Reality 03

Nova was literally racing against Time. Although when inside the Gate of Destiny the competitor was nowhere to be seen, she knew he would be waiting at the other side of the door.

“If you are looking for HIM” Saturn Angemon´s face showed up inside her mind once again “He´s falling like a rock!”

Tears threatened to show up in her eyes but Nova violently brushed them off.  Nova´s still horrified when she shown how Tempus Angemon  was hurt and forced to dedigivolve into Magna Angemon and yet he was falling heavily to an imminent death.

“ANGE!!!!!” that´s when she screamed and summoned her own Gate of Destiny “SHIBUMI-SAN, RYUU-SAN AND SATSUMA-SAN…ACTIVATE PROTOCOL 8 AND PRAY!!!” and the following instant she jumped into the portal. The Gate, usually used as a weapon it was also a mean of transport if the summoner knew how to configure it´s endless possibilities and Nova couldn´t help but remember the first quarrel she had with Ange because of it. They had different opinions concerning about the use of the Gate but in the end, years later, he would end up admitting she was right. Had Takeru Takaishi´s Magna Angemon known where it would lead the Piedmon he sent to Oblivion…Nova shook her head once again. Right now she couldn´t afford distracting herself by thinking in events from the past! Besides…it didn´t matter anymore.

“Please, Ange. Wait for me….!” she prayed. He was everything she had and would never forgive herself if he…no! She needed to stay positive! They were bloody Supremes and Multiversal calamities were their daily bread! “I won´t forgive you if you don´t wait!!”

The digivice shone.


“Very well” Nova pressed a button “But digivice, before we cross over…inform about the others´s procedures”

REVISITING NEWEST ACTIVITIES, answered the device and proceeded to project scenes happening in several timelines. The other supremes were right now doing what they were been told, applying the mentioned protocol…save for 5! Nova´s eyes showed unbelief. Okay, one of them had no idea he was a member… But why 4 of her most trusted guys weren´t following through?! No, it was more than that. She couldn´t see what was happening to either the Brits and Ludwig Faust…it was as if their devices were shut down or something!

“Rats!” she gritted her teeth the Brits, in her experience, were still reckless and prone to meet with trouble. She knew those 3 quite well,  from time to time they had their occasional mess up and only God knew how they  screwed up, long time ago,  a couple of missions!  “THEY ARE SO GOING TO GET A GOOD ONE ONCE I HAVE THEM IN FRONT OF ME…!”

She would lecture them until they had no more brains in their almighty skulls! Hopefully they would find out the way of fixing whatever mess they were involved this time and learn properly from their mistakes. But what about Ludwig Faust? Her eyes showed a bigger concern towards the German digidestined´s whereabouts.  He wasn´t the friendly type but he proved to be one of the most efficient members from the bunch, he wasn´t an ordinary human and hence Ange insisted on recruiting the guy into the Supremes even if he used to play the villain role in reality 01!

“His potential is the biggest besides Mikagura and Akiyama” declared Ange years ago when they watched, from afar, how Taichi Yagami and his group dealt with Ludwig and his menace in a twisted Digital Tournament. Ludwig proved to be quite a challenge since it was the first time the digidestineds were challenged by a guy who wielded MAGIC by his own besides as digivice! Ludwig had a huge, personal  issue towards Digimons and using the tournament as a decoy, he´d been hunting Digimons and Digidestineds from all across the globe…the Japanese digidestineds were the few that weren´t captured yet but Ludwig´s forces proved to be so overwhelming that they would be finished had not the Brits (going against her orders) intervened in the last minute. In the end, the good guys won and Ludwig was forced to surrender. Elizabeth and Logan wanted the guy ´s blood since he proved to be more dangerous than Kaiser Ichijouji but Tempus Angemon realized the German´s regrets for his actions were real and desperate to redeem himself. Ludwig was allowed to keep his powers and to remain free in the 01 reality with the promise to serve as a Supreme and keep an eye on the 01´s events, remaining neutral when it came to future events. Until now, Ludwig ´s actions were immaculate but…why wasn´t he responding to her calls?!

“Damned be him! ” she yelled “We´ll have to go ahead without his help either!”

And then she crossed over the portal…


Digiworld Reality 09

“I am completely baffled, Yggdrasil. Why?”

“Why what?”

Lucemon ended pointing an accusatory finger at Norun.

“I can´t get it in my mind the plausible reason about  relinquishing your glorious self in order to become…that?!”and he finally showed repulsion

Norun ´s face paled. Was he referring to her actual identity?!

