Reality 01

“I never thought that our second encounter would end like the first one…like a dream. But in order to protect your secret you have to forget what happened during these days. It´s a secret too important…for everybody´s sake, forget…”

Takeru kept playing the piano but the uneasiness kept increasing. Those words kept resounding ,almost non-stop, in his head; his forehead was drenched in swear and his heart was beating erratically as if anticipating something.

“F0rget what? What?!”, he was navigating through an ocean of questions, “Argh! My brain is about to explode! ”

It was frustrating. It was like trying to brush off a fragment of a song stuck in your mind and the more you try not to think about it, it plays itself once and again in your head; and this particular song was scratching  the North and South Poles of Takeru´s brain, repeating the same paragraph all over again because he couldn´t remember the rest of the lyrics. For the lad it   became a sort of obsession, he always hated half-done duties. He was the type of person who would dutifully eat all what´s in the plate even if he couldn´t stand carrots or sweat his shirt off in a marathon in order to get to the finish line even if he wasn´t going to win the race. And right now he had the feeling he was stuck in the middle of an unknown race!

“No…I´d been carrying this feeling for years…since that time…since I met her…” his back trembled but he wasn´t cold. Whenever he pictured the mysterious blonde woman´s figure  it triggered a strange feeling of… of…of what? His fingers pressed the wrong keys and the tune slightly went off “Come on!” he almost yelled “WHAT´S THE BLOODY THING I FORGOT ABOUT?!”

Instead of brooding about things you can´t remember you should prepare yourself , an invisible voice whispered at the pianist´s ear .

Takeru´s finger abruptly slipped up and again pressed the wrong keys. The public began to murmur, the gaffe didn´t pass unnoticed.

“What?!” he turned around, surprised, only to find nothing but air.

The young man shook his head  and  kept playing; fortunately the public didn´t seem to notice the mistakes and was still in an awe.

You´d better hold your hat if you don´t want to lose it in the move…

Again Takeru´s fingers slipped due to the surprise and the public kept murmuring, astonished.

“Oh! he made another mistake!” whispered someone

“He looks nervous” said another member of the public “Is he alright?”

“Dammit !” Takeru looked around  , someone again whispered into his ear but save for Patamon (who was resting on the top of a curtain) and the orchestra there was nobody else on stage. The orchestra was at a fair distance from him and none of its member had left his/her spot , neither did the conductor. Takeru contained a frustrated growl and wondered if the combination of jet lag and champagne became too much for him ”  I am never playing another concert like this again…!”

The voice once again whispered at his ear.

Beware what you wish, Takaishi-san since this will likely be your last concert…


And Takeru Takaishi abruptly stopped playing.


Meanwhile Patamon was watching the concert from above and despite his adoration for Takeru, even he was nodding from time to time.

“Wahhhh….” he yawned “I am so tired….” and his blue eyes shut up again.

He was so tired that even as Angemon the digimon would struggle to keep awake, especially during the Beethoven´s part.


“I´m sorry, Takeru” he mumbled while falling asleep “You are pretty  good and all that but..zzz… I can´t keep on like this…zzzz…if only I brought Gatomon with me…then….” and his eyes began to shut down once again. It was a tough job staying awake during a classical concert  after enduring more than 10 hours of traveling by plane (Flying from Tokyo to New York via the conventional way instead of using the digivice-digiworld-net shortcut proved to be exhausting!),  plus Mimi´s nuptials and the after-party and then Takeru´s concert…all in the same day. And then there was the less-than-happy encounter with that pair of bullies which strangely left him especially exhausted. Was it the so called emotional drain that Takeru often referred when dealing with a particular unpleasant situation can leave you more exhausted than when fighting against a pile of Mammothmons?He was giving into Morpheus ´s magic when he felt a hand stroking his winged ears and a whisper

It´s not advisable to fall asleep, little one. Not now.

Patamon´s eyes opened abruptly.

“UH?!”The digimon  almost fell from his spot when for a couple of seconds he saw the ghostly figure of a young man leaning towards him!

 The winds are blowing  crudely, the waves are breaking on the rocks, announcing the arrival of impending change. Prepare yourself…

“Who …?” he rubbed his eyes thinking he was dreaming  but when he re-opened them again the digimon saw nothing but air. “NO WAY!”


“Oh I cannot deal with this anymore! ” Miyako´s sudden burst scared the rest  “What´s the deal with Iori-kun and Armadimon?! Are they planning to live in the goddamed restroom for the rest of their lives?!”

The purple haired digidestined  shook her head , unable to hide her disapproval of the empty seats.

