“Pose as a team, ’cause SHIT JUST GOT REAL.”

Problem Sleuth

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reality 03

“5 MINUTES BEFORE CHRONOS´S LAUNCH” announced the computer´s system.

Ryuu shook his head, forcing himself to brush off his emotions. That wasn´t the time for a family sugarcoated moment!

“You can walk, right? ”  Ryuu ´s question wasn´t a question. And his face suddenly turned as cold as Slash Angemon´s, then he abruptly  pushed Yamaki to the main computer “COME ON! DELETE THE FUCKING CHRONOS !!!! he demanded.

“hey! Who do you think you are..?” Yamaki didn´t appreciate the treatment but Ryuu, not willing to take shit from anybody, especially HIS, kicked his ass.


Mitsuo still refused to believe it.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! ” Ryuu knocked the keyboard “WORK!!!”

“Oh no you won´t!” screamed Lillithmon, kicking on Slash Angemon´s  groin.It didn´t matter to her that she was missing an arm, she was firm on her duty!

“…” even the Heavy Metal Angel wasn´t immune to that trick.

While he knelt in an absolute pain, Lilith took her chance and  rushed to where Mitsuo and Ryuu where standing.

“EMPRESS EMBLAZE!” she shot ready to kill both of them.

“Mr Yamaki!!!” screamed  both Shibumi and Tally from the ground, impotent at the worst.

“SPIRAL SAVER!!!” and an unexpected technique, a short tornado within a fire tornado suddenly shielded the men from the demoniacal female´s attack and the hand-shaped monstrosity was deflected back, attacking Lilithmon instead. Had she not reabsorbed the attack in the last second, Lilithmon would had been incinerated at the spot.!

“WHO DARES TO INTERFERE?! screamed the villain , incensed.

Nova Takariyama still wearing the Gallantmon style armor and with Alice Mac Coy by her side, pointed a light sword at her.

“Supreme Nova Takariyama, at your service ” greeted her “Madame, are you AWARE what´s going to happen if CHRONOS is released?!”

“Yes, and I can´t wait!” laughed the evil woman “It´s going to be a feast!” and counterattacked as well.

“Hey Ryuu!” yelled Nova and pushed Alice to his arms “Take care of her!”

And Alice, still unable to process everything that´s going on,  landed on his chest.

“Ugh!” she gasped.

“Alice Mac Coy?!” Mitsuo Yamaki opened his mouth open, he didn´t recall seeing that girl for years. He wondered how someone like her ended being dragged into the conflict, unless it had something to do with the part she played years ago when she helped a foreign digimon to deliver the Tamers a set of powers…

A punch from Ryuu forced Mitsuo to go back to reality.


The teen´s tone finally awoken Mitsuo´s senses and began to work on the computer.

“Damn!” he mustered “THESE aren´t the usual protocols!”

Shibumi , still on the ground managed to whisper something

“Your protocols had been long time exchanged by HERS” and tried to stand up, Ryuu waste no time and helped the old man “I only managed to break part of them, I would had ended the job a little while ago but…your gorillas …”

Alice meanwhile  stood numb, unable to make any sense of this.

Shibumi managed to regain some of his strength and joined Mitsuo on the computer.

“You are useless at this point, son” and his fingers began to move so fast that Mitsuo´s eyes couldn´t follow through “The lady replaced your usual protocols and now, I am changing hers in order to download the antivirus” again he connected his bracelet “Hum…the antivirus is still downloading…there´s still 30% to fill ” Shibumi kept working non-stop “Mitsuo  listen to my instructions and we may be able to fasten the process…are you in or not?”

“Go ahead, oldie. Finish your task!” added Ryuu, sharp and then looked at Alice “You, miss. Don´t leave my side!”

Alice didn´t reply. Her heart was still shaking uncontrollably and her mind was a complete mess; the more she tried to make sense of the situation  the less she couldn´t assimilate…in the end, she fainted on Ryuu´s arms.

“OH, GREAT!” the last thing he needed was having to take care of a princess in distress “Miss Takariyama!!”

“Keep an eye on Yamaki and the Monster Marker!” yelled the armored blonde having a hand to hand with Lilithmon, that even in her weakened state refused to give up.

“For being an insignificant insect, you are a good fighter” laughed the evil digimon “But how come you are embedded to Gallantmon´s codes?!”

“As if I´m telling!” Nova delivered another set of sword strokes only to be swiftly evaded by the succubus digimon “Come on! Fight!!”

“NO NEED” and Lilithmon suddenly was impaled by one of Slash Angemon´s blades “You are finished”

Lilithmon began to cough considerable drops of blood.


At that precise moment, the screens showed up a web-cam call…it was Reika Ootori.

“MITSUO, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!” she wasn´t in the Christmas mood at all.

“Reika?!” the husband´s face finally paled “Why are you calling…?”

“Because you never bothered to call here and say hi to our son!” She yelled “But I am not here to remind you about Ryuu…WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?” While her little child was opening the rest of the present with his cat, Reika shoved the silver and blue D-Power digivice to the screen “SENDING ONE OF THESE TO OUR SON?!! ARE YOU INSANE?!”

Yamaki´s face paled like never before.

“But I didn´t!” he was as astonished as his wife “I swear that it didn´t come from me…!”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Meanwhile Saturn Angemon was dealing with Tempus Angemon.

The fight was fierce, merciless and withing each clash a torrent of lightning bolts threatened to tear apart the nearby skyscrapers.

“What happened to you, Saturn?” asked Tempus finally holding the other angel´s spear “The last time we fought, you weren´t this ruthless! Please, tell me!”