“I came here to remind you of the Holy Principles, Yggdrasil-sama” added the angel “If you want to be allowed in the new EDEN, you must let go of that corruption and embrace Purity once again! ”

And that was the time that the little stranger accomplished what neither Barbamon nor Neo could: instill FEAR in her heart at first sight…

“Eden?”  she asked in a soft tone “I´m afraid I am not getting what you are saying, little one. What´s that?”

Lucemon´s face turned livid.

“YOU DON´T KNOW?!” his smile evaporated in the spot “Come on! How come a deity has no idea about Eden?!”

Norun shook her head.

“Your codes indicate you belong to an alternate universe, so whatever holds a meaning to you it doesn´t necessarily apply here” she tried to make her point in a gentle yet firm way ” So what´s Eden and what does it have to do with us?”

A cold, deadly aura emanated from the visitor .

“Very well. I should concede that ” Norun watched in horror how his aura was expanding more and more and her beloved  roses withered in a sudden “Unlike this facade of garden, I am planning to  cleanse all the universe from its corruption and restore God´s Garden and! Even you must remember how everything was in the beginning, pure, beautiful, devoid of madness and temptations…no strange feelings that could bring any sort of corruption…”

Norun sighed. Yes, she remembered something like that. But even Yggdrasil ended questioning that kind of reality and wavered in the end….

“Nothing is fated to remain the same” answered Norun “Otherwise, there´s no place for improvement…”

“SO ARE YOU REFUSING?!” yelled the little angel, interrupting her words in the worst way “YOU REFUSE TO TAKE PART ? YOU DENY THE HOLY MISSION?!”

“You are the Lucemon from reality 04, aren´t you?” she spoke with dignity “When I was Yggdrasil I remember having watched closely events from other realities and your actions caught my attention as well. You brought a lot of shame to the Digital Angels´s name”

Norun closed her eyes, briefly swimming in the memories as Yggdrasil. A Millennia ago the God  watched those events with Clavis Angemon by its side, Norun remembered Clavis´s sadness towards that peculiar Digiworld ´s events; Clavis Angemon, once Yggdrasil´s closest one and a digital angel filled with infinite compassion, noted how a madman was that angel and how he had to refrain his impulse to intervene. But being a guardian from reality 09 he had no authority over an alternate universe…they could only watch and learn…

“NO!!!!” Lucemon was about to loose it “YOU ARE WRONG! JUST LIKE THE OTHERS!!!!”

“Who are the others?” dark clouds began to cover the blue sky, bringing thunder and chaos yet Norun kept asking “Nobody can go ahead in this life without committing mistakes, Lucemon-sama. Perfection is just a myth”

Her words only helped to worsen his mood.


And a hurricane-type wind emerged from his wings, ready to torn down the entire castle!

“NOT BEFORE I TAKE CARE OF YOU, LITTLE SHIT!!!” Zanbamon´s silhouette showed up at that moment, wielding his swords and ready to attack !

“UGHHHHHHHH!” the samurai-type digimon managed to make a clean cut on Lucemon´s wings and he ruthlessly amputated two of them!

“YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS WITH YGGDRASIL-SAMA, LEAVE BEFORE I LEAVE YOU WITHOUT A SINGLE FEATHER IN YOUR SHITTY BODY” Zanbamon stood between the angel and the Goddess, ready to fulfill his threat.

“Zanbamon…” Norun almost choked, Zanbamon´s presence was completely unexpected and welcomed….

“I dread tea and frilly stuff” he smirked “But I hate snotty little brats even more!”

Of course he would never go too far and leave Norun-sama unprotected. He was a warrior who valued loyalty and honesty more than anything and he owed the girl a huge debt for assisting Barbamon ´s evil plans. He swore he would cleanse every single bad deed he did against Norun, the Digiworld  and the digidestineds …

“YOU IDIOT!!” Lucemon now was furious to the core “DON´T YOU KNOW WHO ARE YOU DEALING WITH?!”


And without giving anymore thoughts, Zanbamon jumped to the fight…


Digiworld Reality 05

Instead of being sent to Oblivion, Cherubimon opened his eyes only to find   that unknown Seraphimon standing by his side….unmasked!

“Why …?” it was truly a shock since humanoid digital angels rarely take off their masks, let alone in public. And may the holy powers forgive him, even the male Seraphimon looked magnificent! A Holy angel without a mask was the personification of unimaginable beauty…

The angel sighed.