“Armadimon wasn´t feeling well, remember?” Ken kissed his girlfriend´s hand ready to comfort her.

“Yeah” but Miyako  took away her hand and crossed her arms”But they´ve been gone for 40 minutes!”


“I bet Armadimon is feigning his sickness so he could miss the concert” declared the girl in the end “We all know he isn´t a classical fan!”


Hikari didn´t offer a comment or a joke like she usually did. Right now the chosen of Light couldn´t care less about the absent people when she was worried about Takeru-kun; even at a large distance she could sense something weird   on  her boyfriend.

“Oh my!” she said in a whisper “He played  up the wrong notes again!”

“Uh-huh” added Gatomon. What else could a cat say?

“He is supposed to be a virtuoso” added the girl speaking more to herself than the others “But during the last 10 minutes his play´s been…. erratic and that´s so unlike him!”

“I bet that he´s still over the moon  after you agreed to marry him!” intervened Wormon “Ken´s  pretty much like that when Miyako-chan asked him out the first time”

“Really?” asked Gatomon, quite interested.

Wormon assented.

“You all know how that under that sober facade he´s a softie” the green digimon had no qualm when it´s about sharing the lovey birds stuff since he adored both of them very much. “When he´s with Miyako-chan all soberness goes to the drains. He even looks like a clown, sometimes!”

Gatomon giggled. How many times did she hear that even the toughest of individuals can be a fool when in love?

“Who would tell that the Digimon Kaiser would be, one day, like that?”

“I admit that if you popped that question to my old self I would had said you´re nuts but now I can´t wait to see those two married at once!”Besides Wormon was 100% positive that after Mimi´s event, Ken would propose to Miyako in the following months. The former Digimon Kaiser ´s dream was, besides doing his best in the justice territory, to form his own family ; he always thought he would end up alone until he was welcomed into the second string of digidestineds or Daisuke´s team. Daisuke was his first true friend but Miyako the one eventually would open his heart in the upcoming years when blossoming into a fine, self-confident lady one day bluntly confessed to him! He didn´t realize how much he was into her until her confession sparkled a warmness inside his heart he never thought he was able to feel and hence for the following weeks he acted as a sloppy, good-for-nothing yet the happiest lad from all Japan! Wormon always joked his human would leave a trail of floating hearts wherever he go…

Gatomon was going to laugh when a flashback of her conversation with Palmon and Piyomon popped into her mind.

“You silly goose! Of course the groom will be Angemon!”

Patamon was the most adorable dork but when turning into Angemon he was the most stoic and seasoned warrior she ever met. She wondered how would he look if he happened to succumb to that mysterious feeling. Her cheeks blushed vividly when , again, imagining herself as Angewomon and wearing a frilly dress she was walking down the altar..and him, wearing the most exquisite tuxedo, waiting for her…

“YOU ARE NUTS!!” she shook her head several times just like Hikari during the times she rolled on her bed when thinking on her crush despite her denying it. Gatomon was at that stage, on the path of becoming a maiden in love…Her attitude surprised wormon though and the latter wondered if he said something that made her  upset.

But to Hikari´s sharp eyes, the one who´s truly upset was the musician.

“Takeru-kun, what´s going on?” Hikari bit her lips, worried. Despite his beautiful performance he looked uneasy and he certainly wasn´t able to focus in his performance; as Gatomon noted, he looked especially nervous during the last 10 minutes. What made him   turn around so much? She wondered what made him behave so strangely…reacting as if someone was  speaking at his ear. But he was all alone on the stage, wasn´t him?

“There he goes again!” declared the cat whose fine ears could recognize the tiniest mistake “Ups! That´s a gross one… there´s no way he can make it pass as a little slip”

“Oh, dear…” sighed the digidestined of Light “It would had been much better if he´d cancelled this damned concert! ”

“But he´s  playing fairly well despite having slept almost nothing since yesterday, the party and the champagne…” Ken always tried to look at the bright side of things “Besides there´s no such thing as a perfect play…perfection is a myth, anyways”

That was the toughest lesson the former villain had to learn, during his stint as the Kaizer Ichijiouji-san tried to accomplish the Quixote´s goal of reaching perfection both as a role model in the real world and as the best skilled digidestined in the Digital World. But he almost died in shame when, like don Quixote when confronted by The Knight of the Mirrors and his attendants, he was forced to see the truth,  when his perfect Digimon was set lose and began to destroy everything. Chimeramon ´s madness was like the blinding sunlight reflected in the mirrors, exposing   the fool and a madman he was…

“Perfection my ass” Miyako crossed her arms ” I still believe Armadimon is exaggerating so he can miss out most of the concert. I am awfully exhausted myself but hey! Am I complaining?!”

