Pray… For darkness…
Even if I learn that this world is an illusion
I will make the future shine,
And I want to give you the strength and courage
To be able to be released from the afterimage.
Do not resent
Stand up against
The voice of fate,
And turn despair into your tailwind…
Awaken, hurt as you are.
This is the apocalypse of truth.
Its beginning is even more beautiful
Than the end of an eternal legend…
If you seek it, it separates.
You must not be held down by that system.
Please protect me, so that I will be able to notice
A heart that is filled as much as it is given…
Inside of fear,
Even if my body and heart
Are both at their limits,
I will continue to live
In order to cross time and meet you again.
Even if I become accustomed to the end,
This is the apocalypse of truth.
If a single moment is in fact the revelation,
Pray… Inside that chest of yours…
Awaken, hurt as you are.
This is the apocalypse of truth.
Its beginning is even more beautiful
Than the end of an eternal legend…

“Shinjitsu no Mokushiroku”
Lyrics by Takahashi Youko
Composed and Arranged by Oomori Toshiyuki
Performed by Takahashi Youko


 Reality 03

“NO!!!!!! NOOO!!!! CALU! CALU!”

“What the heck is wrong with you?!” Impmon  gave a pinch at his pal´s face, quite annoyed” You almost left me deaf, you little snot!”

The black diva almost fell from the Christmas tree when Calumon inexplicably began to scream, scaring out the hell of him.

“CAN´T YOU SEE IT? CALU?”  Calumon ´s doll face was filled of tears “SOMETHING HORRIBLE IS HAPPENING! CALU!”

Impmon frowned.


The little digimon´s body shrieked, all his senses were in full alert. His zero unit symbol was already burning his forehead.  He could sense, see , hear, smell and even taste the imminent changes that were about to take place and even for his true self, the holy light of digievolution from his world, was too much to handle!

“I..I..MUST…DO SOMETHING , CALU!!” the little fella sprinted to the sky only to fall some moments later. His senses were bursting up like crazy and it was such the flux of  information going through his system , something that Calumon wasn´t used to at this degree, that his body at the moment wasn´t responding accordingly.

“CALUMON!!!” Impmon , worried stiff about his best friend (despite always denying it) turned into Beelzemon and rushed to his rescue. Once Calumon was safe in his hands, the heavy metal-demon type digimon sighed in relief “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH YOU?!”

Instead of explaining, Calumon ´s ears pointed vehemently at one specific direction.

“WE MUST GO! WE MUST GO, CALU!!!” Calumon was deadly insistent on going to what he perceived the source of danger “OR IT WILL BE THE END! CALU!”

Calumon rarely showed such firm determination and Beelzemon gasped. If the little snot was behaving that way it shouldn´t be ignored. So he prepared his wings and headed where Calumon was pointing and his face turned sour when he realized that Calumon was desperately pointing at a certain building… Hypnos !

Calumon and Beelzemon by Ayhelenk

“OH BALLS!” he let escape a full sentence filled with bad words “WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED?!”

He´ll never grow a fondness towards humans (despite adoring his now grown up twins) because of people like Mitsuo Yamaki and their inherent stupidity. Or that´s how perceived them since most of the messes  would always start in the same, old fashioned way: an asshole desperate of glory and acknowledgement  would screw up with the source energy that divided both worlds and who would end suffering the screw ups?

The digimons, of course!

“DAMNED BE YOU, HYPNOS!!!” Beelzemon yelled

A column of light suddenly emerged from the building, it was so bright that even Beelzemon could not resist it. Calumon kept watching, feeling more and more horrified while approaching the site. His divine eyes did not give in into the piercing pain of watching the equivalent of a dozen of suns ; his body trembled unc0ntrollably when he watched a dragon silhouette emerging from the building , it was surrounded by a light, yes, but beneath there was the darkest, dirties aura he ever sensed in his life. He was ready to bring the Death of all existence if allowed!

“No! no!” his forehead burned even more , in desperation “Takato!!!! Calu!!! help!!!” his lips never moved, he was so terrified that he could only call for his friends in his mind.

Activating Protocol 8…

“UH?!” Calumon ´s ears reacted. He could swear that several people, at different points (even from different worlds?) were muttering the same phrase! “Protocol 8, Calu?”

And a light emerged from his forehead and headed directly to the site.

A second later, the magnificent silhouette of Phoenix  emerged from Hypnos as well, with the shiniest codes, and chased after the dragon. Calumon was left in an awe but before he could do or say anything, everything was covered in a huge mantle of light…


Moments before Taomon asked Ruki to fuse themselves into Sakuyamon before reaching Hypnos.

