Reality 09.

“Where the heck is that slacker?!”  the arcade guy slammed his hands on the counter ” I AM SO GOING TO KILL THAT GUY AND SPREAD HIS PARTS THROUGH ALL SHINJUKU!!!!!!”

The man´s yells went across the whole place and for an instant, all activities ceased. Tsurugi and his friends´s hearts almost froze due to the shock.  The usually friendly arcade manager was going  through the Mount St. Helens mode, ready to erupt in a moment and other ! What the hell was wrong with him?!

“Oh shoot! I lost!” complained Tooru, one of Tsurugi´s friends. Until that moment his digimon was going through a winning phase and finally had a Devimon under his feet…but the sudden scream broke up his concentration and now Devimon was beating Tooru´s digimon to a pulp. Tooru, usually a nice, composed kid was ready to commit a murder himself “HEY MISTER! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”

Tsurugi and Ami, feeling sorry for his defeat,  patted his shoulders.

“Don´t worry, Tooru” Ami tried to cheer him up ” You can always start again, right?”

“It´s not like you can´t go back to the tournament” added Tsurugi.

Tooru sighed.

“But it won´t be the same!” he protested and threw another murderous glare at the manager. “He made me lose my groove!!!”

“Been there, done that and it  sucks” admitted the google boy . How many times did that happen to him?  Participating in the Virtual Digimon Battle tournaments wasn´t a piece of cake, it wasn´t enough to command a digimon…as recent events pointed out, full concentration was one of the principal keys in a tamer-digimon relationship.  Digimons tend to burst their powers when the tamer´s heart and mind are aligned and nothing should disturb that precious, glorious moment..Tsurugi couldn´t contain a saddened sigh. He was still unable to join the tournaments and God, when the goddamed egg would hatch?!

“Pretty much!” Tooru smiled “Well, it´s just a game anyways. Compared to YOUR DIGITAL ADVENTURES this is kinda boring, isn´t it?”

Six months passed but even he wasn´t able to forget about the extraordinary events that took place in that very same place, when Tsurugi  was sucked through the Net Battle machine and tried to figure out how to rescue his friend. Of course he could do nothing but to witness Tsurugi and the other tamers´s battles through the screens; while he was happy to have his friend back there was an itty bitty part of him unable to brush off the jealousy. How many times did he play on that goddamed machine? And he was the one who introduced the rookie to the Digimon world in the first place! Why on earth wasn´t HIM chosen as a tamer?

“Whatever” Tooru shrugged his shoulders “I wish I had your talent, Tsurugi ”


But the friend , instead of explaining  looked at his watch and said:

“Ugh, it´s almost 5 o´clock!” and began to gather his things “In the end , losing was a good thing.  Cram school is waiting for me!”

“Oh shit, really?!”

Like every single google-boy from every single reality, the word study was kinda a bad word.  And the word cram was even less desirable, especially when his parents lately had been pestering him about  sending him to one due to his poor grades.

Remember son, next year you´ll be going to middle school. You cannot keep daydreaming forever…you are going to study by heart otherwise you´ll end as a Ronin!

Despite those words of wisdom, Tsurugi wanted to have nothing with it!

“Again, that sucks!” Tsurugi said in the end “This world´d be much better without cram schools!”

Tooru smirked.

“Sure, sure” and once he made sure he wasn´t forgetting anything he turned around “Gotta go, see you tomorrow!” and without waiting for either Tsurugi nor Ami´s response, he headed to the door and left.

“Wow” commented Ami “He certainly was in a rush ”

“Yup!” Tsurugi scratched his nose, a bit puzzled by his friend´s abrupt exit ” His sensei must be really strict otherwise it´d hard to unglue Tooru from the machines”

He wondered why Tooru was so eager to go to cram school since he always got topnotch grades and unlike Tsurugi, he could go through  the horrid exams , blindfolded and with his right arm tied to the back and pass with flying colors !

“…Ami, I´m probably going to go through the same” whined the google boy “I would give ANYTHING to go BACK TO THE DIGIWORLD instead of going to that HELLHOLE!”

Ami began to laugh.

“And I thought I was the only one  thinking like that!”

“What?! You too?!

“Hell yeah!” she almost yelled “And I SO HATE IT!”

She was facing the same prospect. Once the wonderful adventures with the Digital World became a memory, reality did not hesitate to remind her that she still had a lot to do in her life. She had good grades but as Tsurugi said, her folks weren´t all that satisfied with them.