“My name is Stephen Worthington III” he spoke in a calm yet sad tone ” I am a digidestined from England  from reality 01. I am an hybrid as well , in my veins flow digital angels´s codes and hence my ability to turn into Seraphimon. So before you go through another spiral of misunderstandings, the Seraphimon you know had never been here…you´ve been fighting against ME”

Cherubimon gasped and a part of him felt relieved that his friend didn´t break the oath and he´d been fighting against another Seraphimon. The other part yet still wished to had been put down since Steve´s words still echoed in his bunny mind and the guilt from his past madness was ready to bite his heart whenever the chance came.

Steve was still holding his holy Key though and the giant bunny wondered what was the human planning to do.

“Why are you telling me this?” asked in the end, uncomfortable.

The Englishman limited to smile and his aquamarine eyes met Cherubimon´s. The Virtue ´s heart suffered an ache, whoever was that individual his eyes were spectacularly disturbing! They were like a pair of pieces of jewels and when taking a dive in them, you could find yourself staring at the entire Cosmos!

“Perhaps because nobody is exempt from stupidity? ” answered the lad “You screwed up because of Love;  I am in a similar predicament” then he rose his weapon and made it shine “But my friends shouldn´t become accomplices so at least they should be able to fulfill their part of the mission…”

Masaru Daimon, the twins and the digimons were still passed out inside the floating bubbles that Steve summoned another time to protect them from the expansive waves between the digiangelical battle. Darcmon too was unconscious. Steve looked at them with affection while his holy Key was doing its trick: activating the digivices!

“PROTOCOL 8” mumbled Steve and a light emerged from the devices…


The angel was falling more and more but he wasn´t concerned about his wound of his possible fate. Ange could only picture one thing , only one thing in his mind and for him was his Light of Hope; he smiled,  for that person´s sake he would go through through the endless cycles of Life and Death, Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell…because just  the privilege of having his path crossed with that precious soul made everything  worthy…

Besides, if the worst happened to him he only had to summon his will and defy the laws of life and death once again…

And it was in that very moment that, as if answering non-spoken prayers, a Gate of Destiny opened above him!


“Did you think I was going to let you all by yourself at this Apocalypse hour?” Nova´s silhouette emerged from the golden door and  showed up next to the falling angel ” Come on!”

The angel smiled joyfully.

“You are late” he said “What took you so long?”
It was disaster time and several realities were at stake, yet he couldn´t be happier.

“The rush hour, of course” she smirked  despite falling like rocks “It´s awfully crowded inside the gates, you know!”

Even at those terrifying hours they were joking!

“Next time, sweetie, just take the shortcut” his long arms surrounded the girl´s back and made her lean over him “Or you actually enjoy making me wait?”

Touché!” she winked an eye “It creates Great Expectations, don´t you think?”

“I don´t know, it´s not my favorite Dickens book…” and he pinched her nose, then his face became more serious “My Supreme form vanished”

Right now he was in his average Angemon form which was a bit troublesome.

” I´m afraid I can´t stop Chronos like this…we´ll be engulfed in the disaster in the following seconds”

Nova sighed, a bit tired but not less hopeful.
“Well! That´s what we get for our carelessness ” she looked above and her eyes became slightly incensed at the sight of Saturn Angemon “That asshole will pay dearly for this, I swear!” her digivice shone for a moment and Nova checked it “Liz and Logan had just activated their protocols”

Ange nodded.

“I´m afraid there are a couple of missing links and  it won´t be enough to fully avert the disaster. Should we proceed  in the old fashioned way and regain your vitality via my digivice?”
“Even so, I may not be able to stop the catastrophe”
The girl took his hands and pressed them hard. For a moment she wasn´t thinking in the realities but about them…what if…?

“But I am borrowing some of your powers, my dear, so instead of preventing the monster wave we may slide on it. Besides, it´s damn time to get at the bottom of this nuisance that had been troubling us for the last season!” and he kissed her hands.
“So, like always!”

It wasn´t the first cataclysm they faced and probably it wouldn´t be the last.

“Damned  winged loonies ” sighed Nova still looking fiercely at his face “The others already activated the protocol…now it´s our turn ”

His fingers caressed hers and smiled at the ghostly figure that was floating above Nova.  She wasn´t really a ghost but her partner´s other self, which still haven´t awakened yet. Somebody who was pretty much like him. The other angel smiled as well as if saying that everything will be okay.