“You are UNBELIEVABLE!” his tone was truthfully incredulous “The very people who sent me to OBLIVION wonders about my ruthlessness?!”

And his initial annoyance evolved into an effervescent fury which redoubled  Saturn ´s determination to win this particular battle. He wasn´t going to let the other angel rob of his holy scythe like he did with Alice Mac Coy and after several seconds of struggles, he managed to kick Tempus Angemon´s stomach so hard that the angel tripped and couldn´t help but let go of the weapon.

“YOU TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME !” he yelled “YOUR ONE SIDED ACTIONS ERASED EVERYTHING I KNEW!! EVERYTHING!!!”  and blind by rage he delivered nasty hits with the most dangerous part of his weapon, his scythe was designed to literally slice  his enemies´s like grass.

“UGHH!!” Tempus put a hand over his chest…the cursed blade actually managed to open a hole on the armor! “You mean…OMEGA? That´s why you GAVE LUCEMON A KEY?!”

Saturn Angemon didn´t bother to answer. He just kept attacking his archenemy.


Reality 09

Tsurugi face palmed. Could that guy be more of an idiot?!

“Welcome to Arakawa Under the Bridge´s world” declared Tsurugi, ironic “How do you expect catching a fish without any bait?”

Gabriel limited to smile.

“The same way you expect to see digimons….”

“What?” Tsurugi almost let his cane fall to the water “What do you mean?”

Instead of replying, the silver haired and tanned guy whistled a song. The  subject didn´t seem to catch his interest and rather looking forward to catch a non- existent fish than discussing about digimons.

“Oh! Come on!” insisted the google boy  “What´s up with that stupid analogy?”

“It isn´t stupid when you learn to believe in impossible things”

“You nuts! There´s no way I am doing that!”

Gabriel Mikihara dedicated a wide, shiny Colgate smile.

“I daresay you haven’t had much practice, Alice-kun

“My name is Tsurugi!!” replied the boy incensed, not getting  the joke.

“When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast…oh! There goes the shawl again!”

Tsurugi looked around, surprised. Of course there was no flying  garment in their surroundings and dedicated another nasty glare to his fishing companion.

“You are nuts”

Had Tsurugi-kun a bit more friendly to books he would had noticed that Mikihara has been  quoting the White  Queen´s famous line from Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.

“Humm…yeah, I guess so” replied Mikihara in the end , still looking at the water”And so the individuals who become the chosen ones and end up landing in the Other side…”

Again, Tsurugi ended scratching his head.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Instead of heading back to home after school, Yu Inui wanted to meet his friends and have some fun at the arcade. How long passed since the last time he went to that place?

“I can´t wait to see the rest ” he looked once again at his device “I have the feeling that my egg is about to hatch in a moment or so…Can´t wait to show it to Tsaurugi-san and Ami-chan!” months passed but he too was hopeful that he was going to see his Gaomon once again. He was so looking forward to meet again his dear digital comrade that it may had been the extra incentive he needed to pass through his heart surgery with flying colors…the funny thing is that he could swear he could see, for an instant, the ghostly presence of Gaomon standing next to him before being knocked down by the anesthesia. He never told anybody about his vision fearing the adults would laugh it off but Yuu firmly believed that his digimon had been guarding his spirit all the time so he wouldn´t go astray…

“Yu-kun?!” a girl´s voice caught his attention and rose his head. Ami Kitajima was waving at him from her table.

“Ami-chan!” he fastened his steps, delighted to see his friend “What are you doing here?”

“Enjoying an ice-cream. But I am unable to finish it…wanna some?”

Yuu looked around and sighed. He ´d been so engrossed looking at his device that didn´t perceive he entered to the park instead of heading to the arcade! But well, at least he met Ami!

“Good heavens!” he then looked at the dessert, it was huge “That´s the mount Everest of Ice-creams! ”

“Yeah…” Ami now was regretting having ordered such a thing “So? Wanna have some?”

It looked so good that the boy was a about to become a drooling waterfall. And the dessert seemed to be calling his name

Come and eat me…I´m free to a good, loving home…

“I wish!” but ended shaking his head “I may have a brand new heart but I´m still on a strict diet. Oh!  I shouldn´t even look at it!!!” he whined “But thanks anyways”

Ami smiled and nodded. That little boy was admirable, despite being trapped in te digiworld he never forgot about his true duties…he never dreamed about staying in the Digital World so he could avoid going to the hospital. If only more people could be as courageous as him!

“Well, I think it´s a pity if I leave so much in the plate . Wait here, I´ll ask for a box and take the leftovers home before the ants notice them…”

While  the girl took her plate back to the ice-cream post, Yuu put back his device in his pocket. It´d be better if Tsurugi was there, too. He would ask Ami.

“Okaayyy” Ami rushed to his side, now carrying the mentioned box “I should had expected that man would laugh when I went back. Told ya, dear he said. Jerk!”

“Didn´t you know it would be so big?”

“I thought I could eat it all!” she sighed “I am so sad that I really needed it!”

“Is the so called the Comfort- dessert?” he rolled his eyes “Don´t tell me you´ve been dumped!”

Ami sighed, as if ready to cry again but before she could offer an answer  a large crowd in the kids´s playground attracted her attention.

“WOW!” she said “There´s a lot of people ! Wonder what´s going on!”

Yuu was as curious as his friend and the kids ended joining the crowd.

“Can´t see, so many hindrances!” protested the boy after struggling to open a path between the mass of mothers and kids.

