“…for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.”

Albert Einstein

In my explorations of timelessness I reveal that ordinary space is not merely full of other empty spaces, but empty space is actually the whole of all physical realities; all the universes of the many worlds theory. Profound as it may be, if the theories I propose are correct, space is full, rather than empty. Material things are less than the fullness of space. In fact, it may be that space must include all possibilities in order to seem empty to us. So in summary, the universe we see is just a fragment nested in a timeless (everything) whole, rather than a single material world magically arisen above some primordial nothing. All universes exist without beginning or end in the ultimate arena of time, and each moment we experience exists forever.

Gevin Giobran, “Everything Forever: Learning to see Timelessness”


 Reality 03.

The angels kept engaged in their duel and within each stroke of their weapons, a fracture began to show in the sky.

“Holy madness!” screamed Hirokazu extending his head out of the car´s window “Look at THAT!” and without thinking he took his cellphone and began to record the strange phenomenon

“CHAOS AT HYPNOS. CHAOS AT HYPNOS” kept repeating Guardromon “CHAOS! CHAOS!”

Tears run down Marine Angemon´s cheeks.

“Whatever is happening is tearing the whole sky and…CRAP!!!” Kenta  pushed his breaks and just in time otherwise the Mitsubishi would had directly crashed against another car which in turn had suddenly stopped marching. Kenta, quite annoyed, opened the door and yelled at the other driver: YOU BAKA! LEARN TO DRIVE…!!

But the other driver was too dumbfounded to  pay attention at either Kenta´s exclamations nor the boinks from the other cars. He couldn´t stop watching the sky.

“Good heavens” mumbled the man, terrified “Is that the so called Apocalypse?”

“It´s no use!” said Hirokazu ” There´s a huge line!”

By now all the cars were now stuck in the highway; the other drivers, too, couldn´t help but watching the terrifying event.



Saturn Angemon responded with another slash of his scythe.

“What´s…Nexus?” whispered Alice.

“A wonderful place in which you can watch the  endless flock of infinite universes” answered Saturn in a tender tone “From the endless of times, every angel of time, no matter if they belong to Order or Chaos, have sworn to keep absolutely secrecy about this holy place. But hey! Why should I keep honoring the oath when I could make up for everything I lost?”

“What are you talking about?”

Saturn Angemon chose not to reply.  Once the deal was done, they would have plenty of time to talk about it.

“I THOUGHT YOU WERE MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!” Tempus Angemon counterattacked faster than what the eye could follow, and Excalibur´s divine blade provoked a serious cut in one of his wings “YOU BROKE THE OATH!”

Saturn Angemon´s face momentarily showed a pained expression, not so much for the cut but as something close to…regret? That´s Alice´s impression but before she could put her thoughts into words, the winged kidnapper ´moved forth and back through the clouds and Justimon´s suddenly was kicked right on his spine!

“Ryo!!” shouted Nova, horrified.

The pain, immeasurable, made Justimon lose control of his powers and immediately de-digivolved back into both Ryo Akiyama and Cyberdramon. The pair immediately fell obstreperously from the sky.

“You either fight against me and thus prevent me from releasing CHRONOS” said Saturn , smoothly  “Or you save these imbeciles lives and witness a whole world´s destruction. YOUR CHOICE”


 Digiworld from Reality 04

Once  Steel Town was completely off his sight, Angemon finally  dared to look back.


All he could see was a golden light breaking through the sky like a pillar. It was a beautiful spectacle, yet his wings trembled. Instants later, it was joined by three more coming across from distant, yet familiar points.

He certainly knew that Ophanimon´s Will had just activated  the 3 Holy Castles´s System. Even at this distance, he could hear the angelical chants reverberating through all the Digiworld.


His heart sank.

“Milady..” he mumbled “Forced  to carry such horrendous task…” he squeezed his staff so hard that it nearly broke. Angemon forced himself to cool his rage because he NEEDED his golden weapon intact. Breaking it wouldn´t help improve things either.