The whirlwinds are so nefarious that I fear I won´t be able to reach our destiny without exposing you to imminent danger. It´s already hard for you to breath in this altitude and at these freezing temperatures.

So the girl gave in and as stated before, once Sakuyamon entered the stage. That´s when she  noticed Ryo and Cyberdramon´s fall from grace and rushed to their rescue.

“Good”  Ryo kissed the Goddess on the lips, much to her surprise “Because we´ve got a heck of a crisis and I am quite positive we´re going to need everybody´s assistance. Takato and Jianglian…?”

“WE ARE ON THE WAY!” said the mentioned guys through the digivices .

Takato and his best friend were now flocking the skies as Gallantmon and MegaGargomon.

“So are we!” added Hirokazu and Kenta, flying across the clouds inside one of Marine Angemon´s heart sized bubbles “Akiyama, you owe us a HUGE EXPLANATION!”

Instead of bothering to give an explanation, Ryo looked his digivice.  How could he explain what was going when even he wasn´t 100% sure about the scenario? He was confused as hell! Nova and Tempus didn´t precisely offer an extensive explanation save for abruptly interrupting his date and ordering him to head to Hypnos. Okay, he recalled them investigating a series of anomalies happening through several realities but they were supposed to had solved the issue and be done with it, right? right?!

“But then, why does the sky look like shit?” he muttered to himself, even back into his ordinary human form he could sense the instabilities in the firmament. The stars vanished from his sight and a mantle of ebony clouds was all over the city, announcing a storm. Yet his years as a supreme yelled that it wasn´t an ordinary storm.

Sakuyamon and Cyberdramon wondered what was going through Akiyama´s mind , he looked thunderstruck.

“Akiyama?” asked the Goddess with some hesitation, something on Ryo´s expression sent the shivers through her entire system. They were so intense that felt like being pierced by a thunder.

The following instant Ryo´s circular bracelet began to glow;  his blue eyes blinked in surprise.

“No kidding!” he was livid “They want us to use THAT?!”

“Akiyama!” Sakuyamon called for him once again, terribly anxious. The psychic inside her was screaming like crazy. Something big was about to happen and perhaps it was too late..!

Ryo responded with another kiss on her lips.

“Ruki-chan, pray” he muttered with his lips still over hers “Protocol 8”

A wave of flaming codes was released from Ryo´s circular digivice and went flying towards the tower. Moments later…the tower  exploded!!



Reality 09

A lot  happened in the Digiworld of Reality 09 in a matter of minutes. As soon as Neo was summoned, brainwashed, he was lured to start a campaign of destruction only for the latter being tricked as an Omegaexogrimmon´s food.

Norun, despite Neo´s actions still attempted to save him and her willingness to take the risk for him managed to bring Neo back to his senses. Unfortunately Lucemon interfered and Norun was now lying on the ground, severely injured. Neo, infuriated, summoned the Digiworld´s 8 codes and fought against the monsters. If he was his former self, the heartless, the ruthless asshole that had the 10Ç% confidence in his vision of Future he may had won.

But he failed.

To Norun´s horror the  unfortunate mirai-wannabe-digigod fell before Omegaexogrimmon ´s powers (who could go against a creature that had the collective powers from 5 universes while Neo could barely hold onto one…?) and ended devoured by the monster.

“NOOOO!!!!!! NEOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! NEOOO!!!!!!” she was left an ocean of tears “NEOOO!!!!!!!!”

“I´m sorry, Yggdrasil-sama…sorry for failing….” those were Neo´s last words before he dissipated into coded dust and being absorbed by Omegaexogrimmon.

Without Neo, the Digiworld began to vanish as well. The 8 digicodes that sustained the Digiworld were gone for good.

“See?” Lucemon jollily laughed “Your stupid God-above-Yggdrasil ´s powers is ZERO!”

“Why are you doing this?” Norun never felt so defeated , the ground was disappearing under her feet but she couldn´t see it due to her tears”What´s the use of destroying my world?”

“As I said, because everything that´s rotten must be cleansed!” declared the angel , amusing himself with the movement of the dispersed codes flying in the emptiness “And since you, the shadow of the Computer Host, are too defective to be left alone …Omegaexogrimon! GO AFTER HER!”

The monster growled and without hesitation he flew towards the girl, ready to devour Norun when, in the middle of nowhere , a golden Gate of Destiny manifested and CHRONOMON made its entrance to the vanishing reality 02.