“Hum…” instead of trying to walk between that wall of people, Ami opted to climb to the nearest tree “OMG! NO WAY! NO WAY!”

“What´s going on?” asked the boy, dying of curiosity “What do you see?”

If Ami´s mouth opened a bit more she´d been able to swallow an entire orange.

“There´s a guy cosplaying Magna Angemon!” she began to laugh “Holy! what a heck of a cosplayer…he looks like the REAL ONE!”

“GET OUT! REALLY?!” Yuu now wanted to climb up the tree as well but before he could give his first attempt, Ami yelled like a possessed soul.Yuu ´s feet tripped and fell flat on the ground


“Hey! why are you yelling like that?!” the boy had no choice but to curse his bad luck, his ass was going to hurt for a day or two!

The girl immediately got down the tree and summoning all her lungs´s strength she began to scream.


The multitude immediately turned around.

“THERE!” Ami pointed at a random man walking not too far from the site

The crowd immediately burst in a frantic exclamation.



And in a flash the multitude deserted the playground and began to chase the poor man, whom of course wasn´t the famed mangaka!




“STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU BUNCH OF NUTSOS!!” yelled the fella, scared to the bones. But the fans didn´t wave, they began to chase him as well!

“Finally!” sang Pixiemon  gleefuly, relieved on not being smacked by the kiddies anymore.

Magna Angemon sighed in relief as well, whoever chased away the crowd he would forever being grateful to his savior.

“MAGNA ANGEMON?!” yelled both Ami running to his encounter “IS THAT YOU?!”

The angel ´s eyes opened as well.

“Miss Kitamino?! Inui?!”  Magna Angemon could barely believe he´d meet so soon two of the digidestineds and  at this kind of place!

Ami unable to contain her excitement ran to his encounter and delivered a huge hug at both Magna Angemon and Pixiemon.

“Ami-pi! Yu-pi!” Pixiemon didn´t hold up either and crashed over Yuu´s head, almost knocking down the poor guy  “It´s so good to see you again!!”

“is this a dream?” Ami pinched her cheeks a couple of times. How many times she dreamed on seeing those wonderful creatures again…? “No way! You are real!”

Magna Angemon nodded a bit absently. It wasn´t that he wasn´t pleased to see two of the kids who helped to save his world but he had a duty to fulfill and the fastest he accomplished, the better Norun-sama would feel. He kept looking at his surrounding.

“Did you lose something, Magna Angemon?” asked Ami, curious.

“No “was the angel´s dry response “But I, indeed, am in a recovery task”


“Maybe they can help” added Pixiemon.

“Hum…” Magna Angemon touched his visor and activated it. The holy visor not only served to hide his handsome eyes, it also served as a tracking device.

“What did you lose?” asked Yuu filled with curiosity as well “A digimon, perhaps?”

Pixiemon shook his pinky head.

“Could be ” Pixiemon wasn´t entirely sure about the person they´d been tasked to look for.

“Let me help you!” Ami pulled one Magna Angemon´s hands “4 s better than 2, right?”

The angel looked at her and was ready to say no when his visor began to react.

“Hum…” he knelt and stared at Ami, suddenly interested “Miss Kitamino, how come your body is surrounded by codes?”


“I can see a string of silver codes surrounding your body” the angel´s face got so close to her that Ami blushed vividly “You are also impregnated by that individual´s smell” and took abruptly by her hand “Kitamino-san, you´ve been with him until recently. WHERE´S HIM?!”


Reality 11  γ

“Miss Mochikuzi ” sighed the tarotist “When the WHEEL OF FORTUNE shows up, changes in the turns of events are UNAVOIDABLE. Nothing is fated to remain the same forever. And I have the feeling that these changes are going to turn up and side everybody´s world! When the moment arrive you may end being questioning your own system of beliefs, everything you took as a sacred truth will suffer a shake” and then she gave a firm stare  at the man “And then, the JUDGEMENT CARD. But I am not going to explain this one…everybody will WITNESS IT sooner or later…”

A deep silent fell all over the place.

Meiko brownish eyes were covered in fear after the reading session while her partner ´s  blue ones sparkled with the intensity of a dozen lightning bolts. The purple haired digidestined recollected her cards , apparently tranquil but her sixth sense was tingling.

“The session is over” she said in the end “Was it useful?”

Meiko nodded.

“Yes, especially the past part” the blackhaired girl choked “Years ago I lost someone  precious…”

“He was cruelly taken from you, Meiko-chan” intervened her boyfriend and his gelid tone sent a chill to Mirei´s spine “Judge and Executor, that´s the way they behaved. Poor little soul that didn´t have a chance to manifest its glory in this world….!” the silver haired guy wore a little pendant, a silver cross and after a little prayer he kissed it. “But no action is left without receiving its deserved consequence, dear. I KNOW”

Mirei slowly assented but her instincts were more and more clear.

“You are speaking about RETRIBUTION” it wasn´t a question but an affirmation “Beware about that, because it doesn´t equal JUSTICE. Not a chance!”

“INTERESTING WORDS” the man showed an acrid  smile ” Speaking by EXPERIENCE, I guess?”

And without giving the tarot girl a chance to reply, he surreptitiously took the deck from Mirei´s hands and randomly mixed them.

“I guess I am in the mood for  a lecture after all…”

But the tarot lady refused.

“I had enough with you girlfriend´s “was her reply “It gave me a helluva of a headache so mister, I´m afraid I´m going to ask you to leave because I´m closing the shop”

“Oh! I´m so sorry..!” apologized the shoujo girl once more profusely bowing  her head “I didn´t mean to cause such a hassle!” The boyfriend placed a hand on her shoulder, noting that it was enough. Then he walked towards Mirei and caressed one of her purple locks.

