribes and convince them to join forces as the Legendary 10 and save the ancient Digital World from Lucemon. Despite not being a digimon, she had the perfect equilibrium inside her heart between light and darkness which proved to be crucial to defeat Lucemon.
If she succeed, her wish would be granted.

So Shizuka set herself into a quest. She wasn´t going to go through the process alone because Bokomon, Neemon were appointed as her guides; soon afterwards the group was joined by  three rookie digimons that showed up from nowhere: Patamon, Salamon and Lopmon and a lovely friendship was born. Time passed and  the little group  managed to find the warriors and, with a lot of effort, convinced them to join forces instead of keeping fighting against Lucemon as solitary warriors and being defeated each time.
While the warriors were in the most heated moment of the final fight, Shizuka also managed to get more allies through an unexpected way: Angemon and Angewomon.

These pair of angels were Lucemon´s generals and most loyal followers. They are Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon´s past incarnations.

Everybody fought against Lucemon  but besides Bokomon and Neemon, only AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon survived to the end to seal the angel away. After sealing the monster angel for good, besides splitting their remaining codes into digispirits, revived Shizuka as well.

Angemon and Angewomon and the rest of Lucemon´s army of angels decided that only the purest of heart should become the new ruler although divided in 3:

Moved by the events, Salamon, Patamon and Lopmon became Ophanimon, Seraphimon and Cherubimon and swore to protect the world and the 10 Warrior´s legacy. Shizuka was sent back to her world with her memories erased.

500 years later.

The Digital World is once again on the verge of destruction. A creature of Chaos known as Quartzmon showed up in order to consume everything.
Hoping to redeem themselves for assisting Lucemon in the past, Magna Angemon and Angewomon sacrificed themselves by opening a Gate of Destiny and dragging the monster to the Gate and being sucked as well.

The 3 Great Angels and the rest of the digimons mourned their sacrifice.


Year 2003,  human world.

Shizuka would still be sad about Koji´s unknown whereabouts but destiny finally unveils its thread.
While she  remains amnesiac, Koji Minamoto and  other kids are teleported to the Digital World as the current digidestineds in order to save the mentioned world from Cherubimon´s menace!

Centuries passed and Cherubimon grew extremely jealous of Seraphimon and Ophanimon´s relationship. Eventually his jealousy reached the level of insanity and one afternoon, allowed himself to be possessed by the darkness and ended launching a surprise attack towards Seraphimon. Begging for his Seraphimon´s life, Ophanimon accepted being taken hostage by Cherubimon as long as Seraphimon is alive which Cherubimon finally accepted. Despite being trapped inside a cage, Ophanimon still managed to summon a new set of  digidestineds;  her voice became the guide in their quest for the digispirits.
Cherubimon would be eventually defeated but neither Seraphimon and Ophanimon would be able to either celebrate or  regain their places as holy rulers.  They lost their lives in the process. Yet there was another chance awaiting for the three angels by being reborn as rookies, just like in the old times. Of course their resurrection came up with a price: they wouldn´t be able to count  with the majority of the memories from their angelical selves.

Meanwhile the digidestineds would learn about  the true villain and  due to the actions of two Royal Knights, Lordknightmon and Dynasmon, they would be forced to deal with the nightmare from the past: Lucemon!
The pair of Royal Knights had no qualms on destroying everything that was on their way, collecting  codes from the entire world in the hopes that Lucemon would recognize them as their loyal servants and bring the promised Heaven into the Digiworld. They successfully resurrected Lucemon only for them being killed by the angel in a blink.

Lucemon, yet was destined to fail once more.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the digidestineds and the Digispirits, having awakened the 10 legendary warriors´s consciousness inside the newly summoned Susanoomon , the warriors  take the sword at the core of their ZERO ARMS: Orochi and slice through Lucemon, defeating him once and for all. He dies, still believing that the world exists for him. With no Digi-Egg left behind, Lucemon is destroyed forever. OR SO EVERYBODY BELIEVES.

But Lucemon would REVIVE int he end, only in ANOTHER UNIVERSE.

When he starts a new crisis in the fic, Shizuka will again take part in the fight….whenever she wants it or not.




YEAR 1984.

