“Hold your breath, keep a hold of your heart…the realities had entered into the  Thunderstruck …”


 Reality 03

“YOU TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME !” he yelled “YOUR ONE SIDED ACTIONS ERASED EVERYTHING I KNEW!! EVERYTHING!!!”  and blind by rage he delivered nasty hits with the most dangerous part of his weapon, his scythe was designed to literally slice  his enemies´s like grass.

“UGHH!!” Tempus put a hand over his chest…the cursed blade actually managed to open a hole on the armor! “You mean…OMEGA?”

Saturn Angemon didn´t bother to answer. He just kept attacking his archenemy.

Tempus Angemon ´s chest ached considerably and  could only block his opponent´s hits. Saturn Angemon was obviously like a raging storm, his fury was so tangible that commanded the scythe to make cuts in the fabric of the tamer reality!


“OH LORD!” shouted an helicopter traffic reporter for Tokyo’s NTV- News 24 who was recording the angelic fight  “THERE´S NO WAY I CAN EXPLAIN THIS SCENE WITHOUT CLAIMING: IS THE BEGINNING OF THE SO CALLED APOCALYPSE?!” and the man yelled at the pilot “We need to get closer! Come on!”

“No way, Hideshi-san!” answered the pilot “The winds are too strong!”

“Come on! Just a bit more!” the reporter insisted “THIS IS HUGE! ” and then he looked straight at the camera “My fellow citizens, as you can see this whole unnatural , apocalyptic event is taking place RIGHT OVER THE Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building´s TOWERS…OR AS CALLED LATELY, THE HYPNOS HDQS. OBVIOUSLY , as many people recall, the place in which took place the infamous DELIPA project that almost DESTROYED TOKYO years ago…!”

“Who can forget something like that?” replied the main tv anchor from the studio ” So we can only assume that HYPNOS ´s been working in another experiment and like in older times, it´s OUT OF CONTROL”  yep, it didn´t take too long for the Tv stations to take notice of the strange events happening in the sky .

The competition also launched their own helicopters and in a nick of time choppers from FNN (Fugi News Network), NHK WORLD among others, were overflying   the Hypnos site.

“IT´S INSANITY” yelled the FNN´s representative “The winds are so strong that we aren´t sure about getting closer to the site without the danger of being smashed against the cables or a building…the camera is doing the best to get a clear close up shot of those winged beings…but the RAYS!! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!”


With each hit, hundreds of multicolored rays ran wild through the sky. A random , private plane that happened to be flying the turbulent site  struggled for a minute after one of it´s wings got in touch with one of them.

“MAYDAY !” declared the pilot “CAN´T KEEP FLYING AFTER THIS!   Part of the motor just died in the spot!”

And much to the the multitude that was watching from the streets´s dismay, the little airplane struggled to slow down its inevitable fall. If Tempus Angemon´s supernatural eyes had not caught a glimpse of the falling airplane, in a matter of seconds it would had impacted against a tower…fortunately, despite blood fighting against the insane Saturn, Tempus still managed to psychically summon an invisible shield around the doomed plane and safely made it land in the middle of a park.

“OH MY GOD! WHAT´S THAT?” shouted the passengers, rushing out of the lucky plane

Tempus could only resume his fight.

“So you actually care about mere flies instead of MY people?!” the act only made Saturn Angemon  more furious “I´LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! NEVER!! NEVER!!!”

And sent another deadly wave of devastating cosmic energy against Tempus, who in time summoned another shield.


Tempus shook his head. The last time he used such technique Saturn Angemon´s erased from the living world and exiled to the Realm of the Dead. But he had the feeling it wouldn´t work this time by 2 reasons: Saturn may certainly expect it and probably learned how to duplicate it…and his own Supreme form was weakening. He didn´t have too much time left in that form, he´d been Tempus Angemon for so long that sooner or later its energy would run out. If only he could stop the crazy psycho from whatever´s move was planning to do…if he was teamed with Lucemon, they were orchestrating something huge…and terrifying.

“THEY LOOK LIKE DIGIMONS!” kept informing the NTV-24 News´s guy, not willing to go back despite the cameraman and the pilot´s begs ” WINGED DIGIMONS!  AND …OH MY GOD!  DID THE SCYTHED ONE JUST OPENED A HOLE IN THE SKY?”

“NOT ONE BUT AT LEAST A DOZEN!” yelled the FNN´s main anchorman , almost falling from his chair in the studio “THEY LOOK LIKE BLACK HOLES?!”

Yeah, Saturn Angemon´s scythe , after each failed attempt to cute open his rival´s body the deadly expansive ways ended piercing the firmament itself.

“AND WHAT ARE THOSE?” the NHK WORLD anchors had their mouths opened like plates “Whenever a hole shows up, you can see glimpses of foreign places?!!”

Tempus Angemon noticed the holes as well and after a few peeks inside some of them his face turned livid when he recognized glimpses of parallel Earths and Digiworlds!


“Unlike last time, I also LEARNED how to summon a cosmic key…this case, MY BLESSED SCYTHE!”  he began to laugh “Although it´s not as impressive as Clavis Angemon´s KEY, well, I cannot say I don´t enjoy having this new privilege”


“Neah, he already had the ability of summoning his own keys when a millennia ago he defeated a Clavis Angemon…ok, he only stole a little bit of that other angel of time´s codes. But he´d got enough to generate temporal keys. Of course he didn´t know a thing about Nexus until I clued him about that….but enough talk. ENJOY THE 8 HEAVENS’S PUNISHMENT !!”

And his scythe  8 angelical forms, 8 exact replicas of Saturn and ended unleashing a huge light beam against Tempus Angemon, de-digivolving him in the act as Magna Angemon and not enough with that, he fell almost unconscious  from the sky.

“Well done, brothers” smiled Saturn ” NOW IT´S ABOUT TIME TO BEGIN THE MAIN EVENT…!”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


“…urghh….you bastard”  Lilithmon choked blood “You…you…managed to do the unthinkable…defeat one of the Lords….” her body began to dissolve into codes , yet she managed to gave the stink eve at Slash Angemon “..but…that´s not the last thing you heard about me….”

Slash Angemon grumbled, completely indifferent towards the dying villain.

“No, you won´t. Because your corruption is too great to grant you a resurrection” and before either Nova or Shibumi could say anything, Slash Angemon opened up his holy blades and yelled another of his special effects “GOLDEN RIPPER…RIP EVERY SINGLE CODE FROM THE BITCHES!”

And Lilithmon , like her army of witchmons, was no more.

Nova was left astonished.

“We could had purified them!” her eyes were shining in disbelief “Didn´t we tell you not to go lethal ?!! ”

“AS IF I CARE!” shouted Slash Angemon, annoyed with the blonde digidestined “I HAVE NO TIME TO CARE ABOUT TRASH!”