When Miyako was tired she tended to be cranky and her level of crankiness was on proportion with her level of tiredness. On scale of 1 -10 she was 9.5!

“He wouldn´t do that” Gatomon quickly defended the absent digimon “That goes more in style with the sleeping beauties ” and pointed at Daisuke and Veemon who were still in Slumberland. Hawkmon also ended succumbing to the slumber magic and was napping by Veemon´s side.

“sleeping who…?” Veemon barely opened an eye before falling asleep again”Zzzzzz….”

“See?”  pointed the cat.

Miyako shrugged her arms not fully convinced. As far as she knew the majority wasn´t that keen of assisting to a classical concert right after Mimi´s wedding. The majority was exhausted from so much dancing and feasting and spending another 2 and a half hour inside a theater, listening to the dreamy sounds of a piano…well, let´s say it would be a tad hard to enjoy it. But that was Takeru´s night as well and since the group hardly banded together, lately,  it would had been a shame if they missed the concert and failed to cheer their friend!

“But if you are that worried, I can always check on them” offered Ken

“I need to go anyways” added Wormon.

Miyako smiled and kissed Ken´s lips.

“You are such a dear! ”

And  so Ken Ichijouji and wormon left the box and headed straight to the men´s restroom only to Ken collide with a fuming gentleman when about to reach his destiny.

“Idiot!!” yelled the other man ” Watch where you are walking!!”

“Gomen?” Ken´s never completely departed ways with his shyness and the other man´s rudeness made him momentarily forget his English and nervously apologized in his natal japanese.

“Oh! Another foreigner!” added the cranky fella “Thought the bloody restroom is filled with all of them!”

“Uh?” wormon and ken exchanged a puzzled look but the man stormed out before they could ask him what he meant with that. When they reached the door, though, they almost succumbed to fainting due to the nasty smell coming from there.

“OH MY! MY! I´M DYING!!!” that was Gomamon´s voice´s from the other side of the door.

“NO MORE OYSTERS FOR ANY OF YOU!!!!” cried Iori, Jyou and Izzy at the same time

Ken and Wormon retreated their steps immediately.

“Well, we can certainly tell that Armadimon´s not making it up” Ken didn´t feel safe enough to uncover his mouth and nose until they went back several steps, away from the gassy atmosphere “You didn´t eat oysters, did you?”

“Nope. Those 3 already finished them all before I could taste even one!”

“How about we  smoke a cigarette in the hall before going back to our seats?”

“…mmh…I can´t say I dislike the idea!” added wormon “But I´d rather do it in another floor…just in case”

He was joking of course but knowing Gomamon´s almighty power when it´s about emitting radioactive gas the pair headed directly to the stairs…just in case!


Meanwhile at the Taito´s balcony, the digimons couldn´t take it anymore.

“Urgh….” as noted before, Gabu was the proud owner of a powerful nose and so Agumon. Their human´s breath stank so much of alcohol that it was nauseating , Gabumon ´s face was as pale as a blank note and Agumon was ready to throw up in a minute or two

“What´s the matter?” asked Taichi, concerned about the digimons´s bad faces.

“No, please!” begged Agumon , horrified, when Taichi leaned to the floor.

“No please what?”asked the former google boy surprised to see them laying on the ground instead of enjoying the velvet seats.

“What the heck are you two doing down there?” Yamatto leaned as well and Gabumon covered his mouth , ready to puke “Gabumon! Are you ok?!”

The Taito pair had been so engrossed talking about random (and quite silly) things during the last half hour  as the drunkards they were that they literally forgot they brought their digimons to the concert! Okay, the digimons for once were as quiet as mouses instead of the loud chatters they usually were every time Taichi and Yamtto dared to take them to a public event (and that was the first time they didn´t have to shoo them when their noisiness threatened them to be kicked away from the event) so you couldn´t actually blame the guys for forgetting about them.

“Nghhh..I can´t stand that smell!” Gabumon was on the verge of tears “It´s too strong”

“Taichi..please…you are too close…”

“Too close ?” Tai was confused, what was Agumon trying to say?

Moments later the digidestineds of Courage and Friendship couldn´t contain a horrified scream.

“ARGHHH!!!! ”

The dear digimons had just thrown up their share of Mimi´s buffet…


Reality 11γ

“Look at the crosses” continued Shiro Angemon “Don´t they look beautiful…?”