He would gladly take the Queen´s place and suffer in her stead but he was forced to play the pawn´s role. Angemon touched his lips and sighed, he could still feel her warmth. But he also was completely aware that kiss was nothing but a ruse.

Go to the Tunnel of History, she said at that time, and let the Spirits guide you.

And he remembered her sneaking something beneath his wings during the kiss.

Now , right at the mentioned tunnel´s entrance Angemon finally dared to uncover what was passed to him: Twin digivices. His eyes opened wide at first but then he slowly assented.

“I understand” he ordered his staff to re-enter his hand and instead,he took the devices and held one in each hand.  “Digispirits of Light and Darkness, I trust you know what must be done…”

And Angemon entered the Tunnel.


 Digiworld Reality 01

As soon as he recovered some breath Mr Gennai   made it back to the closest of the several headquarters he had in the continent; an abandoned Underground station.

It wasn´t exactly a beauty but it was the closest thing he had as a shelter and he was almost 100% positive about neither Faust nor Lucemon knew about its existence.Gennai himself almost forgot completely about it and  was about to leave  when he suddenly remembered about the secret small doorway right under Azulongmon ´s now destroyed palace . So he went back into the ruins, dug the crystals until he finally found the little door laying beneath the ground. I looked pretty much like one of the crystal stones that served as the palace´s door save for the tiny marks that none of the other stones possessed in the center: the crests of Light and Hope.  Gennai sighed, relieved.

“And oh boy! It´s been literally ages since the last time I set a foot in that place” as  expected it was locked but Gennai  sumoned a magic key and opened the door. The key was a tiny replica of Clavis Angemon´s and was given to him long time ago …

There was nothing but an underground staircase. Making sure nobody would make the same discovery, as soon as he went through the door the ruins that had been covering the door were magically moved and sealed it again.

Gennai went downstairs, the underground staircase was quite large and almost lost track of time until he finally reached a second door. He unlocked it as well and found another set of stairs ;once sorted the stairs a large corridor was waiting for him. When he reached the other side, the lights automatically switched on and offered the visitor a heck of a view.


What he found was an exact replica of the Aldwych Station.


“The digidestined of Friendship may call me a shallow  man” he laughed while examining the entire platform ” But now I´m tempted to bless my shallowness!”

He remembered that, what it had been centuries ago in this world, decades in the other, about his team doing several trips to the Human world and visiting what they believed the most interesting places and thus replicating what they liked in the Digiworld. Paris, New York, Tokyo…several elements and customs from the human world ended being adopted by the digital beings and of course, the tubes (or metro) had to be included!

Gennai always wished to see a proper underground line connecting strategical points across the digiworld but when the Gods fell victim to the Dark Masters´s ruse, his underground plans had to be halted and never re-taken anymore ; even he forgot about the stations and after Malomyotismon´s defeat Gennai simply  had met with more interesting projects…He suddenly sneezed.

“ATCHOOS!” he sneezed several times “I can really tell there´s no one in this place, there´s enough dust to make the whole continent sneeze” while covering his nose he looked around and  until he found another door “If I am not mistaken, it will lead to a laboratory…just like Q’s gadget development laboratory”

And it happened like he said, much to Gennai´s delight.

“Welcome home James Bond” he smirked. Gennai  once watched Die another day  and loved the movie so much that he wanted to recreate the goddamned laboratory… he didn´t walk but a few steps  when his feet hit against something invisible.

“Oh! How could I forget about the car?!”  but then he stopped laughing. “I have no time to immerse myself into nostalgia ” but he had no time to play with his newly found gadgets ” I´m afraid that Tempus Angemon-sama and Nova-san  were right. Dammit!” He then stared at his key. “If it wasn´t for YOU I wouldn´t had made it alive from Ludwig-san´s attacks…”

Ludwig Faust and his Sorcerymon showed no restraint when they attacked the Gods. The German Digidestined made it pretty clear that he wasn`t going to show any sign of compassion towards anybody if they dare to interfere in his business. Gennai only tried to speak out when the latter, visibly annoyed,  launched a huge beam against Gennai. Gennai could still remember the pain, his codes dispersing…when suddenly the Key manifested in his hand and shielded him. Almost immediately the building began to collapse and Ludwig , with the Gods in his hands, had no choice but to leave…

“Thank you” he said “And now, it´s time to get into business”

The systems were restarted and as soon as the connection to the net was established, Gennai attempted to communicate with his people.