Nova shook her head, sad.

“That Lillithmon used to be an Ophanimon” Gallantmon´s armor vanished from her body , without anymore foes it wasn´t needed anymore “She could had been REDEEMED!!”


“Not in my book” and Slash Angemon turned his back to the girl.

“WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!” shouted Reika Ootori from the other side of the screen, having watched the whole ordeal “YAMAKI!!!”

“As you suspected, mrs Yamaki” smiled Shibumi “Layla Hagiwara indeed was a suspicious person…you had just witnessed her real identity, a demon digimon called Lillithmon and thanks to our new allies she´s no more in this world”

Reika was too dazzled to immediately take full conscience of what was going on.

“MOMMMY!!!!!!!” little Ryuu´s scared shout made everybody turn around.

The mother had no time to react when the darkness suddenly befell on her.

“REIKA?!!” Yamaki´s face lost his colors when he saw his wife falling unconscious to the ground. Poor Reika never saw the fist ….

tumblr_muujc6elq51rg2dp9o1_500“Hello there” said a feminine voice and both Mitsuo and the guitarist´s face turned into stone when they saw a female version of Devimon approaching the Reika´s computer” Did you think Madame would let loose a piece…?”

“RYUU?!!!” Yamaki almost lost it when at the other side of the screen, ladydevimon showed her prize: the  8 year old boy struggling in her arms!!

“DADDY!!! DADDY!!!!” the child kept yelling “HELP!!!”

Mitsuo yamaki´s face never paled so much until that moment. He may be a useless husband and a less than ideal father but his blood was flooding like an ardent lava!

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH MY SON?!” he roared like a lion. The cold and self-composed Yamaki was nothing but an illusion from the past “RELEASE HIM RIGHT NOW!”

6O SECONDS TO CHRONOS´S RELEASE, prayed the computer.

“Heck! still didn´t find the way of putting that thing out?!” yelled the elder Ryuu at Shibumi

“I´m about to…” Shibumi still kept moving his fingers on the keyboard. According to his new digivice the downloading was 98%  done…come on! only 2% remaining?!!!

“If you don´t stop your futile attempts on corrupting Chronos right now, the child dies” added Ladydevimon in a swift, yet gelid tone “And I am not bluffing”

The guitarist responded with a shrill scream , he seemed more shocked with the situation than Mitsuo himself. Slash Angemon moved immediately.

“DON´T TEMPT ME! I CAN TRACK YOU DOWN AND YOU ARE HISTORY!” yelled the blue haired angel

“But not in time to prevent me from killing this little angel” and the evil ladydevimon leaned one of her large fingers over the boy´s neck, right over the carotid area “If my nail accidentally presses too hard in that certain zone…will you be able to reach him in time and stop the BLEEDING?”

Slash Angemon was ready to jump in the following second but his partner prevented him on doing so by standing between the angel and the screen.


“What are the odds ?” the teenager´s eyes were filled with desperation “You aren´t still fast and experimented enough for something like that!”

Slash Angemon noticed his partner´s body shrieking badly. Ladydevimon smiled even more and slightly plunged the point of one of her sharp nails on the child´s neck, just one touch and a fine thread of blood began to flood down the child´s neck.


Mitsuo and Shibumi exchanged a desperate look and as if were pointed by a gun, the pair immediately raised their hands surrendering themselves

But Nova Takariyama , as an experimented Supreme, wasn´t going to let something like that happen to an innocent child. During the confusion she hid out of everybody´s sight, especially  Ladydevimon´s,  by kneeling under the main, gigantic computer´s edge so the camera could not catch a glimpse of her silhouette. She closed her eyes and subtly pressed another of her digivice´s buttons . The device immediately obliged.

“Follow the coordinates…” was her mental orders “4,3,2,1…”

“So, you suckers, you surrendered after all” laughed Ladydevimon from the other side “Such a disappointment! Never expected to meet with  a group of sissies!”

“SAY THAT AGAIN!!!!” roared Slash Angemon, ready to tear everything down. He didn´t know what the term meant but in his book he DREADED it, Ryuu and the others were irked as well but of course they couldn´t take any chances when a little kid´s life was at stage!

“DAMMIT!” Ryuu hit the comp0uter´s keyboard with his fists, frustrated at the worst “MY FUTURE IS DOOMED!!! DAMMIT!! DAMMIT!!!” and he turned to Nova who was still under the machine “Takariyama! You promised that everything will be ok ! You promised we could change the future!!!”

Nova finally looked up.

“Whatever happens, the FUTURE will be SAVED. AND I NEVER TAKE BACK MY PROMISES” she stood up and added: “RETRIEVAL MISSION, NOW!!!!”



And this time it was ladydevimon´s turn to be taken by surprise when a golden Gate opened right after her back and a well placed kick on the base of her spine took off by guard and unwittingly dropped her hostage.

“WHO ON DEVIMON´S NAME…?” she didn´t finish her curse when her face received a horse kick !

“Supreme  Satusma, at your service madame” and Ryuu Yamaki found himself on the strong arms of the former DATS commander! ” and Ladydevimon found herself plastered all over the floor, with Kentaurosmon stepping over her as if she was a dirty carpet. “Takariyama, the kid´s safe”

Nova smiled, satisfied. Of course she had to summon one of the most reliable part-timers!

“Good job, Satusma-san”

Yamaki, Shibumi and the rest of the Hypnos staff smiled in relief. But the smile immediately washed off when the computer kept with its reminder:


“Oh shit!” Nova moaned “How´s the antivirus?” asked to Shibumi

“It´s downloaded but it´s still taking form…”

She then looked through her digivice , ready to call to her partner.

“If you are looking for HIM” Saturn Angemon´s face suddenly appeared on her device “He´s falling like a rock!”  and for Nova´s horror she saw Tempus Angemon being dedigivolved into Magna Angemon and falling heavily to his imminent death.

“ANGE!!!!!” she screamed and summoned her own Gate of Destiny “SHIBUMI-SAN, RYUU-SAN AND SATSUMA-SAN…ACTIVATE PROTOCOL 8 AND PRAY!!!” and she jumped into the portal.

“Protocol 8?” asked Mitsuo but the three men immediately nodded and pressed their buttons….

From the outside, Saturn Angemon raised his scythe once again and looking down at HYPNOS he declared:

“SATURN KEY!!!!!” and shoot a golden light beam at the entire building.

“CHRONOS RELEASED!!!!” indicated the computer at the same time.

