Reality 02.

“Just wait…The real Battle´s still to come… ”

Neo Saiba´s words tingled Tai´s ears for the next hours. The google boy could barely keep still on his spot, all what he wanted was to be on the damned stage and join his friends on battle.


“Being a spectator sucks!” he whined for the umpteenth time “Why can´t those dimwit dweebs accept my Zero?! Why?!”

“I agree with you Tai” said Rei Saiba whose chair was resting next to Tai “They don´t have the slightest idea of what they are missing”

“They don´t, right?! ”

“ABSOLUTELY” she smiled at Tai “Zero would had offered a heck of a spectacle, save for Neo and our friends, the battles had been boring as hell!”


Her words boosted Tai´s ego up to the ninth cloud. It was refreshing that his former enemy´s sister shared the same opinion, and he knew she spoke with sincerity since he saw her yawning during most of the battles. Hey! Once you´ve been to the real Digiworld a Grand Prix sort of fell flat, right?


“Why can´t we be more like the Yugioh! series and project our digimon´s battles in 3D, at least? That would make things a tad more interesting!”


“No thank you, I already have to deal with my own version of Seto Kaiba”



Rei  made a gesture with her fingers asking Tai to lean over. Tai obliged and as soon as Rei whispered at his ear: “Sometimes I don´t know who´d win the Trophy as the most cantankerous and irritable guy, up to now it´s a tie between Neo and Seto”, Tai bursted in an hysterical laugh.

“Your brother, of course!” he replied with all sincerity “Nobody beats  Neo´s monumental ego”

“OH YEAH?!” a yell came from the stage “PLEASE, ENLIGHTEN US!”

Tai and Rei looked at the stage and almost lost it when Neo, who was about to compete against Hideto in the final, with his arms crossed, gave a frightful stare at them. Tai´s subtlety certainly did not pass unnoticed and nobody needed to be a psychic to notice the  deathly aura emanating from his body.


“Well..we were just joking!” said Taichi, a bit nervous

“It´s not like we were really comparing you to an anime character…” added Rei in a tone as soft as melting butter “But…”


“Taichi and I believe you´d make a heck of a Yugioh! villain!”


Hideto and the rest of the concurrence exploded in a candid, spontaneous laugh.


“THAT´S SO TRUE!!!” laughed Marie, the pony-tailed former villain “SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE HIM A DECK!”

“I can give him my cards “added Sigma “I own at least 5 mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragons!”


The other finalist had no choice but to cover his mouth otherwise he would not be able to stop. Neo´s face turned red. Even now he hated being teased, especially in front of the public and much for his annoyance even the judges were laughing their asses off!


“Hey! You really should had joined the Yugi cast instead of messing up with the digimons” said Tai nonchalantly “What do think, Neo?”




The other finalist was none other than Hideto  and showing a true  sportsmanlike spirit, he joined Neo and offered his hand.


“Ok, I hope we´ll have a fair, fantastic battle…”he began to say, Neo chose to ignore the bunch of idiots and shook Hideto´s hand.

“Of course, Hideto.  I promise that I will hold up a bit so you won´t look so bad”

Hideto half-smiled, Neo was still a pompous jerk.

“Well, I am not sure if you´ll be able to do such thing” and after shaking hands, Hideto turned to the public and his eyes met Rei´s.


“Hiya Rei! ” he exclaimed

“Hiya Hideto! ”

“Your brother and I are about to engage in the final battle” and he made a little pause “If I happen to win the Prix WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?!”

“OOOOHHHH!!!!” said the public, impressed.

Rei at first blushed but then,  without hesitation, replied:


Neo´s face froze for a second. It was a dream, right? He pinched his hand and the scenery was still the same. He clenched his fists and his eyes shone like never before, ready to summon a hurricane.


Neo Saiba turned to be a real siscon.



 Reality 03


Nova wasted no time and grabbed Ryo´s arm.

“Akiyama, we need to go. Now!”


Ruki Makino and Renamon opened wide their mouths, who the heck were those people?!

A digital angel that they never heard about and a blonde woman couldn´t have chosen the best moment to interrupt their date, could they?!