“Ilya,  José, Benjamin! ” he called several times but got no answers ” Jackie! Hogan! Can you hear me?!” again, he received nothing but static. “ANYBODY?!”

His counterparts usually surfed through the worlds ´s systems and when no matter how busy they were, when the boss makes the call they would reply ASAP. He almost burned the keyboard due to the speed his fingers , typing almost non-stop , frantically checking every single detail.

And then, the screen showed the Chrysalimons.


“NO!!!” yelled Gennai “FUCK IT!”

His fingers frantically moved across the keyboards, looking for answers. His duplicates should had been able to defeat those nasty things, after the Diaboromon incidents Gennai and the others supposedly upgraded their codes in order to erase this sort of threats without dropping a sweat. And to spare the digidestineds of more responsibilities than they already owned…

“In the end, as always, we have no choice but to rely on the Digidestineds…”

As if answering to his words, the Key shone once more and suddenly the screens began to show what was happening in several realities at the same time. Gennai´s face turned livid.

Dominimon attacking the people he supposedly loved the most, Ophanimon from reality 04 doing the same…shattered mirrors Lucemon confronting a silver haired girl…a Seraphimon tied to a huge, crystal made organ…Saturn Angemon going on a hand to hand against Tempus Angemon…Mirei Mikagura and Mastemon unleashing their own attacks…

HOLY DIGIMENTALS!” he never felt with such urge of throwing up “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!”


“Only few minutes left ” announced Keruta “Until the Event of the Year…or maybe of the  Millennium?”

He received no answer from either Sora nor Ludwig. Sora was too horrified to say anything and Ludwig hated being interrupted while at a craft process; the Chosen of Love hugged herself, watching so many events taking place simultaneously  nearly broke her mind. She couldn´t decide in which mirror  to focus her eyes without feeling nauseated, no matter where she looked, all she could see was the foresight of an imminent disaster.

“Where is that lunatic heading?” Sora finally gathered enough courage to ask. She still wasn´t sure what scared her the most, the little angel known as Lucemon or the deranged, blonde and masked teenager called Keruta. Despite his handsomeness, his cool clothes and the futuristic glasses something in that person made her bones shiver… Keruta was WAY creepier than Ken Ichijiuji in his Kaiser´s days. And Ken was a reverenced asshole that enjoyed torturing digimons!

“Look at the ninth mirror” the masked teen pointed at a golden framed mirror, floating at Sora´s right side. The girl immediately noticed its resemblance to Magna Angemon´s Gate of Destiny “Master is about to join a tea party…”

And the mirror showed what the reader knows by now as reality 09. A Babel type castle, an immense English garden at the top of it… and a silver haired girl dancing the waltz with Magna Angemon?!  The Holy Angel of Justice…dancing?! Even in the midst of a living nightmare, Sora thought it was one of the most bizarre scenes she ever witnessed.

Keruta seemed to think the same because he added:

“Awww, ain´t that cute or what?” and he opened his mouth, as if he suddenly realized something “OK. THIS IS SOMETHING HE MUST WATCH” and lifted his left hand.

Sora ´s eyes and mouth opened like plates. Was Keruta wielding the same digivice as the digidestineds from the UK?! AND WHY?! Ok, the British wore silver devices while Keruta´s golden yet the design was practically the same….

Steve, she put a hand over her chest, now I get why you´ve been acting so weird during the video-chat. Is THIS fellow the true reason why you skipped Mimi´s Wedding?