“YOU ARE NOT ESCAPING ANYMORE!” yelled the God and immediately launched an attack against the monster.

“WE´LL SEE!!!”

The moment the forces collided should had been memorable. Epic. And for a good while, it certainly was. It had all the ingredients to make it one of the most epic fights from the history of realities.It should had been a cosmic war that would mark the beginning of a legend and  resound through at least thousands of generations, inspiring stories of courage and miracles , fight and sacrifice…

Dragon and Phoenix charged against each other.  The magnitude of their clashes was so high that the Digiworld still be standing it would had succumbed once again.

Norun and Lucemon watched them fight. Norun was shocked to her bones while Lucemon crossed his arms. He was warned that his enemies would take measures but that didn´t ease his annoyance.

“So the insects summoned a counterattack, in the end!” grumbled the angel “And if those two keep fighting like this there´s no way I can tell  it will last less than a Millennia!”

He was deadly sure taking over Reality 09 would be a piece of cake yet the annoying pests kept interfering! Damned be Tempus Angemon and his people! Daring to oppose to his pureness! How could nobody realize that all what he wanted to do is ERASE the seeds of Evil and bring on a new era of PEACE?!

“Good” Saturn Angemon´s voice whispered at his ear “Then everything´s going according to OUR plans”

“WHAT?” Lucemon could barely believe what he heard. Wasn´t summoning Omegaexogrimmon and messing up with reality 09´s codes  all what he had to do?! ” EXPLAIN THAT TO ME!”

The other angel, in reality 03 had just witnessed the summoning of Chronomon in his holiest form and of course he blamed it to Tempus Angemon and his allies. He was still there doing his part. but what NOBODY knew was that he previously split part of his conscience and slid it inside Lucemon in order to guide him through his task;  as a fallen  Angel of Time he was already one or two steps ahead from his enemies. Including his own self in reality 03. It wasn´t the first time Saturn Angemon played a stunt like this…of course, it required a lot of power and wasted most of it during his fight against Tempus Angemon. His fragment of consciousness that was within Lucemon only had less than a minute left before it had to go back to his original body….

“All you have to do is EVOLVE…” and whispered something else to Lucemon before vanishing for good.

Lucemon snorted.

“YOU ASSHOLE! THAT´S BRILLIANT!….DIGIEVOLUTION!!!!”  the cute kid form was immediately replaced by  the horrid Shadowlord Form!

Carrying the Crowns of the Seven Deadly Sins upon its head and holding an orb of darkness,the Gehenna,  the fallen angel was ready to set on motion the other phase of the  plan.


“What´s…what´s this…?” Norun could not finish her question when  a VORTEX suddenly emerged from the orb and BOTH Omegaexogrimon and Chronomon were SUCKED into it!!!


As he was speaking, the orb began to drastically increase its size much to Norun´s horror. At first it was the size of a house but in a matter of minutes it was bigger than the moon!

“MORE POWER! MORE POWER!” yelled Lucemon, already wasted on “Feast with the codes! The Codes of Good and Evil! Feast and  bring NEXUS TO ME!!!”

The orb kept growing more and more, sucking every remaining code from Reality 09 and Norun herself was beginning to lose consistency. She was hurt, heartbroken and trembling like a withering leave.

A huge hole threatened to tear apart what remained of the empty spot that was once the Digiworld from Reality 09  and Norun yelled in fear when she could see what was supposed to be a legend:

“YES!!!!!” shouted Lucemon “HERE IT COMES…NEXUS!!!!!!”

The Goddess could barely believe what she was seeing. Nexus! Another Host Computer like Yggdrasil and Homeostasis  but unlike the others, Nexus ´s functions were beyond a digiworld. It was the Host that connected several realities and ruled over Time. If anything went wrong between Yggdrasil and Homeostasis, Nexus would still be unreachable…or so she believed!

But now the forces from the orb were doing something barbaric: they were pulling Nexus away from its original orbit!

“STOP IT!!!! ”  but she had no more anymore strength to fight. The orb was also sucking her own codes!

” JUST A BIT MORE..JUST A BIT MORE AND YOU´LL BE MINE!” continued laughing Lucemon, looking forward to ABSORB Nexus the moment it reached the side of Reality 09.

Minutes passed and Tragedy was taking over the entire stage. Norun´s heart sank deeper and deeper in desperation, she could never had dreamed about this sea if insanity. Not even a millennia ago when  Yggdrasil was corrupted and possessed by Quartzmon and almost destroyed everything. Barbamon´s actions were nothing. Even Neo never managed to break down her sparkles of hope the way Lucemon was doing at this precise moment!