“I didn´t mean a lecture for myself” he added again in that diaphanous tone which sent an electrical wave to the digidestined´s system. “May I give the cute clairvoyant my own reading?”

“NO” replied Mikagura without hesitation.

“Why not?” her answer amused him “I am also GOOD when it comes to PREDICTIONS. Besides    tarotists supposedly  cannot read their own fortunes?”

“That´s a myth” retorted Mirei, instinctively  moving backwards.

If I´m attracted to this guy then that means trouble, so I must….

The man stepped forward.

“OK” his smile grew wider. That wasn´t a gentle, sweet smile anymore….it was a the smile of a hunter which made Mirei wary of her surroundings. The more she kept moving backwards,the more he kept advancing. “I guess that ONE should be ENOUGH!”

And he brashly threw a card at Mirei who quickly managed to catch it before it hit her face.

The very minute she looked at the car, Mirei´s face paled considerably and her body trembled violently.

“NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! NOOOO!!!!!!!!” and threw the card away like a burning paper.


The man´s smile grew wider and picked up the card.

“What´s the matter, miss Mikagura? Is there something wrong with the card?” and he shoved it in front of her face “How can something so innocuous provoke such hysterical reaction?”

“LEAVE! LEAVE RIGHT NOW!!!  Mirei´s face was the personification of fear ” LEAVE!!!!!!”

So disturbed was Mikagura by the mere sight of that image that she was close  to fall victim  to a nervous breakdown

“See Meiko-chan?” the fella grabbed one of Mirei´s hand and forced her to look him at the face  “You aren´t the only haunted by  a painful PAST. You should ask about HERS”

“WHO…WHO…WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!!!” shouted the woman “WHO ARE YOU?!!!!”

“Oh my, that´s so impolite of you” and the man let go of her and Mirei fell on her knees “I hoped you would had recognized me…well, let´s give you a hint”

He took off his sunglasses and his hands magically summoned a silver scythe.


“Remember OMEGA?” whispered him and pointed his weapon at Mirei “Well, I certainly never forgot about it. And it´s time to  bring it back…!”


Reality 04


“What´s the matter, Shizu?” asked Kouichi Kimura surpised by his cousin´s sudden annoyance.

” It´s the phone!” she was in the midst of updating her Twitter account with the newest shots when the screen went blank and no matter how many buttons she pressed, the device was frozen”Grr!! And I bought it last week!”

“Ugh, that sucks!” Kouichi patted her arm , feeling sorry for her.

“And I can´t activate the reboot system” she grumbled ” I am SO going to complain at the guy who sold it to me!! And now, I can´t read Keichi-kun ´s  latest post!”

The mentioned Keichi was the guy who she lately had a crush on  and was going  to check on his Twitter as well but the phone literally died.

“Could you please lend me yours, Kouichi-kun?” she showed the Corgi´s eyes and the boy, unable to resist those eyes passed her his phone.

“What happened to Haramichi-san?”

“Haramichi who?” she was the type to fall easily in love and  the type of easily growing out of love as well!

“The fella who you stalked during the last 3 weeks!” said the boy “The captain of the Archery club?”

“Ah, that” the phone was switched off and she was waiting until the system was on “Things didn´t work in the end ” She ´d been madly in love with the captain and always looked forward to his practices (skipping her club activities in the meantime much to her teammates´s annoyance) and was ready to confess when one afternoon she discovered that the captain wasn´t available at all. At least, not for any of the girl population…which she found by accident when she saw her beloved captain exchanging a  torrid kiss with one of his kōhais, Naruse-san!

“Why do I keep falling for the wrong guys?”, she lamented later with her group of friends in the Karaoke . “First Ryoske-kun, then Manato-kun and now Haramichi-kun!!”

Because you are the type who fall for their appearance !“replied her friends like always “You believe that every handsome guy is a prince”

But Shizuka Kimura rarely listened. And once and again she ended falling for the same type of guy, handsome but filled with unexpected baggage that inevitably would blow up the balloon of illusions. Ryoske ended being a boy´s mamma, Manato a serial womanizer and Haramichi would actually had been perfect for her if he wasn´t gay. And let´s not talk about her other exes!

“I wonder why” Kouichi smirked, how many times did his lovely cousin fall in love and then took up to him to become her comfort pillow after each break-up? “Well, is he boyfriend number 8?”

“Not yet!”Nowadays Shizuka was hoping for a brand new love story and had her eyes settled on Keichi-kun, the vice president of the student committee. She sighed. He was the  intellectual type and  while not a Brad Pitt, he kinda had a charm that made him irresistible. Hey! Even his glasses fitted him beautifully!  “But who knows…? OH DAMMIT!!!!”



“Impossible!!” Kouichi took the device from her hands and his face turned blue when he realized his cellphone´s screen went blank “What the hell did you do?!” That was the phone both him and Koji bought together the other day; wanting to rekindle their brotherly bond they begged their parents to let them buy a new set of cellphones. Okay, mother and stepmother agreed and the 4 went together to buy the blessed things. And now it wasn´t functioning?!

“Nothing! Just switched it on!” insisted  Shizuka

Kouichi attempted to reboot it and like his cousin, it didn´t work.

“OH GREAT!” protested the boy , fuming as well ” I can´t believe you broke it!”

The girl pinched his cheeks, incensed.


“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” he immediately regretted the insult. “Ok! I get it!!!!” he begged.

“So I didn´t break the phone?” When Shizuka´s angry, she´s impious with her punishments!

