Digiworld Reality 01

Ludwig finally turned back his head.

Keine Chance!”  the German digidestined shook his head in disbelief” Fuggedaboutit! After all the treatment he had to endure, you want to keep TORTURING HIM ?! ”

“What do you mean?” Sora wasn´t following  the lines at all “And who´s him?”

As a magician ready to pull a rabbit from his hat, Keruta merrily pressed one of his digivice´s buttons and the device made its trick. Both the ceiling and the ground shone at the same time and the following moment, emerged  a cage of light beams. A young, blonde boy who couldn´t  be more than 12 or 13 years old was being held captive in the cage.

“Hey Takenouchi!” Keruta pulled Sora by the hand and made her stand in front of the holy cage  “Let me introduce you to one of my recent prizes…a so called legend from reality 09, the  Black Winged Knight The teen, despite his captivity,  dedicated a glare filled with hatred to  Keruta Akimareta   which only amused the evil teenager even more. “Kahara Shō, let me introduce you to a legendary digidestined from this current timeline, the Chosen of Love, Takenouchi Sora”

The Chosen of Love meets the Black Winged Knight by Elizabeth2003

The only answer he got from Shō was the finger..the  distinctive middle finger!

“Nice!” Keruta didn´t appreciate the gesture “What about some more electrical shocks?” and he pressed another button; the following instant the lightly bars shone brighter and for Sora´s horror, the poor teen was suddenly electrocuted.


“Stimulating, right?” smiled Keruta, perfidious “Some kilowatts  here, some there…and hopefully you will regain some senses”

Despite the pain being almost unbearable, the former Black Winged Knight wasn´t willing to give in. Not too long ago, after school,  Sho was resting by a bridge melancholic while thinking in the girl he loved so much and was unable to make his; since the day he came back he could only think in Norun and for half a year he wished nothing but to go back to the Digiworld…just to meet her again! So that afternoon, after moping for a good while he finally threw a coin to the waters, whispering to the Gods how much he wished for another chance of being with her. As soon as the coin touched the water…the darkness fell upon him. When he opened his eyes he was in a strange place and surrounded by several digimons !

In the flashback, he initially  was thrilled to find out he was back to the Digiworld;  his happiness ended the minute  he noticed the cage. When he attempted to break out of course he was immediately repelled by one of the lights and got a bad burn in one of his hands; the digimons laughed at the prisoner and teased him cruelly until  a silver haired Angemon showed up and forced everybody to zip their mouths. Despite his pain, Sho opened his mouth in an awe…the angel irradiated an air of solemnity and  instead of a staff he was carrying a silver scythe …He certainly never saw  anybody like him in the  tournaments!

“Welcome to the holy lair, Black Winged Knight” the angel greeted him “I am the White Winged Knight, your counterpart and teammate …”

“I don´t care who you are…where am I?” demanded to know Kahara, irked .

“You´ve been brought to the Reality 01, the chosen place to bring into life  Master´s Heaven Project” continued the silverhaired angel “Due to your past actions, you are more than qualified to join our ranks. Whatever you wish, Master´s infinite power will make it true with just a blink of his eyes…”

He looked certainly like an Angemon and the timbre of his voice sounded diaphanous as a crystal, surrounding the atmosphere with a genteel feeling. Ignoring the lightbeamed cage, Kahara wondered how he ended in  a multicolored crystal palace that looked taken directly from  a dream. But the dream, of course, had all the symptoms of a hellish nightmare.  And the angel´s voice, while beautiful, sounded remarkable similar to a being called Barbamon…

“Sorry, you´ve got the wrong guy” he remember replying “I just don´t sign for  utopian garbages anymore “

“You…refuse?” asked the angel, slightly surprised

Oh yes

I vehemently suggest you consider this matter. This is not an invitation

Sho, despite the uncertainties of his fate, once again refused

Then, I have no choice but to give you the same treatment as the others” and the angel´s scythe shone with a silver light and pointed it at the prisonerSuch a pitty

“Wait , Shiro-san!” and Keruta emerged from behind of a columnI´ll handle this one

Oh, really? Why the sudden  interest in Kahara?

“I have my reasons. Besides, you shouldn´t waste your time when there are so MANY  that must be HUNTED, right?

The scythed Angemon doubted for a good while until he finally put down his weapon.

Do what you wantthe cythed Angemon shrugged his armsI don´t care

And Keruta was free to dispose of the new prisoner and like the sadistic he was, the masked blonde digidestined had no qualms on displaying his favorite hobby: torture…

“PLEASE STOP!!!!” Sora´s pleading voice brought Shō  back to the present “YOU ARE KILLING HIM!!! STOP!!!!!!!”

Keruta finally relented and the electricity vanished. Shō ended falling almost unconscious to the multi crystal  floor; he barely could move his eyebrows such was the pain running through his poor muscles.

“Be grateful to this girl” smiled Keruta “Otherwise I might had broken the rules and erased both your digital codes and your human DNA!”

“…you…wish…” the fallen blonde guy despite his pain, was defiant as always.

Sora, for instance, couldn´t take it anymore and attempted to attack Keruta.

“YOU MANIAC!!” the girl tried to kick his face once but the evil teen caught her hand “YOU AREN´T A TRUE DIGIDESTINED!!!

“It´s a matter of respect, girl” replied Keruta “The world can move forward without love, but RESPECT is invaluable. It can mark the very difference between living or dying…but this guy still refuses to acknowledge this”

Ludwig Faust,intervened

Red keinen Scheiß!” and he finally took his eyes off the organ ” you just enjoy inflicting pain as the psychopath you are, respect means to you as much as an ant”

“DO YOU WANT A TASTE OF MY DIGIVICE´S POWERS?!” Keruta rose his arms, indignant. The more he knew the German asshole, the more he wanted him dead. How come Lucemon preferred a digital mercenary before his most loyal follower…?

Später” the German digidestined ignored the idiot´s outburst “The universes are almost alligned, I´m playing the cursed melody in less than a minute”

“Awesome!” Keruta clapped  “Then I´m placing  the  pawns!!”

At least a dozen of the mirrors suddenly moved from their places and for everybody´s astonishment, they  surrounded the organ in a circle. Sora suddenly found herself being pushed by an invisible force and ended stuck on one of the mirrors.

“It was supposed to be occupied by the chosen of Hope, but I guess that Love fits much better!” laughed Keruta before pushing more buttons. Sora struggled to free herself but an invisible force prevented her from moving an inch! She was literally glued to the crystal and could only watch “And now meet the rest of the bunch!”