“Wait, Nova” said Ryo  “Something´s came and..”


Ryo´s slowness exasperated the blonde.


“Are you waiting for the bus or what?!” impatient, she made a signal at Tempus angemon. The angel immediately assented and for Ruki and her digimon´s astonishment, his left arm picked up Akiyama and proceeded to carry him like a sack of potatoes!


“Cyberdramon, move your damned ass! We are heading to HYPNOS!”

“Yes boss!” replied the dark dragon and sprinted to the skies.

“OK! I GET IT!” yelled Ryo , embarrassed from head to toe “Ruki-chan , sorry I need to go!”


Miss Makino paid no attention to his words, she was too astonished to emit any sound. But when Tempus extended his other hand and Nova was about to join her winged comrade, Ruki ´s body moved by its own and blocked the way.


“Nobody goes anywhere until I hear an explanation!” declared.


Nova rolled her eyes.


“I have no time to deal with a hindrance!” and with a move of her right arm, Rika suddenly found herself floating 2 meters above the lake !


“What the…! LET ME GO!!!” screamed the tamer, struggling in the air.

“Ruki !!” shouted Renamon and rushed to her aid her tamer but Nova´s digivice shone at that moment and suddenly Renamon was stuck on the ground, unable to move even an inch!


“YOU BITCH!” yelled the tamer”YOU ARE SO GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!!!!”


“No worries ” said Nova “The technique will wash off in less than a minute”  and  without offering anymore explanations, she joined Tempus and they quickly took off.




The air grew fantastically hostile at Hypnos, after Tally knocked down several guards she immediately grabbed Mrs Hagiwara by the arm and was ready to break it, if necessary.


“Tally Onoreda!!!”  Yamaki was as surprised as annoyed “Leave her alone!”


“NO ” Tally kept twisting the black-haired woman´s wrist “Mrs Hagiwara, you´d better confess before I break your bones..”

“You are crazy!” shouted the woman ” Mitsuo, please do something!! It hurts!”

“Onoreda! I order you to release her!!”


Tally increased the pressure.


“ARGHHH!!! PLEASE STOP!” begged Hagiwara, with tears on her eyes.

Tally didn´t bat an eye and kept going on. She knew the truth and didn´t mind looking temporarily  as a villain if that meant making her idiotic boss seeing finally the light. Hagiwara was no damsel in distress! She looked at Shibumi and the old man smiled.

He released himself from Yamaki´s hands and stood straight. He decided it was  time to stop playing Poker and exposed the last card.

” I , indeed, hacked into your system” admitted the Monster Maker  facing his former boss “And guess what?  CHRONOS is not the wonderful software  that the beautiful mrs Hagiwara made you believe…you´ve been fooled and I can prove it”


His words hit Yamaki like a ton of bricks.



Shibumi put a hand over Yamaki´s shoulder, like a father trying to slap some sense into his asshole teenager son.

“I am sorry to be the one  to break your bubble” Shibumi ´s tone was so firm that Yamaki ´s stubbornness  began to waver ” But I ´m afraid you are about to make the WORST MISTAKE of your life…and it´s not cheating your dear wife with that skunk” and Shibumi elevated his right arm and exposed his strange bracelet. Hagiwara´s face turned pale at its sight  and almost lost it when Shibumi stood in front of her and pointed the bracelet right at her face.


“NOOO!!!!!!” screamed Mrs Hagiwara “STOP ITTTTTTT!!!!!!!”

And for everybody´s astonishment, the bracelet began to emit a silver light….




The light shone with such intensity  that overwhelmed the entire place. Save for Yamaki , Shibumi and Tally who were wearing glasses (Yamaki was a wearing sunglasses while the other two were using specially designed glasses) the rest of the office turned temporarily blind.

“NO! NO! NO!” Hagiwara kept screaming like a possessed, unable to resist the digivice´s power “NOOOOO!!!!!!!”

“SHOW YOUR TRUE SELF!” ordered Shibumi “NOW!”

“DAMN YOU!!!!” shouted the woman in the end “ALRIGHT! !!!!”