The following instant a huge, colossal column of white and blue light emerged from HYPNOS, destroying the building´s roofs in the process. The column went to the clouds and met Saturn Angemon´s power in the way…both powers fused into a destructive embrace which in turn devastated the entire Tower and at least 200m of surrounding buildings….

“NOW LET´S BEGIN THE PARTY!” laughed Saturn Angemon and his scythe redirected the destructive forces upon the floating Gate of Destiny “CHRONOS , I COMMAND YOU TO GO TO THE POINT OF CONVERGENCE!!!”

And the Tamer´s reality was surrounded by a huge, deep light….


Reality 09

“I can see a string of silver codes surrounding your body” the angel´s face got so close to her that Ami blushed vividly “You are also impregnated by that individual´s smell” and took abruptly by her hand “Kitamino-san, you´ve been with him until recently. WHERE´S HIM?!”

“Him?”  the girl was frankly confused “Who are you talking about?”

“I have no time for games, miss Kitamino ” the angel wasn´t in the best mood  and unceremoniously grabbed one of her hands “According to the scanner, the scent is still fresh. Where´him?”Magna Angemon´s peremptory question startled the girl who could only babble an unintelligibly answer.

The brashness of his manners left the others perplexed,what the Lord was wrong with him?

“Magna Angemon-sama-pi!” the little winged digimon tried to ease the atmosphere ” She seems not to to understand what you are talking about-pi!”

The angel ground his teeth, patience wasn´t on his side that day. He was given a task and wanted to fulfill it right away so he could be back at the Goddess side by yesterday!  Ami looked at Magna Angemon with some contempt , right now his mood was more in tune with his former past other self Murmukusmon than the angelical one.

“Care to give us a hint ?” asked Yu , also troubled by the angel´s attitude “Codes? ”

“We are here to look for Norun-sama-pi´s bro…”began to explain Pixiemon but Magna Angemon  cut his words.

“No need!” Magna Angemon abruptly let go of Ami”I see a trail and it´s going that way!”, his hand pointed  a  direction . Without offering anymore explanations, Magna hurried to that point leaving Pixiemon and the humans completely baffled.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Gabriel Mikihara dedicated a wide, shiny Colgate smile.

I daresay you haven’t had much practice, Alice-kun

“My name is Tsurugi!!” replied the boy incensed, not getting  the joke.

When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast…oh! There goes the shawl again!

Tsurugi looked around, surprised. Of course there was no flying  garment in their surroundings and dedicated another nasty glare to his fishing companion.

“You are nuts”

Had Tsurugi-kun a bit more friendly to books he would had noticed that Mikihara has been  quoting the White  Queen´s famous line from Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.

“Humm…yeah, I guess so” replied Mikihara in the end , still looking at the water”And so the individuals who become the chosen ones and end up landing in the Other side…”

Again, Tsurugi ended scratching his head. Was he fated to meet weirdos in his short yet adventurous life?  Even before being engulfed by an arcade machine to a bizarre world known as Digiworld he was sort of a weirdo magnet. When he was a child he certainly met two of them: Kahara Sho and a little girl known as Norun…

“And you will never belong to the so called normal society anyways” decreed the silver haired teenager jokingly “And that goes for every Digidestined as well, Alice-kun”

“MY NAME IS TSURUGI TATSUNO, YOU AIRHEAD!!” the google boy was so irked that his fishing rod finally slipped from his hands and fell into the water.

“Your name bores me” giggled the teenager “Aww…such a pity! You aren´t bringing home any fish today”

“Well, it´s your damn fault” Tsurugi standing up on the border, crossed “I don´t precisely appreciate given a girl´s nickname!”

“How come? If in the end, each digidestined is nothing more than an Alice…” was Gabriel Mikihara´s appreciation “It´s inevitable, it´s fate. No wonder which reality you step on the result is practically the same: the lucky ones end falling into the White Rabbit´s hole”

“The white rabbit´s WHAT?!”

Gabriel responded with a vibrant laugh.

“You are so like the other google blockheads, books are your nemesis ;aren´t they?” and winked his eye ” Such a BORING cliché

“OK! THAT´S IT!” Tsurugi knew when he was insulted and approached the arrogant ” Shall I give this smartass a good punch in the eye?” And he showed his fist, never nobody tempted his temper so badly after the Black Knight (A.k.a Sho Kahara) ´s demeaning personality and his constant provokes into fighting.

Contrariwise” the other fella kept fishing “if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.” Gabriel Mikihara loved the book, evidently.

Tsurugi ´s head began to roll, still unable to get the quotes.

“You are PUSHING IT!”

“I am?” the other fella made a swift move of his fishing rod  taking Tsurugi by surprise and  found himself tripping on the border. But when he was about to fall, again, to the water Gabriel´s long arm caught him by the pants and made him sit again “But I want to talk of many things: Of shoes — and ships — and sealing wax —Of cabbages — and Kings —
And why the Sea is boiling hot — And whether pigs have wings…”


“It seems so” said a grave , powerful voice. ” No wonder Norun-sama didn´t speak highly about him”

The Angel, the Google Boy and the God by Ayhelenk

For a third time Tsurugi almost fell from the bridge when turning around his head, discovered Magna Angemon standing right behind Gabriel´s back.

“OH SHIT!! IS THAT YOU?!!!!” yelled Tsurugi at the angel, his heart was beating uncontrolably…almost like a maiden in love. Magna Angemon barely nodded. His holy eyes were stuck on the silver haired guy´s back “MAGNA ANGEMON! MY PAL! I´M SO GLAD TO SEE YOU…!!”

He was so happy to see the angel that all annoyance towards Mikihara was forgotten in the act and now in the jolliest mood, he jumped to the angel´s encounter and delivered a spontaneous hug.

“I CAN´T BELIEVE THE PORTAL IS OPEN AGAIN! IS NORUN CALLING US BACK?!” Tsurugi almost sang, in complete delight. He always thought that the portals between the two world would never be opened again …but now…now…”OMG! ARE WE SUMMONED AGAIN?!”

Magna Angemon practically ignored the digidestined and placed a hand over the fisher´s shoulder.

“Through the holy portal, in the Goddess´s Name” spoke Magna Angemon, solemn ” I have found my way here to the Human´s World  to take back Yggdrasil´s Other Half. Turn around and accept my hand, and assume once again your rightful place in the Digiworld”

“Oh, really?”  Gabriel never looked at the angel, seemed that fishing was WAY more interesting than talking to a holy digimon “Well, you can tell that I thank HER for thinking in me …but  thank you NOT. ”

“I beg your pardon?” Magna Angemon was left agape.
It isn’t respectable to beg” said the teen shrugging his arms with indifference “said the White King

His apparent indolence and colorful words  did not help to bright up the  angel´s sweet temper. Not at all.