“But Master won´t be satisfied until we add more to his collection” added Meiko “There are several crosses that are standing empty, waiting for their owners!”

Mirei almost lost it again. Shiroi Angemon´s powers commanded the invisible camera to take some close ups and how could she not recognize some of the faces?! Alpha and beta versions of Nokia Shiramine, Yuuko Kamishiro, Zaxon´s Fei Wong and reality 011 gamma´s digidestineds Akiho Rindou, Nikorai Yakovich Petorofu and google boy Taiga and their digimons unconscious, chained  onto the cursed crosses. And let´s not talk about the  digidestineds from other realities that were chained as well! A brief glimpse showed Takuya Kanbara and 3 of his friends , adult versions of Masaru Daimon, Yoshino Fujieda and Tohma Norstein chained as well! And more familiar faces that made the spectacle so painful that Mirei  couldn´t bear lit anymore and averted her eyes from the  the scene.

“Join us as our redeemed ally or share their fate!”

Mirei remained expressionless.

“Oh, so I can choose?” she kept looking at the images and told herself that  wonder why she lately had been feeling so uneasy!

During the last weeks she couldn´t help but feel that  peace wouldn´t last for too long in none of the realities she had been watching over for the last 5 years. Experience taught her that when you can´t shake the ominous feeling of seeing dark pitches in a sunny place despite the sun shinning like there´s no tomorrow , then it´s time to be on guard. Mirei also recalled perceiving  slight alterations in the vibrational frequencies among the gates between the human and digiworlds from the  α, β and γ variations of reality 011 (in other words, the realities she´d been in charge to look after)  but when she sent her girls to investigate neither Angewomon and Ladydevimon were able to find anything. She silently kept monitoring though in the hopes of finding the source of the abnormalities , even to the point of asking Alphamon and the rest of the Royal Knights from the 3 realities ´s assistance but even they were unable to find anything and suggested, instead, for her to take a break from her duties…

“I guess I should say arigatou, angel-san?” it was strange, despite her heart was beating like crazy at the same time a part of her felt nothing but  relief ! A pair or psychos showed up  in her shop, ready to kill her in any minute and she couldn´t help but feel grateful towards them because now she could tell the whole world how RIGHT she was!

Shiroi Angemon smirked.

“You are more than welcomed ” he replied “Meiko-chan and I will be more than happy to have you on board, right ?”

Meiko nodded but kept her guard.

” I see” Mirei then pointed at a random group of digidestineds “There is at least a couple of dozens of digidestineds, not too bad.  For being a pair of beginners you may SCORED a fairly decent amount of achievements, Petorofu-san isn´t an easy one and Shiramine-san ranks among the best fighters” added Mirei , cold “But I can´t say I´m really impressed”

“Why not? ” asked Meiko, curious.

“Because I don´t see anything but second and third grade digidestineds” a quite critical Mirei rearranged her glasses “Where´s Yagami-san? Or Akiyama?”

Meiko and Shiro exchanged a puzzled look. They weren´t tasked to capture those people, that was more on Keruta´s territory…

“I daresay I am not impressed ” declared Mirei in the end “Not in the least. Submission is off the table, my dears…”

Suddenly a light emerged from the backdoor and Mirei, without losing her cool, rose her right arm and the following instant found herself wearing a certain circular bracelet!


Without turning her eyes even once, the purple haired tarot girl smiled.

Shiro Angemon and Meiko turned around and the girl´s face paled considerably when an impressive winged female   showed up on stage and  as a true Angel of Wrath she was ready to turn any unsolicited visitor into dust!

“What…what… the heck is that?!” asked Meiko stammeringly.

Shiro Angemon sighed and stood by Meiko´s side, ready to protect her.

“I was wondering when you were going to show up ” he declared “Meiko-chan, meet your next prize: MASTEMON”

“Do you really think I can do it?” she wasn´t so sure , somehow the female angel looked as terrifying as beautiful!

“You obtained Alphamon, didn´t you?” Shiro Angemon kissed her forehead making her blush “You should have some more self-confidence, Meiko-chan”


Mochizuki bit her lips, anxious and looked at her armor. Alphamon was hers, yes, but who could say she got him in a fair way? Despite knowing she was fighting for a good cause she was still bothered about the way she got her assets and was ready to voice her concerns when Mastemon, irked about being called a prize did not hesitate on launching an attack!


Such was the magnitude of the attack that the girls closed their eyes in order not to succumb to a possible blindsiding .  Shiro, unimpressed,   responded with a counter attack


His power collided with Mastemon´s and their potency were so balanced that an expansive wave followed through,  destroying everything in the process. Books and souvenirs were no more, the walls cracked open, the counter broke in two and the door directly fled to the streets. The mirrored ceiling was shattered in the act and began to rain broken crystals all over the place.