And for Yamaki´s astonishment, mrs Layla Hagiwara´s body began to sweat and tremble violently. His eyes opened wide when he saw digital codes emerging from her pores and his jaw almost fell to the floor when Hagiwara ´s form was replaced by something else.





“What…Who…?!” Yamaki ´s face aged 10 years in a sudden. Layla Hagiwara was no more! Another woman was standing instead of her assistant and her sight was nothing but terrifying!

“I KNEW IT!” yelled Tally “Who are you?!”

“Sure thing” replied the other woman and abruptly released herself from tally´s hands and before Tally could react, she delivered a powerful kick at her stomach. Tally never felt such pain in her life.”Let me formally introduce myself, my name is LILITHMON!”



 Reality 05


The so called Nova Takariyama and her Tempus Angemon left the digidestineds fighting against each other and went ahead to their true objective.


“Come on, damned thing!!” the blonde cursed while manipulating the bracelet´s buttons “Show us the way to the damned place!”


The digivice shone but much for her annoyance,its system was running pretty low.


“Fucked thing! Stop acting like a shitty piece of trash!!!”and annoyed, she gave several hits at the device “Show it!!!!”


“I guess it´s a given that digivice doesn´t belong to you, miss” spoke her companion.


“OH! SHUT UP!!!!” replied the woman in a very bad mood ” It´s supposed to be reprogrammed to obey my orders!”


“Are you really sure that fellow adjusted the bracelet to your codes, milady?” the angel´s tone was devoid of sarcasm ” Or are your codes so unstable that no digivice will work for you?”


She ended slapping his holy face.


“I wish I was assisting any of the other angels”  the blonde declared “instead I was ordered to bring  the stinky one”


The other,instead of feeling insulted, laughed.


“Ma´am, you literally took the words from my mouth…”


Meanwhile, not too far , Gaomon and Lalamon  were following the loving couple. Gaomon was carrying Lalamon on his back due to her not being, in her rookie for, a very fast runner.


“Where do you think they are going?” asked Lalmon.

“If my memory´s not bad, she mentioned Yggdrasil” replied Gaomon running as fast as he could in order not to lose the pair “They must be seeking King Drasil´s place”

“But it doesn´t exist anymore, right?” added the flowery digimon, pretty confused.


Gaomon shook his head. She was right, King Drasil´s palace didn´t exist anymore. But when the digiworld was restored, that only could mean that Yggdrasil was sleeping somewhere else. Where? Nobody knew.


“DIGIVICE, SCAN THIS GODDAMNED DIGIWORLD AND REVEAL YGDRASSIL´S CURRENT WHEREABOUTS!” yelled Nova once again. The device finally emitted a saber light and pointed at a direction. The light´s path ended at a mountain chain, completely surrounded by a bank of clouds; the light immediately dissolved the clouds and exposed what they were hiding for so long…a gigantic, multicolored tree. Nova and Tempus opened their mouths wide, it was one of the most beautiful things they ever saw in their lives.



“OHHHHH!” said the angel, sincerely admired ” WONDERFUL!”

” Oh yeah” added the woman “It´s such a pity that will be desecrated by your filthy hands…!”


Her spiteful words finally offended him.


“DON´T. PUSH. IT” warned the other  in a low , soft voice “You know pretty well who I am under this form and what I´m capable of…”

“Sure!” she shrugged her arms, again ” Compared to the OTHER TWO, your  will always be a below standard angel…” added with sincere malevolence.

“That´s it! I´m sick of you!” shouted the male angel and shook the girl off his back .


Gaomon and Lalamon watched in horror how the angel had just dropped his partner to her death!


“HELP! HELP!” She was falling like a rock , screaming and waving desperately her arms and legs.


The being known as Tempus ignored her pleas and kept flying. He never looked back.


“YOU BASTARD!” yelled Gaomon, irked to the very core of his heart “SHE´S YOUR PARTNER!!” Gaomon hurried his feet, whoever was that person, he would give his best shot to catch her ! Friend or enemy, nobody deserved to be treated that way! Unfortunately, in his rookie form, Gaomon wasn´t as fast as his superior forms. He had his limits and despite trying his best, he was still far from reaching the woman. She kept falling and falling, crying inconsolably  filling Gaomon and Lalamon´s hearts with desperation.