I am not here to beg” Magna Angemon never wanted to travel to the Human World in his whole life, yet he did. He was dreading every single minute spent in that unpleasant world and longed to be by Norun´s side , so let´s say that Magna Angemon never bothered to teleport himself to that foreign land only to extend an invitation. “Norun-sama WANTS you back and I SWORE that I would MAKE IT HAPPEN” and he pressed his hand, ready to drag the teenager to his side.

Gabriel Mikihara burst in a sincere, delighted laugh.

When Ami, Yu and Pixiemon finally reached their destiny  the first thing they saw was Magna Angemon being unceremoniously THROWN OUT from the bridge and falling heavily to the water.

You should learn not to make personal remarks” he finally condescended to look at the Ultimate level angel “it’s very rude” and kept fishing.

What about Tsurugi?

The poor google boy was so freaked out that he almost wet his pants.


Reality 11γ

“LEAVE! LEAVE RIGHT NOW!!!  Mirei´s face was the personification of fear ” LEAVE!!!!!!”

So disturbed was Mikagura by the mere sight of that image that she was close  to fall victim  to a nervous breakdown

“See Meiko-chan?” the fella grabbed one of Mirei´s hand and forced her to look him at the face  “You aren´t the only haunted by  a painful PAST. You should ask about HERS”

“WHO…WHO…WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!!!” shouted the woman “WHO ARE YOU?!!!!”

“Oh my, that´s so impolite of you” and the man let go of her and Mirei fell on her knees “I hoped you would had recognized me…well, let´s give you a hint”

He took off his sunglasses and his hands magically summoned a silver scythe.


“Remember OMEGA?” whispered him and pointed his weapon at Mirei “Well, I certainly never forgot about it…!”

His scythe shone like a sun engulfing the whole place with its holy light. Mirei and Meiko , mortal beings, were forced to cover their eyes so not to succumb to the danger of being blinded by its full glory.  Few moments later, the light ceded considerably and the girls  opened their mouths in an awe when an angelic, majestic figure stood proudly  in the middle of the shop.


“Perhaps my TRUE form may reignite your lost memories, Mirei-chan?”  the bishounen boyfriend was now an imposing Angemon-type creature. “Shiro Angemon, at your service Madame Pompadour of Data” and once again, he knelt and kissed Mirei´s hand.

“How did you know about that?!” Mirei slapped the angelic hand, horrified “Nobody else but Worthington addresses me like that!”

The mere mention of that surname got an unexpected reaction from Meiko. Her shy, meek expression that annoyed the tarotist during the last hour was suddenly replaced by a gelid one. Her brownish-pinkish eyes darkened in the split of a second and her mouth , once attempting a cordial smile manifested a bright yet terrifying set of immaculate teeth. And a silver-black aura began to emerge from her little body.

“So you are INDEED ONE OF THEM” the black haired girl spoke smoothly but Mirei noticed a solitary tear flowing on her face. Meiko violently shrugged the tear off and the purple haired digidestined finally appreciated  the whole picture of Meiko Mochizuki. She was NOW the personification of HATRED “I CAN´T BELIEVE…I CAN´T BELIEVE THAT  YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE HATEFUL PEOPLE!!!”

And Meiko´s scream generated another unexpected reaction, a black circular bracelet suddenly showed up on her left wrist!

“NO.WAY” Mirei thought she was living a nightmare “HOW DID YOU GET ONE OF THESE?!”

Shiro Angemon , as a response, moved his scythe towards Mirei and had not the girl possessed good reflexes her body would had been torn into pieces! Mirei practically jumped behind the counter but the angel kept attacking her with his weapon.

“You mean my digivice, Miss Mikagura?”  spoke Meiko , still with a grieving expression ” Since my original one was rendered useless, I had no choice but to accept a similar one to the enemies ´s. I dread it as much as I now dread your presence, but since SUPREMES are nothing but a plague I´ll CONTENTEDLY  assume the task of EXTERMINATING EACH OF THEM!”

And faithful to her promise, her bracelet went alla Witchblade mode.



Mirei could hardly believe what her eyes were seeing. The girl was doing the unthinkable! The bracelet showered the girl with the light of evolution and for a second Alphamon´s silhouette stood behind Meiko. But instead of summoning the digimon into the body and flesh the device  turned him into an armor!

“That´s…that´s…OUTRAGEOUS!!”  Mirei was livid to the core of her spine when the armor covered Meiko´s body  “That´s something that only the BOSS is allowed to perform!!”

“ACCESS COMPLETED” the other girl  proudly walked towards Mikagura´s direction.

The purple haired digidestined ´s eyes widened more and more, dumbfounded. How come someone so weak-spirited like that girl was wielding a Supreme´s digivice? Because as far as she knew, only few people were qualified to bear with that kind of power; a Supreme digivice was no toy at all and Mirei certainly knew it better than anybody. An average digivice is usually a digidestined  ´s vehicle with a partnered digimon, sometimes two and occasionally 3. But a Supreme Digivice was way more advanced since its wielder was granted the ability of bonding with thousands of digimons at once, if wished and also the ability to jump to other realities as well! But such grandiose powers were not for free since only a very strong-willed person could make use of the device without going crazy…

“Mirei-chan” continued the hostile girl ” despite despising your persona so much to summon this form I still believe that UNLIKE THE OTHERS you can still achieve REDEMPTION”

“I do?”

“If you submit to us and join the Holy Cause, your life will not only be spared …you will be given a power like you never tasted before and join the Lord in the highest ranks” Meiko´s eyes shone vividly and Mirei had to concede that the annoying girl  firmly believed in her speech.

“If you don´t accept Meiko-chan´s gentle offer” Shiro Angemon moved his scythe one more and its power turned the shop´s ceiling into a huge mirror “a more than unpleasant fate is awaiting for you”

For the Cyber Sleuth´s horror the crystal showed the alpha a large set of  crosses going all the way through an  crystal dome. Hundreds of digidestineds and digimons were tied to the cursed crosses!

” It looks like one of the insides of Seraphimon´s Palace” she gulped “Curses! They managed to take possession of a holy angel´s domains?!”

“Look at the crosses” continued Shiro Angemon “Don´t they look beautiful…?”

“But Master won´t be satisfied until we add more to his collection” added Meiko “There are several crosses that are standing empty, waiting for their owners!”