Several dark versions of the Gate of Destiny appeared in front of the rest of the mirrors and suddenly  more people were glued to the mirrors!

Following Sora´s fate,  the second gate pushed a beautiful black haired girl, with a porcelain skin to the neighboring mirror

Meet Nagisa Ichijouji, from reality 012”  Keruta pointed at her, with a swiping motion of his hand “She´s pretty much like Ken Ichijouji , pathetic to the core. Miss Ichijouji too attempted to conquer both worlds and failed miserably!”

” Miss! Are you ok?” Sora attempted to talk to the other woman but her gaze was lost somewhere in a sea of illusions and her body was so still that she looked like a statue.

“There´s no use talking to someone who´s been hypnotized”  warned Ludwig, focusing his attention once again to the keyboard “And I bet the others had suffered the same fate”

“Of course! ” laughed the evil digidestined and the gates kept doing their trick. A third woman was pushed to the third mirror;    tall, beautiful  waist-length blonde haired woman with fair skin, black eyes  that reminded of a top model.   A  fringe covered her forehead but were her clothes that caught the spectators´s attention: the tiny shorts and her  almost non existent shirt. Ok, there was a tiny bit of white fabric but barely buttoned, leaving her cleavage highly exposed (and it was obvious she wasn´t wearing a bra!)

Kyoko Kuremi, reality 011 α…a bit desperate to get men´s attention, I guess?” of course Keruta was going to make fun of her unfortunate choice of clothes “But this slut became an Alphamon´s vehicle for a good while and she still retains some of his code despite having had her memories about digimons erased from her little mind!”

Koji Minamoto, reality 04” pointed Keruta at the 4th victim: a boy with  long black hair, tied in a ponytail, and wearing a blue bandana with dark grey stripes. “I like this kid, he was chosen as the wielder of the Spirits of Light despite his lone-wolf-diva-character ”

The gates summoned a 20ish red-haired girl, wearing a yellow dress Juri katou, reality 03” continued the nasty boy , pointing at her . “She´s the weirdest and most depressing Tamer. Delipa feasted for a good while with her  emotions, so dark, so miserable…it certainly helped that she had a crappy father to begin with! ”

Then the gates brought a teenage boy with pale skin,short black hair, with a fringe that covered his entire forehead. He was wearing a black shirt with long sleeves, under a white sleeveless suit with two black buttons, a gray tie with a metallic tie clip, black pants, and white shoes with black soles.

“This girlish fella´s name is Yuuya Kuga. Heir of a cliché Organization that messes with digimons, he´s nevertheless an interesting   key; He belongs to Reality 011 β but this loser will make up for the extinguished Reality 08…”

The following gate threw at the mirror a 15ish year old blackhaired girl. Her clothes were quite distinctive, the preteen was wearing a white , silky cheongsam patterned with golden flowers. The dress , beautifuly tailored, obviously made by hand, could pretty much belong to the 1920s or early 30s. “Ling Luo, from reality 10. Ancestor of one of the annoying digidestineds,  Hui Luo and a Supreme as well”

An Elvis Presley wannabe showed up next.

Saitō?!!!” screamed Shō, hardly believing that the 27 year old lunatic was one of the chosens! He was the first rival Tsurugi battled in the terminal and despite having a huge Greymon as a partner, he failed miserably in the end. He wasn´t a competitor with great credentials, no matter how much he was prepared by Kondō, another weirdo how supposedly mastered the Digibattles. “Why did you pick him?!”

“Ohhh! Picky!” Keruta kinda expected Kahara´s incredulous face “Why do people insist on stereotyping digidestineds? ” his tone was full of irony “Oh Kahara-san! Are you one of those narrow minded fellas that believe that digimons should be the kiddies exclusivity?” and pointed at the highly dressed Kuremi “So much for progress!”

But when the gates showed the next victim, Keruta showed a horrified face. “ARE YOU FUCKING ME?! ” The next mirror was occupied by a bearded, old man with a stick. ” IT MUST BE A MISTAKE, WHO´S THIS COCKROACH?!…!”

tumblr_na94i3ueo61rqiyhwo1_500A quick scan with his digivice gave him the information he needed

“Ahhh…I see! This fella isn´t THAT  pathetic” he whistled” While his name  name escapes me (and it´s not like I  care ) this oldie was actually found by Saturn Angemon inside a galactic storm. Isn´t that INSANE?    According to Saturn Angemon he belonged to the now extinct reality 06...”


Reality 02.


The public erupted in a warm, sincere clap and congratulated the winner of the Grand Prix.  The host proceeded to give the winner a huge, flamboyant trophy  and a certificate while the rest of the finalists were given more humble and considerably smaller trophies with their subsequent certificates; as expected by Taichi, Neo got first, Hideto second  while Sigma and Marie third and fourth places respectively.  The rest of the gang applauded as well but surprisingly, Hideto Fujimoto´s claps were the most enthusiast  from all. The blackaired digidestined ´s sportmanship spirit spoke huge lenghts astonishing even the ruthless winner´s heart.

“Well done, pal” Hideto shook Neo´s hand with sincere candidness”I had a blast competing against you!”

“Thanks, I can´t say it had been a boring match” and accepted the friend´s hand. Neo hardly believed about his rival´s dignity , had HE lost Neo would be spitting fire  during the ceremony. Even after his stay in the Digiworld Neo DREADED losing “Did you think I was going to let you steal my sister?” In the end, that proved to be the true incentive for winning the match.

Hideto showed a feline smile.  The battle had been passionate, bloodthirsty at the best and had the  feeling that if he didn´t tested Neo´s patience by asking Rei out, Saiba could pretty much had lost the match! Hideto and Neo gave it all in the battlefield and for the most part, they´ve been equals.

“There will be always other tournaments”  replied the finalist in the end “And I´m already looking forward to our next encounter!”

“And I´ll win again and again, nobody is worthy of Rei!”

“Yeah, yeah” Hideto totally ignored the siscon´s deadly glares.

Mari and Sigma also congratulated the winner.

“Boo-hoo! The chief, once again, took the cake!” declared Mari “Congratulations!”

“That battle´s been awesome!” added Sigma ” Saiba-san, you rocked! and so did you Fujimoto-san…”

“Thank you…”

While the other finalists were  congratulating the finalists Taichi , among the public, experienced  a heartthrob.

“Why am I not surprised about the results?” smirked the google boy”I bet that bastard won due to his possessive nature!”

“Oh yes, he certainly did” Rei Saiba assented “But no matter about my onii-chan ´s feelings, I am still going to DATE Hideto-kun”

“Oh yeah?” Taichi scratched his chin “Despite losing the Prix ?”