You can do much better than that, Ami. Remember the importance of going to a good school, it will influence  your future. So you must apply for Meiou Gakuen, if you make it to that elite school your prospects will improve greatly…

But Ami wanted to go to the same school with her friends, Minatogawa Gakuen. It wasn´t an elite school but the uniform was lovely and she had the feeling she would feel much at ease and relaxed in that school rather than Meiou. She wanted to enjoy her school life a bit more instead of worrying about the still distant future. Yes, she could really understand Tsurugi´s feelings.

“Well…” Tsurugi felt a tad better, misery always welcomed company “If cram school is that unavoidable, perhaps we should go together…?”

His words made her blush considerably.

“Do you really mean it?”

“Heck, yes! I won´t feel so bad if we go to the same school” he almost choked, Tsurugi too was blushing like a tomato.

And much for many of the attendees annoyance, a  love wave surrounded the digidestineds.

“HEY YOU TWO! ” a 17ths year guy rose his head from his machine “GET A ROOM OR SOMETHING!”,

“SPARE US THE SHOUJO SCENE”yelled another  player,jealous of seeing a kid getting along with a cute girl while he, a committed nerd, still never had the chance of even grabbing one´s hand.And no victories in the Digital Battles were enough to catch a girl´s attention!

And a bunch of kids and teenagers began to mercilessly tease the poor kids. Tsurugi, completely embarrassed , wished to be Six Feet Under and Ami kinda wished she was invisible.

“Hey! It´s not like that!” he retorted “We are just friends, ok?!”

Ami sighed, the last thing she wanted to hear from his lips was the word friend ;since their adventures in the Digiworld her heart had been longing for something more. Could Tsurugi be more dense?!

She was about to say something but the manager actually won.


He was yelling at the crowd  that had just entered  the room. At least a dozen of high-school girls showed up in the arcade , much for the public´s delight.Well, not the manager who was so pissed off that he barely noticed them; oh no! he was about to kill  the guy who was with them.

“You SOB! ” the manager furiously approached  the newcomer ” YOU ARE LATE!!!”

His yells once again caught the clients´s attention. The Digimons and all the other videogames were momentarily forgotten , the sight of the arcade manager yelling his lungs at the part-timer was WAY MORE INTERESTING. Even Tsurugi and Ami turned around their heads, absolutely intrigued.

“I´m a bit late, I guess?”  the other guy raised his hands , trying to ease the murderous cloud emerging from the boss´s head.


“Ups! Time sure flies fast…”


The very instant he heard the name, Tsurugi ´s eyes opened like never they did before.

“No way!” he mumbled “Ami, did you hear THAT?!”

But he got no response from his friend.


He turned around only to find Ami Kitajina being in a gelatinous state. Her senses were pretty much gone since she saw the most gorgeous guy from the world entering the arcade! Tall, silver haired, tanned..and those eyes! She could drown in those sapphire eyes and happily go to Heaven, among all the guys she had a chance to meet…that was a true stallion. Ami couldn´t stop staring at him.

“Good Lord, he´s HOT!” she managed to say “Thought that bishonens only existed in mangas”

Tsurugi couldn´t believe what she was saying.


The girl tamer sighed like she never did before. Her eyes were opened wide and sparkling with such intensity that Tsurugi felt a chill on the bones, Ami was behaving WAY TOO WEIRDLY! What the heck was going on with that girl?!

“Is he a prince or something…?” she bit her lips, nervous. Now she finally understood what Rosalie Lamorlière felt when meeting lady Oscar for the first time!

“Neah!” replied another customer annoyed with the scene “He´s just the new part-timer!”

“The one manager lately complains about?” asked Tsurugi, incredulous

“That´s the guy”

“Ahhhh….” Ami was already at cloud 9, surrounded by little cupids and floating hearts “…lovely…”

Tsurugi facepalmed, irritated. A cute guy shows up and her brain suddenly stops functioning?!

“C´mon!” he yelled “He´s just a regular fella!”

“Not in my dictionary….” she giggled “My prince….”

The manager was as happy as Tsurugi.

“DO YOU REMEMBER , RIGHT?!” his finger kept pointing at the part-time “ABOUT WORKING HERE?! WHERE THE F*** HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME?!”