A couple of seconds more and her body would crash onto the ground.


“OH NO!” Gaomon was about to burst in tears “NO! NO! NO!”

Lalamon closed her eyes, her poor heart couldn´t bear such tragedy. She never wished so much to be able to digivolve into Sunflowmon or Rosemon without a digivice´s intervention. Why couldn´t they be like the other digimons who already learned to digivolve by themselves?!


“AND NOOOOOOO!!!!” and when she was about to hit the ground her fall was suddenly halted.  Gaomon ´s eyes opened wide like plates when he watched how the soon-to-be victim suddenly began to levitate! And to his astonishment, she began to laugh “AS IF!!!!”




And the girl elevated her arms and summoned a yellowish light and made it shower all over her body; the digimons watched in horror how a pair of wings emerged from her back and they surrounded her body. The following instant, Nova Takariyama was no more and was heard yelling, triumphal:



And completely oblivious to Gaomon and Lalamon´s presence the female angel  resumed her way, ready to give the other angel a piece of mind. He dared to throw her away like a garbage! She would never forgive that jerk…

The digimons watched her leave and Gaomon couldn´t help but trip. Both him and his friend fell obstreperously to the ground, hitting their noses ; but they didn´t care, their hearts were still beating furiously. They almost died of fright, thankfully no murder took place but…!



“We knew she wasn´t a human but still my heart nearly froze!” cried Lalamon “Who the hell are these people?!”


“THEY ARE LUCEMON´S MINIONS” said a female voice and Gaomon and Lalamon slowly turned their heads, the human known as Elizabeth was standing right behind their backs! And she wasn´t alone, Masaru and the other people and their digimons were by her side! And hell! All of them were smiling like idiots!


“WHAT..WHEN…?!” Lalamon almost fainted, her sweet heart could not bear anymore surprises at the moment.


“Poor thing!” Elizabeth picked Lalamon from the ground “Are you ok?”


“WHAT´S GOING ON MASARU-SAN?!” demanded to know Gaomon with his cheeks still burning and his heart´s beats weren´t slowing at all! “WEREN´T YOU FIGHTING TO DEATH?!”


Masaru knelt and offering an apologetic expression, petted Gaomon´s head.


“In order to fool the enemy, first  you must trick your friends” he said “I´ll explain you later..we must move ASAP!”


Steve, who was still Piddomon , turned into Magna Angemon.


“I´ll take care of that, now that we know WHERE THEY ARE HEADING” and summoned Excalibur “GATE OF DESTINY….!”






Reality 12.



Two hours   passed since taking off from the Haneda Airport  and Johann Sebastian Bach´s cello already took over the entire plane.


“Miyako” said the pilot after a while “Do you really need to do that?”

“Of course!” replied the cellist

“And is it going to be like that DURING the ENTIRE trip?”

“Probably yes”


gulfstream-cessna-embraer_85720Tia Yagami muttered a little curse. Would the Digidestined of Courage be able to endure 11 hours listening to a damned cello? She looked at her co-pilot and Agumon ´s eyes showed the same expression: desperation. Tia sighed once more, she would need to drink gallons of coffee so she wouldn´t fall in a comatose state while flying the Cessna.

She was proud of her plane but at that moment she wished it was as big as a Jumbo…


“Do you really need to rehearse THAT MUCH?!” Agumon felt like crying “But you are already good!!”

“Tell that to  Berlin “miyako

“Tia! do something!” begged the orange dragon to his digidestined.


Miyako Ishida hid a smile while playing the Sarabande part.


“Neah, guys” said Gabumon relaxing on his seat , while texting on his I-Phone “She´s just BSing you” Gabumon knew his human was well as his furry coat.  Of course she wouldn´t rehearse that much!

“Really?!” exclaimed both Tia and agumon at the same time

“I never rehearse more than 4 hours in a row” admitted the dark blonde “Even Mstislav Rostropóvich wouldn´t force his hands that much ”  and her eyes shone, jokey “But Tia, even at your 27s, you are still  soooo gullible.