“Yup! ”

“But Fujimoto-san promised not to ask you out”

“But I never promised not to ask him out!” retorted the wheelchaired girl in the sweetest voice “Come on, Taichi-kun!  This is not the Eisei period, I´m my own person and it´s for me to decide about my own happiness!”

Her decisive tone inspired respect on the Yagami fella, Rei Saiba was the most adult like friend he ever met. Beautiful , strongwilled, compassionate …and she would never take any shit from anybody, especially her beloved brother. Hey! That was the girl who´d rather throw herself from a cliff just to push some common sense on her psycho brother in the midst of a fiery battle against the hero…

“Just as I never asked onii-chan to endanger a whole, inocent world for my sake…he has no BUSINESS  in my LOVE LIFE as well!” she unconsciously clenched a hand , a part of her didn´t completely forgive Neo´s despicable acts and Rei wasn´t sure if she was going to be able to. “I think I will slap his foolish face once we are back home!”

“Ouch!” joked Taichi “So he´d better stay away from your dates!”

“Yes if he cherishes his  life!”  her tone was as mellow as a Happy birthday song but Taichi clearly got the message. The girl then sighed, admiring Hideto´s movements. Rei Saiba had a crush on Hideto since the very first day and of course she wasn´t going to let pass this opportunity. Hey! After all that insanity in the Digiworld she was more than ready to cherish whatever opportunity she had to be happy.

“By the way, there´s something I want to share with you Taichi-kun…” again she made Taichi lean over and whispered something else on his ear. The google boy´s eyes grew wider than a pair of plates.

“NO KIDDING!” he almost yelled, incredulous “IS THAT TRUE?!”

She nodded .

“Are you 100% positive about…?” Rei put a lip on his fingers, sealing his words.

“Yes” her radiant expression was everything that Taichi needed to realize how big were the news and he smiled as well. That was MUCH BETTER than any game! OH! If only he could spread the word right now…but Rei shook her head ” Please, keep it a secret from onii-chan.”

“But why?”   whispered Taichi “He will be thrilled!”

“I know but…” she bit her lip, trying to find the words” I… I  want to do it at my own pace. Okay?”

Taichi ´s response was a thumb up.

“I´m a tomb!” he promised “But then I want to be THERE when you finally spill your beans!”

“Yup!” Rei gave a look at her wheelchair and let escape a long, felt sigh.

Soon you and I are departing ways, dear chair…

* ***

The ceremony award soon came to an end but  instead of staying for the afterwards party, the winner headed directly to the courtyard.

Saiba and Yagami were looking forward to the  REAL party. Hideto, Sigma and Mari followed as well; they wouldn´t miss that !

“What were you whispering with Taichi-san, Rei-chan?” asked Hideto while heading outside. Of course he wasn´t going to stay away from his best friend despite Neo´s constantly unaproval gazes!

“It´s a secret” she said, amused by the dissapointed face of her crush. Well, she wasn´t ready to tell her beloved Hideto either!

“He didn´t confess as well, did he?” the black haired guy was a bit uneasy. He liked Taichi but hoped that the google guy wasn´t harboring romantic thoughts towards the girl he planned to make his girlfriend.

“Neah! He´s the perpetual child” she winked an eye “Just like brother”

Mari , who ´ve been listenting to the mushy-mushy conversation, decided to addher two cents.

“Hum…actually, that pair of idiots  look GOOD together! ” Mari was not only a skilled RPG player, she also owned a fujoshi side and  her mind, shamelessly,  began an art gallery composed by yaoi scenes between the antagonists… ”  Neo-san would   be the seme and Taichi-san the uke…or it could be the other way?

“Mari-chan!!” exclaimed Sigma, scandalized “Stop dragging everybody into your BL fantasies! ”

“Why? ” she shrugged her shoulders, nonchalant “BL is WAY MORE INTERESTING than a typical hetero story!”

“Not when you are standing next to the se…Neo´s sister side! ” retorted Sigma, blushing like a tomato. He was familiarized enough with his former companion and her weird hobbies.

“Oh dear!” Mari looked at Rei “Did I offend your sensibility?”

“Not in the least” replied the mentioned sister and  in a tone as soft as the butter  she added:” I think that brother would actually be the submissive one!”

Sigma and Hideto exchanged a horrified glance.

“I knew it!”  Mari impulsively hugged Rei “Dear, I think you and I are going to be BFFs!”

“Oh goodness” sighed Sigma “Mari added another one into her ranks…”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Digiworld reality 02.

There wasn´t a single soul in the Communication Room that was happy with the results of the Grand Prix




The whole room was a concert of whistles and boos  with Gabbo, a.k.a Gabumon as one of the loudest jeerers; he especially dreaded watching the hateful Neo Saiba getting the trophy , it felt like a kick on the balls seeing the guy who almost destroyed the Digiworld savoring a moment of Glory that should belonged to Taichi. Hell! Even  Fujimoto  was 1000% preferable than the blondie psycho!

In fact, everybody had been cheering for Hideto -san since the guy, even as an enemy, always behaved with courtesy and respect towards allies and enemies.

“THIS SUCKS! ” said Digitamamon in a loud, grievous tone “NO WONDER LEO DIDN´T WANT TO STAY!”

“Really?!” Gabbo wasn´t so sure “How much did you bet on Fujimoto-san?”

Because Lord Angemon hadn´t been present during the entire event, Digitamamon  and the others indulged themselves on a  human custom: gambling. Everybody, even the Angemons,  placed their money on the gentle former foe instead of the psycho one.

“None” smirked Digitamamon “But I wanted to accompany  everybody´s, a lot richer”

Yep, Digitamamon certainly had the feeling that the hateful Saiba was going to win but when asked , moments prior to the final battle, for a hint about the possible winner…the egg insisted that the odds were going to favor Hideto Fujimoto due to his good nature. Digitamamon possessed a con´s spirit , he was the type of fella who knew how to seel ice to the eskimos…

“You lied to us!” yelled the Ogremon “You rat!!!”

Ogremon´s irked protest soon was being followed by many others and it didn´t take too much time for Digitamamon being surrounded by a lot of angry customers.

“Don´t look me like that!” the giga egg wasn´t willing to give back the beautiful bucks “You asked who I thought who´ll win, but YOU MADE THE CHOICE. I never forced anybody to GAMBLE THEIR PANTS , so I keep the bucks because I earned them in a clean and fair way!”