“YOU THINK YOU CAN CALL ME A PRIZE AND LIVE AFTER THAT?!” shouted Mastemon “YOU FOOL!” and while shooting her attack she immediately summoned a second one

“Why not?” Shiro Angemon ´s scythe replicated the same strategy “AREN´T DIGIMONS SUPPOSED TO BE OBTAINABLE PRIZES, IN THE END?”


“I ALREADY MET DEATH, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” and the angels engaged in a gruesome battle.

Meanwhile Mirei managed to get close to Meiko and delivered a well studied kick on her belly!

“URGHHH!” Meiko knelt on pain, she was so in an awe with the digiangelical fight that she momentarily forgot about the other girl.

“You dare to flaunt having a Supreme digivice and Alphamon´s codes…yet you are PATHETIC” and Mirei kept with her art martial attacks “You,weak-willed child, know NOTHING what it truly means being a Supreme..!”


Reality 05

“Officer Fujieda, Officer Fujieda, are you on service?” the dispatcher kept calling for Yoshino´s radio which´d been non responsive for a good while.

“Officer Fujieda…on service”

“At least!” protested the dispatcher “Inform current protocol”

“Right now I´m on code six with a…a… suspicious vehicle at a corner on Shinjuku Golden Gai…”

“Oh Lord forgive me…you are good, Fujieda-san!!!” a masculine moan overlapped Yoshino´s voice.


“What´s that?” asked the dispatched

“Nothing! ” the former DATS  member pinched the other party´s arm “The suspect´s showing resistance to the procedure so I´m following through”

“Need assistance?”

“No, code 4 for now. I can handle this lawbreaker” and Yoshino turned the radio off and resumed her duty…subjecting her suspect!

“Can you really do it?” Kouki Tsubasa, who was right now laying on the patrol´s back seats,  chuckled.

“OF COURSE!” and Yoshino teared his t-shirt open and caressed his wide, well built chest “I am Yoshino Fujieda, dammit!”

“Yes, sir!” Kouki gladly obliged and the pair once again exchanged a series of long, torrid kisses that threatened to bring down a tsunami all over Tokyo!

That´s the thing, Yoshino was supposed to be chasing the bad guy through Tokyo´s streets as always but this time the Tag play ended with an unexpected result: Kouki finally allowed to be captured! Yoshino found his bike parked  a couple of blocks away from the Hanazono Shrine when she managed to catch up to him after a helluva of a chase. When Yoshino was about to cuff him he ended confessing the reason of his offenses, he very much broke the transit laws in order to catch her attention.

“I think you are hot” he ended saying “How about forgoing the fines and get to know each other better instead…?

Five minutes later , they engaged in a wild, risqué lovemaking session worthy of an X-Rated doujinshi!

“You´s not like I am wishing to get married to you or anything…” Yoshi was more than ready to tackle down the gorgeous delinquent and make him hers “But you´d better make this experience WORTHY!”

Kouki couldn´t help but laugh. He never expected, even in his craziest fantasies that his former foe turned to be so wild! She was far from being an adorable primrose and now that she ripped his t-shirt he wondered how the other cops could let pass the opportunity of hitting on this wonderful wildrose!

“I am a man of word” and his hands swiftly moved forth and back her back, searching for her bra “Any time, anywhere” and he gleefully followed the path of her bra before going to her throat.

“Hum…” she wasn´t supposed to be doing this but couldn´t help it; this so called affair was far from being honorable and Kouki wasn´t the kind of guy she would introduce to her family. But right now he was what she needed the most , she never felt so alive and energetic since …she shook her head, there was no use thinking in what she couldn´t have anymore. The real world and the digiworld were not allowed to cross paths anymore and she should be considered lucky that at least she had back her memories of her past adventures .