The part-timer , gleefully gave his answer:

Gomen, manager-sama. I was heading to the job when I met this lovely group” and he kissed one of the girls´s hands, making her heart explode in full happiness. They were behaving pretty much like groupies following their idol much to the males´s population (well, not every single guy was that pissed off. At least a couple of them were at the same cloud as Ami) clinging to him, fighting each other to get his full attention…and ready to gouge someone else´s eyes if he or she dared to take the beautiful guy from them!”And begged me to join them at  the karaoke. I had to oblige, of course!”

And the volcano finally exploded.



  Reality 03.

“You either fight against me and thus prevent me from releasing CHRONOS” said Saturn , smoothly  “Or you save these imbeciles lives and witness a whole world´s destruction. YOUR CHOICE”

That was Saturn Angemon´s warning. He had the upper hand, no matter the perspective.

“RYO!!! RYO!!!!!” yelled Alice, desperate.

Like rocks falling from the sky, Ryo and Cyberdramon were on their way to the ground.

“SAVE HIM!!! PLEASE!!!” she begged to both Saturn Angemon and Tempus Angemon “SAVE HIM!!!”

“Why, Alice?” asked the fallen angel, sincerely puzzled “That much concern towards an airhead that ditched his promise probably to hang around with another girl…?”

“I don´t care!” she yelled, passionate.

And for a couple of seconds, Saturn lowered his guard..time enough for Tempus Angemon to figure out an opening and delivered a powerful punch at his opponent´s face.

“AND WE´RE LEAVING!” yelled Nova Takariyama who managed to take Alice Mac Coy away from Saturn Angemon´s arms. She had no choice but to separate herself from Tempus and carrying Alice in her arms, Nova too was about to fall from the sky ; Alice shouted and hugged tightly the other girl .

“OH MY! OH MY! EEEEKKKKKKK!!!!” Everything was happening so fast that poor Alice suffering from  vertigo.

“WHAT…?!” Saturn couldn´t finish his phrase when Tempus punched his face again.

“GO AHEAD NOVA!” exclaimed the holy angel of Time “Help the Monster Maker!”

“WE´RE FALLING! WE´RE FALLING!” Alice kept shouting, absolutely frightened. They were falling to the void but Nova remained oddly calm. “WE´RE ABOUT TO DIE!”

“No, we won´t” assured the digidestined . She wasn´t in the safety of her angel´s arms anymore but wasn´t afraid of falling to her death? “I´m a Supreme, dear” and in that instant, her bracelet began to emit a golden to reddish aura which in turn surrounded the girl´s body “By the Royal Knight´s oath, master Gallantmon,  GRANT US YOUR PROTECTION!”

Alice thought she was dreaming when Nova Takariyama suddenly was being covered in Gallantmon´s Crimson Mode armor and wings!

“YOU DAMNED WITCH!!” yelled Saturn Angemon at Nova and tried to to chase the girls but Tempus blocked his path “GIVE HER BACK!!!”

“Oh no, she won´t!” declared Tempus who kept attacking “Go Nova! Go!

“See ya later Ange!”

Fair suck of the sav!” exclaimed the Aussie girl “WHAT´S GOING ON?!

“Long time no see, Alice” smiled Nova now riding proudly the skies “…you´d better close your eyes, dear ” and without wasting anymore seconds, Nova shoot a lighted beam and broke into one of the building´s windows “And we are joining Yamaki´s party!!!!!!!”

“WHY DIDN´T YOU TRY TO SAVE YOUR FRIENDS?!” demanded to know Saturn Angemon while trying to avoid the other angel´s attacks “AREN´T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE THE GOOD GUYS?!”

Tempus Angemon ´s smile grew wider.

“Come on, Saturn. If he ends crashing the ground, then he cannot be called a Supreme…”

The Rescue by Elizabeth2003

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


“What…Who…?!” Yamaki ´s face aged 10 years in a sudden. Layla Hagiwara was no more! Another woman was standing instead of her assistant and her sight was nothing but terrifying!

“I KNEW IT!” yelled Tally “Who are you?!”

“Sure thing” replied the other woman and abruptly released herself from tally´s hands and before Tally could react, she delivered a powerful kick at her stomach. Tally never felt such pain in her life.”Let me formally introduce myself, my name is LILITHMON!”


And nonchalantly delivered a dark beam against Shibumi, making him collide against a wall. Had he not wearing the bracelet, he would had been disintegrated in the act!

