Ryo opened his eyes and the first thing he saw the sunshine flickering through the leaves of the trees. The sky was diaphanous blue , the birds happily chirping on the treetops and a flock of Poyomons just flied across the clouds…


“Mhhh” he mumbled, half-asleep still “Home, sweet home…”

“You could say so” spoke Cyberdramon  and kept shaking his tamer´s shoulders until the lad finally was fully awake “Welcome to the Digiworld”



Ryo abruptly sat up only to be greeted with a stingy headache.


“Urgh….” it was so intense, felt as a hundred of needles going through his brains “remind me not to let me drink that much ever again…” that was a helluva of a hangover “I SO could use some ibuprofen..”

“I seriously doubt it will be of any help”  Cyberdramon ´s tone was as cheerful as a funeral march.

“Oh yeah? then what should I…WAIT A MINUTE!” Ryo opened his eyes , suddenly alarmed “WHY DOES MY VOICE SOUND SO WEIRD?!”


His baritone voice , usually deep and alluring pitched now pitched like a child…? His forehead began to sweat. Then he looked at Cyberdramon and almost yelled.




The black digimon let escape an exasperated moan.


“Wrong question, Ryo. You should be asking why you SHRUNK” Ryo ´s expression told the dragon that he wasn´t following his words. Sometimes humans were so slow to understand! “Check up your reflection if you don´t believe me” and Cyberdramon  pointed at a nearby lake


The fella gulped but managed to stand up on his feet. The dizziness threatened to make him pass out again but Ryo closed his eyes and forced himself to focus. He was sure he heard wrong…shrunk? Shrink? He still didn´t get it. Well, he hardly could make any sense of anything when the words were dancing a reggae inside his brain.


“Check on the lake…sure…” he mumbled “oh, it´s so shiny…kinda remind me of the light…” he frowned. What as the last thing he was doing….? He remembered the battle against Saturn Angemon, his fall and being in Sakuyamon´s arms…and then, the light. His heart began to race “Oh crap! What the hell happened…? ”


He then looked at his reflection on the water. The surface was so still and limpid that it could perfectly pass as a mirror.


“So it was like that….WHHHHATTTTTT THE FUCKKKKKKKK?!!!!!!!”

His yells were so loud that suddenly all the birds panicked and exited the trees.

Cybderamon just limited to contemplate the human losing it; well, how was Akiyama supposed to react when he just realized he was a KID again?




Cyberdramon, who was the first from the group to regain his conscience,  had the fright of his life when he discovered his tamer´s transformation. Not only Ryo de-aged, even his clothes changed! He was right now wearing the grey t-shirt, brown pants and red scarf from his 14 year old self!




But the only response he got was a gentle breeze pushing the leaves of the trees.


“I can´t smell his codes” Cyberdramon said “I´m positive he´s not in this territory. My nose never lies”

“Good lord! What am I supposed to do ?” Ryo´s head was fuming “Come on Ryo, think! …Shoot! Ange!” tapped the heel of his palm to his forehead, gave out a yell and exclaimed “HE can undo this crap in a wink…gosh! Ruki!! she was with me…where´s she?! and frantically looked around.

“She´s fine and so the others ” the digital black dragon ´s claw pointed at a nearby group of unconscious people. Ruki Makino was leaning against a tree, soundly asleep. Ryo´s anxiousness eased at the spot but then he realized that she too suffered a transformation.


The 21 year old Ruki had been replaced by her 11 year old past self. Even the clothes changed! She was wearing the white and aquamarine t-shirt with the blue broken heart, the loose jeans and even her wavy, long hair was now short and tied up in a clear tomboy image.


“…” he noticed Renamon sleeping by her side. Not far from them he could see the rest of the tamers and their digimons, knocked down on the grass.

Ryo and Cyberdramon wasted no more time and began to move. Ryo joined Ruki´s side and gently shook her shoulders.   Cyberdramon , who was subtlety personified,  shook Renamon like a ragdoll; the fox opened her eyes and understandably surprised she reacted as a holy fox should do:  with a tremendous right cross to Cyberdramon´s jaw and make the obnoxious dragon fly without the help of his wings. A shocked Cyberdramon ended  crashing on  a nearby rock and his thick head  split the giant rock into two halves.


“Ryo-san?! Cyberdramon-san?!” the fox exclaimed now completely awake.