But the angry customers weren´t willing to leave him alone. It was a bit fishy that only Digitamamon placed the bet on Saiba…he´d better make it out of that room otherwise a giant fried egg  might end  added to tonight ´s menu!

“WAIT A MINUTE”   a tiny yet audible voice made its way through the circle of hot heated people “I ALSO WON THE BET”

Everybody´s eyes turned to a little digimon, a baby digimon whose form reminded of a purple drop.

“Who the frack are you?!” asked someone

“I´m Moonmon and I demand my part” and to make sure he was telling the truth, he showed up his ticket.Moonmon b

Gabbo and the others stared at Digitamamon who in turn grunted.

“F***ED DARK MASTERS! I can´t believe I forgot about you!” and due to the other digimons´s pressure, he had no choice but to open his bag and share half of his winnings. He still couldn´t believe that aside him, a little snot  actually cheered in favor of Saiba.

“You may be new in this land” and made rain  hundreds of golden coins  on the little one , burying it in the process”but for someone so tiny you are already a  PAIN IN THE ASS!” and then stormed off the room, just in case someone else remembered having placed a bet on the winner…

Moonmon was still laughing despite being buried in that mountain of coins.

Gabbo dugged his arm and helped the little one out .

“Wow! You are amazing!” said Gabbo “You outsmarted Digitamamon!”

“Thanks!” smiled Moonmon “I would shake your hand but I…don´t have any in this form”

“Neah, it´s ok!” Gabbo gently stroke the other digimon´s top “I´m Gabbo, nice to meet you!”

“Moonmon, likewise” and then he stared at the coins “Now I wonder how am I going to carry all of this…”

Gabbo made a signal to a Guardromon who was sitting just a couple of seats apart. Guardromon , a bit clumsily, stood up and walked towards Gabbo.

“Yes, Gabumon-sama?” asked the robotic digimon.

“Moonmon, Guardromon can look after your money. He´s the official piggy bank, the moneybox;when you need some cash, just call his name and no matter if it´s raining or snowing, he´ll show up and give whatever you want!”

“But how will he know what´s mine and what´s yours?” asked the little one, a bit dubious.

“Those coins are already embedded with your codes, Moonmon-san” replied the robot “So they are distinctive from the others”

“Hum…okay then!” and in a matter of seconds, like a giant vacuum, Guardromon absorbed into his body the blessed money. Moonmon was impressed.

“Nice! Never saw something like this at home!”

“Where do you come from?” asked Gabumon, intrigued.

“Well, I´m from…”

“HEY! TAICHI IS GOING TO DUEL SAIBA!!!!” yelled somebody cutting Moonmon´s words and everybody´s attention turned again to the screens. Taichi Yagami followed Saiba to a courtyard and the boys were ready to begin a digital battle!

“AWESOME!!!!!” exclaimed Gabbo “I MUST TELL LEO!”

Leomon would never forgive himself if he missed the match.

“May I go as well?” asked Moonmon, timid “I barely know anybody…”

“OK. Hop on!” and invited the purple drop to jump to his shoulder.

“Yay!” cheered the little one “Let´s go!”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Ughhhh” despite her best intentions, nurse Angewomon didn´t make it back inside the palace. She didn´t walk more than a few steps when the sickness showed up again.

“Oh dear” sighed Leomon, holding her head once more “Tell me again what ´s the last thing you ate ”

“Cereals, toasts with some cheese, apples and grapes…..ughhh” and the poor angel , just by  thinking about food felt nauseated once more “But I don´t think it´s food poisoning…I´ve  been suffering this strange disease for the last couple of weeks…”

Leo scratched his head.

“Do you recall anybody else suffering the same thing?” he didn´t know very much about medicine but he hoped that it would be just a case of a flu or something like that.

She shook her head.

“Is the Lord aware about your sickness?”

Again she shook her head.

“I didn´t want to worry him…”

The lion repressed a sigh, how much of an introvert could be an Angewomon? She ought to speak her mind more often and not keep so many things to herself!

“He´s going to be your husband” and helped stand up “Of course he has the right to worry about you! You´ve been worrying about his well-being for so long that it´s fair he returns the favor”

His words made her smile.

“Did you learn that from Babamon and Jijimon?”

“Yeah, that and some of my best movements. When I was a a humble elecmon  they took me under their wing and  taught me the essentials of the art of fighting; Jijimon was a great sensei but Babamon was even more ruthless!” he smiled while remembering the old times.The training he received was hellish at the best but that didn´t prevent him from adoring the couple “When that couple of oldies aren´t spending their time fighting each other, (in a good way) they are the loveliest pair”

“I would like to meet them, do you think it´s possible?” asked the nurse.

“I don´t see any inconvenience…feeling better, now?”

Angewomon smiled. Yes, she was much better!

“I think I won´t have any more inconveniences. All I need is to brush my teeth and then…tell him the happy news”

“Brush the teeth..?”

“I cant let him kiss me while my breath reeks of …that!” she informed him “And JUDGING by YOURS, how OFTEN do you brush your teeth?”

Leomon suddenly turned into a mane-ly tomato.

“Well..well..!” he could put a fight against Arkadimon and not fear death but when questioned about a simple thing about his teeth made him uncomfortable as hell.

“You rarely show up in the dental department” smirked the nurse “Actually, I don´t recall seeing you ever! ”

The lion began to sweat, even someone like him had a phobia towards dentists!

“I am so busy training..that I always forget” he mumbled an excuse.

“No worries. I´ll make sure you get an appointment, pronto!” she smiled so radiantly that poor Leomon had no choice but to assent. “The Lord has his checked regularly, no wonder he has the most beautiful smile …” she sighed like the woman in love she was. Besides, she recalled doing naughty things with Lord Angemon in the dentistry room after his regular check-up!

“SO HERE YOU ARE LEO! !” Gabbo finally managed to catch up with Leomon “YOU NEED TO HURRY UP AND COME BACK…Oh! hello nurse!”

“Hello, dear” the nurse greeted Gabumon and smiled at Moonmon whose cheeks in turn blushed vividly” lovely friend you brought along”

“ah….beautiful…” Moonmons eyes sparkled little hearts, in an awe with the angel.


Leo´s eyes opened wider than a pair of car wheels.

“YOU ARE KIDDING!” he growled in excitement “WHEN?!”

“RIGHT NOW!!” and Gabumon began to push the lion´s legs “Neo won the tournament but then he challenged Taichi to a duel!”

Leo ´s heart began to beat in excitement, he was dying to watch that match between the most powerful digidestineds; but a look at Angewomon downed his excitement, she wasn´t feeling very well and he was also dying to be the first one to congratulate Lord Angemon and Angewomon once they made official their engagement!