“hummph…never was into jewellery” Shibumi still managed to smile “Wonderful device…gotta remember thanking that guy for it…”

“So they turned you into a Supreme, I guess?”  Lilithmon  ´s beautiful eyelashes frowned a bit ” Why should Tempus Angemon choose, among thousands of possible candidates, an old stinky man?!” She was the ultimate demon version of Yoshikawa Makiko (from the Seigi no Mikata manga) , the leader of a movement for the extermination of old men. If you ask any of them what was they  hated the most in either world it´s old men and young women. That´s why during her stint as Layla Hagiwara she made sure to get rid of everybody she considered a nuisance, almost the 90% of the dismissed staff was composed  by female employees (and let´s say that she didn´t care about the hundreds of lawsuits filed against HYPNOS for Wrongful Termination of contracts due to sex discrimination!)  besides the seniors like Shibumi.

“Mrs Layla Hagiwara…nope” continued speaking Shibumi, still tranquil despite feeling like shit . There wasn´t any bone in his system that wasn´t hurting as hell! ” Or should I be addressing you as Laylamon? You other name besides Lilithmon…at least that´s according to my cute bracelet´s data …”

“OH SHUT UP! ” she pointed her hand, ready to shoot another ray”WHY DON´T YOU ALREADY DIE ?!”

“Don´t you dare!!!” shouted Tally struggling  to stand up but at that moment,  the fallen guards turned into Witchmons!!


“Do you actually think you can go in a hand-to-hand against digimons?” taunted one them “Foolish woman!” and without showing any type of remorse, delivered a kick on Tally´s face. Tally couldn´t prevent the night falling upon her and passed out.


“She deserved it” smirked Lilithmon “Girls! Erase that eyesore from this world!!!”

The 6 witches nodded and pointed their hands at the fallen Tally, ready to terminate her but Shibumi wasn´t going to have it.

“DON´T TOUCH HER!” now Shibumi´s tone  wasn´t so suave and despite his pain, he rose his bracelet once again and pushed another button “PERFECT STORM!!!”

For everybody´s astonishment, a gigantic image of Marine Angemon  was projected in the air; the cute digimon winked one of his eyes  and said “Minna, Ai Shiteru!” before it unleashed a storm of hearts against the demoniac females!


“ARGGGH!!!!!” the evil females had no choice but to close their eyes, the vision of all these shiny hearts was too much for their dark codes.


Even Lilithmon was forced to close her eyes, as a being from the Darkness, she was unable to cope with that brush of raw purity. For a long instant both the  succubus-like Digimon and her acolytes were unable to move.

“Just a bit more…just a bit more..” Shibumi mumbled but he was already suffering too in pain and almost immediately  his strength abandoned his body “oh shit..that angel´s right…this digivice is quite a handful…wish I was younger…” that was the last thing he said before passing out.

“HA!!!!!” laughed Lilithmon, triumphal “I must admit that I got scared for a second.!!”

“You witch! You are paying for this!”

Mitsuo Yamaki finally got back to his senses and tried to attack Lilithmon from behind. The female , effortless, caught Mitsuo by the neck and added:

“Who the hell do you think you are dealing with, pathetic homo sapiens?”

“Don´” replied Yamaki “You..whore…”

His words incensed her.

“You misogynist!!” she began to crush his neck “Never address a lady with that cursed term! Especially when the lady in question is one of the Seven Great Demon Lords!”

Yamaki now was really beginning to see what Reika and the othes´s been trying to tell him all this time. How did he fall so easily for that woman´s charms?

As if reading his thoughts, Lilithmon chose to answer his inner questions.

“Oh dear, actually , dealing with you had been pretty challenging” she kept pressing his neck “Your level of egoism is so high that even for a Goddess of Lust you´ve been nothing but a pain in the ass” and she looked at her acolytes, who were already taking care of the rest of the staff preventing anybody from entering or leaving the office “How on earth did this specimen  manage to produce an offspring when I couldn´t get from him anything else but a kiss?! ” she was absolutely pissed “I usually can get anything I want from the other parties, no matter the gender, no matter their sexual orientations. YOU CERTAINLY DESERVE TO DIE FOR NOT GIVING IT TO ME, YOU MORON!!!”

But before she could break his neck in two, a Gate of Destiny suddenly opened in the middle of the office.


Before the Witchmons realized what was happening, the 6 were already caught in a staggering momentum…before being torn into pieces!