“Activating Protocol 8” said Angemon and Nova´s digivice shone like never before “See you on the other Side, my dear…”
“See you on the other side…”


Reality 01


The piano´s tempo was now going on par at the player´s heart´s rhythm,  in a subito change from going in a Tempo comodo to a frantic,  quasi prestissimo piece which stunned the entire audience.

“Ohhh!!” whispered some members of the audience

“He is supposed to be playing Bach, isn´t him?” whispered a gentleman to another one

“That´s not Bach anymore” was the acrid response from the neighbor who just happened to be a critic “He´s literally destroying the piece, damned youngsters who believe they can revolutionize a maestro´s creation!” And he stood up from his seat, annoyed.

Another members began to follow the critic´s example and exited their seats. Those were the die hard followers of classical old school music and Takeru´s not so subtle change in his style was insulting to their ears. They paid a ticket to watch a perfect rendition of the sacred masters of music, not a capricious boy who thought he could be called genius just because he though it was cool to not only alter the tempo but pull in some random improvisations in parts where they shouldn´t take place..

“If  wanted to flagellate my ears, I could had gone to a Heavy Metal concert!” grumbled another critic

Meanwhile, at the balcony, Miyako gasped.

“Something´s definitely off with Takeru-kun” said the purple girl “That´s way of playing Bach…?”It´s not like she was a specialist in classical music but she certainly wondered if that was Bach anymore.

Veemon ´s slumber bubbles broke down, forcing the digimon to wake up.

“Waahhhh” yawned “Is that thing over?”

“Welcome to the land of the living” smiled Hawkmon “Did you enjoy the nap?”

Veemon was about to yawn again but ended blinking his eyes instead.

“Hikari-chan? Gatomon-chan?!” he was pleasantly surprised to see them in their balcony “What are you doing here?!”

The digimon´s exclamation put an end to Daisuke´s Slumber session. When Hikari´s name echoed in his ears, the brunette lad  fell from his seat.

“NO WAY! HIKARI-CHAN´S HERE?!” he opened his eyes and they sparkled in sheer happiness when, in fact, saw her sitting next to HIS seat! “THAT´S AWESOME!!!”

And ignoring his unceremonious landing on the floor, he immediately composed himself and hurried to greet the girl of his dreams.

“Hikari-chan! Why didn´t you tell me you were sitting with us?” If that wasn´t a sign from  the gods then he didn´t know what it was. He´d been dreaming, during the entire hour, about him finally stealing her away from DJ ´s arms and convincing Hikari to elope together to Las Vegas. Now he woke up and the first thing he saw was her silhouette! So perhaps he did have a chance to conquer her heart…!

But she didn´t pay him any attention. Not at all.

“What´s going on with you Takeru-kun?”  Her eyes, filled with concern,  were glued to her beloved´s figure .

Takeru´s body was tense and his eyes were flaming…no, it was more than that. Her eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of a ghostly teenager leaning towards Takeru and was whispering something at his ears. Her eyes opened wide, somehow it felt FAMILIAR.

“Eeekk! ” Veemon forgot to flirt with Gatmon when his ears caught a glimpse of the piano notes “Is that rock n´roll?”

Gatomon also ignored the talking party, she jumped to the border of the blacony in order to have a better view of the concert. She could sense something odd coming from  Takeru-kun and was dying to know what was. The cat squinted and then she finally could see it. An ethereal silhouette tailing the pianist, leaving a trail of golden codes within the slightest movement..

“WHO´S THAT?” and the other, as if sensing both Hikari and her cat´s glare, in a whim, he swiftly rose his head and dedicated the duo a swift smile.

Hikari and Gatomon felt as if their very own souls were trespassed by a ray.


“Who are you, ghost-san?” muttered Takeru to the keyboard “I can´t see you but hey! you are disturbing my performance!”

It doesn´t matter who I am, Takaishi, replied the voice, What it matters is what´s happening RIGHT NOW, in this PRECISE MOMENT.

“I am in the midst of a bloody concert!” protested the young man “And you are nothing but a product of my ballsy hangover!”

If that was so true, the mysterious invisible fella put a hand over Takeru´s head, why is your heart beating so fast?  WATCH.

And the blindfold that covered Takeru Takaishi´s digidestined eyes, sometimes firmly tied and sometimes semi opened; the one he had been keeping on…it´d had just being pulled out!

Takeru´s fingers froze on the keys and the music stopped.