Angewomon from reality 04 emerged from the Gate of Destiny, completely weakened and disheartened and lands in Peterholf, St Peterburg, Russia. She believed that Magna Angemon died and had no strength and nor will to go back to her own world; an unexpected encounter with toddler Magnus Nikitich (eventually he would become Magnus Takariyama because he would, years later, lose his parents in a train accident and be adopted by a japanese family – close friends of his folks, by the way) and his innocence and sweetness finally revived her heart.
She became so smitten with Magnus that she wished to have any sort of right towards him, yet she did not have any. That´s when an invisible voice spoke through her ears and assured her that she could still be by Magnus´s side; all she needed to do was to relinquish her original form and  be reborn as a human. Marya Nikitich was pregnant at that time and at an early stage, so her womb would be able to receive a soul; without giving a second thought Angewomon´s soul entered into her womb.

The next year Angewomon would be reborn as Ivanova Nikitich (future Nova Takariyama), Magnus´s younger sister…

YEAR 1999


Magnus  is 16 and Nova 14. They are happily living under the Takariyama´s family roof. Magnus is in 1st year in high-school while Nova is in her 2nd from middle-school.
Nova finds bothersome dealing with her classmates and would escape everyday to the high-school grounds and join her brother´s circle instead. Magnus´s friends are Taichi Yagami and his troupe´s genderswaped AU counterparts  ( Tai´s AU counterpart is Tia Yagami, etc..) save for Ryo Akiyama who is Magnus´s frenemy.

They are currently engaged in a competition, they want to get the first place in a science competition. They even placed a bet: Magnus wins, Ryo Akiyama would have to cosplay as Sailor Moon and walk around Shinujku wearing the moonies´s miniskirt and heels. Akiyama wins and Nova would have to agree to become his future fiancé.
Magnus and Nova,  feeling completely confident about having the best invention agreed.

The day before the fair, though, Magnus showed Nova a strange robotic bracelet and a homemade machine. He assures he can open portals to another worlds, like in Stargate and is willing to show her his first try. He opens the portal but ends sucked by it. Moments later only his bracelet makes it back and forcefully attaches itself to Nova´s wrist and she also ends being sucked by the portal.

Nova will end up in the Digiworld and frantically begins a quest, looking for Magnus.
She wouldn´t dare to dream her brother would be missing for a long, long time…






Magnus Takariyama found himself in this reality´s Digiworld having been summoned by no one but Clavis Angemon. The Angel explained that he´s one of several digidestineds he summoned , having the previous ones failed on their mission of stopping the unknown force that was corrupting the world´s computer host´s core: Yggdrassil.
Unable to leave his post as an angel of Time, Clavis Angemon gives Magnus two digimons and a rookie angel as companions. Gabumon and Agumon become his digimons while Akarimon acts as their guide.

Eventually they found out the identity of the villain, a Quartzmon and manage to defeat him for good, with some help from Clavis Angemon who lent them part of his powers despite him still being in his post, guarding a holy door. But the door he´d been protecting so far unexpectedly opened up and a RESURRECTED LUCEMON from REALITY 04 emerges, taking Clavis Angemon by surprise and managing to pierce the angel´s chest in a deadly attack.
Akarimon and the others receive Clavis Angemon´s S.O.S signal and rushed to his place. They find Lucemon attempting to assimilate Clavis Angemon´s codes. The grou foils his attempts but Clavis passes away anyways, prompting  a very irked Magnus and his digimons to fuse and the trinity  become ZeedOmegamon. ZeedOmegamon fought with all his might and brío against the evil angel but his previous battle against Quartzmon inevitably took a toll over him and was unable to claim a victory over Lucemon. A final attack, fueled by Magnus and his digimons´s life forces, finally defeated Lucemon for good and Lucemon received a second death.

A completely heartbroken Akarimon could only witness Magnus Takariyama and his digimons dying as well, with their digicodes vanishing into the air.

When a restored Yggdrasil began the cleansing process of its world and the digidestineds about to be returned to their world, Magnus spirit’s showed up before Akarimon and revealed himself as a digital angel called Shukumeimon. Shukumeimon wanted to take Akarimon with him, as his sworn wife, and while evrybody was rejoicing about this seemingly happy end Yggdrasil angrily refused it. The deity threatened to start a war against Shukumeimon, even if he was a digital angel that served another holy host known as Nexus. Akarimon was Clavis Angemon’s succesor as Yggdrasil’s closest guardian and she was obliged to honor that oath.