Mirei almost lost it again. Shiroi Angemon´s powers commanded the invisible camera to take some close ups and how could she not recognize some of the faces?! Alpha and beta versions of Nokia Shiramine, Yuuko Kamishiro, Zaxon´s Fei Wong and reality 011 gamma´s digidestineds Akiho Rindou, Nikorai Yakovich Petorofu and google boy Taiga and their digimons unconscious, chained  onto the cursed crosses. And let´s not talk about the  digidestineds from other realities that were chained as well! A brief glimpse showed Takuya Kanbara and 3 of his friends , adult versions of Masaru Daimon, Yoshino Fujieda and Tohma Norstein chained as well! And more familiar faces that made the spectacle so painful that Mirei  couldn´t bear lit anymore and averted her eyes from the  the scene.

“Join us as our redeemed ally or share their fate!”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

 The lab.

“HEY!” replied Ladydevimon quite irritated “Who the hell do you think you are to BOSS US AROUND?!”

“I am the FRIKKIN´BOSS!” yelled Tempus Angemon´s partner, annoyed

“And Mikagura is a SUPREME” Tempus Angemon sober tone sent a chill to both female´s wings ” A being named Lucemon learned about NEXUS, girls. You, as Mastemon, know what am I talking about ” the male angel gritted his teeth, impatient “Look, someone TIPPED him about the holy place and already DESTROYED realities 06 and 08, and created a paradox in 03”

“IMPOSSIBLE!!!” yelled the pair, incredulous.

“And he is about about to screw up with at all the realities unless we STOP HIM. We need MIREI! ” the blonde digidestined ´s no nonsense tone shook both Angewomon and Ladydevimon´s cores “NOW!!!”

The signal suddenly went off and was replaced by static. Angewomon and Ladydevimon , still shaken by the vision, for a moment they froze; but the digivice which was still floating took matters in its own hands and showered the female antagonists with its own power.

“What is this warm feeling?” asked Angewomon in an awe with the golden shower “It´s like…”

“It reminds me of…of…” Ladydevimon was impressed as well

The golden shower of codes felt pleasant, all feeling of hatred and mistrust vanished in the act. When Angewomon and Ladydevimon stared at each other, they finally understood.

“Those are Mirei-chan´s feelings” said in the unison “Even if she didn´t wear that bracelet for a good while…her heart is still resonating within the device…and she needs us!”

The digivice then emitted two different type of lights, sapphire and ruby…the women gladly obliged to submit to them and in a tender voice they enchanted:


And fused by their mutual feelings towards their beloved Mirei Mikagura, the usual archenemies Ladydevimon and Angewomon joined their hands and hearts and summoned the angel who most loved Mirei from all.


 The digivice seemed to approve of the transformation but when Mastemon tried to grab it, the digivice evaded the angel´s hands .

“Hey! wait!” Mastemon chased after the device “You are supposed to be delivered!”

The digivice stood still in the air , Mastemon tried to grab it once more but the device again evaded her.

“I see. You can only be touched by  Mirei-chan”

The digivice shone brighter, as if saying yes. Then its light pointed at the door.

“Let´s go to where Mirei is” and the angel took off followed by the digivice…


Reality 12


“You rarely go to the Sakuyamon-sama´s temple” said Angemon “Is the threat that big?”

“I fear it is” nodded Ryo “I actually   been haunted, during the last weeks, by an ominous feeling. The crests had been trying to warn me but I paid no attention…but now, the signs became too clear. Something nasty´s going on in the gates between the human and the Digiworld…and Alex-san is missing ”

Angemon and Angewomon looked around and their faces paled. The lab was completely devoid of any activity! Where were the digimons that constantly monitored the digiworld´s activities with Alexander Mc Coy?! Where was Mc Coy himself?!

“NO!” Angewomon bit her lips “NOT HIM!”

When they responded to Ryo´s call, while surfing on the net , they already sensed an abnormality. But Alexander´s absence was notoriously bad… it could mean the  end of the Digiworld!

“Did you already notify to Nova-chan and Tempus Angemon-sama?” asked the angels , their voices filled with anxiousness.

“Tried but did not get any response from  them” replied Ryo truly concerned “My digivice cannot establish any sort of link to Nova´s…and Alexander-san is gone and cannot reach his signal as well. Damn! If only I paid more attention to my instincts…!”

When he talks about instincts he´s not bluffing. Unlike the other digidestineds, Akiyama was granted – thanks to his crests- with a certain degree of clairvoyance. That was the power coming from the crest of Light. But since opening his company he grew up a bit distracted and didn´t pay so much attention to it as before. Right now his senses were ringing loudly.

” I am also worried about my younger counterpart” admitted Akiyama “He may be the one with the bracelet  but  I am fearing about his safety”

Suddenly his heart threatened to stop. A vision came up and Ryo could see his other self and cyberdramon fused into Justimonfighting against an odd version of Lord Holy Angemon…black and white robes, silver hair and wielding a golden scythe…?

“SHIT! NOT HIM!” he began to sweat.

“Ryo?!” asked Angemon “What´s going on?”

But Ryo was still trapped in the vision. The unknown angel was beautiful yet terrifying and his body began to ache horribly when seeing Justimon receiving a crude beating from the mentioned angel…the vision ceased at the moment he watched Justimon falling down, reverting to both Ryo and Cyberdramon…the adult Ryo ´s spine shivered. He never felt so scared in his life! It was as if he was receiving the beating himself, despite the almost limitless distance between reality 03 and 012. His body was still in pain.

Angewomon sensed Ryo´s distressed expression and realized what was going on.

“Easy, Ryo” Angewomon petted Ryo´s head, trying to bring him some comfort “Whatever you are seeing, everything will be okay”

The lad blinked and bit his lips

” I certainly HOPE it will” because  he had the terrible feeling that an impending END was approaching fast.

The trio looked at their surroundings, the digital interface that separated the digiworld from the human world was usually multicolored and shiny. This time it wasn´t so shiny and certain parts were turning grey-ish.

“Corruption of data” grumbled Angemon “I thought I was seeing this when we were heading to your place”

“If it´s like that in this route, I don´t want to imagine how are the others” mumbled Angewomon. It was clear that the gates were rotting and if allowed to continue like that…she didn´t want to think about the possible nefarious result. They had to do something NOW! “Try contacting Nova-chan and Tempus Angemon-sama”


Ryo nodded and tried to contact Nova and Tempus Angemon via digivice. They may be playing in different leagues but the Cavaliers (that´s how are referred the Digidestineds from Reality 012) and Supremes were always happy to assist each others whenever it was necessary or simply by fun.