Again a torrent of images stormed inside his head, only for them being terrifyingly realistic! Images of Seraphimon, Ophanimon, Cherubimon, Dominimon and a scythed angel rising up their arms came first.

He was livid to see Seraphimon chained to a huge organ and…and..was that  Ludwig-san playing the instrument?! And who were those people tied to mirrors…?! Takeru ´s breathing was cut off and he felt the need to puke, but he couldn´t move. Why was Sora among those people?!Ludwig played Bach´s Tocatta and Fugue and the mirrors suddenly began to shine, sending a bunch of energy towards the crucified Seraphimon!

“It must be a dream, a bad dream! “ screamed Takeru´s mind, unable to bear with the scenes.



Meanwhile Patamon , who quit any idea of sleeping anymore, stood up and watched below.

“TAKERU?! WHY AREN´T YOU PLYAING THE PIANO?!” the little one became livid.

The public was already muttering, first the mess up and now the musician stopped the performace?!


The visions carried on inside the chosen of Hope´s mind.

A crying Ophanimon was sending her powers to the sky, another Seraphimon was holding a near dead Cherubimon and helping him to launch his own powers to the sky by using a strange key, an Angewomon and her friends were yelling their lungs off at a stoic Dominimon who was also emitting a huge deal of power! Then the lad´s  eyes threatened to fall from their orbits when he was presented with the explosion of the  Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building´s offices in its total entirety…and a red, Purple and black dragon emerging from the explosion! The scythed angel laughed like a maniac and Takeru´s spine felt the chills ; the angel, then, flied to the encounter of the creature and exclaimed:

“I WELCOME YOU, ULTIMATE CHRONO  DSR!” chanted the angel, opening his arms. Takeru´s body shivered. He  didn´t know who was that creature and that it was an exact replica of the  from the YMIR Project, from Reality 07, a mega form of a Grimmon infused with the a ChronoCore, a sentient virus whose main purpose was to destroy all data in the Digital World. The dragon growled and instead of slowing down he charged with ire, ready to bite the angel but the latter didn´t seem afraid at all, instead he yelled with enthusiasm”  COME TO ME AND EMBRACE THE TRUE MEANING OF FATE!!”

When the dragon reached the angel, it was received by the golden scythe which in turn it was skewered right in center of the wild digimon´s forehead !

“COME ON, MY BROTHERS AND SISTER! SEND ME YOUR POWER!!!” commanded the scythed angel and Takeru, horrified, could watch the mentioned angels, from different spots opening several Gates of Destiny and sending their powers through them. The Angemon with the scythe made a signal and the huge gate of Destiny that was floating above Tokyo opened its door and let the other angels´s powers join him and the captive creature.

“EXOGRIMMON, BECOME A WEAPON AND ASSIST LORD LUCEMON!!” ordered the angel, receiving the holy powers and forcing them upon the dragon. The dragon immediately changed forms, into something more terrifying and at least 10 times bigger!

“wHAT…WHAT´S THAT…?” Takeru tried to shout but only did it mentally since his lips were unable to move, just like the rest of his body.

KEEP WATCHING, the invisible guy kept showing him indifferent to Takeru´s nervous sweating and frantic heartbeats.


“TK!!!” yelled Hikari from the above, more anxious than ever”Tk!!!!”

“Why did he stop?” Miyako and Hawkmon asked in unison, yep something was definitely was happening to their friend.

At that moment the Taito pair made their appearance into Miyako´s balcony.

“Hiya there!” greeted Taichi “Hope you won´t mind having a couple more of guests…”

“And hopefully they emptied that thing they call stomach and won´t give anymore surprises!” added Yamatto and their digimons blushed.

“Sorry!!!” Gabumon and Agumon apologized for the 11th time.

“Next time, try not to eat the whole table!” warned the digidestined of Friendship. Could his day become worse? First, he had a fight with Sora and then the digimons had no better idea than spoiling his brother´s night by leaving a mountain of vomit in their balcony!

“Okay…” chanted the digimons, embarrassed to the core. The threw up so badly that the balcony  became  a land of stench! And since neither Taichi nor Yamatto were willing to stay and face the theater´s guys and justify the mess they simply moved to one of their friends´s place.

“Oh boy!” Daisuke was about to put an arm over Hikari´s shoulders when Taichi and the others joined them and remembering what his idol said during the wedding, he immediately pulled his arm away. Hikari didn´t notice though, she was anxiously biting her nails.

“Sis?” Taichi joined Hikari´side and put a hand over her shoulder “What´s that face?” all drunk mood evaporated when he noticed her nerves.