Shukumeimon had no choice but to comply but chastized Yggdrasil about its lack of empathy and refusal to understand mortals. He  talked about a Game and how he assumed several identities all over the multiverse in order to have a better understanding of both sides, digital and mortal , good and bad.  Thhe angel harshly criticized Yggdrasil´s ways and  its inability of embracing emotions to which Yggdrasil , for the first time, found itself unable to  find an answer. Shukumeimon insisted  that that the absence of emotions became a weakness in its system instead of perfection and challenged the deity on assuming a mortal form and live among humans, at least once.

Yggdrasil promised to consider it.

Before taking off to his new identity, the Angel left Yggdrasil with a holy key as a token of friendship and a warning about not using it lightly.

“The day you use it it will mark the End of the World…”


Akarimon stood by Yggdrasil side until  finally found in a Holy Angemon a suitable apprentice and trained him for centuries until he was ready to be her replacement. She followed Shukumeimon’s leftover codes and tracked him down to reality 01. She would land in Hikarigaoka and by chance meet a toddler Taichi Yagami who was running across the streets, looking for his pet cat. She would take such a fancy towards the child and firmly believing she would meet her beloved Magnus/Shukumeimon again in the future as human beings she would reincarnate as taichi’s little sister, Hikari…






The adventure began the day Taichi Yagami and his future companions were sent to  a summer camp.
By Destiny´s will, Taichi and 6 more kids ended being dragged to the Digiworld by Mr Gennai´s antics ; once they recovered from the shock of being dragged to another dimension the kids were greeted by their new digital friends, known as digimons and before they could rationalize what was happening, Gennai wasted no time on pushing their mission on their backs. If they wanted to return home, they had to defeat a big baddie named Devimon. What Mr Gennai wouldn´t tell was that Devimon was only one of several villains to defeat before being able to go back to their world.

Magnus Takariyama was reborn as Takeru Takaishi, 8 years old and  younger brother to Yamato Ishida.
They went by different surnames due to their parents divorce a couple of years ago. Takeru was currently living with his mother while Yamato, 11, remained with his father. Despite missing his family, especially his brother´s company, like crazy he´s a gentle, optimistic child. He had no recollection of his past life as Magnus Takariyama or the sister he left behind.

Yet he´s fated to meet with Tragedy once again when in the most heated moment in the final battle against Devimon, Patamon, which was the last digimon to achieve his champion form, transformed into Angemon and gave up his life in order to defeat Devimon for good. The incident would haunt Tk for the upcoming years since for him losing Angemon was like losing his father.


Tak eruand Hikari joined a new group of digidestineds lead by Daisuke Motomiya. Yet his first Angemon´s death keeps haunting Tk in dreams and only Iori made a subtle attempt to understand his feelings.
When Malomyotismon is defeated for good by the digidestineds, an 18 year old Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon showed up on site and take Tk with them.

Tk would be gone missing for 3 days, making everybody worried stiff about his whereabouts.

When he finally returns, he is unable to explain where he´d been due to a memory loss.

For years he would not know what happened to him during that time lapse.
Only when a once more ressurrected Lucemon begins a new multiversity crisis campaign Takeru takarishi would begin to recall what happened to him during those 3 days.





When Taichi Yagami and his friends defeated Piedmon , well, in fact Takeru Takaishi´s Angemon digivolved into Magna Angemon for the first time and erased Piedmon´s presence for good by summoning a Gate of Destiny…Piedmon did not die.

Instead, the gate lead him to Reality 12´s Digiworld and after finding himself stranded in that foreign land the clown made it his mission to conquer that land.
Being the trickster he was configured to act as, he had no problem by pulling a trick upon the 4 Gods that ruled that Digiworld and turned them into toys. Once they were under his spell, he attached the puppets to his belt and made their godly powers flow into his system thus granting him a Godlike status. With the Gods defeated, the majority of the digimons had no choice but to submit themselves save for a handful who did not accept Piedmon´s tyrant ways.