Nova was the first Cavalier summoned to the Digital World and came back as a Supreme. Today, if you ask  the Digimons what did they think about her without fail they would reply: “She is still our  King”;  that´s she was in their hearts despite her giving up the title as soon as Piedmon was erased for good and the balance restored. Ask the  the next batches of Digidestineds (nowadays there were hundreds of them around the globe) and each will give the same response: LEGEND.  With an angel of time as her partner, she  was the ultimate figure to look up to and there wasn´t a single rookie who didn´t wish to have a digivice and partner like hers. But if you ask Ryo Akiyama he will reply with fondness:  “An angel in flesh that I wish could claim as mine…

“Come on Nova! Answer the bloody call!” he almost crushed his devices, (unlike the others he owned two digivices) such was his frustration ” Don´t let me dangling on a string”

The golden Angemon and Angewomon exchanged a glare. Ryo rarely would allow himself to loose  his cool. An ominous feeling went across their hearts.

“Could anything had happened to them?” asked Angemon , sober.

“I will never forgive Ange if he allowed it” grumbled Akiyama now irked to the core “He´s a fucking angel of Time for Buddha´s sake!” Unlike the other digidestineds, he was WILLING TO kick the holy angel´s ass for an eternity if needed. Or not. He would pick a fight with the winged guy any time of the day without regretting it a bit .

Despite the uncertainty Angewomon smiled and petted Akiyama´s hair as if he was a kitten.

“And that´s why he´ll never fail to protect her, dear” she said in a sweet tone “But it´s not like you don´t trust his abilities but still pinning for her…?”

An unintelligible groan was the answer she got from the digidestined.

“Although it´s too late to to try win her back, isn´t it?” Angemon was like an elder brother to him and pained the angel to see Ryo resigned expression. No matter what, the girl still had a place in his heart. He may had kissed a lot of girls but when looking through quality, she´s been actually his first serious love.

“Unless that ring magically disappears from her finger, yup”

The angels exchanged a look. How come their human , as smart, easy-going and wonderful fella, moving on seemed to be so hard for him? It would be easy to show disdain for any rival if he wasn´t Tempus Angemon.  For Angemon was especially tough because as much as  Ryo was his dear comrade … Tempus Angemon was the figure he aspired to become one day…well, destiny solved the issue anyways.

Ryo shook his head and added:

” If that cursed angel never reappeared she would still be MY girlfriend…  but…”  he sighed , sour “She would had dumped me anyways. I will be nothing else than a brotherly figure and sooner or later she would have figured out…”

The angels smiled and again, petted their digidestined´s head. They knew him better than himself, a part of him was still clinging to the old times and refused to let it go. Sometimes a First Love isn´t meant to be Eternal Love and he always knew it. But knowing that didn´t equal less suffering or wishing circumstances were different; he truly loved that girl and wished to, at least, had her for him for some more years…

“Someday you will find your True Love” insisted Angemon ” Don´t give up Hope”

“Keep looking through the possibilities ” added Angewomon with motherly words “and Light will finally show your true love”

“Well, I HOPE it´ll happen  soon because none of the girls I´ve been dating until now LIGHTENED my heart…NOT!” Ryo kissed Angewomon´s cheek, grateful for having such caring comrades “Probably  I should expand my horizons  in the Digital World like Tia did…?”

The angels choked with laughter.

“Tia is a special case!”

Tia Yagami was another legendary digidestined , not because she was the leader of an extraordinary set of digidestineds and being partnered with an agumon;  the google girl was the first to break down a taboo by wooing and eventually marrying Kabuki Sakuyamon! For either side, that was a REVOLUTIONARY way of uniting the worlds…

The digivices shone at that moment, meaning his calls finally were picked.

“Oh thanks heavens!”  Ryo´s sorrow vanished “You pair of meanies! Was it that hard to pick up the phone?!”

“I´m afraid I am not her” and the digivices projected Kabuki Sakuyamon´s figure much to the trio´s astonishment” Are you by chance going through the gates?”

”  We  are on the way to your temple!” replied Angemon “Have any idea what´s going on?”

“A war is brooding from afar, I take?” Angewomon assumed a serious expression.

“Yes” replied Sakuyamon ” and my visions showed a CATACLYSM of such magnitude that will affect everything we know” the priestess was deadly serious which worried the flying trio more ” I won´t be in this temple any longer. I shall move within the spheres and so shall the Cavaliers…there´s a mission awaiting for you…we´ll be using  PROTOCOL 8!”

“PROTOCOL  8?!” Ryo was rather surprised “It´s a joke, RIGHT?!”

“I never joke” smiled Sakuyamon “See you on the other side”

The following instant a golden light showed up inside the vortex itself and ended engulfing Akiyama and his angels…


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The Digiworld

Surrounded by  her loyal servants, in a circle  composed by  8 Taomons, Kabuki Sakuyamon closed her eyes and raised up   her holy staff; her servants held their and concentrated as well, showering their Priestess with  their sacred powers and praying for her  success. Once their essences became one with the Kabuki, the Priestess changed into her Warrior Mode although in a variant form: instead of black, her tights were white and her golden armor became silver ; the staff changed form as well. Instead of the Buddhist  staff her hands were holding a  similar to Angemon´s with  the symbol of the crest of Destiny on the top.

There was a particular vision that chilled her bones and made her take the determination of interfere: the clash of two formidable monsters and a shadow attempting to corrupt Nexus. Although having never been there she knew that place because of her own link to both Yggdrasil and the so called Homeostasis. Nexus was like the third main force that regulated the bonds between digital and human worlds and the hardest to reach…if Nexus fails, so will do the other hosts.

“PROTOCOL 8” she said to the sky and from the staff emerged a huge column of light “ACTIVATION!”

The light immediately expanded to the point of covering everything….

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Catalunya, Spain

“urrghh..I swear I am never eating that Spanish thing in my life…” V-Mon finally emerged from the john, drenched in sweat and feeling like a miserable “My intestines will never be the same..ever!”

He walked a few steps and his stomach made a noise.

“Please…no, I don´t think I have anymore shit left to shit out…” it was the 5th time he was going in and out from the restroom, the first 4 he didn´t manage to walk a metre without the insides roaring like a pack of lions. And so he had to go back to the throne and suffer the effects of the diarrhea. But this time the unpleasant effect passed and the blue and white digimon dared to walk some more steps. His insides seemed to more satisfied and Daisuke´s digimon felt he was safe enough to watch the competition “Uff! I think I´m fine!”

He hurried to the boxes, heading directly to Sora Takenouchi´s one since he was fairly sure that Daisuke would stop by (like always) and declare he would beat his sempai at once!

“Hiya V-Mon! ” Piyomon , who was sitting on the top of a pile of tires, merrily greeted the newcomer “You are just in time!”

“Great! ”

“I was afraid you would miss it, how´s your stomach ?” asked the bird, cordial as always.

“Better thanks. Of course, I am never eating another palle in my life!”

“Don´t you mean paella?”

“Whatever! Had enough of that stuff for a life thank you very much!”  V-mon leaned over the pile as well

RUNNERS, TAKE YOUR MARKS…” the announcer´s voice resounded through the speakers “GO!!!!”