That would SO explain many things!  Despite being aware that the Brits had their own way of handling digidestined business, the nippon group always had a vague impression that their British comrades were WAY too different from the digidestineds from the rest of the world besides their digivices´s unique design (which they never allowed Izzy to analyze); constantly talking about digital adventures that nobody else recalled having happened in the first place and their random vanishing acts! There were times Tk and the others would invite the Brits to join them on an event but after a while, they would disappear making everybody else worried stiff about them…only to reappear in random places! How many times have Tai and Matt complained only to receive an acquiescent attitude  instead of an apology from their part? No wonder the groups barely stood each other!  Until that day, even Sora thought they were nothing but  pompous jerks that believed they were above the rest of the world…and one of the reasons why she never took Steve´s amorous advances too seriously. But now, her preconceptions could easily change…

Ludwig finally turned back his head.

Keine Chance!”  the German digidestined shook his head in disbelief” Fuggedaboutit! After all the treatment he had to endure, you want to keep TORTURING HIM ?! ”

“What do you mean?” Sora wasn´t following  the lines at all “And who´s him?”

As a magician ready to pull a rabbit from his hat, Keruta merrily pressed one of his digivice´s buttons and the device made its trick. Both the ceiling and the ground shone at the same time and the following moment, emerged  a cage of light beams. A young, blonde boy who couldn´t  be more than 14 years old was being held captive in the cage.

“Hey Takenouchi!” Keruta pulled Sora by the hand and made her stand in front of the holy cage  “Let me introduce you to one of my recent prizes…a so called legend from reality 09, the  Black Winged Knight The teen, despite his captivity,  dedicated a glare filled with hatred to  Keruta Akimareta   which only amused the evil teenager even more. “Kahara Shō, let me introduce you to a legendary digidestined from this current timeline, the Chosen of Love, Takenouchi Sora”

The Chosen of Love meets the Black Winged Knight by Elizabeth2003


Digiworld Reality 05.

“You are NEVER pulling again that STUNT!” and the sound of a slap went across the Digiworld´s sky “GOT IT!!!”

And that´s how Darcmon greeted her partner in crime when she reached him at the Tree.

“Oh, so you remembered how to use your wings” replied the other guy , rubbing his chin “Neah, you are nowhere close to Ophanimon´s mighty slaps. Even a humble Patamon can do better than that”

If he wanted to fuel the female angel ´s rage  then he succeeded; Darcmon´s  eyes flared so much that she could start a bush fire in a moment or other. Of course, he received another slap.


“I AM YOUR SUPERIOR, REMEMBER?” she warned ” If you insist on disrespecting me I will have no choice but to assume that you are planning to ignore the DEAL. Aren´t you?!”

Instead of replying her partner summoned a golden light and let his body be showered by it, from head to toes. For a second it looked like he was going to digivolve but there was no chanting announcing the next level. When the light vanished, Tempus Angemon was replaced by the angel´s true identity: Cherubimon!


“OF COURSE I´M AWARE OF THE DEAL” replied the angelic rabbit “And as an Ultimate Virtue I am going to HONOR the oath given, no matter what….” he gave another stare at the gigantic holy tree before raising his arms.

“Are you going to talk or actually do something?”  Darcmon crossed hers, annoyed.

Cherubimon chose to ignore the annoying female angel, he needed to concentrate. He couldn´t randomly destroy the tree and call it a day; what Lucemon wanted was INSIDE the tree. While he was at it a Gate of Destiny suddenly showed up right behind them.

“Oh crap!” said  Darcmon “NOT THEM!”


Masaru and Co´s  arrived just in time to witness  a gigantic thundercloud being summoned  by the beast and much to their dismay  it launched innumerable thunderbolts on the tree, opening a huge gap on its base.

“YOU ASSHOLES!!” Masaru-Agunimon and RizeGreymon wasted no time and simultaneously jumped at Cherubimon and punched his face. Cherubimon didn´t expect the attacks and surprised, he lost his balance and nearly fell.

“YOU?!” shouted Darcmon “Weren´t you ready to kill each other?!” and she barely managed to avoid in time Baihumon´s claws.