Nova Takariyama, 14 at that time, found herself in that strange world. A Taomon was the first digimon to greet her and despite her being a mere human, the fox deity still asked for her help. Nova initially wanted to have nothing to do with digimons since her top priority was finding Magnus and not joining a war. Taomon ended promising her that if she joined the war ,help release the gods  her wish would be granted.

Nova was still doubtful about Taomon´s words and at first didn´t accept. But she would change her mind when one night, she would witness in first hand how Piedmon would raze an entire town and laugh in joy after killing everybody. Taomon announced that is she was able to gather the dispersed Royal knights and form an army, they would stand a chance against Piedmon. She needed to gather an army before Piedmon would try to fuse himself with the world´s computer´s host…if he managed to find Yggdrasil´s core and become one with it then all hope would be lost since he would be virtually unstoppable !

Nova followed carefully through Taomon´s guidance, she found the scattered Royal Knights beginning with Gallantmon and declared herself as the new King. One by one the knights accepted her as their leader and eventually they would launch a massive attack towards  Piedmon and his people.

Unfortunately, almost all of the Royal Knights would fall victim to the clown´s godlike powers and only Nova and a handful of digimons stood still during the final battle. It was during the last stages of the war that Nova and her people learned about Piedmon’s true intentions, by having read Azulongmon’s codes he learned about the Gods’ most precious item: The Crown of Yggdrasil. It was hidden somwhere at the Temple of Light and whoever got his hands over the crown he would gain the privilege of being one with Yggdrasil and have the rights over the Digiworld and rewrite its data according to the wielder’s will.

The deceased Royal Knight Gallantmon still wanted to fight and his codes, now embedded with Nova´s digivice, provided the girl with a new set of powers. She did not become a digimon but stopped being an ordinary human in the process. She became an HYBRID that day. She was granted an armor and fought toe to toe against Piedmon, who at that moment, had lost his godlike powers thanks to a trick played by a Gomamon and other digimons. Gomamon stole the puppets from Piedmon´s belt and Piedmon´s powees reverted into his Mega form thus giving his opponent the opportunity to defeat him.

Nova, still, ended being the defeated party and Piedmon had no qualms on piercing her chest with one of his swords.

Much for everybody´s despair, Nova died that day.

And this is the very moment a LINK between certain characters is formed.

+ While Nova ´s soul was being sucked to the land of the death, she witnessed the moment in which Takeru and Hikari were running away from the clown. Angemon fought against him but could not defeat his opponent in the end; the following moment Piedmon cut out the rope in which the kids were attempting to climb and let them fall to their deaths. In the original timeline Angemon became Holy Angemon and saved the kids. Nova , despite her death status, tried to desperately save Tk´s life and ended catching his hand.

The following moment she was engulfed by a mysterious light.

+ Following his battle against Piedmon, back in File Island in REALITY 01, Angemon´s soul was unable to leave the astral realm. His remaining codes formed a brand new digiegg but before he could do anything else, an invisible barrier was placed between the egg and him thus preventing him from resurrecting. Another soul entered into the egg, much to Angemon´s dismay and attempted to break the astral´s plane walls in order to reclaim his original body. He fought for what he felt a lapse of hundred of years until a mysterious light emerged from nowhere and covered his soul.

+ Year 2000. Almost a year passed by since the end of the digital adventures and bidding their good-byes to the digimons. It´s summer again and the former digidestineds are on vacation. Mimi is in Hawaii, Taichi hanging around with Izzy and unable to explain why Sora suddenly seem to hate his guts. Yamatto and Takeru are spending their holidays in their grandparents´s farm. An entity known as Diaborom is  lurking in the shadows, slwoly taking over the internet. The night before he openly began to launch his attacks, Takeru had a strange dream.

He dreamed he was reviving the infamous Piedmon´s moment, with both Hikari and him attempting to escape from the clown´s claws by climbing a magical rope that lead to the sky. Piedmon fought against Angemon and managed to defeat him, once again. When he cut the rope in two, Tk again revived the terror of falling. But when he was about to grab his brother´s doll he found himself grabbing an unknown girl´s hand instead. A blonde, tall girl who was frantically trying to reach his side. The moment their hands got in touch, a mysterious light emerged from nowhere and engulfed everything.