“GOOD LUCK DAISUKE!!” yelled V-mon waving enthusiastically at the racers.

“GOOD LUCK SORA!!” Piyomon cheered at her human “BEAT DON LORENZO !!”

And the motorbikes took off leaving a mountain of dust behind .

The digidestineds  smiled under their helmets since they caught a glimpse of their digimons´s silhouettes on the mirrors. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep  their digital partners from cheering their humans in every race!


“Hey!” protested Piyomon “Watch your mouth!”

“Sora may be Daisuke´s sempai but that means nothing in the Prix”  V-Mon showed a mischief-loving smile. One of the pleasures of his digital life was teasing Piyomon whenever the chance came!


“Sooner or later he will leave Takenouchi-san behind and steal his position on the podium”


“And all the girls will finally pay attention to him…” continued the blue digimon with the bragging “and will say: Takenouchi who?”

“In your dreams, silly!” Piyomon laughed her feathers off “He should learn how to jump positions… from the last position to begin with!”

V-mon moaned. So much bragging for nothing! It was hateful to admit that Piyomon was right, Daisuke had a huge room for improvement and it was unlikely he would fare as well as Sora. Sora wasn´t the ace like don Lorenzo but he had a good share of 2nd and 3rds places in the podium while Daisuke couldn´t score even into the top 10!

“Ugh…” his insides protested once again “At least I wish he stops being the  fella who  arrives the last to the finish line!”

Similar thoughts ran through his human´s mind while going through the rounds, he was giving his best this day and was so sick of being the last that he didn´t mind playing daredevil and assume riskier moves. By the 7th round and much to his jolly he surpassed 7 competitors!

“YESH!” he sang “Takenouchi, Don Lorenzo…this may be MY day after all!”

“Mhh…the rookie´s finally upping his game ” smiled Sora in the meantime, even at such speed he was able to recognize his fellow competitors at one glance “So that means I must work harder” and fastened his motorbike. As hell he was going to be easy at the google boy and let him believe he had any chance of beating him!

Suddenly the digidestineds felt a great warmth coming from their pockets, Sora and Daisuke ´s eyebrows went up and wondered what´s going on. They knew fairly well such warmth, their digivices were  receiving a signal!

“Shoot!” yelled the digidestineds in unison “Not in the midst of a race…!”

But before  they could keep protesting any longer a golden light suddenly emerged from nowhere and both digidestineds and digimons vanished into the air…

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hollywood, L.A, USA


And the shakedown run began, a Suzuki GSX-R1000 set loose across the higway. A couple was riding on it, the biker was focused on his task whike the woman held tightly on his waist as if fearing for her life. The camera took a shot of her  golden hair waving energetically with the wind; moments later, the camera focused on three BMW M3  chasing after the couple.

“Nice” smirked Makoto Tachikawa under his helmet “Didn´t know we were doing a scene like this in the movie”  He was supposed to be riding the bike and chasing after a car but the director changed his mind and insisted on  having it changed “But I don´t mind working with you, Sarah-chan”

“Nothing beats a persecution scene, doesn´t it?” his partner leaned on his  shoulder

“Well, I liked it more being the hunter not the hunted one…”  he admitted but when his partner began to caress his powerful, wide chest under his leather jacket he snorted “Sarah-chan! Watch out where you are placing those hands!” he usually shared a friendly relationship with all the members of his team , included the women. Wasn´t Sarah very much in love with Roy , the stunt coordinator for the movie? Did they have an argument and Sara meant to make Roy jealous or what…? “Uh…why do  your breasts feel much bigger than usual?” His comrade was quite flat chested, how come her girls felt as if they were E-Cups?!

“Guess again, Cowboy” the female spoke closer to his ear and Makoto´s shrugged a bit. That crystaline, flowery voice was so unlike his coworker´s! He turned around and he almost flipped the vehicle when he caught a glimpse of a pair of sapphire eyes beneath the helmet.

“Holy Crap! Miss Knight?!!!” no way, the main actress joined one of the most dangerous scenes from the whole movie, the couple was running away from members of the mafia who were already firing their guns at them “ARE YOU NUTS?!!!”

The only answer he got from her was a diaphanous yet cheeky laugh.

“You aren´t supposed to be here!” he almost incinerated his partner with his gaze”A bad drifting and we could go KABOOM. How come you took Sara-chan ´s place?” and he had to make a studied dribble to avoid the bullets ” The director must be out of his mind for allowing you in this shot!” he was seriously concerned about Michaela´s wellfare.She could be seriously harmed if he wasn´t careful enough!

“That girl apparently cannot hold a good drink  and right now is playing the Sleeping Beauty role ” was her non-chalant answer “Somehow she mistook my caipirinha with her juice and a minute later she was nozzing on the chair. So please, don´t be so hard on her when we go back!  ”

The digidestined of Sincerity frowned. That was plain bullshit! Of course Miss Knight spiked her drink…but why?!

“Besides, we are still not finished ” and her hands kept moving all over his chest provoking a wave of unholy feelings all through Tachikawa´s system. The Cowboy moaned without being able to helpt it…oh those hands!

“You are by far more dangerous than those mafia fellas, miss Knight” he was trying to focus on the ride but his companion kept pressing her beautiful body against his. She was CLEARLY sending a message “Thought you had enough playtime for a day”

“My dear cowboy, that was just an appetizer! ” and Michaela ´s hand went a bit lower, making him sweat dearly.

“It was?” he bit his lip, trying not to give in too much into the sauciness. But his body reacted, reminding him of how much fun actress and stuntman had during the past hour. Their  almost non-stop making out session in the actress´s trailer could had sparkled a bush fire had they gone a bit further. If Makoto hadn´t been called to his duties she would had had it her way and gone directly to the dessert! “Miss Knight, a running bike is  NOT the place to be naughty! Besides the bad guys, the CAMERAS ARE FOLLOWING US!”

“Do I look like I care?” she winked an eye “Dear, I shall not stop until you say you are MINE..”

A maiden in love by Ayhelenk

Meanwhile Palmon was taking care of the Cowboy hat (which by the way was her partner´s most prized treasure besides her) while resting over the director´s chair. Not that  Quentin Tarantino minded a bit, he was so busy moving forth and foward and driving nuts the entire crew to realize that  someone else was sitting on his prized chair. Had Tarantino known it´s positive that he ´d  gone rogue alla Kill Bill mode, ready to make a  sashimi of Palmon.

Despite sitting on the director´s chair Palmon´s mood wasn´t as jolly as expected. She was rather grim and the main reason was Makoto;the digimon didn´t exactly fancy his newest conquer,  lately the actress had been hogging Makoto too much for herself! It was so irksome! Thanks to Michaela Knight Palmon  wasn´t getting much attention from  her beloved digidestined .