“Something´s wrong ” she answered in an automatic way ” And I suddenly fear Destiny”

“WHAT?!” Taichi frowned and made her look at him ” What do the heck mean with that?!”

Sometimes his dear sister had the bad habit of talking cryptic things that only made sense to her little twisted mind. And that was something he had to bear with since she was little and learned to talk!

“Can´t you see it, onii-chan?” Hikari´s body trembled and pointed at Takeru “He stopped the concert!”

Yamatto rushed to the border of the balcony and muttered an astonished curse when he realized that his younger brother was  standing in front of his piano , doing anything but stay still like a statue. His eyes were opened like two giant sapphires and his mouth was opened wide, he was wonderfully in a dazzle.

“TAKERU!!!!” yelled the elder sibling “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”


Digiworld Reality 09

Norun watched in horror how Zanbamon, one of the most powerful and thickheaded digimons fell by one of Lucemon´s attacks and was turned into an egg.

“Imbecile” declared Lucemon with contempt “You shouldn´t exist in the first place” and his finger pointed at the egg, ready to finish it for good.

“NOOOOO!!!!” her legs moved without hesitation and Norun managed to catch the egg just in time “YOU DEFEATED HIM, OKAY?!”

Lucemon showed an unpleasant expression.


“You will have to kill me” the girl hugged the egg tight to her heart ” I am not going to deny  a digimon´s right to be reborn!” tears began to run all over her beautiful face.

“VERY WELL” Lucemon opened his arms once again “SO SHALL BE AS YOU WISH!”

His hands summoned a large, silver key.

“No…´s not possible” all colors abandoned Norun´s face “HOW DID YOU GET THAT?!”

“HOW?” Lucemon smirked “Remember the Clavis Angemon who used to assist Yggdrasil…?”

“LIES!!” yelled Norun absolutely hysterical “IT´S ALL LIES!!!”

“So you recognize HIS key in the end” his smirk grew bigger, clearly enjoying with her distress ” Let´s say that once upon a time, a poor idiot arrived by chance to his palace and met a certain angel. Of course the idiot did not have a chance against him being in a weakened state and the angel being completely charged” the kiddie angel made a pause “But  Clavis Angemon wasn´t watching…he was so busy checking on this stinky´s world current war, so OPPORTUNITY CAME! ” he burst into a maleficent laugh “And since that day, Yggdrasil-sama, there hadn´t been a Clavis Angemon guarding this world…”

Norun then finally lost it.

“YOU MISERABLE!!!!!!” her face now shred tears of ire “YOU KILLED HIM!!!!”

And her hand summoned her holy spear…

“Oh! So the girl in the frilly dress is up to a challenge?” Lucemon showed an amused expression “Nice!”



Digiworld Reality 01


Ludwig Faust sighed and kept playing Johann Sebastian Bach´s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, that was the closest thing he could thought for La Musica Universalis. Adding a little bit of his own, inherent magic, the digidestined and magician directed the music , firstly towards the captive digidestineds.

“PLEASE STOP!” Sora shouted , watching in complete dismay how a platinum light emerged from the mirrors, hers included, and extracted a wave of codes from the people tied to them.

“I´m afraid I can´t, Fraülein Takenouchi ” apologized the German “I´m bound to a threat and it´s up to your friends to face the challenge…if they dare!” he smirked “Unlike other digidestineds that I had the luck to meet during my years as a Supreme, Herr Yagami´s group represents nothing but Autodromkatzerl

The word caught Keruta´s attention.

“What the hell does it mean?” he didn´t speak any german and wasn´t his intention to learn.

“That´s what in my wife´s country,  Austria,  call kittens at a very tender age … “bumper car kittens”, because of the way their tail sticks up and your friends are still at that age when it´s about their ranks as digidestineds.

“BUMPER CAR KITTENS!! HA! HA! HA! HA!” Keruta burst in a maniacal laughter “YOU ARE MEAN!!!!” and his mood improved “I can´t say I dislike you, Faust”


“WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO?” demanded the caged Sho Kahara “I DEMAND TO KNOW!”

“If you want to know so badly, JUST WATCH” Keruta activated his digivice and turned into a gauntlet. Then he jumped to the organ pipes and landed next to Seraphimon


“Hello, pal. Hope you won´t mind if you are used as a catalyst…well, it´s not like you have a CHOICE” he giggled and the gauntlet proceed to receive the codes from the mirrors. The evil lad, then, once he got a hold of the necessary codes, place the  hand over the angel´s chest, right over his heart. “ACTIVATING CHRONOS!” he yelled and Seraphimon´s body , while receiving the powers, was turned into pure light!