Until 2 years ago the former DATS members had no idea that they once were involved with digimons and how the digidestineds assisted those creatures in a bid to save both worlds from Yggdrasil´s menace. The God wouldn´t had tried to destroy the human world had not being to the bad deeds of a madman known as Kurata who did everything to destroy any possibility of alliance between humans and digimons alike. But when Masaru KOed Yggdrasil´s ultimate form and the digimons announced that they had to go back to their world and rebuild it from scratch…to avoid future dangers it was decided that the human world should have the memories of the digimons erased for good, including the digidestineds. Masaru was the only one spared of such thing because he joined Agumon and the rest in their journey…

3 years passed since that day and DATS was disbanded for good and the former members were scattered. Tohma returned to Europe, graduated early in college and worked hard to develop a cure for his younger sister´s illness. Yoshino and her female colleagues from DATS followed Rentarou Sampson and ended joining the police forces but neither of them felt quite in their element. Despite neither of them having memories they sort of missed up something and it was during one of those nostalgic intervals that Fate lent them a hand. A psycho digimon threatened to destroy, once again, the balance between both worlds and the former warriors were called on duty again and had their memories restored. Once the menace was over, this time though, the digidestineds were allowed to keep their memories and their digivices but they had to promise not to look for the invisible gates that divided both worlds and respect the limits…

“At least I was able to share one more adventure with Lalamon and the rest” thought Yoshino,sighing.

“Yoshino-san?” asked the guy, intrigued by her sudden sad expression “Are you…okay?”


He was dying to fulfill the deal but forced himself to cool down a bit.

“We were about to begin a Krakatoa effect when you…your mind suddenly took off to another place” his hands left her clothes alone and caressed her face “I´m asking again, are you fine with this?”

“Oh! if only you knew…!” her mind exclaimed but ended shaking her head. Unlike her, neither Kouki nor his former Bio Hybrid teammates Ivan and Nanami had any memories from their past adventures. For now they were leading ordinary lives (save for Kouki who still was a rebel without cause) and Yoshino thought it was better that way. It was way more merciful letting those people lead ordinary and perhaps boring lives than allowing them to learn how rotten they were in the past due to Kurata´s manipulations.

“I am and I want to do it” she smiled in the end “Please…?”

And she began to caress his chest once more, re-igniting the passion.

“….hum…you are going to be the cause of my doom” he mumbled, leaning back once again, fully enjoying the moment.

“Can´t wait..”

And in that precise moment, Yoshino Fujieda´s old digivice began to shine….


“What´s going on, Ikuto-kun?!” asked Chika Daimon, horrified when one of the boy´s pockets suddenly began to shine.

“I…I..don´t know” mumbled Ikuto as astonished as her.

He slid a hand in the pocket and his eyes grew bigger than the Tokyo Tower when he realized that his old digivice was working by itself.Ikuto´s forehead began to sweat like crazy, it was an omen…and not a good one.

“For Merukimon´s sake!” he choked “Something´s going on with the Digiworld!”

“The Digi…what?!” Chika was dumbfounded. She had no idea, in the slightest, what he was talking about!

Ikuto shook his head several times and concluded he had no time to try to explain.

“Sorry, I need to go!” and began to run like a madman, leaving a quite puzzled Chika Daimon behind.


Ikuto kept running and running , the digivice shone for the first time after 2 years and instead of feeling happy he grew terribly concerned. The device was projecting a huge number 8 and Ikuto had no idea what it meant.

Moments later, he was engulfed in a golden light that showed from nowhere…


Megumi Shirakawa and Miki Kurosaki were taking a break in a nearby cafeteria when their digivices shone as well.

“I can´t believe it!” they said in unison “Are we being called back to DUTY?!”

But before they could reach any conclusion they were surrounded by a mysterious light …


 Reality 09

When Ami, Yu and Pixiemon finally reached their destiny  the first thing they saw was Magna Angemon being unceremoniously THROWN OUT from the bridge and falling heavily to the water.

You should learn not to make personal remarks” he finally condescended to look at the Ultimate level angel “it’s very rude” and kept fishing.

What about Tsurugi?

The poor google boy was so freaked out that he almost wet his pants.

“Magna Angemon-sama-pi!!” yelled Pixiemon and rushed to the where his fallen comrade was “Magna Angemon-sama-pi!”

“What´s going on?!” yelled Yu , livid as well. Who on earth was able to send flying  to  Magna Angemon?!

“THAT…THAT… ASSHOLE DID IT!” Tsurugi ´s trembling finger pointed at Gabriel who had resumed his fishing.

“Gabriel-kun?” Ami couldn´t believe it”You are lying!”

“I am not!” protested the google boy

“Who´s Gabriel?” asked Yu, not sure about understanding the whole picture.

“That fella!” Gabriel showed a delighted smile when being pointed again but kept fishing as if he had no worries at all “Ami, Yu. Don´t be fooled by his bishounen face he´s a MONSTER in disguise!” Tsurugi kept yelling, nearly hysterical. Forget about the previous battles against the Black Knight or Neo, somehow this fella was someone WAY more intimidating than any of their previous enemies. Or so his body believed so, still trembling in shock. The angelic throw-away happened so fast that his eyes couldn´t follow the scene which completely freaked him out. Or could it be that the incident happened in the REAL WORLD instead the DIGITAL ,and despite being a scene that lasted less than 5 seconds, felt way more DISTURBING?