Miyako replied by playing the Menuet at high-speed, driving both Tia and Agumon ´s ears insane!


“C´mon!” shouted Tia “Quit it!”

“If David Garrett can play the Flight of the Bumblee like Flash, then I can pretty much speed up Bach!  I am seriously considering playing THIS in my concert”

“I  pity the Germans´s ears ” said Tia “And by the way, it´s amazing how your hubby ´s been able to endure your insanity for all these years”

“I could say the same about your wifey!” and Miyako finally stopped playing “Now , while I am fully grateful for helping me to arrive to Berlin in time, I cannot help but feel a bit suspicious…”


Agumon and Gabumon exchanged a mischief look.

“So do we!”

tia-miyako copy

Tia ´s cheeks blushed with indignation.


“Hey!! I am sincerely being a good Samaritan. Miyako´s flight was delayed and of course I had to help her!”

“True” Miyako Ishida played a some random notes on her cello” But I bet a million yens that you would have offered ME the ride anyways so you could check on the German beauties…”

“OF COURSE!!” said the digimons in chorus and Tia Yagami´s cheeks blushed even more.

“Oh, SHUT UP!”

Tia chose to focus her attention in the clouds but deep inside her heart she cursed Miyako´s sharp observation skills. But she only intended  to eye-candy the European delicacies!  Her bachelorette days were gone but that doesn´t mean that time to time she wouldn´t be in an awe when she catches a glimpse of a beautiful girl on the streets…


“You are keeping my wife  updated with my latest movements, right?” she glared at Agumon.

“Oh no!” he swore with a hand on his hand “I am YOUR DIGIMON, not hers”

“But I do!” Gabumon raised his arm


Tia sighed again.


“And that´s what I get after falling for a priestess!” and she suddenly began to laugh “Well, Gabu, text her the following : I PROMISE THAT I WILL BE GOOD. WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO BRING FROM GERMANY?”

Gabumon did as asked and soon the phone came up with a reply.

“She said: Whatever you want but don´t forget the Moser Roth. And if you by chance land in Austria, a full box of Salsburger Mozartkugeln is a MUST” the I-phone ranged again, with another message “Miss you already”

“Awwwwww” said the trio “Tia , you are so lucky…!”


Tia smiled. She too was missing her beloved so much that it hurt!


“Gabu, write  that I can´t wait to be back home”


Miyako put aside her  cello, because her own phone´s ringtone was ringing.


“Your hubby?” asked Gabumon

“Yep!” and Miyako showed her phone, Sora Takenouchi had just sent her a selfie, he was in Spain at the moment, posing with another motorbike racer moments prior to his race. The photo was attached to the following message : WISH ME LUCK!

“Sure darling” she texted back “Go ahead and DESTROY THEM”


But as soon as the text was sent, the I-phone´s screen went blank.


“Damned thing!” protested the cellist, pressing several buttons but the screen didn´t change “And it´s brand new!”


“SHIT!” Gabumon yelled “My phone  too!!”


Tia was about to say a joke about shitty cellphones but a peek at a the DG  left her speechless. She then checked on the attitude, heading and turn indicators and her face paled.  And the ADF …every single instrument had suddenly turned crazy!


“HOLY CRAP!!!” shouted Tia “WHAT´S THIS?!”






When the priestess put her feet at the exterior, she was greeted by a gentle wind. Sakuyamon smiled and , for a minute or two, let the wind play with her long, silver hair. This was no ordinary Sakuyamon, she was the holiest of all of them: the Kabuki.


“May the gods bless you, holy priestess” a couple of Renamons knelt at her presence.

“May the Gods bless you as well, my dears”

” You´ve been at the Haiden all the morning” pointed one of the foxed “Is everything alright?”


Sakuyamon ´s smile weakened a bit but nodded anyways.


“Yes” and looked at her surroundings “By chance, did you see Tia?”


“She left a couple of hours ago” replied one of the foxes “She´s flying a friend to a place called Berlin. Because you were locked in the oratory room, mrs Yagami dared not to interrupt your prayers”


“Oh, Miyako” her face relaxed and rose one of her hands, her magic immediately materialized an I-Phone. And yo the Renamons´s little surprise, began texting. The first times she got no reply from Tia´s phone , so she must be already in the air. So she dialed Miyako´s.