Moonmon ´s cutesy expression suddenly turned sour and its tiny body began to shake violently.

“What´s the matter, sweetheart?” asked the nurse  taking the little creature in her hands “Oh dear! you are trembling!”  the little creature´s terrified expression broke her heart “Please, tell me. You are among friends, you know”

Moonmon couldn´t help it, despite being a baby digimon her perceptions weren´t that tiny. In fact, she was already sensing something that most of champion and ultimate digimons normaly couldn´t.

“Don´t…go..don´t go..inside” whispered “something´s wrong..wrong..”

Moonmon´s words  were immediately  followed by a powerful, unexpected vibration of the ground .

“WHAT THE…” yelled Gabbo but couldn´t finish his phrase when a gap opened under his feet, forcing him to jump.

A second and more powerful trembling nearly tore the courtyard in two, Angewomon instinctively opened her wings, placed Moonmon on her shoulder and took both Gabumon and Leomon by the waist and levitated from the ground.

“Wait! not in your condition…!” protested Leomon

“It doesn´t matter right now!” replied her back, in a firm tone. Besides the nurse, she too was a soldier angel “These vibrations…how…?!”

“It comes…from…inside!” exclaimed Moonmon looking at the castle “there´s something bad..bad!”

“LOOK UP THERE!” pointed Gabbo at the top of one of the palace´s domes “IS THAT THE LORD?!”

Angewomon and Leomon exchanged a stunned look.  Gabumon was right! Lord Angemon was standing right on the right dome, with his arms wide opened…and why was him in the  DOMINIMON form?!

“Lord Angemon!” exclaimed Leomon “What´s going on?”

He got no response from the angel.

“What are you doing up there?” inquired Angewomon , astonished to see her lover in such strange place. But she also didn´t get a response “My Lord?!”  Confused by his odd behavior she flew  towards him  but ended bouncing violently against  an invisible shield!  Angewomon , taken by surprise, almost fell down to the floor had not being a ultimate and incredibly strong.

“NO WAY!!” yelled Leomon and jumped from Angewomon´s arm to the castle but he too ended being rejected by the invisible force and fell heavily to the ground.

“MY LORD!! MY LORD!!!” Angewomon kept calling for him, that invisible shield could only be summoned by Lord Angemon…but why did he do such thing? ” PLEASE!! LET US IN!! MY LORD!!!”  Gabumon was too astonished to say anything and Moonmon hid its little face under the female angel´s hair. But the holy angel kept ignoring the group, he didn´t seem aware of their presence at all!

Your efforts are futile, Lady Angewomon. The Beloved lord has been selected to bring life to a higher cause, an invisible voice suddenly spoke , so calm down and watch the beginning of a NEW HEAVEN…

And that was the moment Dominimon summoned a Gate of Destiny….

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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“ARE YOU READY?” asked Saiba, assuming the duelist pose once more.

“YEAH!” Taichi Yagami was more than ready to fight!

Both guys rose up their arms , pointing their digivices to the sky.


“OK!! LET´S GO ZERO!!!” yelled Taichi and his digivice summoned the silhouette of his cherished digimon Zeromaru.

“OKAY!!” exclaimed the V-Dramon , the digimon was  more than ready to  fight. For the blue dragon the wait was worthy, there was nothing he enjoyed more than fighting against insanely strong opponents!

“OK!” yelled Neo  at the time”LET´S GO …”

But instead of summoning a digimon, the digivice emitted a strange light and for everybody´s surprise,  surrounded Neo Saiba.

“NEO?????!!!!!” exclaimed Taichi .

“WHAT´S…WHAT´S HAPPENING?!” Neo watched in horror how parts of his body was beginning to disappear “TAICHI!! REI!!!”

“BROTHER?! ” shouted Rei at the same time , watching in horror how Neo was vanishing in the air “BROTHER!!!!” if only she wasn´t stranded in that cursed chair she would run and try to save him…!

But before anybody could do or say anything else,  the former villain disappeared completely from their horrified sights.


Digiworld from Reality 01.


And Keruta cheerfully pointed at the newest acquisition , now trapped beneath one of the dozen mirrors.  Neo struggled for a second or two before falling , too, into an hypnotized state.

“We love this guy” continued Keruta “His siscon nature led him to WILLINGLY CHOOSE  THE VILLAIN PATH” Sora and Sho barely could believe what they were hearing, the guy was 12..13 ! ” He almost erased the Digiworld to its roots and what for? He just wanted to create  a new, perfect world where his beloved sister could finally walk again…NOT! He just believed that it was his dream, but this guy´s been rotten WAY BEFORE Rei Saiba´s accident. He would had gone rogue ANYWAYS, and he ENJOYED HUNTING AND KILLING DIGIMONS without being brainwashed”

Keruta walked to the beam cage and teased his prisoner.

“Hey Kahara! Isn´t a delightful thing meeting Neo Saiba? He could be your illegitimate brother!”

“Just because I also almost fucked my reality´s digiworld…?” Sho dedicated Keruta a cold glare “hum…but that´s where it ends. I chose the wrong path at that time believing that I was honoring a promise to Norun!”

“Excuses! Excuses! And more excuses!” Keruta contradicted “You just wanted to demonstrate how powerful you were as a digidestined, having  met the Goddess or not in your pathetic life!”

Keruta´s words hit the former Black Winged Knight´s ego like a pile of bricks.

“There you go! You actually cannot deny what am I saying! It´s a matter of principle, fellas like you will always put their own selfishness first; because idiots like you are unable to resist the desire of being the BEST ON EVERYTHING. And when the REAL WORLD FAILS your poor expectations of life, then YOU set the GOAL of becoming the STRONGEST , THE BEST DIGIDESTINED just to prove you are not as PATHETIC as you feel you ARE. And to prove my point, I´ll gladly welcome the following guests…”


Reality 05

It was past noon and Yoshino, begrudgingly made a stop at the service station after another failed attempt of capturing the mad biker. She couldn´t be in a more ill mood, if the damned car didn´t run of gas in the last minute she would had gotten her hands on that bastard!

“I am asking to be reassigned!!!” protested Fujita  once more, walking hysterically in circles. He was so mad at her that his cheeks were inflated like a couple of red balloons.

“…” she was too annoyed to pay attention to the rookie.

“That wasn´t a police was madness! ” he kept yelling “I could see my entire life rolling in front of my eyes…!”