“No way” Ami rushed to where Gabriel was sitting and touched one of his sleeves “Gabriel-kun?”

“Yes, Ami-chan?” he turned his back and greeted the girl with a shiny smile

“What Tsurugi-kun said is true?”

“About what?”

Ami looked at the waters , Magna Angemon´s silhouette  still didn´t resurface. Pixiemon was flying in circles, desperately calling for his fallen friend.

Curiouser and curiouser” Gabriel replied again in a Lewiesque way “He ought to learn some respectable remarks before addressing another word at moi

And he added an English accent to the Japanese speech which caused a mix of outrage and admiration towards the digidestineds.

“Ami step away from that lunatic!” Tsurugi ´s eyes , perhaps fueled by the adrenaline, were gasping something emerging from Mikihara´s body. A diaphanous, almost invisible , golden mantle of data…? It was like the first time he met Norun-sama, the beautiful silver haired girl who assisted the digidestineds until revealing herself as Yggdrasil…! But unlike Norun, that guy had the word DANGER written in his forehead. At least that´s what his instincts as digidestined were shouting all the way to his timpani!

“Magna Angemon-sama-pi! Magna Angemon-sama- pi!!!!” Pixiemon was becoming dreadfully anxious. How long would the angel be in the water…could it be he didn´t know how to swim?!

Ami ´s heart and mind were in a thunderstruck state. Gabriel Mikihara was the incarnation of everything she wished to see in a guy: tall, handsome, charming, with a foreign aura that many Japanese girls found irresistible and his suave mood…it was as if God looked through her fantasies and modeled the guy after them. And God help her, she was getting drawn more and more towards that mysterious guy who by the way happened to share Norun´s same Surname!

“So in the end, he ended in the water due to impoliteness?” Her words shocked both Yu and Tsurugi. What the heck was she thinking?! That guy could had just drowned Magna Angemon and she was chit-talking with him?!

“GET AWAY FROM HIM!” Tsurugi wanted to push her away from Gabriel but somehow his legs didn´t respond. How come he never showed any hesitation towards the most dangerous digimon, Neo , who once destroyed the digi universe but his body was literally freezing when it comes to Gabriel?”HE´S NUTS!”

“Surely” he looked at Yu and Tsurugi and dedicated them an acquiescent response “And I daresay I am not the only one” and he winked an eye “We’re all mad here, Alice-kun!”

Ami couldn´t help but giggle.

“Did you just call Tsurugi-kun Alice?”

“Of course”

“WHY?” asked both Ami and Yu in chorus, the first amused and the other incredulous.

“It just fits him”

Despite his unreasonable fear Tsurugi´s cheeks got red due to his frustration


“AND I´M DONE WITH YOUR BULLSHIT, MIKIHARA-SAMA!” and a violent geyser emerged from the once tranquil waters  showing the magnificent, yet absolutely furious figure of Magna ANgemon , wielding Excalibur, ready to attack the insulting party !

“WHAT…?” Ami ´s jaw almost dropped by the surprise and both Tsurugi and Yu managed to pull her from Gabriel´s side.

“Magna Angemon-sama! You are okay-pi!” Pixiemon ´s joy lasted for a second before realizing the angel´s intention on going full warrior mode and he magically summoned a magical barrier to protect the children from the impending clash “DON´T DO IT, ANGEL-SAMA! REMEMBER WHAT NORUN-SAMA SAID ABOUT HIM…!”

The angel grumbled, he momentarily forgot about the Goddess´s previous warnings concerning Gabriel Mikihara. His warrior side had completely taken over his rational part and wasn´t thinking really straight.

“Oh dear” Gabriel finally stood up “A fight before Tea Time?”


And his purple blade made a clean cut on the rod. Gabriel , without losing his shiny smile, jumped.

“Mhhh..what´s better for this occasion? the old faithful  Earl Grey from England or an inviting  Çay from Turkey?

Pixiemon and the kids exchanged a confused look. Was Gabriel talking about tea while Magna Angemon was doing his best to kill him ?!


“He cannot be a digimon!” yelled Ami, still surrounded by Cupid´s charms

“HE IS!” insisted the kids, otherwise which normal human could evade Magna Angemon´s attacks moving all over the bridge´s borders like Barýshnikov? And the blade could not reach any part of his body, even a hair!