Is Tia behaving well?, she texted.

Pretty much, was Miyako´s reply.

Already keeping an eye on her while in Berlin, Gabumon texted as well.


Sakuyamon began to laugh.


“Oh dear! ” she said “I am not THAT jealous” and sent another text.


Gabumon, thanks for your kindness but I 100% trust in Tia´s heart.


Miyako´s digimon then replied:


Tia promised to be a good girl. She asked if you wanted something  from Germany.


Sakuyamon sighed lovingly.


Tell her that I will be happy with whatever she brings as long as she doesn´t forget the Moser Roth. And if you, by chance, make a stop in Austria, a full box of Salsburger Mozartkugeln are a MUST. Already miss her dearly .


Several seconds later, Miyako´s digimon sent another text. There was a photo of Tia sighing like a suffering soul and the following caption: CAN´T WAIT TO BE BACK HOME.


That moved priestess´s heart so much that she ended kissing the phone´s screen. The Renamons rolled their eyes.


“I will never get used to it” confessed the first Renamon ” Why choosing a mere human as her consort?”

“Beats the heck out of me ” the other shrugged her shoulders “This world changed a great deal since Piedmon´s defeat”

“If our Priestess was so adamant about mating with a human” added the first “Why not choosing the great savior instead?”

“Takariyama is, indeed, worthy ” admitted the other fox “We´ll never forget her bravery and how she  saved our world from that maniac´s hands…”



Sakuyamon pretended not to hear them and calmly walked to the purification fountain. She put aside her phone and grabbed one of the ladles , she proceeded to fill it with fresh water and rinsed both hands. Then she transferred some water into her cupped hand, rinsed her mouth and but instead of spitting the water beside the fountain, as tradition dictated the Priestess, much to the foxes dismay, ended drinking it!


“What ´s going on with the Priestess today?!”

“You are free to resume your daily duties” replied Sakuyamon ” Aren´t you?”


Her swift tone didn´t fool her subordinates, she certainly listened to them and they realized how offensive they sounded. They hurriedly knelt  and humbly left to fulfill their chores.


Once alone, Kabuki Sakuyamon drank again from the fountain. The foxes may not be pleased but for Sakuyamon, their opinions  had little relevance. And she had no time and will to deal with their inflexibility when there was a much more important matter worrying her heart. It was something that came across during her praying session which left her throat so painfully dry  and aching that she needed to wash  off whatever emotion was stuck. Once she finished drinking, she stared at the waters for a while.

Her fingers touched the water´s surface and it immediately turned into a mirror.


And the waters began to show a succession of images from different timelines. But it was Nova and Tempus Angemon´s scenes that worried her the most.


“Oh Nova! ” she sighed “This is a lovely mess, isn´t it?”


Sakuyamon shook her head and despite not getting any S.O.S from her former disciple and digidestined, the Priestess already took her decision.


“From what I get, it´s quite possible they are going to need every single digidestined´s assistance…”




 Reality 03



Cyberdramon was the first to be greeted by Saturn Angemon.


“Aye!” said the angel “Long time no see Cyberdramon!”


The dark dragon ´s mouth opened wide.


“Saturn Angemon?!” even someone like him was shocked to see that fellow” I THOUGHT WE DEFEATED YOU FOR GOOD!  What the heck are you…?”


Cyberdramon couldn´t finish his phrase, the angel swiftly attacked him with his golden scythe and had not being his reflexes being at their peak, his wings could had been cut in half!

“Cyberdramon!!!” shouted Alice, horrified.

“Nice reflex!” congratulated the angel “You´ve grown a bit faster than last time. But where is your partner?”


“On his way to kick your cursed ass!” roared the dragon  but the sight of the blonde woman, still bear hugged by the angel , surprised the hell out of him “Fuck it! That´s Alice?!”

“So you still remember who is she” teased Saturn “Care to explain why Akiyama stood her up in the first place?”