Only Lilithmon dodged in time the unexpected attack, jumping backwards and considering her prey nothing but a nuisance she let go of Yamaki.


“YOUR DEATH” declared Slash Angemon and Ryuu Yamaki in unison while emerging from the golden portal.

Slash Angemon did not waste time on charging his blades against Lilithmon who, terrified for the first time in her life , instinctively rose up her right arm to protect herself.

“YOU WISH!”and summoned her Nazar Nai, that demonic item supposedly  corroded everything that got in touch with Lilithmon´s orbit. But much to her shock, Slash Angemon kept going on.


“Really, woman?” he grunted “Aren´t you aware that I am JUSTICE INCARNATE?” and without showing any slight of mercy and much to her fright  he chopped off her arm!


Ryuu Yamaki ran to where was  the fallen Yamaki.

“Are you ok, d…mister?” the teen´s voice trembled a bit. Despite all the preparations he was given while going across the multiverse, meeting his father´s past self proved to be a bit overwhelming !

“Yes…thank…you…” Yamaki accepted the stranger´s hand and with some difficulty he stood up. Even being closer to death than to life, Yamaki´s eyes opened wide when he found himself assisted by a  rock´n roller!  “Who”

“5 MINUTES BEFORE CHRONOS´S LAUNCH” announced the computer´s system.

Ryuu shook his head, forcing himself to brush off his emotions. That wasn´t the time for a family sugarcoated moment!

“You can walk, right? ”  Ryuu ´s question wasn´t a question. And his face suddenly turned as cold as Slash Angemon´s, then he abruptly  pushed Yamaki to the main computer “COME ON! DELETE THE FUCKING CHRONOS !!!! he demanded.

“hey! Who do you think you are..?” Yamaki didn´t appreciate the treatment but Ryuu, not willing to take shit from anybody, especially HIS, kicked his ass.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

In the end, Tempus Angemon was right. Ryo Akiyama and Cyberdramon didn´t need to be rescued…by them.


They would had hit the ground had not Sakuyamon caught them in the nick of time!


“Hi,my beautiful maiden…” Ryo wasn´t surprised at all “So you are joining the party?”

“Of course” she said “And neither Ruki nor Renamon are willing to be left behind! ”

Moments before Taomon asked Ruki to fuse themselves into Sakuyamon before reaching Hypnos.

The whirlwinds are so nefarious that I fear I won´t be able to reach our destiny without exposing you to imminent danger. It´s already hard for you to breath in this altitude and at these freezing temperatures.

So the girl gave in and as stated before, once Sakuyamon entered the stage she immediately noticed Ryo and Cyberdramon´s fall.

“Good”  Ryo kissed the Goddess on the lips, much to her surprise “Because we´ve got a heck of a crisis and I am quite positive we´re going to need everybody´s assistance. Takato and Jianglian…?”

“WE ARE ON THE WAY!” said the mentioned guys through the digivices .

Takato and his best friend were now flocking the skies as Gallantmon and MegaGargomon.

“So are we!” added Hirokazu and Kenta, flying across the clouds inside one of Marine Angemon´s heart sized bubbles “Akiyama, you owe us a HUGE EXPLANATION!”

But they were given no explanation because when Sakuyamon reached the blessed tower, it exploded!!


Digiworld  Reality 02


In the end Leo (Leomon)  couldn´t handle his boredom anymore   and left his seat.

“Hey!” exclaimed Gabumon, surprised to see his mentor leaving in the midst of a digital duel”Aren´t you sticking for the finals?!”

“What´s the use?” replied the lion digimon “The battles are boring and Taichi is not allowed to participate anyways”

“But what about Neo Saiba and Hideto?”

He shrugged his shoulders.


“Everybody knows that they are going to be the finalists, doesn´t THAT spark your curiosity?”

“MEH” sentenced Leo.

The main reason everybody was willing to watch until the very end, despite the general disappointment of not being able to cheer for Taichi Yagami, was the promise of a helluva of a duel between tamers Neo and Hideto. They could already envision the adrenaline, storm unleashed on stage, the most powerful digimons summoned for battle…they couldn´t wait for that. Besides a Digitamamon , assisted by a trio  a  of Nanimons, was already picking up the bets.

“THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!!! ” exclaimed one of the bearded-on-steroids walking balls “WHO ´LL  BE THE PRIX´S  WINNER?”