“You didn´t break the phone! Ouuch!!!!”

“Okkkkk” and she let him go and gave him back his devicne “Thanks anyways!”

“Ouch…” he caressed his cheeks, now redder than the tomatoes and hurting like hell “You have a future as a SDM headmistress, Shizu!”

The girl raised an eyebrow.

“Where the heck did you learn about that stuff?!”

Kouichi smirked.

“Blame father. He owns several SDM mangas”


And the former digidestined offered a brief yet colorful explanation about how during a sleepover the twins uncovered one of the several skeletons in the Minamoto´s closets.

Once the twins began to frequent each other of course they would have a sleepover at each family´s house and as part of the bonding , they were more than willing to uncover more secrets. Kouji was still pissed off about the gruesome lie and the fact that he missed almost 9 years of his life believing his mother was dead while she´d been alive and still looking for him! So he had no qualms on  leading  Kouichi to the forbidden room, a.k.a the office room one afternoon the house was empty (Mr Minamoto was still working and the stepmother was in the supermarket)  and showed him where he stashed his valuables…by just opening one of the desk´s drawers (Koji also knew where was the key) and exposed a ton of non-kid-friendly mangas! SDM mixed with hardcore ecchi mangas was mr Minamoto´s prized collection.

“Just shoot me!” yelled Kouichi that time , incredulous “Father is into WEIRD stuff!”

“Uh, huh. He is INDEED WEIRD” grinned Koji, less than thrilled to call that man his father.

“…ugh…can´t believe some of these scenes. They are so…so…” the more they read, the more horrified they were. They had kinda been expecting to find some Playboys stashed in the room and laugh about them but the mangas …well, let´s say they were far more twisted.

“Disgusting? Yeah” smirked Koji “But do you know what´s the worst part?”


“Whenever he  catches a glimpse of me  reading  a YuGiOh! manga HE PREACHES AND SLANDER TO ME insiting that I´m wasting my youth!”  Koji´s eyes shone dangerously ” I´m fucking sick of it…!”

Shizuka sighed and shook her head after Kouichi finished his anecdote.

” A true gemstone! ” only imagining his face irked her so much that ended punching the air “ARGH! I CAN´T STAND IT ANYMORE! Koji-kun shouldn´t be living under that psycho´s roof any longer…” her body trembled with so much indignation that was ready to explode in a moment or so. Shizuka did her best not to lose it but then she surprised her little cousin with the following declaration: “WE ARE TAKING HIM BACK!”

“You are kidding!” his jaw almost fell due to the shock.

“Not this time” she clenched her fists and began to walk in circles, seriously considering the matter “I say let´s skip school, sneak into  his and convince your brother on getting his  stuff and moving ASAP to auntie´s home….”

Kouichi Kimura´s heart began to beat violently.

“Shizu…are you serious!?” his tone showed fear and excitement at the same time” What you are suggesting may go against the law!”

Shizuka turned to her cousin and Kouichi was puzzled when her eyes only sparkled even more and her smile showed the entire set of teeth. That was the smile of a Sukeban, ready to kick the rival gangs´s asses!

“If he dares to do threaten us, I´ll make sure he gets a sweet taste of my Sephiroth´s beating” she proudly displayed her hockey stick. While she wasn´t a Streetfighter wannabe that didn´t mean she couldn´t turn into a wild demon if someone dared to test her patience. Actually, after several experiences between local yankees and  the female hockey club the entire school ended learning the following lesson: never to cross any of the members! “Besides, he was the one who BROKE the law in the first place. I am still wondering why auntie haven´t filed a lawsuit against him yet…!”

She made a pause. Her throat was aching a bit, yet Shizuka was willing to do it.

“We are bringing Koji-kun back, Kouchi. It´s time he comes back home!”

Her determined tone moved Kouichi´s heart like never before and his fighter soul began to emerge as well. The Kimura´s blood was boiling with pride and sense of justice, Koji never left his mother´s side by free will; he was stolen and still treated badly by the father. That was the year in which the string of lies, treacheries and unfairness were no more.

“LET´S GO GET HIM!” shouted Kouichi firmly  raising his fist to the sky, ready to accept the upcoming challenges. If only his digispirit of Darkness, Duskmon could witness this moment…!

“So you are IN?!”  the cousin took his hands and shook them in excitement.


“YAY!!! I LOVE YOU! SO MUCH!!” and unable to contain her happiness anymore she kissed them. After so many years her wish was finally going to be granted..! If only the cousins knew how much she wished for this…how much she looked for her missing cousin and the subsequent months of crying non-stop after realizing the futility of her search…

“SHIZU! PLEASE!” again Kouchi wasn´t fond of a spontaneous display of love  and his cheeks reddened like hot peppers “SLOW DOWN! I don´t want to be laughed at anymore!”

“TOO LATE!” and a series of laughs echoed through the entire platform.

Shizuka and Kouichi turned around and noticed a set of twins laughing loudly at them; a boy an a girl, the set was composed by a 14-15ish year old red headed boy and  girl, both wearing a pair of googles and proudly showing off a matching set of flamboyant, black and yellow costumes.

“Please, go on!” pleaded the girl barely containing her amusement “I don´t mind mushy-mushy scenes”

Kouichi immediately separated from his cousin and stood in front of her, assuming a protective posture. His Spiderman  senses were tingling.

“Who are you and what do you want?” he demanded “NOW!”

“oh my, my” added the girl´s twin brother walking towards the Kimuras “Such a fiery reaction! And we were told you were the GENTLEST among the group…”

Kouichi´s body tensed even more.It just took  a peek at those individuals  and he realized those weren´t ordinary people; not at all. And it wasn´t their weird sense of fashion that gave away their suspicious aura….