“Nice  , Renamon-chan” Ryo smiled despite the crisis “After all these years you still have the touch”


Renamon´s eyes opened wider than plates.


“HOLY!” she yelled “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!”


Ryo limited to shrug his arms.


“I ain´t the only one” and he looked at Ruki and the others.


Renamon barely managed to contain another horrified yell. Ruki-chan was a child again!


“What kind of sorcery is this?” she whispered instead, unable to believe what her eyes were watching.

Ruki opened her eyes at that moment. “Hummm….what a weird dream!” she yawned “Going on a date with that arrogant of Akiyama. Can you believe it, Ren-chan?” She then stood up and stretched her body, ready to begin her day momentarily unaware of the reality.”UH?!” she stopped when she finally noticed the greenery scenery “This looks like the Digiworld…no, wait. IT´S THE DIGIWORLD!” her eyes opened wide “And why…why does my voice sound so…strange?”


Ryo and Renamon exchanged a glare.


“Akiyama?!” the girl tamer´s cheeks turned blue “WHAT THE F**k HAPPENED TO YOU?!”

Ryo sighed. “Renanmon, who´s going to tell her? You or me?”


The fox grabbed her tamer´s hand and calmly said:


“Ruki, please try not to lose it…” the usually composed fox struggled to find the correct words. She knew Ruki´s tsundere spirit more than anybody and could picture the imminent reaction “your bodies suffered an…alteration”

“Wait, WHAT?!”

“I´m afraid you suffered a rejuvenation spell and you are children once again…”
“NO WAY” Ruki shoved off her hand “You are kidding right?” but her stomach fell to her knees when she looked at Ryo. He looked exactly like the first time she met him in the Digiworld, years ago. His weird hairstyle, his annoying smile and those clothes that shouted the word “itinerant lone wolf”
Suddenly she began to palpate her own body. Reality fell upon her like a pile of bricks when she reached the zone that used to be her biggest pride…it was flat! Her perfect attributes were gone!!!

“NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



“NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

That was the new vox populi phrase of the moment, echoing in several places at the same time in identical horrified notes that would make Mozart proud if he was still alive and hanging around in the Digiworld.

“NO WAY! NO WAY! NO WAY!!!!” that was Mimi Tachikawa ´s glorious Cantata of shock “IT CANNOT BEEEEEE!!!!!!!!NO! NO! NO!!!!!!”

Forget about being on the brink of death in the sky , the  spectacle of a giant-nasty-horrendous dragon that almost tore the plane followed by a not less impressive giant white bird , a winged greymon-style digimon that also showed up from nowhere and  the immense light that covered everything…nothing of those mattered to Mimi at the moment.

” WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!”  Mimi Tachikawa,  back into her 10s and wearing the frilly-pink-cartoonish cowgirl outfit emerged like a torpedo from the plane. ” I´LL KILL SOMEBODY, I SWEAR!!!!”

Nobody dared to cut short her hysteria moment. Michael and his digimons, who woke up  sometime before the princess were still getting accustomed to the new reality.  The weird transformation wasn´t as important as the fact as they SURVIVED and miraculously landed in the Digiworld.

“Is she always like  THAT?” asked a female voice that certainly did not come from Mimi.

“Gosh, I take back everything I said about Makoto-san. That person is more INSUFFERABLE than HIM” a second female voice took the word “SO NOISY!”

“Uh….who..are you…?” Michael ´s mind was like a milkshake. It was quite hard for him to adjust to the current reality when he hardly could make any sense  of it or the strangers that were by his side.Two teenager girls and a set of Agumon and Gabumon were contemplating Mimi´s hysteria, the brown haired and tanned girl with googles smirked, apparently delighted with the scene while the blonde gal (who suspiciously could pass as Yamatto Ishida´s elder sister) seemed bored.

“The ones who saved your asses from an imminent death” declared the blonde “Gosh! How longer does she plan yelling like that? She´s worse than a gaudy trumpet!”