She wanted to cry but couldn´t. Norun was virtually frozen due to the fear of watching everything she cherished being consumed by the forces she could not stop.

“I´m a failure as the Guardian of the Digiworld…I can´t go on anymore…!”

It was at that precise moment, when about to into oblivion when Gabriel Mikihara´s voice reached the girl´s mind.

“Sis, again, aren´t you going to call for your beloved digidestineds´s help?”  Gabriel Mikihara wasn´t offering any help. He was just teasing her!

“You are the one I need here!”



“You are the one who let herself to be fooled by Barbamon and then decided to take responsibility for your stupidity. So why should I clean up your messes, Imouto?”

Norun bit her lips, filled with impotence. How come her brother was WATCHING yet REFUSING to help?!

“…” when she looked around she also noticed the newly opened holes between dimensions and could see the neighboring human world.

The world where her dear digidestineds lived…so blue, so filled with possibilities. And about to be consumed!

Summon the Arbitrators even if they won´t be a thing against the Apocalypse unleashed by the little madman?” Gabriel kept taunting his younger sister from the other side. For now it´s beyond any rule of logic why Yggdrasil´s other self was willing to see a world meet its end instead of joining his sister and try to put an end to the madness. Norun looked through the fabric of space and her eyes were filled with anger when she noticed how much her brother was amusing himself with the spectacle…for him it was like watching a game!

“…you are right” Norun replied.  She was lying on the ground, defenseless and about to be consumed but then her pride  prevailed and stood up. She wanted to LIVE in order to chase after her brother and deliver a PUNCH to his cantankerous face! ”I am going to make a CALL”

The Digidestineds she adored would stand no chance against the current danger. SHE had not enough power to go against the current threat. But she knew SOMEBODY who could. The girl opened her hand and uncovered the key she´d been holding for so long.

“Please, bring HIM here. Because a millennia ago he promised to….·

It was when everything seemed completely lost when the Key lent its power. A multicolored beam of light pierced through the engulfing Chaos , making it scream in pain. Then…suddenly… something else showed up in equation under the form  of a pair of running individuals and the splitting superior forms of a patamon…two blonde fellas manifested from nowhere and jumped straight to where Norun was followed by a set of Angemon, Magna Angemon and Seraphimon!


“YOU CALLED” the guys said in unison and the angels surrounded the pair, ready to join the battlefield…

“YOU!!!” Lucemon ´s monster face momentarily paled  when he looked at the blond lad from the left .


Norun , still trembling , wondered who were those people. She was expecting somebody else..! Where was HIM?!

As if reading her thoughts, the lads turned their heads and smiled at the goddess.

“Yggdrasil-sama” they spoke at the same time “Long time, no see”

Their voices , albeit different, rang in a very beautiful frequency which put her heart at ease despite her entire world disappearing in front of her eyes.

“Who…who are you?” she asked.

The lads turned their heads and smiled at her.

“Can´t you really tell?” they replied “But it´s a nice pleasure that you, in the end, went through the same process. How does it feel having a human form…?”

The words hit her like a pile of bricks. How did they know?! They were strangers from other realities, their codes said so, and she  just came out as Yggdrasil on recent times – just half a year human months – and yet only a handful of digimons knew about this fact besides the digidestineds…

“A millennia passes quite fast” added the lads “and you are still slow when it comes viewing the entire picture, Yggdrasil”

Her heart ached.  Those words! A Millennia ago her former incarnation was given the same criticism. So that meant that those strangers had anything to do with HIM? Then she stared at the guy who wore red, blue and white jacket and was a tad taller from the two. Suddenly she felt like shouting. She KNEW that person!

“…are” she mumbled “I remember you…you…” her eyes filled with tears. Norun could hear the echoes of the tragedy of that distant  Past. A digidestined´s noble actions that would sow the first seeds of change  inside the Computer Host´s Core. The God of the Digiworld wasn ´t the same since THAT day.

“Not now” the guys cut her words , again speaking together “What matters is the PRESENT”


The lads smirked. The following moment their bodies began to shine …


At first it was as bright as 10 suns together and even Lucemon could not stand it. When the light ceded a bit Angemon, Magna Angemon ,Seraphimon and Norun  were surprised to see a 4th Angel was standing in place of the two lads!

“YOU CALLED, HERE I AM. YGGDRASIL-SAMA” spoke the newly arrived angel “AND YOU” he pointed a finger towards the monster ” Nexus? You DARE to lay a finger over Nexus?!”