“I am going by one of sis´s  phrases”  smiled Logan Montgomery  on the top of the feisty beast  “Oh dear! It´s just a fakey!

Darcmon frowned,not really understanding the mock but Elizabeth who was being princess carried by Lobomon  could barely contain her indignation.


“OOOOOKKKK”  Logan rolled his eyes “I am not borrowing anything else from your vocabulary, ok?”


“But you ought to check your vocabulary” added Logan “The word fakey isn´t listed in the  Dictionary, as far as I know…”


“Ah…I was wondering when you were going to say it ” smiled Lobomon ” You cannot call it a day without the Montgomery siblings ´s daily brawls..”

“Don´t push it, Lobomon” warned the girl but then her hand pointed at Darcmon” Hey! the bitch´s trying to escape!”

“Not in my watch!” and Steve, now as Magna Angemon, pulled Darcmon by the hat´s band and prevented her from going inside.

“RELEASE ME RIGHT NOW!” demanded her, struggling to free herself from the annoying ultimate angel.

“Hum…ever rode a carousel?” asked Magna Angemon “HAVE A FUN RIDE!”

And still holding Darcmon by the band  Magna Angemon ´s body started to roll,  pirouetting  non-stop causing her to unwittingly rotate with him.

“NOOOOO!!!!!” the foe screamed , Magna Angemon´s velocity was monstrous and she feared she would puke in a moment or other “STOP IT! STOP IT!!!”

“AS YOU WISH!” and Magna Angemon released his victim. “BON VOYAGE!” Darcmon ended flying a mile or two without control before crashing on the top of a nearby mountain.

“ROOKIES” declared Cherubimon and without losing his cool, he turned around and summoned a bigger attack “FINAL JUDGEMENT!”

And  the thunderclouds suddenly increased its size, growing much bigger than the first time. Proportionally, the range and density of the thunderbolts also increased considerably…and so did the velocity because it happened so fast that neither the digidestineds nor their digimons dodged it in time. The instant they were touched by Cherubimon´s holy attack, the group ended suffering the same treatment as Darcmon: flying in the air and crashing heavily on the mountains.

“I am one of the Celestial” declared Cherubimon and he launched another attack “You mere humans should not underestimate a holy Angel” he wasn´t willing to give any of them time to recover “THOUSAND SPEARS!”

“Oh crap” mumbled Magna Angemon “This is SO going to hurt”

“Damn! Lizzie!!” Lobomon barely managed to save his partner´s life by allowing his body to receive the full impact of the crash, yet she still passed out. He knew that he wouldn´t be able to dodge Cherubimon´s newest attack so he hugged Elizabeth tightly and covered her body with his to spare her from anymore harm.

“GOLD STRENGTH !” Baihumon launched his famous wave , intending it to use it as a shield but the recent fall took its toll and even its godly powers weren´t enough to annul Cherubimon´s attack and even the holy beast ended succumbing  to the shower of lightning spears.

When the spears finally vanished, Cherubimon sighed. Digidestineds and digimons were laying unconscious on the mountains, the one who pretended to be an angel was back to his human self and so did the one who tried to pass as Agunimon. The other digimons were back to their rookie forms.

“I´m sorry for the brashness ” said Cherubimon in the end “But it´s not like I have a choice

Bitterly satisfied, the angel took off and entered to the holy tree.

“Yggdrasil” he mumbled “You are NEXT”


 Digiworld from Reality 09.

Norun   kept staring at the golden key for a good while.  Neither Magna Angemon nor Pixiemon dared to speak, allowing the Goddess to lose herself in deep thoughts;  they didn´t know what to say anyways, they were pretty thunderstruck about her revelations and hey! their heads were spiraling…

The Goddess sighed once more and suddenly turned around. Her companions wondered what was going on, she suddenly seemed pissed!

“Are you ok, Norun-sama?” asked Pixiemon timidly.


Magna Angemon and Pixiemon exchanged an astonished glare.