A huge silver Gate of Destiny appeared on the roof, floating all over the giant organ. Sora watched astonished the gate opening its door , exposing the previous shown realities (represented each by an earth and its neighboring digiworld)  in a pentagonal alignment. Inside the pentagon, though, there was a sixth!

“SENDING PROTOCOL!” continued Keruta and the gate was placed right in front of both Seraphimon and Keruta. Seraphimon was supposedly unconscious but when Keruta´s digivice and the musical notes met in a certain frequency, Seraphimon´s body unleashed an off of scale power to the portal.

“ARRRRGHH!!!!!!!” a scream full of pain coming from underneath the helm, shaking the present parties´s hearts. Even many of Lucemon´s minions, who were witnessing the entire thing as a ceremony, were visibly shaken  by Seraphimon´s screams. Ludwig averted his eyes , focusing on the keys and Sora couldn´t stop crying. Sho ´s face couldn´t help the tears either, even during his stint as the Dark Knight he could never had came with something so horrific!

” GO AHEAD AND GREET MASTER LUCEMON!!” added Keruta, triumphal “FOR THE NEW EDEN!!!”


“NO! NO! NO!” yelled Takeru on the stage, unable to avert his eyes from the scenes that were playing inside his very own self “STOP IT!!! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!!”

He could see a monumental light being shoot from  silver gates, beginning from reality 04 to 00 which then, united by those realities powers fled to go through  00 to 02 , collecting those realities´s powers in the way; the route then went from 02 to 01 until the powers converged in the so called reality 03. Takeru then watched how those golden lights joined Saturn Angemon, who was holding that unknown monstrous digimon by his scythe redirect those powers towards the captive digimon and force it to go through a digievolution!


And the now self named OMEGAEXOGRIMMON , now freed from the scythe, emitted a vicious roar and flied to the Gate.

“YES!!!” Saturn Angemon smirked, triumphal as well “GO AHEAD AND RESTORE OMEGA!!”

Takeru would had fainted, everything was too much for him , but his body refused to pass out. The other guy wanted him to WATCH EVERYTHING.

The vision immediately focused in a falling Angemon and his human comrade, a blonde girl…Takeru blinked. That was the girl starred in his visions, moments before! The girl and Angemon exchanged some words he couldn´t hear and despite about to touch the ground (Angemon was apparently wounded on his chest much to Takeru´s dismay) they didn´t break their embrace. They smiled sweetly at each other and that´s when he heard their yell:

“PROTOCOL 8!!!!!”

The woman´s bracelet began to shine and again, a Gate of Destiny manifested, only from below. A shower of golden and silver rays trespassed the door which made their way to the bracelet. The pair, still holding their hands together, looked at the crumbled building and redirected the lights at it…a nanosecond later, another creature emerged from the building!

A white, digital  giant bird  emerged like a phoenix from the flames. Takeru´s jaw almost dropped to the floor, it was immense! If he had known about reality 07 then he would had realized that the summoned digimon was none other than CHRONOMON IN HIS HOLY MODE!  And screaming like the deity it was, while flying to Saturn Angemon´s nearly closed Gate, it also suffered another transformation…

“NOOO!!! DAMMIT NO!!!!!” screamed Saturn Angemon, dismayed to see the holy bird  and realized it was summoned to chase after the dragon  but before he could react, the holy digimon brushed him off with the power of his wings and crossed over the Gate before it fully closed its door and vanished in the air.

Then, a light covered it all….

The next vision lead Takeru to a trembling Norun ready to engage in a duel against a little angel. The duel, unfortunately for her, proved to be short because Lucemon, instead of fighting, used the strange key he had in his hands to summon somebody else…a strange , winged humanoid being whose eyes were completely devoid of warmth.


“NEO!?” Norun was dismayed with its presence. He wasn´t supposed to be there! Neo gave up all the stolen codes so the Digiworld could live again.


“Im…Im…Impossible” she never expected seeing Neo walking on her world again. He was supposed to be out of any summoning´s reach since he became the Digiworld! How could Lucemon had gotten the means to rise  Neo from Oblivion?!

“Somebody took the time to teach me a couple of tricks when it comes to Clavis Angemon´s business” he waved his key , with the same amusement as if showing a brand new toy “But since it´s not enough to take over Nexus, then I must gather more power and this guy is PERFECT for the job!”