“Gosh! Who the hell are you people?!” demanded Shizuka as well “And where did you get those  costumes? In last year´s San Diego Comic-con?!”

“Neah, from the net” was the girl´s response “AWA STUDIO WORKS, if you want to purchase…”

“NO THANK YOU”and Shizuka wrinkled her nose, not liking their sense of fashion at all.

Ok, she liked sci-fi anime and manga´s fashion  but those intruders´s costumes were a bit too flashy for her taste.  The boy´s shirt had a yellow “◎” logo in the front with an yellow “AWA STUDIO WORKS” written under it, an yellow “X” in the back, and yellow lines near the hemlines. The girl´s shirt was yellow with a black “◎” logo in the front with an black “AWA STUDIO WORKS” written under it, and of course a black “X” written under it; the boy´s pants were quite tight and accused a borderline femininity  while the girl´s black miniskirt(or mini-mini skirt!)  with yellow vertical lines on each side and the  yellow stockings with two black vertical lines in the outer sides could pretty much be the product of an ecchi mangaka´s imagination!

The twins also wore a single black glove with similar X and ◎ designs in the back and palm, respectively, and yellow circles in the fingertips in the right hand.


“STAY BEHIND ME, SHIZU!” warned Kouichi whose uneasiness grew bigger and bigger withing each moment and without hesitation yelled at the intruders “DON´T THINK I HAVE FORGOTTEN A DIGIMON´S SMELL! ”

Shizuka opened her mouth, puzzled.

“Are you high or what?!” and she ended punching her little cousin´s head

“OUCH! ” protested Kouichi “THAT HURTS!”

“How many times do I have to tell you to quit it with that NONSENSE?!” she had more than enough with that certain word. Lord! Even now her little cousin was fixated with nonexistent things!”Keep it that way and you´ll never be able to get a girlfriend!”

“RIGHT NOW ISN´T THE TIME FOR THAT!” for a second Kouichi forgot about the impeding danger “AND I DON´T WANT A GIRLFRIEND EITHER!”

“HEY! HEY!” yelled the red heads in chorus “CARE TO PAY US SOME ATTENTION?!”

“ASK THE FASHION POLICE!” was Shizuka´s incensed response and again kept lecturing at Kouichi “Please, I beg you. Quit it with the digimon stuff, they DON´T EXIST! OKAY?!”

Kouichi Kimura turned his eyes blank. His cousin´s stubbornness was a bit too much!

“But Digimons are real” declared the newcomers, again in unison ” COME ON GUYS, LET´S BEGIN THE SHOW!”

And Shizuka barely could hold it together when suddenly a twin set of Terriermons, Palmons, and Hagurumons emerged from the shadows.

“NO WAY!” gasped Kouichi “Are you DIGIDESTINEDS too?”

Brother and sister exchanged an amused glance before assuming a super sentai pose

“Takumi Aiba at your service!”

“Ami Aiba at your service!”

And their digimons  jumped to their humans´s side, joining the pose.




“AND IN THE LORD´S NAME…” chanted the entire group “YOU SHALL BE SEIZED!”


Digiworld Reality 09

Had he came back with me , Barbamon wouldn´t had been able to trap me down and mess with my former body…but tell that to my oniichan! ” and she clenched her first “I can´t rule this world all by myself” and she took Magna Angemon´s hands “It´s been  already hard enough for me to say good-bye to my beloved Sho…” she grumbled “Enough is enough  my dear friends.  I am entrusting both of you with a new mission: GO TO THE HUMAN WORLD AND GET HIM BACK TO THIS WORLD. IT´S TIME FOR THAT SLACKER TO RESUME  HIS BLOODY RESPONSIBILITIES AS YGGDRASIL´S OTHER HALF

Magna Angemon and Pixiemon couldn´t do anything else but nod.

“Good” said the Goddess now more like herself “I am then leaving this matter to you”

And the mirror turned into a golden portal, quite similar to Magna Angemon´s Gate of Destiny. Both Pixiemon and the angel stared at it with contempt, they would never get used to Norun-sama´s exquisite display of powers. Even in a human form Yggdrasil´s powers were astounding.

“Before you go” she grabbed one of Magna Angemon´s hands and stroke it, Norun lately grew fonder of her guardians and didn´t want to let them go unprepared”There´s something I need to give you a warning about onii-chan”

“A warning?”


Intrigued, he leaned and Norun whispered something in his ear. Magna Angemon ´s poker face was replaced by a puzzled one making Pixiemon wonder what Norun-sama said to his pal.

“Are you sure?!” asked the angel , unsure of having heard correctly.

“Oh yes. He´s quite the opposite of me” she said in the end “Are you 100% positive that you know the codes by heart?”

“I am!”Magna Angemon´s smile was exuding 100% of confidence “And I´ll bring him sooner than later!”

“Codes-pi?” Pixiemon frowned, not getting a thing from the conversation.But neither the Goddess nor the angel bothered to offer any explanation.

“Once you had sealed the deal” continued the Goddess “All you have to do is open a Gate of Destiny …”

“…and command it to take us home” Magna Angemon knelt in the end and kissed Norun´s hand “I´ve been always aware that it wasn´t only a weapon but a means of inter dimensional transport as well. We´ll be back before you have a chance to miss us!”

Magna Angemon ´s tone was filled with so much determination that Norun ´s cheeks blushed. He reminded her of Sho ! Then she shook her head dismissing the idea,  of course the angel wouldn´t harbor any kind of feelings!