“YOU CAN ASK ME !” shouted Ryo arriving to the scene , both him and Nova riding  Tempus Angemon ´s back , by the way. Once they reached the towers, Ryo closed his eyes and leaped to the the blue. “CYBERDRAMON!” he shouted and his bracelet shone. Cyberdramon flied away from Saturn´s reach and in the following instant, human and digimon fused into Justimon.



“RELEASE HER, NOW!” demanded Justimon

“RYO?!!” Alice´s eyes finally began to spark ”  THANK GOODNESS!!”

“NO” replied Saturn Angemon and his weapon delivered a golden beam . Justimon tried to stop it with his bare hands but Tempus Angemon grabbed him by his red scarf and made him duck.

“Tempus-sama!” yelled Justimon “Why did you do that?!”

“Because it would had disintegrated your codes in a whim” replied the angel, stern”He´s not the same foe we defeated at that time. Leave him to me… ok?” Justimon begrudgingly nodded “It´s been a long time since our final battle, Saturn! Missed us this much?”


Saturn Angemon, still standing on the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building,  made a reverent bow.

“Of course! The land of the Death´s quite disappointing…not that I planned to make it my permanent home anyways”


“Never expected that from you” replied Tempus Angemon and he telepathically spoke at both Ryo and Nova : I´m facing this guy alone, you two need to go to the next stage.

I don´t get it, replied Nova the same way, what does Alice have to do with him?

As hell I know!, Ryo´s psychic yell almost left her deaf, while Tempus-sama fights that asshole I am going to save her! I still cannot believe I forgot about her!


FORGET IT, Saturn Angemon´s voice penetrated through their minds,  I  OWN THE SAME TRICK. 


And for the trio´s horror, he pulled the Aussie girl to him and grabbed her from the waist then he  jumped.


“Noooo!!!” shouted Alice, absolutely terrified

“Do not fear, miss” whispered Saturn at her ear “No harm shall fall on you…if you try not to escape”


And the fallen angel lashed out his weapon at Tempus Angemon who, in turn, had no choice but to summon Excalibur and start defending himself.


“Are you insane?!” shouted Nova´s partner, irked  “She´s a civilian! ”

“So?” the other kept attacking with his scythe “You´ll have to pass through BOTH of us if you want to foil Chronos ´s release, which it´s going to happen in the following minute!

“PLAIN INSANITY! ” screamed Nova “Do you know what´s going to happen if that thing´s released into this world´s system?!”

“I am pretty aware of the consequences” replied Saturn in a gelid tone “And I DON´T CARE!




As Nova said, the freezing effect vanished pretty soon. Now  Taomon was carrying Ruki on her arms and flying directly to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.


“That bitch is SO dead!” Ruki was  as furious as lioness.

Taomon opted not to talk.

“Calling ME A HINDRANCE?! HUH?!” she had already prepared her fists “I´LL SHOW HER!”


Taomon suddenly rose her head, even hidden behind a mask, her divine eyes already gasped what´s going on at Hypnos. She could see them fighting…no…it´s more than that; her body  was already aching by the expansive waves coming from that fight!


“Good heavens” she said “This is bad!”





Meanwhile , completely unaware of the invisible threads of Fate, the Tokyoites kept going on and forth through the streets. Especially couples, who wanted nothing but to receive Father Christmas´s blessings by kissing in front of the “Daiba Memorial Tree


“Tell me again what are we doing here, Calumon?” asked Impmon for the tenth time.

“Calu! Calu!” Calumon loved sitting over the star and watching the multitude.

“I must be insane by following you to this gelid place” he kept rubbing his arms, shivering like a miserable. “Damn! I´d better turn into Beelzemon and be done with this suffering!”


But Calumon shook his head.


“No!That will scare the people!”

“But I´m literally freezing!” protested Impmon “How can you still remain so chill and relaxed when it´s snowing ?! ”


Calumon giggled.


“Calumon likes the lights and the people smiling beneath them” was his reply

“I too like the lights but not at the cost of my sanity…BRRR!!!” Impmon had the feeling he would wake up the next day with a flu “We should had stayed at  Ai and Mako´s place hmmmm…….I´m still stuffed after eating all that Karaage! ” Calumon only smiled  which only annoyed the hell out of his friend.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” Impmon mercilessly began to pull his adorable ears.