When the light vanished, Holy Angemon was holding both Nova and Takeru in his arms and showed up onto the battlefield. Piedmon, who had been laughing as a maniac, celebrating having killed off Nova, almost peed himself when he discovered that she was pretty much alive and joined by an exact replica of the digital angel who defeated him the first time.

Holy Angemon planned to defeat Piedmon by using his special technique, the Gate of Destiny but Nova refused and stood before the clown, seemingly protecting the foe. But the girl explained that her digivice already scanned Piedmon’s data and read through his history and how another Holy Angemon’s defeated him by using that technique and only served to teleport Piedmon to the current digiworld so she wouldn’t bare the though of another digiworld being ruined because of not being properly able to defeat the enemy.  Upon hearing Nova’s statement. Takeru also refused using the Gate.


While Nova and Holy Angemon were arguing, Piedmon took a chance to slip away and managed to uncover the Crown of Yggdrasil and claimed it, moments later Piedmon digivolved into a Godlike form and launched an attack which almost erased the entire world. Holy Angemon attempted to fight him but Piedmon sent a bunch of clowns instead while Nova, using again the Royal Knights codes, “evolved” into different forms and attacked the clown as well. Despite her new powers, she was no match for Piedmon and was unnceremoniously thrown on the ground. Piedmon , then, initialized the process of becoming Yggdrasil and re-writing the Digiworld’s data by , first, erasing everything.

Unable to bear it, Takeru began to cry and begged both HolyAngemon and Nova to get over their difference and save everybody (every single digimon was being erased). Moved by the child’s tears, the pair agreed to put aside their difference and they hold his hands. Their feelings resonated with Takeru’s and cause the child’s digivice to shine with the light of digievolution which prompted  Holy Angemon to digivolve into Tempus Angemon. With the “TIME JUDGEMENT”  technique Tempus was able to separate Piedmon from Yggdrasil’s essence and erased him for good to the point of even preventing him from being resurrected as a digiegg.

With his death the Gods regained their original forms and Nova was offered the crown of Yggdrasil which she politely refused because she only wanted to be reunited with her brother and go back home. Despite Takeru ‘s fondness towards Nova and the local digimons it was stated that he didn’t belong to that universe and should be returned as soon as possible to his original timeline; besides, due to his short age and immaturity,  Azulongmon erased most of Takeru’s  memories  as a preventive measure. The child  was teleported back to his reality believing everything was a dream . Despite the spell, some fragments of the event remained in his subconscience and Takeru would sometimes dream about  it.

Meanwhile Tempus Angemon was outraged,   Takeru was sent back to his world before Tempus could tell him the truth: he was his first Angemon and he´d been replaced with another Angemon inside Patamon´s body and nobody noticed the change.

But before he could voice his protest the Gods declared themselves unable to track down Magnus Takariyama ‘s whereabouts – since they never met him before they had no idea how were his codes- and in order to make up for that unfilfilled promise, they declared that Tempus Angemon should be the one assisting Nova in her quest. Tempus nodded and opened a portal only for taking the girl back to her homeworld. When  Nova asked if her brother was actually somewhere in her world Tempus Angemon shook his head  and stated  his true intentions: go back to his original reality and regain his status as Takeru’s digimon.

Nova, completely heartbroken by the betrayal and realizing he  never meant to help her ended activating her digivice´s powers and engulfed by rage and grief the digivice made its trick: the impetuous angel suffered an immediate downgrade of his powers by losing his Tempus Angemon persona and reverting into Angemon only to be followed by the actions of a Gate of Destiny, summoned by Nova´s rage, banishing him in the act to the Digiworld…the reality 12 digiworld!

3 years would pass before Nova and Ange (ergo Tempus Angemon) would meet again, this time in the US,  and after a series of unfortunate moments, they would finally become partners.

Their relationship , at first,was a tough one. Constant quarrels and disagreements threatened to start world war IV .
He wanted to be by Takeru´s side no matter what.
She wanted to recover her missing brother no matter what yet her pride was too high and resented Ange´s initial attitude to accept him as her partner.

And when Nova was 18, supposedly having grown a much better bond with Tempus Angemon…yet another animosity between them caused a huge gap in the Multiversity´s harmony:


They had no choice but to call for Takeru Takaishi´s presence…because he had the KEY to undo their MISTAKE…


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