“yeah, yeah” she couldn´t wait until the bloody vehicle was refilled.  It was past noon and she was supposed to take a break, but Yoshino could only think in several ways of capturing Kouki Tsubasa .  She wasn´t even hungry.

This time she wasn´t going to let him escape. Not today. Her pride as a former DATS soldier and also as a woman was on stake; Yoshino was sick of being teased everyday by him. Ok, he didn´t assault a bank or murder anybody but his recklessness irked her considerably. In fact, lately, all what she could see was his annoying face and getting her hands on him somehow turned into an obsession.

“Once we go back to the station I am filling a complaint. No wonder why nobody wants to work with you…”

Yoshino´s cellphone vibrated at that moment and not having anything better at hand, she decided to check her messages. Her face turned garnet the very moment she read the latest MSM:

Hiya luv,

Wanna start over?

Waiting at the usual spot in 5.



Just in an instant, Yoshino Fujieda´s  eyes emitted a thousand of sparks.

5-48_01“YOU ARE TOASTED!” her vengeance spirit once more was awakened,  ready to burn the entire city until the prey´s caught! Such was her motivation that she didn´t care about the phone´s screen going suddenly blank…in fact, Yoshino didn´t pay attention to the flaw because in that t precise moment the station guy announced the car was ready.

“Excellent!” Yoshino re-entered into the car “Fujita-san, pay up!”

“WHAT?!” the rookie certainly didn´t expect that “You are kidding, right?!”

Yoshino took off with the car  leaving a mountain of dust behind, and so the hindrance .

“FUJIEDA-SAN!!!!!” Fujita screamed, hardly believing that his superior took off without him. “I´M STILL HERE..!!!”

The male officer ´s jaw dropped to the ground. She dared to leave her partner behind!

“Did you see it?!” he yelled hysterically to the employee “She left without me!! I am SO reporting this to the superiors! She´s anything but a police officer..!”

And he was ready to walk off, raging like a bull but the other guy caught him by the sleeve.

“You aren´t thinking on leaving WITHOUT PAYING, are you…?” the service station guy ´s shinning smile was the second scariest thing in the day.

“Damn you, Yoshino-san!” and  tearfully gave his credit card “Damn you..!”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“This is the last time I´m paying for your meals!” whined  Ikuto, now sitting  under a sakura tree “Thanks to you, I´m broke this month!”

“Aww…poor Ikuto-kun” she petted his hair ” That´s what you get for betting against a member of the Daimon family!”

“And the surname itself explains everything! ” he glared at her, still bad humored “You are no angel at all!”

“…now that I recall, that´s how they used to refer at onii-chan at school” instead of feeling annoyed with the remark, Chika took it as a flattery “No worries, you´ll get used to it sooner or later when we get married”

“Since WHEN are we ENGAGED?”

Chika Daimon ´s reply was a laugh. She SO loved Ikuto´s expressions, his inability of hiding what he thought was his best charm; boy! she was mad about him since the very first time Masaru and the others rescued Mowgli from the Jungle and he had to learn to live among humans again.She had a blast getting to know him while he was a guest at her house and his volatile character rivaled Masaru´s, which only made Chika´s heart beat stronger! She also realized this, that guy was her FATED ONE.

“Oh….kinda heard your father and mine saying something about an arranged marriage once we reach our 18s…”

Of course it was pure BS, what Suguru  and Kenji  were actually discussing about, during the Noguchi´s last visit at the  Daimon place, was  the release of their new business. A digital business, by the way. They discussed candidly about their new project, the old times and how the governments failed the digimons. And in the end, the kids. But they never mentioned the word marriage.Suguru Daimon, once back to the familiar home, one of the first things he said at Chika was:

Please, sweetie. Promise me you won´marry and leave this place until you are at least 25. It´s enough that Marcus left to the Digiworld..!

“You can ask them, if you want” she winked an eye.

“….I will!” he crossed his arms “I can´t believe our folks are already discussing our future!”

“So?” Chika took one of his hands and smoothly deposited a chocolate cupcake  on it”Your favorite!”

Her gesture surprised him, yet he accepted the sweet.

“Don´t think you can bribe me with this…I am telling everybody how rotten you are!”

“Sure, Iku-kun. ” she leaned on him “This one isn´t from the cafeteria, you are eating  a 100% homemade Daimon cupcake!”

“…!” Ikuto could not find any word to argue hers. It was the most delicious cupcake he ever ate in his life!

“I promise I´ll bake you one every day…” the boy sighed but kept eating anyways. He had the feeling that Chika would sooner or later have it her way and he , surprisingly, concluded that he  didn´t dislike such fate…

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


I won´t apologize for chasing away that pair of sluts..But let me apologize  for having stolen five precious years from your life…”

That was the first time in his whole life that Tohma Norstein was left completely speechless but  when he asked Relena what she meant with that, she simply shrugged her arms and replied instead:

“What´s the future, onii-chan? And why everybody frantically chases after such thing…?” she sentenced while playing at the Opera House´s entrance stair, hoping from step to step as the child she once was before


“Isn´t it like an endless fugue…?” she kept jumping on the steps “Or a Fantasy? Or both?” she smiled , sad “Mhh…or the entire elements of music?”

“Sis, I am not sure I am following your bunch of nonsense” Tohma prayed to God to give him more patience than he actually possessed. Relena was behaving so unlike her usual self during the last weeks! Did she finally entered into the so called rebellious stage?

“Now that I think about it, I think that I view the Future as  Symphony that has yet to be played…” she stopped in the middle of the stairs and faced her confused brother once more “But guess what?”

The young man sighed, giving up.


“I think I am already hearing some of its notes!” she giggled and her feet began to move  once again through the steps, this time dancing like  a ballerina “Swift, graceful notes of a piano…oh!” she closed her eyes and let escape a an awe “The guy who plays the piano is so good-looking! He kinda reminds me of you, onii-chan . Tall, blonde and blue eyes….although his expression is 100% softer and gentler…”

Since she was released from that life sentence illness, Relena acquired certain abilities that were beyond the average human´s perceptions; sometimes, when closing her eyes, Relena Norstein could grasp elements that not necessarily belonged to her reality…Now she felt that she was in another place, standing by that guy´s side, watching him play Chopin´s Heroic Polonaise… Relena extended her hand and attempted to touch the guy´s shoulder; for a second , she was able to feel the tuxedo´s texture but more surprising, the guy moved his head towards that if sensing her presence as well! ” You will never play the piano as beautifully as him, dear Tohma. Your skills are genius level but his…they aren´t from this world…yep! You are no competition against him”

Tohma finally lost it.


Relena shook her head, ignoring his indignation.