“Absolutely not!” Norun ´s precious hands suddenly hit the table and the impact of the hit was so strong that some of the dishes ended being knocked off the table! “WHY SHOULD I BE THE ONE BEARING WITH ALL THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE DIGIWORLD WHILE HE´S STILL OUT THERE, HAVING ALL THE FUN?!”

And in a fit of frustration, Norun grabbed the teapot and smashed it against the wall!

“Norun-sama…?” Pixiemon opted to hide behind Magna Angemon´s wings.What was wrong with the Goddess?!

Magna Angemon gasped. Norun´s behavior was way too weird ! She wasn´t acting as  herself..what the hell just happened?

“ARGH!” the Goddess grabbed a cup and the poor thing suffered the teapot´s fate, but that didn´t help to alleviate Norun´s frustration. “I THOUGHT I WAS FINE BY MYSELF BUT I CAN´T STAND IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!

She was about to pull the mantle and throw everything  but Magna Angemon decided that enough was enough and caught her hands.

“Norun-sama! Get a grip on yourself!”


“Please, speak up ” begged Magna Angemon “Why did you suddenly become so distressed?”

Norun ´s eyes were sparkling with so much anger that another glare could easily start a bush fire! The angel , not a newbie when it´s about anger issues, realized that Norun had been keeping a grudge for a long  time…probably way before the NEO´s war. What else had she been keeping from her people?

“This key!” she panted “It brought memories I thought…grr! ” She made an effort to cool her head off “Magna, you can release me now”

“Really?” asked the angel, skeptic.

“Yes” Magna Angemon doubted a bit but let her go anyways “Thank you”

Norun finally seemed more like herself , her face regained her usual sweetness and any trace of the Goddess of Vengeance seemed to be a temporary illusion. She rearranged her dress and  hairstyle (which was a bit messed up after her sudden outburst) and then took a deep breath.

“Care to explain what´s so wrong with you?” the angel crossed his arms. Sometimes he forgot that the Goddess was still a child and she still had a long road to go before claiming back her full status as Yggdrasil.

Norun bit her lips. She was horrified about her behavior, she never thought she could lose it like that…ever! As a Goddess she  was supposed to be above pettiness yet she found herself throwing a tantrum!

“About what had just happened, I´m deeply sorry. I´ll make sure never to behave like that again”

Magna Angemon didn´t want to listen to that.

“I respectfully suggest  not making a promise you aren´t sure to be able to fulfill…”

“Fair” conceded the girl “And since there´s someone I am dying to see, I may end throwing more tantrums in a near future…” she searched through her pockets until she found it. Magna ANgemon and Pixiemon ´s eyes opened like plates when Norun put on the angel´s hand a photograph. Two kids, a little boy and a girl dressed in frilly clothes, were posing for the camera.

“The little girl is you…right, Norun-sama?” asked Pixiemon

“Yes” it was around the time Norun met  Tsurugi and Sho

“Who´s the boy?” Magna ANgemon frowned, he shared Norun´s silver hair and eyes but his skin was way darker than hers. He was also a bit taller and his smile wasn´t as angelical as Norun´s. Just a glance and the angel concluded he looked like  a brat!

“Remember when I said that Yggdrasil chose to separate its conscience from its original body?” she didn´t wait for thei response “Well. Yggdrasil actually split its conscience into TWO human beings”


Norun smirked.

“Had he came back with me , Barbamon wouldn´t had been able to trap me down and mess with my former body…but tell that to my oniichan! ” and she clenched her first “I can´t rule this world all by myself” and she took Magna Angemon´s hands “It´s been  already hard enough for me to say good-bye to my beloved Sho…” she grumbled “Enough is enough  my dear friends.  I am entrusting both of you with a new mission: GO TO THE HUMAN WORLD AND GET HIM BACK TO THIS WORLD. IT´S TIME FOR THAT SLACKER TO RESUME  HIS BLOODY RESPONSIBILITIES AS YGGDRASIL´S OTHER HALF”

Magna Angemon and Pixiemon couldn´t do anything else but nod…


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