“Good luck and looking forward to see your return!” she stepped back.

Pixiemon then held firmly one of Magna Angemon´s wings and the angel  jumped to the portal. The following second they vanished in the air.

“I hope   brother will be easy at them “she looked at her golden key one more time “Right, angel-sama?” she wondered about that mysterious angel and his current incarnation. If her memories weren´t inaccurate at this point he should be a young, extraordinary man like…before. Even after a Millennia Norun remembered meeting both sides of the same being, first as his latest human identity before discovering himself as the almighty angel and delivering his speech before going into a new adventure “There are times I wish I could see your face again and tell you what I´ve learned as Norun Mikihara. I want to know about your current lifestyle and if the current YOU is as charming and brave as the past one…there are so many things I want to ask about both divinity and mortality! Is…is… it wrong to wish for something that at fist hand shouldn´t be wished…?”

“OF COURSE NOT”a shrill, strident voice spoke at the Goddess which  genuinely surprised turned her head around , wondering who entered into the garden. At first, she saw nobody else.

“UP HERE!” insisted the voice and Norun looked at the sky and her mouth opened wide when she saw an angelical silhouette descending from the clouds!

“Who are you?!” she narrowed her eyes, the sun was shining directly above him and the rays, reflected on his golden locks, bedazzled her for a moment.

” No way! Is possible that the God of Reality 09´s Digiworld NEVER heard about ME?!”

The first thing she noticed was the childish smile  and when rays toned down a cute little angel had just invited himself into her garden! Golden locks, little wings and white robes…and those tattoos! Could he be a love child from Angemon and Angewomon…?

“So I assume you are a visitor from another universe, little one?” she managed to keep smiling despite the ominous feeling

“Yes, I am” and he knelt down and kissed her hands “Lucemon at your service”

“Lucemon?” He kinda reminded her of the little cherubs paintings she loved looking at during her stint in the human world. But unlike the paintings, this little one gave her the creeps. She instinctively stepped back “Pleased to meet you…?”

“If that´s true, why are you walking backwards?” the little angel marched towards her “That´s so IMPOLITE!”


Norun gasped. That little fella seemed to be a rookie  yet as Yggdrasil she could sense a tremendous power level emanating from his codes…

“Do I have something in my face?” insisted the angel

Norun could only shake her head.The more she looked at him the faster her heart beat.

“No, dear” she finally moved her mouth “It´s just that I wasn´t expecting anymore guests…” and she looked at her now empty table, the broken teapot and dishes and her tablecloth would never be the same after all the mess she caused “Had I been warned about you I wouldn´t had let Pixiemon eat all the desserts…” She was mumbling nonsense, why couldn´t she shake off that feeling of trepidation ?

” I DREAD human stuff anyways” replied Lucemon in a casual tone “What happened to you, Yggdrasil , that made you lower yourself?”

He spoke as if he was really concerned about the other party. The more he looked at Norun´s figure his kiddie´s eyes darkened even more .

“I am completely baffled, Yggdrasil. Why?”

“Why what?”

Lucemon ended pointing an accusatory finger at Norun.

“I can´t get it in my mind the plausible reason about  relinquishing your glorious self in order to become…that?!”and he finally showed repulsion

Norun ´s face paled. Was he referring to her actual identity?!

“I came here to remind you of the Holy Principles, Yggdrasil-sama” added the angel “If you want to be allowed in the new EDEN, you must let go of that corruption and embrace Purity once again! ”

And that was the time that the little stranger accomplished what neither Barbamon nor Neo could: instill FEAR in her heart at first sight…


Digiworld Reality 05

When the spears finally vanished, Cherubimon sighed. Digidestineds and digimons were laying unconscious on the mountains, the one who pretended to be an angel was back to his human self and so did the one who tried to pass as Agunimon. The other digimons were back to their rookie forms.

“I´m sorry for the brashness ” said Cherubimon in the end “But it´s not like I have a choice

Bitterly satisfied, the angel took off and entered to the holy tree.

“Yggdrasil” he mumbled “You are NEXT”

And Cherubimon entered into the Holy tree, ready to fulfill the mission assigned. Yggdrasil was supposed to be sleeping deep in the heart of the tree and the giant bunny had to take possession of the God and make use of his powers to fuel the Holy Power needed to bring what Lucemon called The New Eden.

“Curse you, Lucemon “Cherubimon gritted his teeth while going deeper “Curse you!!”

Unlike other times, the Virtue didn´t look forward being at Lucemon´s service. Butas he declared to the fallen digidestineds, he had no choice but to follow through. Lucemon currently had in his power the most precious elements that neither Cherubimon, Ophanimon nor Seraphimon could afford to lose: Bokomon and Neemon.

“If you want to ensure these pathetic little souls ´s survival, then you will do what I say. Otherwise I´ll invoke Anubismon´s powers embedded in my holy codes and erase them from both the living and death worlds for good!”

That was Lucemon´s  threat the very day Saturn Angemon captured the five digimons and took them to his headquarters in another reality. After a good while without being able to retrieve any useful information from them (Neemon and his partner were weak and after a quick scan Saturn Angemon concluded that even if they were able to digivolve they would never accomplish anything extraordinary) and the holy babies showed no sign of any maturity despite given all kind of threats. No matter the interrogation, no matter the possibility of torture neither Lucemon nor any of his minions had been able to brainwash the holy babies . When Lucemon´s patience finally ran out he gave  the horrid digidestined known as Keruta the green light  to erase the prisioners, starting with  Bokomon and Neemon (and the digidestined was more than happy to fulfill such task because he considered the pair nothing but trash)

The moment he was going to accomplish his horrific action, Salamon, Patamon and Lopmon spontaneously digivolved into their angelic forms!