“But whenever I look through his eyes,  I see  the word HOPE imprinted in them…but…but I can also see a deep sadness that threatens to pull it down.  Oh! I wish I could go to his side and tell him that everything will be OK…!”

But a brusque shaking on her arms forced  her to open her eyes and the pianist´s image vanished completely from her range of perceptions.


“Please, no more” he begged “Those words…that odd behavior of yours freaks the hell out of me. Have you been suffering an after effect from the cure? Is that?”

As a Medicine student he couldn´t ignore the fact that he still had a lot to research and sometimes medicine could provoke unexpected, volatile effects on a patient despite its success on treating the initial disease. The human body was an endless book of mysteries and science only uncovered a couple of pages! Relena may be the walking Goddess of health right now, but her personality hadn´t been the same since then!

“Mhh…” and she swiftly released from his hands and pointed at her chest “I just happen to have a silly heart which is determined to harbor a non requited affections towards the only person who ´s absolutely a no-no…”

Relena too late realized what she had just said and Tohma´s  expression revealed how unfortunate was that kind of sincerity. He unwittingly covered his mouth, shocked.

“If only we were children from different families that just happened to share a roof due to their parents´s second marriage…” she sighed “Stepbrother and stepsister without any blood relation…I wish we were like that!”

“But it´s not the case” mumbled Tohma, still shocked “We are the offspring of Franz Norstein and it´s UNDENIABLE FACT” his head was spinning and barely could breath.

“I …” she clenched her fists , frustrated “Despite the irrefutable reality…how can I get past  these odd feelings , onii-chan? I´ve been struggling for so long…it´s not like I could put an on-off switch in my heart !”

Relena´s eyes showed such a deep, sincere desperation that Tohma lost balance of his knees and fell down the stairs, bruising his half-German half-Japanese buttock area!

“Oh no! Are you alright?!” she ran to him, clearly concerned but Tohma rejected her hand once more.

“I´m…fine” he stood up and made a gesture of pain. His butt would hurt quite a bit during the following weeks! “And I think that I had enough venturing for a day!”

“Brother, please, let me say…”

“ENOUGH FOR A DAY!” he abruptly turned his back , afraid to face her eyes “I CAN´T …I DON´T WANT TO..!”

His back and words ended shattering Relena´s heart.

A tear began to row on her cheeks, followed by another one and then by a third..soon, Relena´s face became a bitter stream of tears.

” I meant to keep it forever buried in my chest , convinced  that  if  never addressed, then it would  disappear. And by not saying anything nobody should be harmed, right?”

Relena sighed, desperately attempting to have her message going across Tohma´s heart

” But secrets sooner or later will free themselves from the graveyard!” she continued” I couldn´t keep it locked´s been eating me alive! Of course  I never meant to seek a relationship…”

But Tohma kept giving her the cold shoulder, not daring to turn around even once. Relena realized that it was like talking to an impenetrable wall and gave up


And crying, she ran away from the scene.

Tohma could only stay still, like a statue; just when he thought he knew Relena like the palm of his hand,   the girl ends pulling his world upside down!

“Holy …” even his years working for DATS, dealing with digimons never proved to be so challenging than dealing with his family! “Gaomon, what should I do?”

Why not trying to be a bit more compassionate?, would had answered his blue fighting teddy bear, our true strength as both a digimon and digidestined doesn´t reside in winning battles…what fuels our levels of power are nothing else but addressing our and everybody´s EMOTIONS…

“I am not ready for that” his voice echoed the empty street “I simply can´t!!”

In terms of emotions, he  was the last person who could properly deal with the complexities of human emotions; screw the Nobel prize in Medicine, screw his accomplishments as well! Emotionally speaking, he was crippled.  It began after his mother´s death and since neither his father nor his grandmother lent him a supporting arm during the funeral, helping him go past the grieving process …even at the present day  Tohma ´s unable to properly express or empathize with another person´s feelings…even Relena´s.

“It´s ok, you don´t need to” said a voice and before Tohma could react, a Gate of Destiny opened behind his back …


Digiworld from Reality 01.


It was a dream, right? How did Vienna turn into a strange multicolored room filled with crystals?!

“GREETINGS TO THE ARROGANT ASS FROM REALITY 05: TOHMA NORSTEIN!!” continued Keruta and unceremoniously added the former DATS genius   into the collection “Just like so many others who walked  the reverenced I-know-it-all path before him, he´s earned the right to be a digidestined in the same way as the jerk of Friendship: by being a complete asshole!”

“Who are YOU?!” demanded to know Norstein , struggling to free from the mirror.

Keruta shook his head and his hand pointed at the opposite mirror as Tohma´s.

“I thought you would ask why I brought HER along”

The Nobel Prize guy followe Keruta´s finger and his face paled considerably.

“RELENA?!!!” albeit wearing different clothes, he recognized his younger sister  tied to one of the cursed mirrors. She, like the others, was in a zombie state …her blue eyes were like two empty vases, devoid of any emotion and that was the moment he finally regretted ignoring her pleas  “RELEASE RELENA RIGHT NOW!! YOU HEARD?!!” he screamed furiously.

“Neah, too loud” and Keruta activated his digivice ´s powers once more and Tohma fell into the same zombied state. Only Sora, Sho and Ludwig remained with their full senses “His bond with Relena couldn´t be weaker..unable to tell from that lookalike girl about not being his sister”

Kita Norstein, from reality 07” added the German “His alternate self´s child and now, the final PIECE!”

Ludwig began to play Johan Sebastian Bach´s Tocatta and Fugue.

Keruta´s digivice, immediately, followed through  and a vitraux window suddenly showed up on the middle of crystal ceiling , right over the huge organ. The prisoners and the rest of the foes´s were equally astonished when the ghostly figure of an angel emerged from it.

“Sorry for the lack of originality ” said Keruta “But I can´t say I don´t enjoy reenactments!”


“Oh no!” Sora ´s colors abandoned her pretty face  while witnessing the descent of the angel “IT CANNOT BE HIM! PLEASE, DON´T LET IT BE HIM!!!”

“What are you talking about?” asked Kahara “Who´s that ?”

The winged being kept descending more and more and Sora began to cry inconsolably.


“NOOO!!!!!!!!! NOOO!!!!!!!!”

How could she not recognize  Seraphimon?!!! Takeru´s glorious, beautiful angel was surrounded by thorns and unable to move!

“YOU BASTARD!!! ” she screamed more than ever “HOW COULD YOU?! HOW COULD YOU?!!!!!”