“Neo, you..aren´t considering that maniac´s offer. Are you?” Norun remembered that Neo WILLINGLY gave up his past madness thanks to the combined efforts of Tsurugi and Yuu and their Arbitrators VictoryGreymon and ZeedGarurumon , Neo finally understood that with the power of Hope everybody had the right to build their own future. And with Hope filling his little heart, he restored the timeline as it was supposed to be and dissolved its body so the Digiworld could regain its codes and hence material form.

But this Neo was standing right like the first time, cold and devoid of any emotion! He didn´t bother to look at Norun at all.


Norun gasped. He was speaking as if he had never met Tsurugi-kun and the others!

“Of course” giggled Lucemon “That´s why I am here. The Eden that I envisioned in the past must take ROOT in the FUTURE”

“YOU ARE NOT!” yelled the girl, standing up despite trembling like an autumn leave. Pressing the digiegg onto her heart and still holding her sword, she tried to put on a brave face “As Tsurugi-kun once said, while there´s Hope, then we should be able to change our Fate. I …as…Yggdrasil…a millenia ago…promised at Clavis Angemon´s grave  that the Host would learn  that…that´s why, Yggdrasil changed”


“Of course you´ll do” Lucemon crossed his arms, clearly enjoying with the statement “Eden should be formed under false premises…and her mere presence is one of them”

Lucemon´s words ignited Neo´s destructive nature and he left the ground.

“DON´T DO IT!” begged Norun “Remember Tsurugi and his friends! Remember what they said!!!”

Takeru could feel Norun´s desperation and his eyes were filled with tears.


“LET THE GENESIS FALL ALL OVER THIS MEANINGLESS REALITY” decreed Neo, cold as an iceberg and his arms pointed at Norun ” ZERO GEN… ”

But Lucemon had other plans and before Neo could finish his sentence, the silver key played its trick. A silver Gate of Destiny showed up right  behind Neo´s back and OMEGAEXOGRIMMON ´s figure emerged from its door and collided against Neo.

“WHAT IN THE …?!” Neo finally showed an incredulous expression when the dragon caught him with its deadly claws “RELEASE ME OR DIE!”

But the dragon, once he had in sight his objective,  tightened his claws causing an incredible pain to the humanoid´s system. Neo´s face lost all his icy aura when he found himself bleeding profusely! BLEEDING!!!


Lucemon ´s key vanished in the act but he didn´t mind since it was just supposed to be a temporal tool anyways. Neo was the real prize among the angels´s powers…


“But he once destroyed the universe!” Norun mumbled, dumbfounded “There´s no way you can outmatch Neo-sama!”


The dragon roared his assent and began its horrific process.

“ENOUGH!!!!!!!” Takeru Takaishi couldn´t take it anymore “STOP IT!!!!!!!!!”

With his emotions boiling like a volcano, the chosen of Hope freed his body from the trance and shouted like crazy.

“Takeru!!!” Hikari yelled as well.

“What´s the deal with that fella?!” asked Daisuke, scratching his chin. Why was him behaving like a madman on stage instead of playing anymore boring music?

“Brother!!” yelled Yamatto, anxious as well

Suddenly a light emanated from  Takeru´s body and  without giving a thought, the chosen of Hope rose his right arm. And a  rounded bracelet showed up on his wrist!

AWAKE, THEN, AND DO WHAT IT MUST BE DONE, the invisible fella who´d been showing Takeru the visions finally made himself visible to everybody´s eyes.

Taichi and the others´s could hardly believe what´s going on but Hikari, yelled like crazy when she saw a young, blonde lad standing next to Takeru Takaishi.

Patamon was already rushing to his human´s side to pay attention to the other guy…

GO AND DON´T LOOK BACK, whispered the newcomer and touched the bracelet , IT´S OUR CHALLENGE AFTER ALL….

“Yes” Takeru touched the bracelet as well and much to everybody´s astonishment both him and Patamon were surrounded by a golden light and vanished in the air.

“BROTHER!!! BROTHER!!” Yamatto shouted his lungs off, livid.

“TAKERU-KUN!!!!!!” Hikari nearly lost it and would had jumped from the balcony had not Gatomon and Daisuke caught her in the act.

“DON´T DO THAT AGAIN!” yelled Daisuke but Hikari kept yelling, desperate.

And that was when the digidestineds´s devices began to shine and suddenly, a mantle of light showed up from nowhere and covered everything…..