”  We should be resting in their kotatsu at these infernal hours yet you had the brilliant idea of going out. During a snowy night. ” and he kept pulling Calumon´s ears ” Are you a masochist or what?!

” Stop!” begged the little creature.

“Then give me a proper explanation about this insanity”

Calumon ´s eyes became teary and Impmon, uncomfortable, finally let his little friend go.

“Oh fuck it! No tears!” he begged “I can´t stand them!”


Deep inside his heart, Impmon was actually a softie.


“Impmon…” Calumon finally adopted a more serious expression” Calumon does what he does because…because Calumon  just  loves this world…”




“Takato, can we open our presents now?”

“Not yet, Guilmon”

“But it´s already midnight!” moaned Terriermon.


Despite being so wasted that they were ready to succumb to a blackout,  Henry still managed to rise his wrist and looked at his watch.


“Nope. Still 2 minutes short” said the blue haired tamer ready to fall unconscious in any minute “So you still have to wait”


Guilmon and Terriermon moaned in  perfectly synchronicity. The drunkards´s ears barely could stand the noise and begged them to stop. Takato, with some difficulty, emerged from the kotatsu and sat properly on his pillow; he put a hand over his digimon´s shoulder and tried to cheer him up


“You have endured the wait pretty well” congratulated the tamer “Don´t let that heroism be wasted  because of a mere minutes!



Jianglian Li barely managed to straighten his posture and give his part of the lecture.


“If you pull any sort of tricks” warned  in the end ” Santa will use his magic and turn whatever´s in the packages into coal”


And the digimons finally relented.


“Let´s go to the roof and wait for that stinky old man!” proposed Terriermon “I want to have one or two words about the his rules!”

“OH!” Guilmon clapped his claws, enthusiastic with the idea ” Maybe he´ll let us in his sleigh  and travel with him all around the world!”

“Neah, maybe we should steal the sleigh and keep the rest of the presents for ourselves!” Terriermon ´s eyes were like a little kid.


Jianglian ended pulling one of Terriermon´s ears.




Terriermon was about to protest, again, when his body suddenly stiffed. Guilmon´s cheerfulness was replaced by a sober one, and began to growal; the digimons  radical mood´s change did not pass unnoticed to their tamers.

“Guilmon?” asked Takato

“What´s the matter, Terriermon?”


Guilmon and Terriermon straightened their postures , smelling non-stop the air. They were acting like big felines when sensing some kind of danger.



“WE NEED TO GO!” added Terriermon “NOW!”


Takato and Jianglian exchanged a surprise glare but even in the midst of a drunken session, they certainly knew that when a digimon suddenly tenses up you must investigate. After engulfing some coffee and aspirins, the guys summoned Growlmon and Rapidmon and headed to what their comrades called the point of conflict.



Meanwhile, at the other side of the city, Hirokazu and Kenta , who were also spending Christmas togehter, by their digimons insistence, were already on their way to Hypnos…


“Please tell me it´s a joke!” whined Hirokazu “The last thing I wanna do on Christmas Eve is going out in this weather…”

“HYPNOS. BAD THINGS AT HYPNOS. BAD THINGS AT HYPNOS” kept repeating Guardromon  on his seat.

“I know! I know! Just quit it with the bloody alarm!” yelled Kenta who was driving the mitsubishi “OKAY?!”

Marine Angemon didn´t say a thing but couldn´t help but kept staring at the sky. And it was the first time the little cutie wasn´t smiling, which certainly worried Kenta very much.

“Marine” he petted his little digimon´s wings “Is the situation THAT GRAVE?”

The pinky angel nodded. Unlike the others, he could SEE IT ALL. And his heart was crying inside because two holy Angels were in a war with each other…






One thought on “CHAPTER XII

  1. Calumon: *become tears* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! why are you do this to me! Stupid alone with impmon… *sniffles* no more play… no more everyone… no more Sleepover… and no more love with me! this trouble i can’t not alone… goodbye impmon!


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