“I…don´t know” Michael was still dumbfounded. Everything seemed so unreal and bizarre that a part of him insisted that he must be sleeping albeit having pinched his hands for several times accused the contrary.  He recalled his plane going nuts and being trapped in an abnormal storm that threatened to fulfill the “till death do us part” part of their marriage vow earlier than expected when a spooky light showed up from nowhere and covered everything. After that the crew passed out and only God knew how long they ´ve been unconscious; when Michael finally opened his eyes (being the first of the group to awake) he was puzzled to find out that they realized they were still inside the plane;  the cabin was a mess due to the turbulence, of course,  but the instruments were  switched on and operational again. When he regained enough strength to stand up he rushed to check on his wife and he almost fainted when he found out how small she became. She shrunk  and was wearing cowgirl clothes!  Then a quick look at his reflection to a mirror almost sent him to Whackyland. He was14 years old again and wearing his plain old t-shirt and jeans when he first met Mimi and her nippon friends. fearing to lose his sanity he , like a zombie,   opened the door and ventured outside. The first thing he noticed was the forest and a strange static in the air, puzzled he went down and realized his jet was still in a  piece and perfectly stationed in  a clear of the  forest. He didn´t recall making the landing and wondered how they made it to the ground without a scratch.  Then he noticed the other plane parked almost in front of theirs and a group of individuals  approaching him.


“MICHAEL! MICHAEL!!!!!” Mimi rushed to her husband´s side “OH NO! IT HAPPENED TO YOU TOO!!!

” Uh-HUH”

“WHYYYYY?!!! WHYYY?!!!!” and she pointed at her now flat chested body “AND RIGHT BEFORE OUR HONEYMOON!!!!I HATE THISSS!!!”

“Holy digimentals, you are kids again!” exclaimed Palmon

“Just like in the first day” Betamon almost tripped with the last step from the stairs “And why are we in the Digiworld?”

The only reply they got was a tremendous bawl from Mimi. She was so  immersed in the ocean of misery because of her looks that practically forgot to ask Palmon and Betamon what were they doing in the plane instead of staying back in New York as they were supposed to be.

The Digidestined of Sincerity was also too busy crying to pay any attention to the Cessna that was standing a few metres from Michael´s jet, the two teenager girls dressed in high school uniforms staring at them and the Agumon and  Gabumon set which, by the way, was trying not to laugh.

While hugging his de-aged wife, Michael  again asked who they were.

“Hello fellow digidestineds, are you okay?” asked the brown haired girl. Michael´s heart went into a turmoil of emotions when he noticed the googles. They were identical to Taichi-san´s!

“I guess so..?” gosh! even his voice was back to his 14s.

“Oh Lord! I hate sopranos!” added the second girl . Michael´s heart shrieked a bit because she kinda reminded him of…  Yamatto? The hair, the blue eyes, the sober yet fierce expression…!

“Kiddo, I am really going to lose it if you don´t zip that hysterical diva´s mouth once at all” grumbled the blonde, crossing her arms. Her tone sent a chill to Palmon and Betamon´s spines. From what they could appreciate she wasn´t kidding!

“Uhh..please bear it a bit more. She`ll soon calm down, I promise!” he patted Mimi´s head , trying to calm her hysteria.

“Really?” The girls exchanged a skeptic look “We are talking about a Tachikawa!”

“UH-HUH!” their digimons assented.

” How doyou know about my wife´s maiden surname?!” Michael ´s eyes were like a pair of lamps. Opened wide and sparkling with curiosity “Wait! Unless you were present in our wedding…you are Taichi and Yamatto´s relatives, right?” Yep, that should be the case. It was quite plausible since more than 300 people attended the event…

“Yes! they look like Taichi-san and Yamatto-san very much!” Palmon clapped with  enthusiasm “How come they never introduced you to the rest of the gang? ”

The girls again exchanged another glare and shook their heads.

“A wedding you say? Not a chance!” laughed the google girl ” But yeah, you could say we are…err..distant relatives of those guys” and pinched her friends´s arm when the other opened her mouth to rebuff her words “Very distant relatives, right Miyako-chan…?”

The pinch hurt quite a bit and Miyako-chan replied  “You are right, Tia-chan. We are distant, very distant cousins…” and added in  a sweet yet menacing whisper that only Tia and their digimons could hear “And Tia, this is the arm that I use to hold the bow…pray that I can still play my cello in a proper way or I´ll take revenge on you…” her words seemed to work because Tia, who was smiling with condescension , let escape a nervous laugh.

“What the heck is that girl carrying ” whispered Betamon to Palmon having noticed the large piece of luggage over her shoulders.