“SAIBA-SAN OR FUJIMOTO-SAN?” shouted another one “PLACE YOUR BET!!”

“FUJIMOTO-SAN!” replied several digimons at once. The majority hated Saiba´s so much that they were praying for the other guy´s victory.

Digitamamon noticed Leomon´s standing up and hurriedly approached him.

“You are leaving?!” the talking egg couldn´t believe it “Hopefully you are taking a dump, aren´t you?”

Leo shook his head. He was leaving for real.

“Well..before you leave, who do you think is going to be the winner?” Digitamamon and the others couldn´t wait to hear  the lion´s opinion, whoever is Leomon ´s pick  they would place THEIR bet on that name. Nobody in the whole continent knew better about fights than Lord Holy Angemon´s first man. Digitamamon though had a system of his own but of course he made sure nobody knew aboutit…

“I think that both of them SUCK” and his declaration left  both Gabumon and Digitamamon dumbfounded “And I mean it in a capital S” And after that he exited the room.

In a matter of minutes he was outside, ready to do what he knew the most: training.

Once he reached the  patio he was greeted by nothing but silence; a bit dejected, he looked around and realized that in fact there wasn´t any living soul in the training field. He was all by himself, without   rookies waiting to be toughen so he had no choice but to consecrate his time by self-training. Fortunately he didn´t mind the lack of trainees very much he certainly knew that  the newbies were already inside the castle following the Prix and they could learn a lot by watching the human battles anyways.

“The battles turned to be quite mediocre but hopefully they´ll learn  something useful” he mumbled before doing his first round of kicks in the air.

If he was the Leomon from the past, he wouldn´t had allowed the rookies taking a break from the training sessions. And he would had remained as the same, ruthless trainer that made everybody´s lives miserable had not Taichi and Zeromaru arrived to the castle.

“Yagami, you´ll be glad to hear that I am a  less of a jerk” he laughed after a while “Today I am not beating any slackers!”

His laughs echoed through the walls.

“But of course” he kept talking to himself ” I still need to be stronger”

No matter how  well he dominated his superior forms of Iceleomon and Regulumon, that wasn´t enough. When faced with Arukadhimon´s multiple forms, he never achieved anything but a successive chain of humiliating defeats. Not that Lord Holy Angmon fared much better but still…! The mere memory of the Saiba´s former monster was enough to fuel Leo´s frustrations and suddenly his fist collided with a nearby wall, tearing it completely.


Leo´s crankiness evaporated as soon as it appeared when he realized Nurse Angewomon´s presence, she was just walking by the other side when the separating wall suddenly turned into a mountain of dust frightening the female angel.

“Angewomon?!” asked  the lion”Are you OK?!

The angel nodded but she still struggled to breath normally; in fact, her face was pretty pale and Leo couldn´t help but utter a curse  blaming his own irresponsibility.

“Are you sure?” he wasn´t buying it and joined Angewomon´s side. “You don´t look that good”

The holy nurse tried to smile, instead she covered her mouth. Again she was being haunted by the mysterious sickness!

Oh no! her mind shouted , No! No! No!

“I´m fine…”

The following second, for Leo´s horror,  the nurse Angewomon was vomiting her heart and soul.

“You are not!” Leo couldn´t do anything else but hold her head while she was letting go of what´s left of her lunch “If you are that ill, why did you leave the hospital wing?!”

What he got from her was a solitary tear.

“Oh my!” he apologized in the act “I´m sorry, I didn´t mean to offend you miss!”

“I need to sit down, and some water please…”she asked “And it´s ok…you´re right…”

Leo picked the angel and diligently took her to a nearby bench, while she was resting he jumped to the other side of the fence, to the  fountains (Lord Angemon owned hundreds of fountains, by the way)  and using his enormous hands as a coup he collected some fresh, crystalline water. Once back to the other side, he made sure that Angewomon drank a good sip.

After several minutes, her face recovered some colors.

“Better?” asked him

“Yes, I am” finally the world stopped spinning. Slowly, she straightened up her back and stared at her friend “Thank you”

“You are welcome” replied him “What´s going on? You rarely leave your post”

Angewomon hesitated a bit.

“Did you and the Lord have an argument?” asked Leo, swiftly

“Oh no! We didn´t” her cheeks turned red “He´s so sweet! why should we…?” She interrupted herself, would it be okay to confide in him?