Whenever there was a break, miss Knight would immediately look for Makoto and drag him to her side in such a bothersome way that Palmon ´s green eyes shone with jealousy. Hopefully Makoto will grow sooner than later bored of miss Knight and go back into the sweet, attentive digidestined that usually pampered his digimon!

Palmon cheeks blushed…if only she could achieve the Rosemon´s form for longer periods! She wouldn´t mind deepening digital and human bonds like Tia Yagami and Sakuyamon…her maiden heart began to project a 3-D romantic movie in her mind,   in a Gone with the Wind style and she was Scarlet O´Hara while Makoto was Rhett Butler…of course, their story would have a much happier  ending! Her green eyes sparkled little hearts…yay! That would be SO AWESOME! She was already picturing wearing the frilly costumes and loving each other so much that their mansion would be filled with at least a dozen of kids!

Pitty she couldn´t update her blog with such romantic ideas…her cellphone was a complete mess and was driving her crazy.

“Oh come on!” she whined “I can´t live without updating my Insta and Face at least once per day!!” she was fighting with the device “Come on! work! work!”

After several struggles, something showed up in the screen. A single , huge symbol . The number 8.


“What the hell is this?” Tarantino´s yells made the whole set tremble as if being hit by an earthquake “WHO´S THE IMBECILE WHO´S BEEN FOOLING WITH MY SHITTY PHONE?!”

“Hey! My phone´s hacked as well” added Ben Affleck pissed as well “What´s the deal with this crap?” and irked he threw his brand new I-Phone to the floor. Palmon slyly picked the device and had a look at it. Her face paled when the screen prayed the same digit: 8.

Palmon felt a chill on her whole body. That couldn´t be a coincidence at all!

She could sense it in her codes, something was going awfuly wrong with the internet…and that could only mean something…Digital Business. Palmon left the chair and began to run to the set, forgetting about the moving cars and explosives placed in the strategic points.

“HEY! WHAT´S THAT THING DOING?!” yelled one of the director´s assistant “IT´S GOING TO RUIN THE SHOT!”

But Palmon couldn´t care less. She NEEDED to reach Makoto ASAP.

“YOURS?! OK! OK! If only you let me drive us safely back to the set” moaned Makoto meanwhile, feeling a strange warmth coming from his right pocket.”Is that your lovely hand in my pocket?”

“My hand´s not  there ” the actress replied gutturally , her right hand was caressing his belt and her intentions were venturing into somewhere lower!

Makoto´s eyes opened wide. The warmth was increasing and it could only mean one thing.

“Oh rats! REALLY?!” it couldn´t happen in a more importunate moment “JUST WAIT UNTIL I´M DONE WITH THE DAMNED SCENE!”

Michaela´s hand froze and she instinctively looked to the sky; she  narrowed her beautiful eyes and after a fast peek she cringed her teeth. Makoto was too immersed in his own thoughts and didn´t hear the curse she muttered.

“Oh Great! …I was so close to tell him about my true self…damned those winged bastards!!!”

The following instant a golden light showed up from nowhere and engulfed everything…

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


“How is it that even you are UNABLE to fix THIS MESS?!” protested miss Kido for the 4th time “You are the Spiderwoman that every organization wet their pants on everytime you hack into their files!”

“I KNOW!” Inori Izumi rolled her eyes for the 18th time while still dueling with her laptop´s system “No matter how much I reboot this thing, no matter how much I check on the bloody parts…there´s no use!” At first she thought it was a hardware malfunction which she could had easily solved the problem since she owned an insane collection of parts that could pretty much build dozens of computers if she wasn´t so lazy to do it “ARGH!!! It´s SO testing my patience!!” it was irksome that something apparently so meaningless like a blank screen could be so nerve-breaking. A rookie tech usually could solve this kind of things blindfolded (ok , SHE could do it that way) and in 15 minutes the problem would be a thing from the past. BUT THAT ONLY PROVED TO BE A NASTY CHALLENGE.

“And so mine” and Yori pushed the digidestined of Knowledge from her chair and shoved her phone at her face “Forget about that old junk. MY PHONE CANNOT WAIT”

Gomamon and Tentomon , meanwhile were sharing a soda and a large bag of chips.Yori Kido was so pissed about her phone that she didn´t hesitate to pay her BFF a visit, unanounced and  invited herself into the house stomping over  Inori´s elder brother who just happened to open the door. But Inori was still fumming about solving her own device´s malfunction and wasn´t really in the mood for her friend´s moodyness.

“Why not just go back to the damned store and demand for another one?”

“Because I lost the fucking receipt and have no time to look for it!”

“Really?” asked Tentomon

“Actually” gomamon whispered at his friend´s ear “I ate it by accident”

“EKKKKK!”  Tentomon covered his mouth horrified “How come?”

“Her desk was a mess, still there was a chocolate bar resting over a bunch of recepits and…” he needn´t have to explain about his compulsion towards sweets and how his instincts took charge over his rationality and how he jumped to the table and his mouth caught the prize…with some of the receipts in the process.

“Your gluttony has no limits!” Tentomon then whispered at Gomamon´s ear “Does SHE know?”

“As if I´m ´fessing something like that! I´d rather be alive!”

“YOU´D BETTER FIX IT EINSTEIN!” demanded Yori , smiling dangerously.

“EINSTEIN WASN´T A TECH GUY” Inori´s smile was as terrifying as her friend´s “Just show up at Bill Gates´s place and make him do it!”

“Why should I bother with the techno-Windowed-Scrooge McDuck when you are the one who SPAMMED  his super secret private e-mail?” and kept pushing her phone on the other girl´s face “And you OWE it to me since you refused to share the kinky info you learned from it”

Inori sighed and finally relented.

“Okayyyyy…..” and examined the phone. Her expression went from bitter to dazzled “No way! Your phone´s screen is blank!”

“And so is mine” Gomamon showed his “Maybe it has something to do with the latest upgrades?”

The digidestined of Knowledge looked for her own cellphone and her mouth opened so wide that an entire orange  could enter inside.

“What the freak is going on?!”

Three different phone from different brands were experiencing the same issue. That couldn´t be a coincidence!

“Hey girls!” Tentomon pointed at them “Why are your pockets shinning so much?”

Inori and Yori exchanged an astonished look, they had been so involved with their rantings that they didn´t notice the warmth coming from the pockets..they slowly put their hands inside and uncovered the things they were keeping in the pockets…their digivices!

“PROTOCOL 8” it was written in the devices.

And a golden light showed up and both the girls and their digimons vanished in the air as well…



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