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!!!” screamed the monster annoyed by the other angel´s luminous aura “NOBODY WILL PREVENT ME FROM FULFILLING MY HOLY MISSION!!”

“WHAT holy mission?” demanded to know the angel , frowning.


His words only made the bishonen-type angel chuckle.

“To begin with, you have NO idea what´s the true meaning of Destiny ”

“IT´S TRUE MEANING?” the demon Lord ´s notes went a couple of pitchs higher, he hated being contradicted more than anything. How dare that unknown angel QUESTION him? “NO NEED WHEN HOMEOSTASIS ITSELF ENTRUSTED DESTINY TO ME!!”

Angemon and the other angels shook their heads not buying it. Homeostasis would never put someone like HIM in charge of something THAT important. Whoever was that thing was clearly DELUSIONAL.

Norun bit her lips. Her memories as her past life as Yggdrasil itched her skin, in the past Yggdrasil had some issues with the Digiworld´s other God…

Shukumeimon did not seem impressed with the name either.

“Talk about holy irresponsibility, sometimes I wonder which is the most worst in that area: Yggdrasil or Homeostasis…well, if I make a recount of realities …and skipping my old pal´s opinion Bagramon…probably Yggdrasil” Norun´s cheeks reddened for a moment. That wasn´t a nice thing at all! The savior noticed her flustered expression and winking an eye he continued “Don´t worry, your brother sucks even more”


Then his hand pointed at the winged monster and Nexus´s light , which until that moment had been vacuumed by Lucemon´s powers, suddenly left the orb and went to Shukumeimon. The blonde angel caught the light within his fingers and made another announcement:

” I could finish everything and erase all the traces of both your insignificant codes and the realities you managed to corrupt” Norun´s heart sunk thinking in the possibility “Instead, I am the one proposing a NEW game. Whoever finds Nexus FIRST shall be the winner but for now…GOOD LUCK. YOU ARE GOING TO NEED IT….PROTOCOL 8…”

And those were the last words Lucemon remembered hearing from him before passing out…


Reality 03

” I´m afraid I can´t stop Chronos like this…we´ll be engulfed in the disaster in the following seconds”

Nova sighed, a bit tired but not less hopeful.
“Well! That´s what we get for our carelessness ” she looked above and her eyes became slightly incensed at the sight of Saturn Angemon “That asshole will pay dearly for this, I swear!” her digivice shone for a moment and Nova checked it “Liz and Logan had just activated their protocols”

Ange nodded.

“I´m afraid there are a couple of missing links and  it won´t be enough to fully avert the disaster. Should we proceed  in the old fashioned way and regain your vitality via my digivice?”
“Even so, I may not be able to stop the catastrophe”

The girl took his hands and pressed them hard. For a moment she wasn´t thinking in the realities but about them…what if…?

“But I am borrowing some of your powers, my dear, so instead of preventing the monster wave we may slide on it. Besides, it´s damn time to get at the bottom of this nuisance that had been troubling us for the last season!” and he kissed her hands.

“So, like always!”

It wasn´t the first cataclysm they faced and probably it wouldn´t be the last.

“Damned  winged loonies ” sighed Nova still looking fiercely at his face “The others already activated the protocol…now it´s our turn ”

His fingers caressed hers and smiled at the ghostly figure that was floating above Nova.  She wasn´t really a ghost but her partner´s other self, which still haven´t awakened yet. Somebody who was pretty much like him. The other angel smiled as well as if saying that everything will be okay.

“Activating Protocol 8” said Angemon and Nova´s digivice shone like never before “See you on the other Side, my dear…”
“See you on the other side…”

The Light and Darkness fusion that announced the End of the World showed up in a beat, engulfed everything that touched and nothing would escape from it; no matter how far you tried to run, fly or pray…once it was lit, there was no going back. Both Ange and Saturn Angemon knew it pretty well.

Another vision came to both Angemen, the good and the evil one. In a split of a second they could see through the fabric of realities two blond lads  shielding Norun from reality 09 with Angemon, Magna Angemon and Seraphimon floating above them! Moments later the lads  were replaced by an angel. Both antagonists gulped.  HE was BACK!

What was going to happen from now on, only DESTINY knew.

The light emerged and began to engulf everything.

Angemon held his girl tenderly in his arms doing his best to protect her from the imminent wave  ; the fallen angel gritted his teeth in resentment. He could sense that what he believed was perfectly under his control was no more and muttered a curse before diving to the wave as well…


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