Leo seemed to perceive her reluctance and tried to ease her worries.

“I am aware of your relationship and I´m cool with it”

As expected, her face relaxed after hearing that.


“Heck, yeah!” Leo was one of the most sincere fellas from the world “The Lord ´s never been so happy  and seeing him like that makes me happy as well”

His words moved her heart, if only everybody else shared his perspective…!

“After everything we´d been through, us, digimons deserve to have a glimpse about true happiness. At least, that´s what I think “Leo patted her shoulder “Everybody  cheers up when the Lord smiles without thinking or when they hear him whistling a song while walking through the corridors. He rarely smiled and he certainly never whistled until you took care of him…for that, THANK YOU”

The nurse couldn´t keep her cool anymore and began to weep.

“Oh crap! I hope I didn´t offend you!” mumbled Leo, worried stiff about her.

“No, no. What you said is beautiful…” Angewomon finally felt courageous enough to confide about the recent events in the infirmary. Leo listened and his eyes and mouth opened wide.

“NO WAY!” he yelled “He asked your hand in MARRIAGE?!”

“Huh huh”

Unable to contain his excitement any longer, Leo jumped and started dancing a jig.


Now it was time for Angewomon to open wide her mouth. Did Leo know what that actually meant?!

“Leo…do you know what is marriage …?”

“OF COURSE I DO! This may be the Digiworld but it´s not like we are completely oblivious to human customs or something!” but he wasn´t irked at all, it was true that many digimons weren´t familiarized at all with the other world´s affair “And many of us LIKE that sort of traditions, just ask  Jijimon and Babamon!”

And he explained that marriage wasn´t that a foreign idea, the mentioned pair had been happily married for   centuries! Just because they rarely showed up in the main civilization didn´t mean that they aren´t the proof of a happy marriage in the digital world.

“SHOW IT TO ME! CAN I SEE IT?!” Leo was dying to see the angelic ring and not without some shyness, Angewomon showed it. Leo´s eyes became teary. That was the most beautiful thing he ever saw! “Madame, if you love him as much as he loves you…why didn´t you say yes ?! ”

He WOULD SO HAD DONE IT! Even for the lion´s standards, Lord Angemon was a hunk and he wouldn´t let him escape…Leo forced himself to stop fantasying…neither Angewomon nor the rest of the world needed to figure out the real reason why he insisted on training so much. No training from the entire world would suffice to burn all his contained passion…

“But Lord and I are humanoid types and lately I..heard things…” she told about the crescent faction of opponents, blaming Lord Angemon ´s inability of properly taking care of Neo Saiba and his evil army´s affair and letting the digiworld suffer the consequences. The group of unhappy subjects was growing each day…rumors suggested about a forming coalition ready to overthrow Lord Angemon from his throne one day or other!


She couldn´t help but laugh.


“Of course! “he hit his chest with pride ” You know sweetheart, this is the damned Digiworld. Perpetual peace is nothing but an utopia , sooner or later a group of idiots must shake things thus forcing the rest of us  improve ourselves so we can reclaim peace, once again. Dear Angewomon, you shouldn´t fear CONFLICTS. They are unavoidable teachers, so when a crisis should happen all we can do is face it with eyes opened up and with a sincere heart. As long as we have in mind the beautiful and ugly side of emotions then a miracle will  happen. Last time,a  miracle took the form of Taichi Yagami. When the next crisis is unleashed…who knows?”

Her fears suddenly didn´t feel so heavy. The more she considered Leo´s words, the more she could read the wisdom hidden behind them. The oppression in her chest lightened up and so her dizziness…she looked at the ring and after giving it a final look, she proceeded to put it on!

“Does that mean you are going to…?” Leo´s throat tightened with raw emotion.

“You are right, Leo. There´s no point in worrying so much about a possible, melodramatic future..I love him so much that I too cannot imagine a future without the Lord!”

A happy moment by Elizabeth2003

Leo didn´t refrain himself anymore and gave her a huge hug.

“What are we waiting for?! Let´s hurry and join him!!!”



One thought on “CHAPTER XIV

  1. prudencerika

    ok, that´s new. SO FASH how Ryo and RuKI RELATIONSHIP is going. Its diferent from the one of my memory. Are you making a remake ? I´m so confuse. I miss the cool relationship between Nova and Ruki from the last one, And is my imagination or Ryo is more forward person than before.


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