“Don´t you dare!” the angelic trio not only regained their original forms but memories as well and their combined power almost tore down the entire palace had not intervened Saturn Angemon.

“Do it and master will not only kill your family but prevent them from resurrecting ever again!” the dark version of Angemon didn´t drop a sweat while pointing at them with his golden scythe “Now that you finally emerged from your chrysalis , are you willing to COLLABORATE with master´s benevolent plan?”

Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon exchanged a desperate look before finally giving in. Cherubimon never felt so sick of himself until that moment, they agreed to betray everything they believed on to ensure two little soul´s survival!

Cherubimon ´s heart was hurting so much that even a thousand deaths wouldn´t alleviate his already huge sense of guiltiness. His past jealousy towards Ophanimon and Seraphimon was nothing compared to the grievance his best friends were experiencing right now, willing to go once again through martyrdom because of Love. Because of Family. Cherubimon was crying for his mama and papa and for the holy couple he wished he never harmed in his previous life.


He could had allowed those digidestineds to defeat him and truncate Lucemon´s plans. They actually almost did, fighting against that little squad of digidestineds proved to be extraordinarily challenging…they didn´t even needed to access any Mega form and Cherubimon could had fallen at their feet.

“Had I met these people in my previous life I would had fallen right way!” he admitted to himself “That human who pretended to be a digital angel…he obviously had been restraining himself. I wonder why he didn´t use all his powers against me…”

The bunny shook his head. The mere thought already bothered him, he wouldn´t concede a mere human anymore merits than that! Because if Digidestined Steve Worthington was an example of true potential that supposedly was destined to digimons…then what was the meaning of the Holy 3 angels´s existence?!

“OK” he finally reached the Tree´s heart, filled with countless of roots. A visitor  couldn´t look around without being surrounded by the tree´s roots. And it was dark! Save for the little light in the middle of that rooted mess…Cherubimon sharpened his eyes. Right at the center of the labyrinthine place he could see a tangled construction…like a cage composed by hundreds and hundreds of lianas!

Cherubimon sighed and his powers cut off the plants, freeing whatever was buried beneath that greenery  monstrosity…

* * * *

“Huh…” Steve Worthington slowly opened his eyes “I can´t rest like this forever of the Boss is going to scold me for the rest of eternity!”

The English digidestined, with great effort, stood up and looked around.

“Lizzie? Logan…? Are you okay…?!” and he immediately reached to their sides.  After a few moments he allowed himself to  sigh in relief,  everybody was still breathing.  Unfortunately his friends were too weakened to open their eyes yet.

“THAT ASSHOLE…!” his beautiful green eyes turned into an emerald fire “HE´S SO GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!!!”

Cherubimon from reality 04 was officially added into Worthington´s Black list. The handsome, suave Englishman was so pissed off that he was ready to forgo any consideration!

“TODAY I´M HAVING  PINK RABBIT  STEW FOR DINNER!” and his fiery feelings gave him  enough strength to allow him to reach a higher level:Seraphimon!


“I wonder how long had that asshole been inside the Tree” muttered the Seraphim type angel “Whatever! I´m going as well…!”

Easier said than done! An unexpected light emerged at that moment from the underground and before the hero had a chance to move his golden wings the whole Tree  exploded in front of his face!

“….!!!” just in the nick of time the angel managed to  set up a protection barrier towards both himself and  his friends. Once the explosion died, Seraphimon   psychically transported his friends to a safer place , the top of a nearby mountain in this case;  a second explosion followed almost immediately and opened a huge crack on the ground.



As a response, the following moment ,  Yggdrasil´s original body emerged from the debris. And Cherubimon was sitting on the top!

“FOR SAINT BOLLOCKS´S SAKE! WHAT THE F…?!!” shouted the digidestined, horrified.

“SERAPHIMON?!” Cherubimon almost lost it when he saw the other angel “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!”


Cherubimon opened his mouth, shocked.

“My bunny ass?!” he was pretty confused. Since when Seraphimon turned to be so foul-mouthed?! “HEY!! THAT´S MEAN!!”

“BEATS ME !” And Seraphimon immediately charged against both Cherubimon and Yggdrasil “STRIKE OF THE SEVEN HEAVENS!!”

The other angel narrowly avoided the attack.

“HEY! WHAT´S THE MATTER WITH YOU SERAPHIMON?!” the bunny screamed , sincerely shocked “YOU ARE GOING AGAINST THE DEAL!!”

That was the thing, he thought that he was being attacked by the Seraphimon from reality 04. His Seraphimon!

Steve Worthington kept attacking, he was too irked at that moment to read into lines. Cherubimon was a baddie who dared to harm his friends and wanted nothing but to hunt it down and beat it to a pulp.


“ARE YOU NUTS?! THINK IN BOKOMON AND NEEMON!!!” insisted the giant bunny, still avoiding Seraphimon´s hoky attacks “YOU CAN´T BETRAY THE DEAL!!!!”


Cherubimon was too heartbroken to realize the slip.

“BUT I AM HONORING IT EVEN IF I DIE! ” and shoot another of his mortal techniques against the angel “THOUSAND SPEARS!!

But this time, Steve wasn´t going to fall for that. He raised his right hand and summoned another special effect.


“Who says I´m summoning Excalibur?” smiled the angel under his blue and gold helmet “COME TO ME…HOLY KEY!!!”



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