“You mean Seraphimon?” smirked Keruta still manipulating his digivice placing the angel at the top of the organ “Well, let´s say that he WILLINGLY accepted to be part of this…”

Sora ´s heart was devastated  for good. That was the worst nightmare she ever witnessed!

“Awww…don´t tell me you actually believe that this angel belongs to the loser of Hope?” Keruta shook his head “Neah! This pathetic Seraphimon belongs to reality 04 and he certainly deserved to go, once again, through the bondage humiliation!”

Somehow, Sora felt a slight of relief. But her relief only lasted for a second. Seeing the angel tied from head to toes, crucified to the musical instrument was so heartbreaking that her loving soul couldn´t take it !

“Ludwig-san..please…don´t do it” begged Sora to the German digidestined once more.

“I´m afraid I have no choice to to follow through this, miss Takenouchi” lamented the magician “Whatever happens from now on, it´s up to the rest of the pathetic losers to meet the challenge….”

His words delighted Keruta.

“OK, Now I´m convinced you are a helluva of a foe. NOW BRING IT ON!!”

And Ludwig began to play…


Reality 011 γ.

“Is…is.. everything…all…allright , miss Mikagura?” asked the girl called Meiko, stammeringly.

Mirei gave a somber look at the couple. She needn´t a crystal ball to be certain that reading that girl´s life would be a pain in the ass, depressing people were the easiest to read but also a hindrance.

“Your current life is so bright that I may need some sunglasses!” she replied with irony “Are you sure you want a lecture?”

Meiko looked at her boyfriend, unsure . The silver haired bishonen  scratched his chin a bit but then ended shrugging his shoulders, not worried in the least.

“Go ahead, miss. I personally don´t believe in tarot but my girl does”and pointed at the deck, amused “And I promised she could get one reading before going ahead with our business..”

The purple haired digidestined didn´t like the guy´s smile. His teeth were too shiny.

“Very well, then. Let´s beging” and Mirei uncovered the first card:


Meiko opened her mouth wide  when the first card revealed on the deck turned to be the FOOL.

“Tarot cards aren´t fond of you, are they miss Mochikuzi?” joked Mirei “Oh! don´t look me like that! You MIXED the cards!” the bishonen surrounded Meiko´s shoulders,maj18s trying to cheer her up ” Well, this card shows the highest potential for your life, reaching a state of renewal and new beginnings, where each day is an adventure and each moment is lived to the fullest. Despite your  huge shyness, you were called to a journey… one that is completely unknown and will take you to uncharted territories. But it´s also a reminder that if you don´t believe in yourself then you are headed to a huge disaster…just as the Moon is pointing right now!”

Meiko looked curiously at the moon card.

“This card shows confusion, uncertaintity  in your actual path. Well, if my instincts aren´t messy , I say maj19rsthat´s the history of your life. Your low-confidence certainly lead you to some unfortunate choices and as the dear sun points so, you are image of optimism and fulfilment, the dawn that follows the darkest night…NOT! It clear indicates a long-term depression and..lord! What was the last time you ´ve been SINCERE to yourself and others as well? “

“WHAT?!!” Meiko ´s cheeks blushed vividly “What does that have to do with my future?”

“With an event from your past” continued Mirei and uncovered two more cards “Ah…I see”


The man looked at the cards and slightly smiled.

“Lovely cards” he pointed at the Hanged man and the reversed 3 of Swords “What does that mean?”

“The hanged represents a reversal of your usual way of life and seeing the world from a completely different angle. And it has something to do with a very painfil  event … a heart pierced by three swords. It certainly represents the energy of heartbreak and betrayal…but my  extrasensorial guts lead me to believe that the actions of 3 individuals in a certain moment in the past caused you the shock of your life. Whatever they did, it had been so horrible that you´ve been unable to move on. And that certainly marked a chain of unfortunate choices…” and Mirei unconvered the fifth card.


“Yeekkks!!!” Meiko covered her mouth in horror. That was one of the least desirable cards from the deck.

“Oh dear! don´t tell me you made a deal with the Devil?” said Mirei, antipathethic “Well, it´s a given that since that particular, painful event you developed a sense of HOPELESS so deep that it wouldn´t be surprising you make an easy prey for shaddy forces”

The other girl shrieked, Mirei´s words proved to be certere darts!

The prediction of Mirei Mikagura by Ayhelenk

“Whatever was your loss, your perspective of life sucked since then. You think you need something and you are willing to go against what you know to be right and true in order to obtain it…” Mirei then uncovered 3 more cards.


“The EMPEROR and the EMPRESS are reversed as hell” Mirei bit her lip, a bit confused. She kept looking at the cards for a good while.

Funny, she thought, when I look at the emperor and the empress I can´t help but seeing Tempus Angemon and Nova´s silhouettes above the cards.

“Under than wishy-whishy face that makes me want to puke, you are quite PISSED OFF. Whatever was your  loss, you CERTAINLY PLACED the Blame  towards the individuals that are represented by these cards…but with the JUSTICE card next to them, of course you have the imperious need to fix the wrongdoing. You FAIRLY believe that punishment is the way, but beware about BLIND JUSTICE. Because sometimes, even Justice cannot escape distortion…and that´s the daily bread in every courtroom. It´s not that your feelings aren´t important, but beware the way you direct them…”

Meiko, nervous,  looked at her boyfriend.

“It´s ok, Meiko-chan. You don´t have anything to be afraid of, remember. I am there for you!” he took one of her hands and kissed it tenderly “Okay?”

“Uh, huh” the blackhaired girl´s heart was beating violently . She never expected having such an accurate reading! Takumi-kun was right, that woman was GOOD!

“Let´s go to the future” continued Mirei, apparently unfazed but the reading was proving to be a bit problematic for the reader as well! The more she was gathering information from the cards, a little bell kept ringing inside her mind….and it wasn´t good news. That was the bell that she heard everytime there was an impending danger. She slyly looked around, the girl Maiko seemed a good-for-nothing creature…but what about HIM?

I am not into guys, yet I can´t help but feel completely ATTRACTED to him. If that´s the case then…


“Miss Mochikuzi ” sighed the tarotist “When the WHEEL OF FORTUNE shows up, changes in the turns of events are UNAVOIDABLE. Nothing is fated to remain the same forever. And I have the feeling that these changes are going to turn up and side everybody´s world! When the moment arrive you may end being questioning your own system of beliefs, everything you took as a sacred truth will suffer a shake” and then she gave a firm stare  at the man “And then, the JUDGEMENT CARD. But I am not going to explain this one…everybody will WITNESS IT sooner or later…”


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