“He actually is Norun-sama´s brother ” explained Pixiemon “Yggdrasil´s other half”

“WHAT?!” Tsurugi , Ami and Yu shouted at the same time.

I’m afraid so” Gabriel finally landed over the angel´s sword and kept still on the blade “You’re entirely bonkers

Magna Angemon tried to shake off the annoying fella from his sword but Gabriel´s feet seemed to be glued to the purple blade!

Gabriel jumped again only to swiftly pinch his forehead. But the pinch proved to be QUITE strong and Magna Angemon´s holy helmet suddenly broke down , exposing his face. Pixiemon and the kids contained an exclamation.


“Magna Angemon-sama pi!!!”

“Oh Goodness!” Yu couldn´t open his mouth bigger at that moment. That was UNBELIEVABLE!”

And nobody was more shocked than the angel himself . Never, in his thousands of digital years, he suffered such a heinous action! His eyes shone with such stupor that he was unable to mutter a word.His body refused to move as well, unable to grasp the exposition. The face that he swore to keep only to himself was now revealed to the rest of the world!

Gabriel , like a true Cheshire cat, landed in front of him and enjoying seeing the angel´s astonished expression he whispered at his ear “But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are ”

“YOU..YOU..ARE..GOING..TO…” the angel ´s lips moved at least, muttering choked words “PAY..FOR THIS!!!” fist moved furiously towards his opponent´s face only to be stopped by one of the latter´s fingers!

“OH CRAP!” Tsurugi fell to his knees.

“PLEASE, STOP!” Pixiemon reinforced the shield since the fist´s stop still sent a helluva of an expansive wave towards its surroundings. The bridge´s foundations trembled due to the extraordinary warrior´s latent strengths and if the fight kept going on the entire bridge could suffer an irremediable collapse!

“Foolish one who believes that is a match against a god” Gabriel´s smile turned into a more sober one “I’m going to give you a sentence, a full sentence with a noun and a verb and a possible agitate. I don’t like all these judges running around with their half baked sentences, that´s how you get salmonella poisoning” and his foot moved, making Magna Angemon trip.

His other hand, though, caught the angel by the waist to prevent his fall and Gabriel´s face now leaned quite closely towards Magna´s.

” I RESPOND TO NO ONE BUT MY OWN WILL” the tanned teenager  now exhibited a solemn expression, his face became so close to the angel´s that their lips were a few inches apart. Magna Angemon ´s cheeks involuntarily blushed but his eyes kept flaring with anger since Gabriel-sama was doing anything but humiliate his pride as an angel!

Gabriel wasn´t finished with his statement, though.

“I may be Yggdrasil´s other self but I am also my own individual. Hence, I shall do whatever I please, go wherever I please and the wonderland can turn into dust before I bent my free will towards the likes of a magnificent ignorant that blindly follows my sister´s words…” and he unceremoniously let Magna Angemon fall to the ground

“Magna Angemon-sama-pi!!” Pixiemon ´s little body trembled “Please, Yggdrasil-sama reconsider!”

“If he´s Norun-chan´s brother why is he fighting against Magna Angemon?” Ami gasped, now beginning to see the picture with more clarity.

“Beats me! he´s an asshole!” Tsurugi never whished he had his digimon back into his hands, as Victory Greymon ready to kick that lunatic´s ass!

Gabriel then turned his attention towards Pixiemon and the kids.

“Alice-kun” he walked towards them “If you are that willing to teach me a lesson, it shall be” his right hand made a swift move, like a magician and summoned a golden key.

Suddenly the kids´s pockets began to shine!


Nervously, the trio looked through their pockets and much to their surprise they found out that their digivices were in function mode…like in the digiworld!

Magna Angemon stood up at last and the sight of the shining digivices momentarily made him forget about his rage.

“Didn´t you wish to rejoin your digimons, Alice-kun?” Gabriel extended his hand, in a dramatic way as if he was performing a Shakespearean play “So let´s shall have your little dreams come alive once again. But if you dream to teach this walking God a lesson, first, you must go back to Wonderland my dears…”

And his key then pointed to the sky and much to everybody´s surprise a golden pillar emerged from the skies and began to consume everything

In a Wonderland they lie, Dreaming as the days go by, Dreaming as the summers die:
Ever drifting down the stream- Lingering in the golden gleam- Life, what is it but a dream?”  Gabriel sighed “A warning though, the Wonderland you once knew it´s not the same Wonderland from Yesterday. And it shall not be the same by Tomorrow…”

And his smile was the last thing that the group saw before Digimons and  Digidestineds were sucked into the light….