“It reminds me of Yamatto-san´s guitar case only much bigger…?”

“And you are again…?” Michael couldn´t wait any longer for the proper introduction.

“Nice to meet you, Michael-san. I´m Tia. Yagami Tia”  replied the google girl and offered her hand “And this is Miyako”

“Ishida Miyako” unlike Tia she did not offer her hand. She was a cellist and overzealous of her hands so she would seldom shake hands with anybody “What the heck is wrong with you people? And who in his or her right mind will allow a pair of kids to fly a plane by themselves?!”

Miyako´s harsh tone finally reached Mimi and she stopped her crying.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?!” she walked straight to Miyako “WE AREN´T KIDS!!”

“Say the crying diva?” Miyako smirked “The one who´d been crying like a baby for the last 15 minutes?”


“…humm…so where´s your ring?” counterattacked Miyako

“WHAT?!!!!” and Mimi  justifiably irked rose up her right hand “ARE YOU BLIND OR WHAT? IT´S HERE!”

“Mhh…you ought to consult an optometrist because I don´t see any

“It´s a lie!” yelled Mimi “It´s here…! and…” suddenly reality befell on Mimi and the girl ´s face paled as well. The blessed ring wasn´t there! The proof of their union wasn´t in her finger anymore! “YOU ARE KIDDING!!! NOO!!!!!!”

And the drama began again.

“Come on!” Tia tried to console the girl “It´s not that grave. It´s just a ring…”

“But Tia”  added her Agumon “You aren´t wearing yours either”

“WHAT?!!!” Tia Yagami´s condescension aura vanished on the spot. Just a quick look at   her own finger and the drama spirit took possession of the google girl as well ” SHIT! SHIT SHIT!!! SAKU-CHAN IS GOING TO KILL MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!”

So now there were two girls into the desperation mode.

“IT MUST BE INSIDE THE PLANE!!!” screamed the two girls at the same time and each rushed to their own planes, ready to look for their beloved rings.

“Oh Mimi…” sighed Michael.

“Oh Tia…” sighed Miyako as well, facepalming “You will never change, a hopeless clueless…!” and as if wanting to reassure her superiority she rose up her own hand, because she would never be so light-headed like Tia and miss her most precious possession as well. But her face turned sour because her own hand was missing that certain item “OH RATS!!”

“COME ON!” Michael unconsciously did the same and he too realized he wasn´t wearing his ring anymore “ARE YOU KIDDING?!”

Moments later each was running to their own planes, wondering how careless they were to let fall their own rings momentarily forgetting about the foreign Digiworld they were dragged to and the strange circumstances that lead them in the first place.

The digimons just stayed in their spots, wondering what the hell was going on…



“WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON?!”   a shocked Elizabeth Montgomery muttered a set of curses when opened her eyes and found herself in the middle of a desert ,  wearing her  middle school outfit and completely alone save her gabumon. “I HATE THIS SO MUCH!”

“I wish I knew” moaned Gabumon covering his ears, not appreciating being awakened from his slumber with her yells “I FEEL LIKE A SHITTY BELL TOWER, JUST QUIT IT!”

“Oh no, dear. I am just getting started!” grumbled the blue haired girl ” I don´t know what happened but I want BLOOD! I didn´t sign as a supreme to be going through the school crap all over again!” she shook her head several times ” The bosses are SO going to hear me…!”


She wasn´t too concerned about how she ended in that recondite place or the precarious situation they may be going through, her pride as an elite digidestined could not stand  being  rejuvenated without any notice!

“You are kidding!” Gabumon stood up and shook off sand from his furry coat “The first thing you complain about is your appearance?! ” he sounded incredulous “What about Steve and your brother?” the digimon looked around, hoping to see their comrades lying somewhere near from their spot. But there was only sand .

“OF COURSE I´M CONCERNED ABOUT THEM” the girl looked around as well. Moments later she lift her circular bracelet, a.k.a the digivice and placed a command “Digivice, scan and search!”


“Perimeter scanned” replied the digivice “Seemingly located in the Sand Zone …” Elizabeth frowned , it was the first time the device struggled to offer an exact response “recognizing overlapping and counterpointing of codes from dozens of realities”


“Unable to locate subjects known as Steve Worthington and Logan Montgomery” continued the device ” currently off from present reality”